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tv   Fox 28 News at 9  FOX  October 19, 2015 9:00pm-9:59pm CDT

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medicaid in iowa could have devastating effects. effects.and getting the word out. out. they saw the message and they wanted to get more, the duo behind message monday along iowa's busiest roads. roads. good evening and thanks for joining ustonight.i'm karen - fuller.scott has the night off. a cedar rads man accused of multiple crimes is heading back to prison. all started in february, when deputies say james surrett led them through cedar rapids on a high speed chase. ended with surrett slamming into a truck and school bus, hurting two people. after bonding out of jail, surrett allegedly held a woman against her will.he was arrested again, bonded out again and later led thorities on a second chase. today, a number of the charges were dropped in exchange for a plea deal.a judge sentenced surrett to 15-years in prison. he also ordred surrett to pay thousands in restitution. new details tonight tonighton last summer's prison
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break at iowa's maximum security facility in fort madisoso and it sounds like it's straight out of a hollywood movie. movie.guards say inmate justin kestner missed a head count. prison officers went to his cell where they found a. elorate disguise under the bed sheets - to look like he was sleeping.apparently kestner crawled out a shower pipe into the attic - then the roof - and out of the prison unnoticed.he was later found near interstate 80. investigation into the escape found procedures were t followed.leaders say those mistakes are now corrected and additional security measures are in place. turning to tonight's vote 20-16 coverage... coverage...we are still more than a year away from presidential far, this eleion cycle has beeee defined by "protest candidates" who don't exactly fit the mold of your typical 28 news reporter kevin barry sat down with one of them, democrat senator bernie sanders, to find out why he's doing so well. well.
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ononhe republican side, the best known "protest candidate" is donald trump. but for the democrats, even after 35 years in politics some people think senator bernie nders is on the outside looking in. but he disagrees. there's no denying - when bernie sanders first jumped in - he was just as far behindhillary clinton as everyone else - with single digit polling in the early ststes. i thoughghfrom the very beginning that we had a shot to win this thing, but we came in clearly as an underdog. and one who freely calls himself a socialist.but in the democratic deba, he said all he'd have to do is explain what that means. how do y explain that when so many people are turned off at the door at the word socialist. that's a great question. number 1 were going to give a big speech in nthe coming weeks defining what i mean. he points to programs like social security and public libraries that already
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embody those technically social ideas. so i think there is something to be learned from other countries just as they learn from us. so while the idea of "protest candidates" who o e picking up support from people fed up with establishment politics might be the phrase of the 2016 run for the white house - sanders says it no longer applies to him. if the election were today, no question we would not win, but i think the momentum is with us a a i think we've gone from a fringe candidate to a candidate who stands a chance to win. coming up at the bottomf the hour, senator sanders weighs in on the impact that colle students cod have on the 2016 election and why his message is a best suited for them. in
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the emerald ash borer is now in linn county. county.the iowa department of agriculture confirms the discovery at a rest area on i- 380, just south of cedar rapids.that has city officials in cedar rads *very concerned because ash trees make up more than a quarter of the tree population in the leaders have been preparing for this, destroying and replacing hundredsf trees each year.
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"the fact that we have an insect here that is going to affect those ash trees and kill them over a period of time is a pretty big deal." deal."if you have an ash tree that is showing symptoms of e- a-b, contact private tree service company.if it's on the cici's right-of-way, the forestry departmeme can be called to address the issue. the call to practice safe driving habits is sometimes hard to spread.but it's a messe that thousands see every monday in the corridor. 28 news reporter dora miller joins us now live along i-380 in cedar rapids with more, dora? the message today is an eye- enerthat'she point behi all of them -- to get you thinking.we went straight to the source to find out what gets them thinking. thinking. sometimes you might laugh... laugh... "i think they're informative, they let you know what's going on, what to look for." for." "the signs i see re in iowa make a lot of sense, a lot of sense."at times, it can rattle you. you. " "think it's a great t idea to bring it out and make people aware of what's going on out there."but the minds
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behind these signs say it's the bigger message they want drivers to get. t. "you get about 12 seconds to drive underneath the sign and having a message that's memorable and thought- provoking or atever allows you to kind of extend that 12 seconds." seconds.""the reason behind all of the messages, whether they're funny or not, is to get people to think."meet tracey and willy . . "i haven't come up with any edgy enough that didn't make the cut. i'll leave that to willy."every six months they come up with a new ssage monday monday "we'll do song lyrics, we had one 'it's all about the belt, the belt just click it.'" going twt years strong, as part of zero fatalities, they say they wawa to use 54 characters to change driving habits. habits. "we tried to do all the engineering we could do, all the things to make cars safer, but until people start paying attention to the five behaviors we hit in zero fatalities, ere's still gogog to be fatalities."." fatalities." "we may be havivi a lot of fun and we make this memorable, but in the end it's
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they are open to suggestions from the don't be shy if you haven idea.they so post stories and videos related to the message on the iowa d-o-t facebook, twitter and blog.covering the corridor in cedar rapids, dora miller fox 28 news dora thanks.this also happens to be national teen driver safety week. week.vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for 14 to 18 year olds here in iowa.a recent found just 25-percent t of parents have a serious talk with their kids about safe driving.experts say safety goes far beyond just a conversation.parents also are encouraged to lead by example and avoid distractions such as texting and speedi. in cedar rapids, some kids got the chance to plant some future food.students at summit schoolplanted 10-apple trees with the help of volunteers. this w`s made possqble by a
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grant from the iowa department of natural resources.leaders say they want to show kids the work it takes to go from the ground to the grocery store. "we're trying to expose the kisd to all the djfferent ways that food is produced from start to finish to the table." table."school leaderertell fox 28 news they hope to get apples to eat from these trees in two to four years. educational leaders nationwide gathered today in iowa city to talk about ways they can provide science, tenology, engigiering and math opportunitieiein rural iowa. iowa.rural towns face challenges of declining enrollment, school mergers and lesu leaders say there arways around that. one of the ways is by partnering with community y businesses.they say that way, students can get hands-on opportunities in stem fields at no cost. "we give the students an opportity to get out into & the communityand actually shadow, and in the course of f a
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they're interested in nursing, they can go and spend a couple of hours with a nurse." nurse."the university of iowa public policy center hosted this symposium as@part of its "run up to the 2016 caucus series." a shiny new library in downtown cedar rapids says it needs help.recently, the city's library network came up significantly short in its fox 28 news reporter mellaney moore found tonight, if citizens donon cover the costs, they could see programs, hours and materials get cut. cut. some of the cedar rapids public library regulars come six days a week or more. 12:28:33 it's ening doors for people that...maybe they've never read a book or like me that just don't have a computer at home or access to the internet.but the downtown and ladd libraries may have to close thr doors one daof the week if a levy isn't approved on the november third ballot12:07:51 this vy is for all library operations, which inclcles certainly materials, but also staffing,
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programming and outreach and all of the things that we do. right now the two libraries operate on a 8 million dollar budget.staff say this levy would help maintain currenenfundndg levels, , ter losing a couple other sources they've been using since the flood.12:09:27 this is the only way in the state of iowa that a public library has to get direct funding that will help us fix that gap to maintain current levels of service and operation.staff met with community members at the ladd library monday to answer questions.for the average 150 thousand dollar cedar rapids household, the tax would be about 23 dollars a year.that adds up to 1.5 million dollars that west says is well spent.12:26:12 it's big, it's spacious, rarely anytime to wait to get on the internet upstairs. you can always find what you're lookinu for here, ifnoyou know you can always ask anher library for what you're looking g r.if approved, the tax would start july first 2016.there is another meeting at the downtown library tuesday from 4-6 covering the corridor in
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cedar rapids, llaney moore fox 28 news at nine. still to come on the fox 28 news a anine... nine...we're road trippin' to decorah, where many travelers
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some local brews. fox 28 morng live.there's a new smart phone app that a company says can predict the next play during a football game. game. but is doesn't come with out controversy.we'll show you why tomorrow on fox 28 morning live. should bring the peak of fall colo to the northeast corner ofofhe state and it's a perfect time to hit the highways to enjoy the scenery. scenery.tonight, matt hammill
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takes us road trippin to decorah, where the changing colors are bringing a lot of new faces to the area. & area. nats town (( 20:54:28 )) " varooooom . "in a village with a surprisingly vibrant downtownamazing sailing ships that navigated from norway(( maybe one of these for the history ((20:20:26)) faly picture or ((20:19:25)) tapestry or ((20:22:12)) old mill )) and hdreds of years of history - - is it possible something else incredible could be brewing here too. nat - (( 20:29:"18 )) " some of the best beer in the world according to the crazy beer people. " nat pouring beer in glass - " splooooosh " and by that megan kay - nigs - eans passionate beer lovers.nat wide bar - (( 21:42:22 )) " you want to try something else .. " welcome to the e appropriately named - toppling goliath - brewing . the david of beer makers - - as it sling shots - some the giants in the industry. (( picture you shot ** )) founder - clark lewey - started brewing the suds he loved - at home - which relatives - - - hated. megan koenigs - toppling goliath brewery ((20:27:30 )) " his family on the other hand didn't want to drink them .. laughs .. so he had to
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he could make that were drinkable .. more palatable. " nat - (( 21:44:10 )) " ok .. doroys? "he hit it bigig - witit - dorothy's new world lager - named after his - grandmother. tapped into a new generation of craft beer onesrs. nat guy laughs ? unless you wanted to use outdoor stutu eeewhere ((21:41:29 )) " laughs and the secret little place - where laid back locals - gathered for big beers - in small batches - exploded. now this tap room - toasts a large line up - of fun names - they call assasin - a killer* imperial stout - filled with angst. tsunami - is a pale ale - that promises waves of mandarin orange that swell into a breezy ride nat roar .. withideo of girl pouring or label or poster - " roaaaaaar. " https://www.yo and pseudo sue won't bite - like a t-rex - but it has monster flavor - in one of the top pale ales - in the country.meg - (( 20:31:46 )) " the dinosaur logo is pretty prominent as well in the pseo sue branding which
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is based off from sue the dinosaur in chicago .. so that gets a lot o opeople talking and wanting to try it. " but amid everything that flows from the tap - - there is one beer@ - - that best brew - - that everybody asks about megan - (( 20:32:58 )) " a big bold stout that is barrelelaged and very dark very syrupy .. " fans - blew the roof off the brewery - when the craft beer bunch - crowned - kentucky brunch brand stout - the king* of all beers. *** megan tap *** must use e ((20:33:46)) - " " the best beer ininhe world .. sploosh .. and it's been really exciting watching people come in and wanting to try it .. unfortunately we don't have it anywhere right now .. but it fun to know th has gotten out all over the united states.. all over the world. " (( barrel picture )) aged in kentucky barrels like these - and crammed full of coffee - mapley - amazement - it's put some on a pilgrimage - to decorah.disappointed there's no brunch for now -
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but thrilled - with the alternatives. megan (( 20:34:45 )) " ha ha we get a lot of people who come from actually quite far away .. the furthest away we've gotten is japan .. shocking .. to come just to decorah to try toppling goliath." the popularity - will soon mean expanded production - and more beer in bottles.but for now - toppling goliath remains a magical place - where you never know who ght show up - or what might end up in your glass (( 20:43:30 drip drip drip )) but you can bebeit'll be golden goodness - smooth to the last drop and for those now intrigued by the elusive - kentucky brunch - i really did my best - to get yoy an asnwer - megan - (( 20:32:50 )) " our next batch will be coming out later .. i won't say when ... 20:36:13 )) ... we always hope the beers we make continue to come back and are as popular as ever .. he he .. and that's all i will say abouthat .. hee hee e. " stay tune - we are road trippin' - in decora - - i'm matt hammill
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nine...some of the biggest names in business want to be the biggest names in the move torenewable energy.what- president obama has tosay about today's big announcement and lalar, a big change for medicaid in iowa raises a lot of questions.why some fear a money saving move could have a
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turninnow to tonight's businesseport... report...// clong bell (ringing) // //minimal movement on wall street as plunging oil prices offset gains in traditional blue-chip stocks. stocks.the dow rose less than 15 points.the nasdaq added 19 and the s-and-p 500 added less than a point. some of the biggest names in retail are joining forces to boost ththuse of clean energy. energy.among the 81-companies signing on to the legislation are apple, nike, walmart, target and walt diey. president obama says the steps some of the largest compani in the world take are e significant to the ultimate goal of eliminating the world's carbon footprint. "the commitments that these companies are making total at
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from reducing emissions to reducing water usage to pursuing zero net deforestation to purchasing 100 percent clean energy." energy."the white house says the commitments endorse a strong outcome during the upcoming climama conference in paris. at the iowa state capitol today... today...governor branstad and lieutenant governor kim reynolds announced a new workforce housing loan program. it's designed to help smaller communities that experience rapid growth.the plan is to make up to five-million dollars available in the form of low-cost, repayable loans to cities and counties. "it's avother infusion of additional cash hopefully coming in to help grow and provide not only rtal units but singng-family housing also. it's a issue in small communities across state" state"the loans offered will have a one percent interest rate and there will be no age restrictions for those seeking housing help.
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?is governor branstad making a risky change to thousands of iowans health care? care?next, the questions and concerns raised over plans to privatize medicare coverage -- when the fox coverage -- medicare coverage -- when the fox 28 news at nine continues. continues. wake up in your first home. wake up in a home with a new address. wake up a home with no address. your dream home evolves, and d otecting it takes committed support.
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if you think storm damage is the only cost of climate change, thqnk again. from t rising price of food to higher insurance rates for homes ananbusinesses,
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the economic damage will only get worse. but with american-made clean energy, we can save money on electricity and spur innovation to create new businesses and jobs. it all starts with 50% clean energy by 2030. so, what are we waiting for? some big changes in the works for medicaid in iowa.but governor branstad's plan to privatize the system s sparked serious concerns among hundre of people who turned out tonight in marion. tonight'so your health report reportfox 28 news report matt hammill has more on the questions some recipients
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____________________re than half a million iowans - rely on medi-caid - and some 30 - -thousand providers - offer care.- all of them are supposed to be ready - - for iowa medi-caid - to be run by - four private companies -- by january . tonight 4- some called for governor branstad - to stop* ththprocessss-now. nats - standing room only - as families and care-givers - told state senator liz mathis -their concerned - the most vulnerable - patients - will be hurt. hurt." the who have some catastrophic illnesseseand they need some high testing and the testing won't be approved. " she worries for dads like - bill mcvicker - who brought his son.he's concerned about insurance costs - and has reatedly asked - whether he can still provide care. care." nobody has any answers for me .. nobody knew anything that was going on and that was in september .. it's got be
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frustrating .. it is frustrating .. but it looks like it's gonna happen. " governor branstad's office says - it will mean better care - and 50-million in savings the first six months. " there has to be something done and governor branstad believes the final saving estimates that passed with bipartisan support mindndyou .. is prudent in the end. " at discovery living - - 150 clients include people with autism - and cerebral palsy. - bob hee-bull - says he's all for responsible medicaid spending - but iowa is rushing it. it." our fears are disruption of services, people falling through the cracks, providers not receiving reimbursement ..all of which can really lead to some bad outcomes. " nearly 40 states now have managed care - but critics say most made the transition in two years - not less than one. one." this iowa managed care is just getting shoved down our throats and if we could just push it back... " the panel - says if you
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receive - a medi-caid - letter in the mail - read it - do not** ignore it.if you have concerns - call law- makers - and iowa - medi- caid member services.matt hammill - fox 28 news. still to come tonight on the fox 28 news at nine... nine...takg on the number three team m s tough enough.h. how iowa state is getting ready to take on the number two team next weekend.also... also..."we have millions of people wrestling with student debt." bt."we're sitting own with bernie sanders as he challenges hillary clinton for the democratat nomination -
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continues. the wind was blowing in warmer temperatures across eastern iowa today.but it alsbrought a fire danger to thar. there were soso field fires reported in northeast iowa,
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but the threat tonight is the question is how much longer will the warmer conditions stk around without some moisture? moisture?fox 28's justin roberts joins us now with your
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justin 28 news reporter kevin barry sat down today with democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders. our last half hour, he told us why he's not ashamed ofbeing a democratic socialist.we also spoke to him about the type of vovors he's attracting. attracting.kevin has more now with the oldest candidate in the race, who's getting a lot of support from the youngest voters. voters. bernie sanders isn't the first candidate to go after the youth vote, but at events like his talk in oskaloosa, he's talking about issues for college students in a way few others are. in front of a crowd in oskaloosa where many have never voted for a democrat...because they've
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never been old enough before, it's the 74-year old talking about college in a y many younger candidates aren't. disproportionally, the number of people who are coming out are young people, are working class people i think people who in the pastave not actively participated in the political process, that makes me feel really good. he says cause of issues mostst out of their control, mama young people in the us ararnot going to college because of the cost. the ones who shoulder that burden anyway, suffer beneath it. we have millions of people wrestling with student debt. we just heard a young woman talking about 8 percent interest payment on personal debt. sanders says that message transcends party lines. he took his very liberal campaign to the very conservative liberty university -- the largest evangelical christian university in the world founded by televangelist jerry falwell. liberty bite - many
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he says me. but he says the point of that visit is to show that even that crowd can work with him where there is common ground -- like closing the income and wealth gap and making education more affordable. and i think some of ththpeople are saying yeah...maybe we can work together. sanders says at 74, age has nothing to do with his message to young people. they're connecting on ideas. in oskaloosa, kevin barry fox 28 news. kevin thanks, and don't forget kevin has a complete wrwr up of the week in political news here in 'iowa in focus' every sunday morning at 9:30, right here on fox 28. another rounof violence rocks the west bank between israel and the palestinians with more bloodshed on both sides.national correspondent jeff barnd has the latest on what the u.s. can do if *anything* to help end the violence between these two sworn enemies.. enemies.. the latest shooting rampagea& a bus station in israel
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the gunman wounded 10 more people before police shot him dead. isreal was quick to retaliate against angry mobs (in54 su) after the recent violence. one palistinian woman blamed the bloodshed wh she calls the "brutal israeli occupation"a& "occupuation is oppressiona& oppression and subjugation". "we have to take the action in order to protect our popution, and that's what we're doing." at the israel points to supposed palestinian propagandaa& showing a drawing of the human body entitled how to stab a jew. secretary of state john kerry expressed his concern regarding the bloodshed in israel."we continue to urge everybody to exercise restraint and restrain from any kind of self help in terms of t violence. and israel has every ght in the world
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secretary kerry will meet with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu in germany this week and then travel to the middle east-possibly jordan-- to meet with palestinian authority president mahmoud abbas.isreal supporters say the white house is blaming *israel* for palestinian terror. and turning its back on the closest mid-east ally [e have in the u.s."i don't think we can wait for the all the issues that exist between israelis and paleistinians to be settled in order for us to tamp down the violence right now"meantime the palestinian authority has declined to denounce the terrorist attacksa& nonohave they called for an end to the violence. im jeff barnd reporting.. coming up in sports sportsno jordan canzeri? no problem. akrum wadley comes up big for the hawkeyes--and is w getting some big recognition. plus... plus...the hunt for october--or should i say
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november--rls on. how the cubs are feeling down 2-oh
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statatheads to baylor thth weekend. yes, baylor is the number two team in the nation. but don't think the cyclones aren't up for the challenge. challenge.because let's not forget: s-u held number thret-c-u to twenty-one ints througugthree quarters saturday .. and the clones say it's games like this that division one football players live for. "part of recruiting is -- you nna play against the best
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there is in college football? come to the big twelve conference and we'e' give you that opportunini... he chance to go out and compete against a team like this, personnel like this, i think is something our kids are excited about." about.""you wanna play the best offenses in the country, man, that's aomething you wanna do, that's some people's dream as a d-one ftball player. and me and my guys are looking forward to the challenge." after a tough homecoming loss to western illinois on saturday, u-n-i will also look to get back on track this weekend if they're to have any chance at the postseason. postseasononthe panthers are 2-and-4... but had a similar record this time last year, and did rally to make the playoffs... to do it again, though, coach farley readily admits, they're going to have to start wning. "we have to win out. i think that's evident. we know it, the players know it, you know it, south dakota state knows it... everybody knows we can, it's just are we going to be consiste enough to do it? that's the question that's out there. and that's the question
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that our players--that's thth challenge--that thth have to take on." although it's been a revolving door at quarterback for u-n-i, aaron bailey, the junior transfer from illinois, has been named to the fcs national performer of the year watch list. trty-two student- athletes nationally are atured on the list-- including seven from the missouri valley football conference including bailey. he's rushed for four touchdowns and thrown for five through six games. speaking of honors, iowa sophomore akrum wadley not only filled in n r jordan canzeri this weekend -- he succeeded canzeri as the big ten's offensive player of the week. the pride of new jersey with four touchdowns and over 200 yards againsnorthwestern; he's the third offensive hawkeye to earn the honor -- the most since 2002... also out of iowa city today: next saturday's home game against maryland is slated for a 2:30 p.m. start.. it will be televised regionally on a-b-c anin outer television markets on espn2... thehehawks
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lost to o maryrynd on the road last year 38-to-31... the terps are 2-and-4 and winless in the big ten this year... in division three football, cornell college kicker kaleb whiting was named the midwest conference's special teams ayer of the week following the rams win at knox college saturday. the junior was perfect on extra points attempt and hit his conference leading fifth field goal of the year... still to come... come...royals and t btue jays duking it out as we speak -- but how both teams approached tonight's game three coming up right after this!
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oh! go amanda! we love you!
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kansas city's quest back to the world series--and for their first title since 1985-- continuing tonight, as johnny cueto and the royals in toronto for game three... game two on saturday, just as they did in the divisional series, k-c- rallying from a deficit late in the game to take it 6-to-3 -- and a commanding 2-nothing series lead -- but that lead was not on the nd of ned yost before tonight'game... "i don't manage it any differently. my whole intent and focus is to win this game. and i don't even think about being up 2-oh. the only thing that counts is today. we just nage it exact same way we do every day." day.""i mean it's not an elimination game but you dont win it, your back's really against the wall. so, it's very important for us to win so we'll proach it like that." and as mentioned this game currently on-going... johnny cueto chased in the third inning... gave up seven runs
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just hold on cubs fans... the cubsre going home. down 2- nothing g the mets, wrigley field the sight of tomrorow's n-l-c-s game three.. the team back in chicago today gearing up for jacob de grom and the mets.. worth noting de grom 0-andm2 with an e-r-a over six against the cubbies this year... but that's not what joe maddon and ththcubs are thinking about... ""listen, they beat us, but it's not nearly over with, and we are really good, asur hashtag, #wearegood. i have a lot of fah in our guys. theyeybeat us two games. they pitched extremely well. they did. you've got to give them credit. the command of their pitches, what they did was spectacular. give them credit. but i have a real strong belief system in our gu, and i'm really eager to watch tomorrow night's game." the green bay packers one of five remaining undefeated teams in the n-f-l and headed into the bye week after narrowly defeating the san
9:41 pm
and don't get mike mccarthy wrong--six-and-oh feels good--but it's noenough... "speaks hugely about our players and coaches, and that's what it takes: it takes a good program that's ncsistent and puts you in a position to win each and every week... six-and-oh is a ceain level of succece. i mean it's not where we wanna stop. there's no awards in this league after six games. and were not interested in that, so...." that's a check ofports -- justin has a last check of your forecast when the fox 28
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attempting a 29 yarder which would beat michigan. it's on it's way ananit's good!" good!"can you believe that was 30 years ago tonight??in one of the most memorable moments in hawkeye history, number one iowa defeated number two michigan2-10 on thigame winning field goal.iowa won the big ten that year, earning
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28 news at men so, i'm confused. is edward the e y vampire or the gay werewolf? the vampire.
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