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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 530P  FOX  November 30, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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body cameras and ball shooting from earlier this year's district attorney of his men according and the officers cleared any wrongdoing the shooter left the 17-yard suspect entered fox 31 live with that video new at 530. the shooting was justified the officer to teenage car dressing says there was been she had done is afraid you should him are someone else and the officer said he had no choice but to shoot himself. the body one camera corey shows denver police corporal jeffrey jumping out of his patrol car when he spots a vehicle carjacked of arapahoe county the whole thing take less than 25 seconds.
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gun shouting to suspect is arm. the suspect runs in front of the officer toward offense the officer follows and fires. twelve shots. the team jumped the fence you can see he's captured on the other side. he had been shot in the ankle. the driver of the vehicle. semi automatic can get on the ground next to him. that teen who is a criminal history play guilty to felony menacing is sentenced to one to two years in the youth corrections department julie fo. new developments in the early morning crash on thanksgiving that left a while county teenager dead 25-yard alex rodriguez of fort charged with vehicular homicide also dui police say he was drunk driving the wrong way on i 25 just before 3:00 a.m. on thursday when he crashed head on into 16
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suffered life-threatening injuries passenger 19-year-old kyle died at the scene. university of south was denver planning to close its doors next year colorado heights university is a not-for-profit school that teaches international students the school released a statement same combination of factors led to the decision to close campus including the change of the condition process school officials say their work at the 500 students enrolled at the university to continue their education. and metro denver tonight were getting a closer look out be compared with others. and what the governor hopes to do due to improve our ranks. if you live in a major american city you are going to experience homelessness that is a fact the new center report is showing how much it's increased and our state last year 37 days decreased homelessness not
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washed wash up and have a job todd comas what a warning people in denver how are homeless out of a job struggling to pay that. on the street now eight months. people need to realize that there are enormous amounts of homeless people here and downtown denver. most suspected increase font at sweetie speeds of homeless camps is here is confirm do this report the department of housing and ur saw six. percent increase the seventh biggest rise in the country. veteran homelessness up 24.3 percent that's the biggest increase anywhere. we've got our goal of ending homelessness. there is no question something must be done they governor has a new plant announcing this month he want 16,000,000 dollars from marijuana tax money to build new homeless housing units coil says
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you're looking at extremely tight rail market. you're looking at substantially increases and brent coil says i numbers aren't as bad as you might think colorado's rate is 30 percent lower than a was in 2010 the new report says our numbers pale in comparison to california or oregon a smaller state as for todd he's optimistic something soon will change. i'm very positive about the outlook. if you're wondering how the federal these numbers earlier these years hundreds of volunteers hit the streets to count the number of homeless people and our city and elsewhere. we are learning more about the terrifying ordeal of the california woman who was kidnapped for three weeks knew a crossed america investigated 34-yard sherry captors two hispanic women the in apparently branded her she left her home near redding california novembe. run and never came back he was
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on the side of the road more than 100 miles away she had been released by her captors near our out world road and yellow county. and near interstate five. she was bound with restraints but able to summon help from a passing motorist. investigators are not releasing details she says it will minute kidnapper kept their faces covered but she has given partial descriptions. effort and jacksonville florida one amenities finally lifted out of the storm drain city worker spotted at this morning not sure exactly how that minute he got stuck but able to free up by digging into the grounds cutting into the pipe and easing the 7-pound animal. it had scrapes on his nose pages take it to c word for medical evaluation. meet polly the goat who severe and zaidi is anxiety is believed by a duck costume. polly's owner say this started
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the costume on for whatever reason polly went from fearful to happy as a clam she lives on ago fun with dozens of special need animals she wants to expand to hundreds more. netflix has named entertaining on-demand video service one now allow users to download chose to watch off-line later this made to them find a watch that newest season of your favorite show you can do it on your flight stuck on the light life-size. featuring free wood on netflix memberships make sure you have the most recent netflix app to access the new download button netflix is catching up to its competitor amazon prime. you can also have ongoing conversations with your contacts on facebook can pretty against them in games adding a new feature to its messenger app caught and state games classics
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newer titles like words with friends the features available and 30 different countries. we love you support. toy drive in partnership at the salvation army and csu global. drop off any new unwrapped toy and denver area collect the toys will be delivered to prequalified famous to the holiday program we also want to invite you to stop by gordon's little men store on december 9 between 6:00 a.m. at apm to donate toys the members of the news team and enjoy some holiday festivities. coming up why bruce springsteen made a stop in the mile high any plans to say it was well. the broncos missing a free guys at practice the sports which player miss the rest of the
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meteorologist dave fraser nice to have the break today look at this a little snow another one with more snow in your pinpoint
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i... i... i wanted those... no you didn't... hefty slider bags cost less than ziploc. you'll thank me later. oh...
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you can get up close and personal to music legend that's exactly what 1,080. at the tattered cover big store in denver. handing out autographed books and pugs in turn down. tandoori did not get a part.
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he made the music scene in the 1970s. you could say bruce springsteen would serve me for. and that just happens to be the title of his brand-new memoir. over 1000 lucky fans who played that 30 to 50. for an autographed book and an opportunity to have their pick taken with a 67 -year-old singer-songwriter. like these five risky friends who call themselves the jersey girls. they will today and will be given approximately ten seconds each to embrace that e street band front main man physical contact as nine coverage. first address rehearsal ten
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now the moment on truth. of truth. nice kim posed entry. first kiss and five seconds. but wait there's more. two cases and 12 seconds 12 seconds talk about corey days. now the lexis sports zone with kami. nothing too crazy. just a little sore. just a little sore keep in mind trevor simeon is a walking boot for that last their starting forget was not on the field for practice rookie paxton lands isn't coming to the challenge as
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earlier this season. the fact that we lost is the biggest thing for me. i just kind of want to take off there and give it another shot. i didn't play so well my first time i knew i could play better with opportunity i'm getting preparing to take off there. thank game was n was sacked six times he like to replace those memories the broncos also living fullback today he ankle hit ankle surgery and is out for the season team is exit is in his ankle on the first play of the game and continues to play for the rest of it. struggled throughout the course in the game. felt like a really tough kid. it happened on the screen first play of the game and he can't
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battled through. next morning we went and take a look we had an issue. landon is also on injured reserves he's the six-game with a lower body injury his return has more questions than answers of course the nhl though be able to turn any time. getting ready for the pack 12 chevy chip game this has been in the works for a while. says the big ha ha moment for him this season was watching october. that was our breakthrough game we have not lost sense. the dam broke and the waters flow. the water keeps rising. hopefully we can keep going again this week but they deftly understand it and are locked in washington will be locked in. i'm so proud of them they did to have this moment.
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right here on friday i'll be there while we're coverage will start tomorrow night. and you'll pack plenty. be ready to go. and then i have to heal this up. even if you it you are two have to go way again. if you think it's goodbye now just you wait. chief meteorologist dave fraser
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it wasn't the strong wind of yesterday but it still a little but noticeable at time if you look there is i 25 downtown denver you has west get closer
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ten to 15 miles per hour the stronger gust have been rolling over the higher peaks the continental divide and northeast colorado it shaded areas gus there and axes of 15 to 20 miles per hour it has been a sunny day as you will see the cloud cover has filled in the or two snow showers but nothing significant what were looking at is the next arm system which is quickly sliding our way and it's going to bring this go back to the mountains again as early as tomorrow. across the northwest plateau for the western valles grand junction you did get above freezing warmest readings for the mild 40s in the south and east we got to 40 and a lot of location and the northeast was some places like fort collins only making it to 39 degrees denver at 40. very cold 10 degrees this morning we should be 6 degrees
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still clear skies out there 33 and 32 are your numbers with only 7 miles per hour your freezing and wheat ridge below freezing and thorton. thirty-four and stapleton and 32 and the inglewood area northeast plains it's a blanket of a lot of cold 20s and 30s to climb up an elevation quickly drops off in the lower 20s and even teens. balls and is sitting in the code teens out there our future cast for the rest of the nigh arm system approaches over the mountains some sunshine peeking through the crowds earlier in the day clouds increase after the lunch hour here up-and-down i 25 do metro denver. and notice over the mountain here comes another round of those scattered snow showers clouds thicken up late tomorrow night as far as what we can expect across the rest of the state the focus is with that approaching storm system bring snow to the northern and central
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us and want and southwest corner the thickens up and northeast colorado late in the day on nice sunny looking day. as far as snow between now and 11:00 o'clock tomorrow night most of us will come after the lunch hour it's not an inch a little more in a few spots over the mountain are lows tonight statewide will be coldest was single digits and teens coast is paint of 15 and 127 income is in five and aspen teens and 20s about 16 and denver highs tomorrow were looking at temperatures only in the 30s a few spots dark in the 20s a little bit of a bump up below freezing though stay above freezing and grand junction freezing in the four corners area. the mild this ring watch him the temperatures back a degree are two upper 30s to near 40 degrees. net increasing clouds late in
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denver into the upper 30s 28 degrees under mostly clear skies are called 16 and they clouds increasing as a make it to 38 the on that down to 32 was no showers on friday i can't rule out a little accumulation on the grass especially south of the city friday storm is not a big one. the warmest day is sunny and 50 degrees. down to 45 down to 28. i can i can keep going down. pretty good shot of snow on tuesday and wednesday more than we've seen all season. for us what were seeing right now were confident it's easily going to be two are 3 inches. at least the best of that weather is on the weekend. highland ranch woman and her two
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fan 36 your jennifer five and ethan and three-year-old adam we're reported missing last night they we're apparently picked up the boys from school early but never came home their bodies found today outside a sports authority of a teacher and coach arrested for the sexual assault of a teenage girl police say they found michael at a cabin and pine with the 17 n. was a runaway apparently a peek teacher at west and jefferson middle school an assistant football coach at conif law-enforcement will be along the south i 25 quarter hoping to prevent seems like this one this cruiser was crushed on the side of the road earlier this year driver didn't move over drivers who don't give emergency vehicles one lane will be ticketed. fox 31 31 news at nine store qualifier colorado and our country history will be made at dia as the first commercial
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live at dia with passengers as they get ready to head to the country they are doing with fidel castro. tonight on fox 31 news at nine. what a fascinating time to be visiting. thanks for watching will have the latest ought nine nine and
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this is "jeopardy!" please welcome today's contestants -- a biologist from newark, delaware... a commercial photographer from boston, massachusetts... and our returning champion, a technical engineer from boulder, colorado... ...whose 3-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny.


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