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starting today it could get easier for the government to take a look at your phone or computer. but not if a group of senators has anything to say about it. embroidered snuggies and fish bones just a few things the government spent money on this year. a senator is releasing his annual report on wasteful classic tv reboots have been all the rage lately. so will your favorite friends be returning? jennifer aniston is responding to the possibility of new episodes of friends. and the holidays are a time for lots of sugars and sweets. but nestle says it might have a way for you to enjoy the delicious taste of chocolate, in a healthier way.
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i'm kirk yuhnke. and i'm shaul turner, in for meagan. president elect donald trump is on the move today. he's kicking off his first trip since the campaign with a tour of some influential states. that helped him win the presidency. on his way to indiana later tonight he'll kick off his thank you tour in cincinnati ohio. last the next few weeks. the president elect will visit states that made a big difference in getting him elected. the president president and vice president-elect will speak in indiana to celebrate a carrier's decision to keep nearly one thousand manufactured jobs in the state instead of moving them to mexico. that's the carrier company. a recount of presidential election ballots has now begun in wisconsin. green party nominee jill stein led the recall effort. she says there was statistical evidence of tampering. president elect trump took the state by 24 thousand votes out of three million cast. so it was close. all 72 counties will be recounted two thirds of them will be done by hand.
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starting today, it will only take a single search warrant and federal agents could be allowed to search your personal computers and cell phones. the justice department says the updated rule is needed to help them investigated and track down cyber criminals. a bipartisan group of senators tried to stop the rule but they were denied their request for a vote. an oregon senator is promising to introduce a new bill in the next congress to repeal this rule. a panel of security experts is asking president obama to be lenient on edward snowden for leaking secret government information. the so called church committee was formed decades ago to investigate intelligence abuses. some of its members say snowden did not act for personal gain and his actions did expose questionable government actions. they say, snowden should cut some kind of deal to return from exile. a deal has been reached, so that
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soldiers don't have to pay back thousands that they were mistakenly given. the incident caused a controversy the defense department had been trying to get back 20 million dollars in reenlistment bonuses, that were given to people who weren't eligible. now only soldiers who knew they weren't supposed to get the money, have to repay. the deal is part of a larger defense bill due to be voted on in the coming days. back here in colorado this is the big story over the last 24 hours frankly. very very sad. today people are coming to pay their respects to a mom and her two children found dead yesterday. the three were found in a vacant after being missing for hours. fox 31's jim hooley is there right now, he has more on the investigation as it moves forward today and how people are taking a moment to remember the mom in her kid so many people down there in the southern metro feel a connection. they have so many questions and a lot of people come by here to the very spot the mom and two sons found inside their family van yesterday.
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memorial a growing at this very site. we talk to a woman who placed the flowers a little while ago she said she didn't know the family that she had to do something. earlier in the morning 5:00 a.m. in the darkness some family members of the mom came by and wanted to have some private time and say some prayers. last night there was a vigil in the neighborhood in and around the family home for everyone in the community coming together. earlier in the day neighbors placed three red balloons in front of the family home 's undelivered trays of food for jennifer's husband ryan. he remained secluded inside the home this morning investing or say he is not a suspect in the case. jennifer and her two sons with missing tuesday afternoon after the mom picked up her kids at school around 2:00 in the afternoon. this morning investigators continue to say they have no suspects in this case and there is no threat to the community. at this point that people in the family the neighbors all say
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family at this point. they have so many questions and hopefully some of those answers could come today investigators of course done douglas county working on the case. police here as well. we understand autopsies are scheduled on the mom and two boys coming up later on today should hear more about that. and we should get a statement from the family. we understand the family is going to issue some sort of statement and we of course will have that for you with more fox 31. live in lone tree this morning fox 31. thank you for the update. right now the us honor flag is making its way to colorado for its 7th line of duty mission since 2015. honor one will come here to honor trooper cody donahue, he died last friday while on duty on the shoulder of i25 near castle rock. he was hit by a tractor trailer. as the flag makes its way from new mexico it has activated live
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you can see the progress here. the us honor flag has been traveling the nation since the september 11th attacks paying tribute to those who serve our communities every day. see the flag down there just north of the border on the south side of colorado right now making its way up i 25. tomorrow governor john hickenlooper has also ordered flags be at half staff, in tooper donahue's memory. former astronaut buzz aldrin had to be evacuated from the south pole, while he was visiting there as a tourist. the national science foundation says aldrin's health deteriorated but didn't give details on everything else. they're not saying much right now. doctors say he's doing all right at the moment. aldrin is famous for being the second person to ever walk on the moon. we're just learning today that cruise line princess cruises has been caught polluting the seas and intentionally tried to cover it up. that's according to a report by usa today. they say the company will plead guilty to seven felony charges, related to polluting and will pay 40 million criminal
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that's according to a plea agreement announced today by the us department of justice. let's get outside and check the weather. great keeping an eye on things kind of a cloudy day. is something moving in craig? it is a cloudy day and something is kind of moving in. saying earlier this morning reminds me of how tuesday was. it was not exactly overcast but always a haze around the sunshine. my job to tel that's how it will be the rest of today. not much work in progress in terms of temperatures going to make it to about upper 30s this afternoon. will make it to about 39 i don't think we actually crack 40 degrees like we did yesterday afternoon. 39 what we have in the books 33 tomorrow. cooler tomorrow. like was saying something going in and it's some snow although snow showers in mile high city
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maybe 2 inches and higher elevations in the foothills and south down near palmer divide. warm back up saturday high the mid- 40s near 50 degrees on sunday. don't get used to it. there's a big change definitely temperature wise and maybe snowfall lies. more on that coming up. thank you greg. the president has something to say one and for all about the first lady. he's responding to questions about whether michelle obama could be running for president in 2020. and jennifer aniston also speaking out about the possibility of a friends what do you think? there's been a lot of buzz
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people who live near mike pence's new washington home are putting up flags outside their homes, as a message to the vice president elect. they're putting up rainbow flags.
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elect's policies regarding gay rights. so far the transition team hasn't commented on the flags. an oklahoma senator is releasing a report on all the way, he says, the government contributed to wasteful spending this year. in the past year, the federal government reportedly spent 2 million dollars to figure out how kids view their foods. and they found that if given a choice kids will choose food that hasn't been sneezed on versus food that has. spent money on that. they also apparently studied how food items like fish bones related to social status in country of tanzania back in the 1300s. reportedly almost 2 million was given to a university as a grant but some of it was spent on embroidered snuggies. fancy ones. really? really. hillary clinton's campaign plane is getting a makeover. now that her campaign is all done the plane will get repainted. tmz spotted it at dean baldwin aircraft painting in new mexico.
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will be doing next but definitely getting the hillary clinton will obey and campaign slogan taken off. there has been a lot of buzz around the possibility that michelle obama will run for office even president in 2020. but the president is now setting the record straight. in an interview with rolling stone, the president said quote michelle will never run for office. i joke that she's too sensible to want to be in politics. but president obama says both he and his wife will be very active in working with people at a grass roots level to support progressive causes. if you're expecting a little one next year harper's bazaar has some baby name ideas for you. yes. the publication is guessing which names will gain popularity in 2017 based on events from this year. and some of them are a little strange. plus heading into the weekend, we'll see what kind of cold
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if you want to see the new harry potter prequel movie but you aren't caught up on everything that happened in the other 8 movies this guy has you covered. new kind of a refresher. a man named tim stiefler created a super cut version of the entire series and packed 20
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still pretty long basically the length of one movie. so now everyone can enjoy the entire saga as if it were two episodes of a network drama. they need to do that with game of thrones off of cards. so people can catch up. game of thrones i don't watch it but a lot of little things. you're right. if you don't catch those you don't know you don't get the stuff later on. there's nothing like binge watching. a son getting a swimming lesson from his dad no big deal happens all the time. this one is a little bit different. significant when your dad is a world famous olympic gold medalist. that's my mom ms. kathy. she taught me how to swim and this is the same teaching strategy as i was taught. michael phelps spent some time teaching his baby boy boomer how
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as you see right there. boomer also spent some time training with his mom nicole. the couple got help from instructors who got boomer acclimated to the water. that's a very important first swimming lesson rather. correct me if i'm wrong i think his son is actually named after his swim coach now boomer. that's kind of cool. lots of coaching and the fact that his coach when he was a baby was right there. isn't that wonderful. great stories to tel people were very excited to see reboots of their favorite classic shows netflix like fuller house and gilmore girls a year in the life. so many on the right now. so now the daily variety wants to know what other cult tv classic you want to get another chance on streaming tv. the choices are firefly a futuristic drama about a spaceship crew fighting to survive after a civil war. my so called life a teen drama starred claire daines and jared leto.
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pushing daisies a comedy about a pie maker who could bring dead things back to life. freaks and geeks a teen drama, a cult classic. reportedly there were 18 episodes of the show made but only 12 aired. yes and how about jericho about a post apocalyptic kansas city. okay. happy endings a sitcom. 6 friends in chicago. party down a series that aired on starz about caterers in los angeles. or you can just choose other. which is the option i would go for. we have some results that now. a tv show. a tv movie. health. i thought. okay we remember else. i'm messing everything up. here are your results. firefighters are ahead. pushing daisies in second place a live look at variety site
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poll. if you were hoping for a friends reboot bad news jennifer aniston says don't count on it. she was asked that question yet again during a recent interview with itv. she told them, she doesn't really see how that would work because that period of time was sort of nostalgic. she said the show was not only a gift for the actors, but she's glad that viewers can enjoy it again and again, in syndication. which she collects paychecks from again and again. and just watch it a lot of shows people would like to see. come back a little bit more. a wheeled conundrum. do you really want the actors whether it's friends or something else 20 or 30 years later coming back and possibly ruining what was a great show cracks that's exactly what a lot of people are worried about. never meet your heroes. not going to be your hero anymore. we're a month away from the new year.
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be for 2017. their list is based on events that have taken place over 2016. it's really been an interesting year. here are some guesses for girls. belle because of the beauty and the beast remake. eleven from the show stranger things. they call her l. you want to make a bet? move along. meghan because it announced that meghan markle is taking prince harry. i'm sorry you guys i meant to say dating. where are you going to take him? just trying to help. moana from the new disney movie. arya from game of thrones. is that how you say that? yes. i love that show. dusty because of adam levine's baby dusty rose. michelle because of michelle obama.
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i'm surprised they stop there with the election stuff. they didn't. for the boys. donald for donald trump. justin for canadian prime minister justin trudeau. and some inspired by legends lost this year. bowie, prince, or muhammad. okay. and still surprised based off of there for the election stuff. you thought there would be more? yes. i don't know 11 go back to 11 i like the name but 11 i just i don't know. in hollywood you'll still see that. don't you think? gigi's kids name is blue. my name my kids name is grand. as easy as it gets. apple. my goodness. stuck with us forever. just weird. not the babies by the names.
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teamwork makes the dreamworks. they were going a little while ago from the four seasons camera. the winds not blowing them are on. wouldn't miss the chance to blow some snow. temperatures as we roll on south of the mile high city they're starting to warm up at about two the daytime highs 35 highlands ranch 38 castle rock. only way to make it to the upper 30s today. 35 in denver. 35 at dia. temperatures definitely cooler. air to come. check out the forecast here this evening. there will be snow out in the mountains. some natural snow we may see some fresh powder unveil camera check it out tomorrow. we may not even be able to see the camera at 11:00 tomorrow because as we roll to friday afternoon upslope starts that will kick some snow in the foothills. snow down to the palmer divide as well. and may be some snow in denver.
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not much going on. maybe a quarter of an inch around downtown. probably pushing it. future cast says but it's measly quarter of an inch kind of on the fringe here. i would say up to an inch for the foothills and down on palmer divide although that's pushing it really the only snow that will follow at least accumulating in the mountains. one to 3 inches expected there. then we had to be extended forecast. you want one air that's the weekend right there. sunshine saturday warmer. high temperatures in the mid to upper 40s rapid up on sunday. if you want more snow you may have to wait until monday and tuesday and were also is not a definite what we will feel like is winds winter early next week monday evening cold air rushes and. snow or not and it will drive the temperatures down to the 20s as highs possibly the teens at high temperatures by the middle of next week in the lows made to below zero by this time next week. i know it's a ways away trying
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advanced warning could be a decent snowfall event monday night in tuesday. this thing for this ingredients kind of in the works for me to come together perfectly to get us the snow. through the duration of tuesday and it could be enough we would have to shovel it. just kind of letting your ears perk up a limit not calling for anything crazy. keep an eye on the monday night tuesday forecast. also close eye on saturday sunday forecast where highs 50s. trees. nice. it might sound too good to be true. but nestle says they're making it a possibility. the company says, they have invented a new type of chocolate how did you get want of art out of that? every chocolate bar is a wonka bar to me. a new type of chocolate without all the sugar.
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a new invention by nestle might make a lot of people happy just before the holidays. the company says it has made a chocolate with less sugar and more taste how do you add more taste? just sprinkle that in? nestle is applying for a patent and plans to start rolling out products containing the new sugar in 2018. the swiss company couldn't comment on issues related to calories, costs and regulatory approvals. we'll be waiting to see if it taste as good that would be a great choice for a lot of people who can't do all of that sugar. for the rest of us we just get to eat twice as much. doing the math on that and i am liking it. here in denver we love our sports teams. and our love, is greater than most other cities, across the country. according to wallet hub denver is the tenth best sports city. we're 6th in terms of football. and 6th in terms of hockey but we lag a little in the baseball, soccer and basketball categories.
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the top five sports cities are chicago, los angeles, pittsburgh, boston, and new york city. if you're wondering about los angeles they are number one for basketball and number two for soccer but they're 211th for football. can you believe that? the number one football city is green bay. that's not a shocker. i'm surprised we did so well when it came to hockey. a lot of hockey fan here but not compared to a lot of other cities. detroit especially. when you look at the hockey team since we have so many transplants not a lot of people are on the wagon just yet. that's great. if you want to play hockey might be getting closer. got to find a pond first of all. they'll build a rink for you but you need cold temperatures and weekend that as we roll into the next forecast low below zero.
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this is "jeopardy!" today's contestants are -- a cataloguing specialist from rocky ridge, maryland... an actuary from schaumburg, illinois... and our returning champion, an actress and writer from chicago, illinois... whose 3-day cash winnings total...


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