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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 930P  FOX  December 1, 2016 1:35am-2:00am MST

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and five noncritical violations and employee failed to wash their hands rob pork was improperly stored above rob the cheese hummus and cook pizza we're in a danger zone plus the ceiling was dusty and cabinet handles we're soiled according to the inspector. the hospital's response for them in the taken in the reinspection tri-county health resulted in zero violation. found five critical violations. a mold like substance discovered on yellow squash cooked beef and chicken where vacuum sealed with out of crawford has a pension plans in the water in the handwashing sink was way too hot at 130 degrees. reads in part we take these inspectors very seriously and have worked very closely with the health apartment to confirm
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been addressed. baby those cafeterias and caf? should shake a cue from children hospital. they had a near perfect october inspection was zero critical violations getting a thumbs up from inspectors. that hospitals and schools will have more susceptible population through blue carpeted systems are young children. certainly becomes even more imperative. the problem solvers glad the children's hospital. that story is for our kids. we have linked to the very healthy parts on our website. is a lot of people curious there also find the full statements from those hospitals also coming up at ten find out which area high school failed their last two inspections. new tonight a federal report confirms harmlessness and colorado is on the rise
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urban development studies has a 6 percent increase that's away the seventh largest an entire country veterans homelessness .-period a quarter and anywhere else experts say there's so many reasons including mental illness. a really tight rental market. you're looking at the end result of the session after years people have finally exhausted their resources. they announce a new plan to spend 60,000,000 dollars and marijuana taxes on new housing specifically for that. a beauty pageant contestant trending tonight a 19 -year-old somali american the first fully covered muslim to compete. during the swimsuit portion of this minnesota the university
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she wants to inspire muslims. people calling them tell had our reiko had. sharing with me that my story has motivated them it's just made all this worth it. she hopes to show that muslim women are not suppress and a stunning girl. the transition team has another cabinet pick tonight the wall street executive
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turning now to the presidential transition present like down tromp make another cabinet pick
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billionaire businessman on wall street as the king of bankruptcy in history of going after struggling companies this announcement comes in the carrier corporation and trump put the brakes on air-conditioning giant moved to mexico something trump railed about on the campaign trail trump open indiana tomorrow where is expected to have more details about that. trump had dinner with political rival mitt romney they dined out in new york city. they reportedly in talks of romney possibly serving an administration as secretary of state he had positive things to say this time about the president-elect. the last few weeks has carry caring out a transition effort. what i see. i see. the people he selected as this
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people. this is the second meeting for the president-elect and romney they had thought lives apparently. trump says he's planning to leave his company the trump organization permanently for this on running the country trump says his henning the reins over to his children and a tweet he'll hold a press conference in two weeks with more details he said is going to fully focus on making americans great again concern about a conflict of interest. the political news hospital in for all of the next congress house democrats voted by paper ballot elector wide margin the 36-year-old congressman from california got more than a hundred and 3063 boats with the us representative from ohio tim ryan was like calls for leadership shakeup posey has run the house democratic caucus for 14 years. thousand showing up for a book signing in denver please like to
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and personal. meteorologist dave fraser thinking a chilly start file the we've got more cold and snow on
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that's exactly what 1,000 crazy fans do today. the boss was in town handing out autographed books of fox 31 did not get a hard. the man has been running since he hit the music scene in the
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you can say bruce springsteen was born to run. the brand-new memoir. over an thousand 10,000 lucky fans who paid that 3250 head of the different autographed book and an opportunity to have their picture taken with a 67 -year-old singer-songwriter. i probably seen him about a hundred times. like the who call themselves the jersey girls. they will today and be given approximately ten seconds each to embrace the e street band for front man. you have to go to the bathroom are your very excited.
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now the moment of truth nice can post entry. first case and five seconds but wait there's more. talk about the glory days. fox 31. they have a hungry heart for bruce. he was born in the usa. netflix has major life a little bit more interesting on-demand will watch shows off-line stories archer money that like members have the option to download movies they really need to download some brief. you can download shows to watch off-line later this means you
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are stuck on light rail's away from wi-fi are sell so signal the future is free. access the new down the blood netflix competitor amazon prime and burst off-line down loads more than one year ago is a new competitor in town cbs said to open its first sam alone policy location it's built at 38 and sheraton boulevard. cbs also os tamarack. no word yet if they build another location there pharmacy has a few locations inside target stores. which opened earlier this year. home prices have completely made up all the ground lost in 2008 and 2009 the index says the average home price in the us was just slightly above the previous high.
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strongest price gain. one of the most famous homes of the world is known for house is i'll on cello what possessed of it. has three bedrooms two bathrooms. on the 25-acre lot and the north pole features are fireplace gourmet kitchen word bring storm who knew that. that was posed a slave post a slave parking garage. and avoid costly. 659,000. who knew real estate was so hot. the home is never was never been so is not on the market. it might be cheaper to take a trip to miami we're just going to colorado's backcountry this winter cheap hotels. and breckenridge among the top ten most ten most expensive winter destination spots in the
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tom in the winter $253 and that's just on average. it's a last-minute dale. really good stuff. snowstorm is moving away the next one is moving in a couple inches of snow will see a a little bit out of it on friday. twenty-nine and 24 wends out of ou per hour cold jeans and fort collins in greeley down to castle rock monument health and midteens just about everyone else slipping into the 20s south is colorado and mid 20s their 20s in trinidad 20 to nine right now and aspen and m4 in gunnison here comes that storm within into the mountains more clouds and snow showers bumping along the high speed ec
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great and it will be that deep an inch are two in the 2-inch amounts our way of high will see more more cloud cover as we progress through the day way more than the sunshine we saw today highs in the 20s and 30s. we will have chilly 30s in a few 40s to the northeast and here in the south and east. mostly cloudy overnight as the cause continue to move in. on our way into the upper 30s tomorrow afternoon bundle the morning 24 as the kids catch the bus only 36 on their way home. probably won't need the shades tomorrow. and the roads will stay dry that seven-day forecast coming up as a roller coaster ride in some big ups and downs. those guys know what i'm talking about. coming up next and sports colorado buffaloes play for
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once again the broncos have questions our quarterback how long trevor simeon could be sidelined with a foot injury. t
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or te is day today i know trevor's hard get them back out there. maza voters summit on a be ready. with the quarterback paxton lynch is ready if needed this week trevor simeon is nursing
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news for broncos country. that's an simeon hart hurt the foot. now they have to wait and see how long he sits out. not to the extent i know just i know just a little sore now. like i i said take it day by day today was better than yesterday. that's encouraging is a day today process. three what minor shot in the nfl debut. the falcons here in denver when he was sacked six times and denver got ran over by the ground game. broncos also go back andy genovese today she had see the ending ankle surgery was crazy to injure of the ankle on the first play of the game on sunday and play the rest of the game on the injury. broncos offense of cornet or came to boulder last spring and
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they own did this year to file 12 will leave for california pack 12 temperature game of four-year starter who suffered a a career injury late last season came back to his pack 12 championship appearance years from now intense talk about the bus 2015 turnaround is one of the guys they'll be mentioned. being the dive. that take the punishment and all kinds of way minutes and physically kept in front of the other really defined we are as a program and held to be they guy though talk about for a long long time. this thing keeps going. right here on fox 31 kickoff on product at 7:00 p.m. all be out there and all coverage complete ghost game coverage after they game. the third quarter kennett for
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he had ten points tonight. after missing three games this long jumper keeps it within five. in the game tonight the third quarter just before it fires wilson to know what the board all muscle on the rebound then in the game here fourth quarter was a complete disaster. they game again they should have one could have one did it a bad if they win friday do have a preference. that throws everything into a spend. they need a little bit of help to get in that top four. it certainly puts a spin on everything. will see what other things do. as is the idea we're being
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we know we're devastated about
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judge lynn: today on "divorce court"... cazares: i'm here today because i want to find out if ayesha and i can make this marriage work. the nagging, the interrogating -- it's too much. hashim: i'm here today to save my relationship with my husband, as i see my marriage falling apart. if my husband does not want to change or improve, i would want to walk away. cazares: if aisha isn't willing to work it out, i don't know what i'm gonna do. t know what my life would be like without my daughter or without aisha. announcer: "divorce court" is now in session. judge lynn: good day, ladies and gentlemen. i'm here with ayesha hashim and arturo cazares. the two of you have been together for 3 years. you have been married only for 3 months. you've got a 4-month-old together. and you are concerned that this marriage will not last.


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