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tv   FOX 31 Denver News at 10 PM  FOX  November 30, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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we had no indication nothing like that. no abrupt behavior by any means. just blindsided. thoughts and prayers that's it. police think the community for help and searching for the family this morning in the hudson has asked for privacy during this difficult time live jury go bart fox 31. please investigating a rash of new hate crimes is a presidential election targeting people of color they call these buys for that it crimes side th% mayor and police chief said it will not rest until the suspects are arrested last year of brewer has seen an average of one to two hate crimes a month so far this month for a please have investigated 61 family was targeted twice. they're asking for the public help in making arrest if you know anything that might help
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messier say try to held up academy bank & a walmart on east hampden avenue on november 19 after 5:00 p.m. if you know he is contact crimestoppers you don't have to give your name and you could be eligible for a reward. taking from the denver police officers body camp the district attorney releasing a recording today after the officer was the recording shows denver police corporal jeffrey hemanth jumping out of his patrol car inside the vehicle. he pulls out his gun shooting the suspect's arm. suspect run the officer follows then fires the 17-year-old suspect jumped the fence and is captured on the other side he
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teenager has a lengthy criminal history pled guilty to felony menacing and sentence of the vision of youth correction for one did two years. a colorado family is asking for your help to bring your loveland back home sean marshall was in a debilitating scooter accident and thailand early this month the left him paralyzed the only way can be reunited with the family here in denver as by mario special medical transport fox 31 has more on shots accident and what will world. because of sean's injuries he can just hop onto a plane and fly back his family's hoping to raise enough might to cover that thousands of dollars it will cost for the medical transport. there was supposed to be the trip of a lifetime three friends ask sport nick sites and natural beauty. on november 5 jeff eric and chandra on the right to visit a temple and shanghai their dream trip suddenly take off or find
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jeff and eric telephone thing happen. the guy try to avoid him hit him right in the head with the front tire. he got whipped around. they thought sean was dead. he was rushed to the hospital and eventually his colorado family back home for the news. knowing that he was alone and not bad and in pain we just kept thinking that he did not deserve this the 29 no known from a sense of adventure and affects his personality has been lying in a hospital bed for weeks doctors say sever injuries to the brain neck and lungs paralyzed from the chest down. shot love them find comfort in
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for the last few weeks sean's family and friends in colorado have been raising money to helping with the medical bills 60,000 dollars it would take to medically transport him back home. doing whatever we can. is time to be taking care. that sean's time now. the family has been able to raise that medical transport it all goes as planned shauna be arriving here on sunday intel part of the family has his $52,000 helping find the link to the go funny account it's the story. erika gonzalez fox 31. 31. development today deadly thanksgiving crash prosecutors have no charge this man. 25-year-old outs rodriguez with vehicular homicide and dui police say use drunken driving the wrong when i 25 when he crashed head-on into nashville artist car last thursday morning writer suffered life-threatening injuries and his passenger 19
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scene. avenue friday flags a be lowered to half staff and memory of colorado state patrol trooper. he was killed while investigating a crash on i 25 s. of castle rock trooper donahue has been at the csp for 11 years and is survived survived by his wife and two daughters. statewide should be lower from sunrise to sunset. denver please have an easy six to produce time officer say something as simple as a light bulb can do a trick michael is a north capitol hill to explain. the goal is to brighton dark porch is just like this one right here police know that? drive and parting the areas in the stats fact that up. one per household officers can offices combined forces with
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more than 300 both purchase by the police department said to be given away used as a crime disinfected. officer carlson and neighbor chris camera several box gritting unsuspected residents with a smile. were giving out energy-efficient lightbulbs. this group knows this is community policing is all about officers and join the opportunity to meet people when they're not in crisis districts six commander says it's a way to foster goodwill and create positive field mrs. someone you know. makes a lot easier if you're talking to someone you've already met small effort denver please believe will have a big impact. recently place streetlights with new led light and city officials
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decrease crime check your front porch back porch at some light reporting on capitol hill fox 31. you've likely seen our weekly restaurant report cards on their health inspections as were sifting through their reports the problem solvers notice something alarming a local high school cafeteria was back to us back inspections. problem solver to as the kitchen as nothing to hide they now cleaned up their act. we are in the comments area chief operating officer officer fell bedford shows us the kitchen. staff prepares food for more than 900 students from scratch. push of farm to cable kind of
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problem solvers discovered a surprise inspection at the shared englewood high school and middle school cafeteria reveals six critical violations. foods we're not kept the proper temperature measuring in the danger zone under the code handwashing sink was not established a different service line and a dish machine did not have the proper sanitizing are things. those problems we're fixed in june but another unannounced october inspection found new issues nine critical violations. anytime you have a lot of critical violations is concerning additional problems with the dish missing unlabeled chemical spray bottles multiple containers of chemicals stored directly above equipment a dead mouse found trapped underneath the refrigerator and a rodent droppings by the back door. inspectors say that could signal a bigger problem. they can get into food products
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and then it leads to ultimately we've seen severe. a single incident where we did have him out on it. is located in one of our storage units. we don't have any sort of mice or infestation. bedford said the school works for the pest-control company on monthly basis. this is our mop area for cleaning supplies the spray bottle now with proper labeling safely stored in a closet the freezers at the proper temperature and the dish machine and working order. a matter of virus making sure we knew how to operate it with the proper chemicals bedford amidst to step into any issues con the second failed inspection a wake-up call. it served as of very serious reminder to us. we haven't actually resolve the
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spring as you teach students and a culinary arts program there was a lesson to be learned here what may seem like minor issues could cause serious problems if you don't and quickly. we never want to have anything come from this facility and we will not stop and our efforts to make sure that doesn't happen for the problem solvers amanda fox 31. the want to check out your school live links to various health apartments on our website. coming up a creative gingerbread house taking one holiday tradition to new steps the first. grange is trying to steal christmas from several homes and arvada coming up with a what's been taken from the front yard of several homes.
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in my future, i'm twice as likely to have a stroke. i'm at higher risk for depression. i'm 26% more likely to develop an irregular heartbeat. i have a 65% higher chance of developing diabetes. no matter who we are, these diseases can be managed or prevented when caught early on. because with better research, the right medicine, and with doctors who help keep me healthy to begin with,
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the street deer fox 31 is in the neighborhood tonight joins us live closer look at what was taken and wide the residents are so upset. residents aren't so much is said
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but rather their upset about what they symbolize. it's the most wonderful time of the year but for lindsay a holiday took a dark turn wednesday shame on them as christmas. they didn't just pulled up like a christmas grange park there we're $200 for the decorations. on a day tha one of the happiest an avid. that's right the declarations we're stolen the day lindsay and her husband officially adopted their seventh month old daughter. she likes the snow globe when it moved it was great. for the grinch had also struck another house my husband came to bed about 1045. he said something's not right just down the street that we had
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they have on did half of santa claus nine your grandson was heartbroken they followed me people would be so cruel. christmas is supposed to be where you can decorate and have fun and stuff like that. for some went to this comment do that it was heartbreaking at christmas grinch who stole more than just decorations told christmas magic it's her first christmas. during the most wonderful time of the year. as he can see there are still several decorations up with these front yard she box of her favorite she's worried about them getting storage is hoping shall bring them out next year reporting live and arvada taken harsh of fox 31. this put but it camera out
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of pretty quiet day lots of sunshine here in the east we did get a little bit of cloud cover as the sunset it didn't out cloud cover will return as another storm system moving out of the pacific northwest swing and our direction. temperatures today. a little warmer stuck in the cold 20s in the mountains only 31 and durango freezing. and the milder comparison are chilly readings with the '30s and 40s. coming in at 40 degrees after starting in a colton records of 73 and ten below stay in the record books outside right now falling off fast clear skies and 27 where the southwest went which is of the 13 miles per hour angle one is at 22. twenty and middleton out there and arvada sitting had 27 degrees. across the rest of the northeast
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upper sterling and akron. greeley and fort collins all in the teens as is parker in castle rock both at 19th for the rest of tonight that cloud of the next approaching storm at think will have a mix of clouds and sunshine early tomorrow along the front range you can see the holes in the cloud deck way more cloud cover coming tomorrow the eastern plains than we saw today in the mountains thicker cloud cover and even snow showers. that's bull is back in show you what you can expect do well tomorrow a few passing clouds their thicker clouds rolling into north and east. and there you see the snow showers. coming into the mountains doesn't look all that impressive any snow is not easy we're only looking at an inch maybe two of accumulation as you see it's paint looking on our future cast. and there's we're future cast is spitting out very light and in
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far as lows tonight will be in the teens and low 20s over the eastern plains 16 and denver and will have single digits and lower teens to the colorado mountains highs tomorrow are a little better. most places are below freezing up five are 6 degrees from where you we're today in the low 20s above freezing again. we will be in the 40s milder readings are here and upper 30s to low 40s bring the degrees think that increase and cloud cover so most of metro will be in the upper '30s as we make our way through a chilly day. sixteen in the morning with clouds on the horizon those clouds come over the mile high city as we get into the
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snow and denver i don't think denver ends up with accumulation. you might be able to measure a half an inch. not a potent storm quickly moves out we let and 40s for saturday almost 50 on sunday and then quickly worse things had in the other direction down to 45 early on 45 early on monday temperatures continue to tumble snow looks to be significant at this point we have to keep a close eye on tuesday how much are we talking about 28 and we wake up at eight and light snow around very cold 24. right now we think to the 4-inch snowstorm is just not a bad snowstorm. it would be most more we seen all season. the one thing about december is when you get snow it will hang till christmas. december snow is much harder to melt away. with those temperatures coming
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this is not your average gingerbread village and arizona hotel unveiled its 900 square foot display an annual tradition at the marriott dedrick raise hotel this year the team is under the sea pager six begin crafting the seascape back in october. he is 500 downs of gingerbread 3,000 pounds of sugar and 1,000-pound chocolate creates the village. we love your support for the fod men's and csu global. now through december 16 to drop off any new unwrapped with for denver with them for error main core mental patient though be prequalified families to the salvation army holiday programs we also by gorge mains on december 9 between 6:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. donate to 40s members of the fox 31 news team
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coming up in sports wife rookie quarterback reps for the first team are critical. the bugs heads coach did this
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i think someone asked me was cooler going to affect 12 pack 12 chevy chip are ballgame i said i don't know i'm to either. keeping it very well this team is not been here before with the last conference championship that did not end well. make sure the moment doesn't get
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taken down memory lane this week. the old bubble last week. what's this. you can't take it high the lights are weird. this is what it was for us all the time. so they have would work. and now has to get some of those younger guys they guys are passing the culture down. you chip 12 chevy chip right here on fox 31 on friday i will be there out in california complete post game coverage right after the game. four days before kickoff trevor simeon is silent after the chief sprained his left foot paxton lynch is preparing was simeon is playing the winning game. the chiefs last wasn't painful enough trevor simeon took this
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not the extent now. just a little sore now like i said just taking it day by day hoping tomorrow's better than today. today was better than yesterday that's encouraging now wearing a boot simeon that on the field the team began practice indoors today no timetable for his return. it's a day today a day today process will see how much gone they cover. with the extra reps this week the rookie has been here before stepping in for simeon week for the injured his shoulder. i'll be a lot more comfortable out there that i was for the first time especially going in against a good falcons team. they have a lot more comfortable than when i was my started that game everyone that is the clic?e one day at a time. listen to greet.
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