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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 930P  FOX  December 1, 2016 9:30pm-10:00pm MST

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and aurora. try put some in the community in that community at ease. thank you for staying with us this evening. that meeting full of people from different backgrounds all will read about as how they going to be treated postelection fox 31
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languages ranging from spanish to swahili couple hundred folks packed the library at central high school this evening giving answers a question such as what are my rights this diverse community left knowing they are stronger together. formula bertin cause of aurora home. and giving the second of life in that. he's here and aurora central has go to help others like himself take a postelection deep breath. who here as hold of those ten amendments i came after that called the bill of rights. high profile and other members of the aurora community they're here in the school library which
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those coming to learn more about immigrant and refugee policy. that people have fears in the community. doctor mara but there was a mental health center is the organizer perko's not meant to be a political that are make any sort of political statement it's really just to support the community we have been hearing is a lot of worry so response to that. we let him wants to know a naturalized citizen. he wants what every american ones. that gentleman we spoke with also serves on the refugee and immigrant commission and aurora fox 31.
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colorado drivers ticketed in just a matter of hours also breaking the states rover law police and sheriff department's team up for the effort right along i 25 south today they do similar portions in the months to come. official say first responders are injured and killed every year because drivers failed to move over one lane does require the latest death just friday when a truck driver hit state trooper cody donahue right near castle rock. joubert on his family saying statement that reasons in part car is a rock of our family our hearts are forever broken we do not want to take this opportunity to ask all been touched by this tragedy please don't drive carelessly if you see emergency personnel on the side of the road please slow down and move over. the us on a fiery is back in colorado and honor of trooper cody donahue here's the fines facebook page. calling a trooper on i 25 to
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is also authorities are doing that major enforcement of the states move over law a lot of money driver still don't know exist. turns out colorado does have some bad drivers. found colorado the eighth worchester driving state. measure of crashes drunk driving cases for drivers was speeding tickets are 11thor but did ranked first for the number of traffic citations the top drivers we're virginia california and utah coming in at number one. kicking off your health headlines on this world's a day university of colorado hospital has been approved touching a new age of the aids drug in the coming weeks this man did not want to reveal his identity but he is already part of a study testing experimental drugs of the resource hospital the new drug prevents at risk pages
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it's on a vaccine it's a medication that is used to prevent infection and still upheld that has to be taken every day while someone is at risk. university of colorado hospital was the first to begin critical chas with hiv aids drugs 30 years ago his groundbreaking research and a battle against the virus. so do you like the idea that joined chocolates with less sugar still get all the flavor. nestl? says it's found a way to do that chocolate maker says hollowing out sugar particles they can do that. it reduces the chocolate sugar content by as much as 40 percent he's applying for a patent to do that. the roll out the products in 2018. you think there's any chance we can expedite that?
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of famous astronaut evacuated from the south pole. get why buzz gets thrown out of a base camp.
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after been evacuated from the south pole for medical reasons beatty central part of the tour group with the company what it does it was bush visited a druze started to deteriorate the company says his fluid and his lungs but he's responding to antibiotics are the recovering well a lieutenant colonel up in the national guard base that's transported him set it was an honor to help. at a time like this a hero to both the air force and the
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level of colonel buzz aldrin you bet it's exciting researchers at the station aldrin was touring using radio telescopes to study the atmosphere and dark matter. but to our a hostage standoff ends in florida thinks importers some of the hostages themselves the stories hopping newsroom across america nicholas humphrey walked into a credit union in the jacksonville area this morning the dog and a gunfire they got a near take 11 hostages even know of about the two people hiding under desk they ra distracted humphrey allowing the swat team to move and he was arrested no one was hurt. a new perspective on devastating wildfires near gatlinburg tennessee this is drone video showing the shells of burnt homes and scorched trees that covers thousands of acres the death toll rose ten today and cruz found more bodies and out fires out at least 80 people are injured more than 700 buildings
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gatlinburg alone the reopen tomorrow to allow that thousand evacuees back in. starting today a single search warrant comes to get federal agents access to millions of americans computers and cell phones the justice department saying the changes necessary to help the blind side with criminals a bipartisan group stops at the senate leader denied a request for a vote. a hacking and surveillance promising a a number to repeal it in the next congress. a warning from google tonight about your phone how hackers are using your device further again and what google is doing to stop it. watching it snow in the mountains and some of that will breach the metro areas will have
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now a problem summer's consumer alert affecting more than 1.3 million android phones all because of illegitimate app which google is mourning consumers to avoid those artie have not downloaded from google play the malware installs the advertising software that tracks users that also apparently in android apps given them high ratings resulting in a fraudulent boost in the representation was of a set is blocked a hundred and 50,000 versions of that cyber attack. a colorado company called zen magnets of five and helly macdonell back to find for illegally selling small magnets after they been recalled by another company because the cub's inability to pay the huge find a federal judge also suspended 10,000 $10,000 of it
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swallow. attracted to each other once inside your digestive system tray the potential for some serious damage to intestinal tissue possibly even death. to mothers learn how much money active military personnel makes how tough it is during the holidays decided to make a difference. fox 31 is bringing us the very latest door in our series the problem solver serving those who serve. a modest home in greeley would be hq for military personnel on perhaps the most important mission. getting home. there in the early write a blank check for their lives to our country for them family had a holidays a holidays are other special events that's incredibly important that's why
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helping heroes fly .com. they do not make a lot of money matter fact they make near poverty level income. helping heroes fly .com started up in february 20, 1646 active military personnel made it home to their families. if there is a funeral of birth of a baby a wedding. or a morale boosting are at our visit it's very literally considered a luxury 30,000 dollars has been spent on getting our men and women in uniform home problem is money has just about ran out. we probably have around 2,000 are $2,500 in the bank just today a staff sergeant from j-uppercase-letter contacting them and said he has 446 marines who we're to put can't get home these gals are not about to
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were doing for the few that we can dan to prove fox 31. if you're interested in making a donation to helping heroes you can visit and click on that story take a a look at this local offices bracing thousands of dollars throwing out their beards today was the big shave off. you can see officers with the police department getting shapes and haircuts at floyd's barber shop. they grew out their beards all month for no shave november they raise $7,000 of the american cancer society. tonight we'd really love your support for the fox 31 problem solvers toy drive partnership with the salvation army a goes from now to december 16 drop off any new unwrapped toy at denver area location the collected toys will be delivered to prequalified families to the salvation army holiday program who want to invite you to stop by gordon is littleton store on december 9 between 6:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m.
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team as well and enjoy some holiday festivities. take a look at what is trending today we can never go wrong. that adorable polar bear cub video. the zoo and manic germany welcome this one last week it was just in time for the holiday they cubs doesn't have a name yet a ten -year-old shia vona she's already an experience at ten years old having giving birth to twins now let and bobby three years ago way to give birth to the twins. intel the end of the winter when the cub will be strong enough to finally come out and emerge on it. now pinpoint weather with meteorologist matt mankins. this is still in the high country heirs of cloud cover will try to bring snow to feel was down here for tomorrow not a
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northern us the strongest punch of any sort of whether we have is alaska that's where cold air is building ill move and here for sure next week a little bit of activity around the great lakes to colorado holding pattern a little ripple to move through tomorrow. were in a holding pattern for troop winter weather which will be arriving on tuesday into the metro area enjoy the warmth relatively speaking while and last today is 41 normally about by next tuesday and wednesday we may not get above freezing. the bit of a windshield tomorrow morning to actual temperatures around 15 to 20 degrees 9:00 o'clock 25. three clock 32 degrees they'll be the high a chance of snow tomorrow. zero for leadville six and walden eight and run like and
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elevations teens and 20s. the next week will all be filling that show. will be increasing as you head towards tomorrow morning pockets of snow developing the early morning rush should be okay as he had towards the lunch hour west of i 25 into the douglas county around colorado springs that's when the stowed tries to move back in as you can tell not a lot of us have that snowfall put a dusting to 3 inches. high temperatures back in the 30s teens in the 20s for the high country guys a bit of a chill take a look at the weekly planner antenna clock. mike mcintyre is reacting to winning the national coach of the year award.
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pack 12 coach of the year and after today national coach of the year some kind of dream
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the best part still two games to play the 51 euro head coach was named a walter camp national coach of the year winner pretty big deal when you second coach and program history to win the award bill mccartney did the 1989 tonight at the team hotel and santa clara mac of course down plan individual board instead focusing on the potential of more team success. i think we played colorado back on the map and give us an opportunity to build a program like a program like a wants to be bui when the pack 12 championship. are deftly said it's a does levels of success. our goal is to get this done i think i'll been exceptional year. it is championship you through the books tomorrow and get a crack at washington. fox 31 and live this afternoon i have tomorrow's game in santa clara she has more background that and set on one of the main
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first place all pac-10 first teamer jimmy gilbert. these coaches took a lot of to start guys have made them an incredible team playing for the pack 12 championship 12 championship buffaloes defense is a perfect example of that jimmy gilmer has an impressive story a kid who didn't even think is going to play football. first time i i got hit i quit. i actually ended up liking it more. it isn't what they gilbert family does. represent last weekend a lot of family grew up coaching jimmy on the court. past tried to coach me sister coach me just one reason jimmy was drawn to football. that is something different away from my family and parents.
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pleased to have those real bad anger issues the fog gave me a release for that kept me away from everything. as he wraps up his career bringing the bus back is nothing but love. we've been trying to keep him and encouraged mom is still doing a little coaching. tomei the places right in their. they gilbert family is tearing this week jimmy gilbert and rhyme of where the buffalo names to the first-team all pack 12 12 conference in san francisco fox 31. night game is right here on fox 31 the broncos are looking a lot like paxton lynch for the starting cornerback on sunday took all the first-team reps in practice while trevor simeon was mia according to head coach gary kubiak on that walking boot he
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sprain fun thing for sure if it is the rookie what ledge he does have this full support of his teammates. is one of those guys that contributes to the team and plays well. all the way through practice he's been doing well he always bring that factor of stringing plays out. more comfortable with the play calls getting the call out into the huddle and making his reads i think will be just fine. night. but either way it looks like the broncos are these confident going into that game against jacksonville. every game is huge can afford a whole lot more slipups. like to marcus said there coughing up either way. plenty more news to come fox 31
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we starts now is a live look downtown denver we expect a big cool down in an chance for snow thanks for joining us at ten. let's get right to meteorologist mapmaking who has what you can expect overnight in your morning drive. shannon lucan to just emailed this picture from steamboat. were getting some nice big snowflakes coming down. nice to see and a resort town additional snow far tonight and far as the roads that's the drawback. recently this evening as well the clouds are increasing across the state snow in the foot is against the divide even occasional light snow falling on bill passed give any mention travel whatsoever they'll be slick areas around the denver area much more hit are miss no an emphasis on miss i do believe right now it's 9 degrees and 26


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