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tv   Fox 28 News at 9  FOX  October 23, 2015 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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forms behind it can't get outv" hear when this new treatment option for stroke patients will makakits debut in the e corridor. corridor. good evening and thank you for joining us.karen fuller is off tonight.i'm scott sanborn.we begin with a night of widespread vandalism in cedar rapids. rapids.police say all of it happened between midnight and three a-m thursday in this area. an estimated 75 people have come forwa, reporting vandalism to ttir vehicles parked on neighborhood streets. while no one was hurt, the financial and emotional toll is large. large.tonight, fox 28 news connects against crime with the dozens affected by all of this.. this..reporter dora miller joins us from the newsroom with their stories, dora? the damaged ranged from chipped side mirrors to & mirrors being matter how bad the damage though -- victims sayaythey want answers. answers. glass -- and questions -- are piling up after 75 reports of
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northwest side of cedar rapids. rapids. "i saw these big chunks down here and i looked up and thought well at least it's still attached."lyndsey's van was hit, but she says it's more than her vehicle that was damaged. damaged. "this van, my grandpa was like my dad, he raised me, my mom, my brother and i all lived with him. he actually left me that when he died." died.""a lot of the other cars just kinda had the mirror like folded to the side or something,g,mine hadadhe whole thing broken off."austin's car also added to the numbers... numbers... "i went to pull in and i just noticed my mirror's dangling there."he was working to fix it up, but he says in a twisted turn of events, he'll have a little more work to do. do. "it just needs a new engine and it's good, now i need a new mirror too."some victims say it'll cost hundreds to fix the damage... one man already paid out 600 dollars for a new mirror. mirror. "600?? oh my gosh. luckily, we don't drive nice that bad." bad." "something this scale, especially, just doesn't happen anymore."
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anyme." "part of f hopeses kids who haven't really gotten there yet to see how that financially yea, it's frustrating but then here we are, we can't be the only ones sentimental attachment to the vehicles that were damaged." police are asking anyone with information or surveillllce video of the area to come forward.dora miller fox 28 news dora thanks.police also right now are looking for the person who opened fire near kirkwood community college. college.shots were reported just ter 11-this morning at the reserve on 66th apartments, formerly the college park apartments. they're just blocks away from campus.kirkwood sent out an - email to students and faculty to alert them of the incident. incident.fortunately, no one was leaders tell fox 28 news this is the 81st report of shots fired in cedar rapids so far this year.that's the exact number cedar rapids had at this time lasyear. we have an update now on an ongoing story out anamosa. anamosa.more employees at the state prison in jones county have now either resigned or been fired.this, after
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smuggling ring that brought cell phones and drugs into the maximum security facility. federal officials charged four former employees earlier this month--and now five others have left or been terminated, but face no charges at this time. turning now to iowa city... appears legal action won't stop a high-rise project from moving forward. 28 news has been following the efforts to block the hauncey tower project for several months.tonight, we can tell you a judge has thrown out a lawsuit filed by trinity episcopal church after city leaders approved plans for the 15-story building.right now, the e church has 30 days to
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before you go justin we want to share a story you've been working on about a very special boy. boy.that's right scott.there is a lot of comomtition and rivalry on football fridays like tonight here in eastern iowa.but school loyalty fell by the wayside when it came to terrible blow.
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blow.tonight, wheverybody is jojoing "team chase" in tonight's person to person. person. meet 11 year old chase aeschliman. a 6th grader who loves music, football, and the iowa hawkeyes. a 66 grader who is recovering from a stroke.take me back to the day when this all started it was monday august 24th. it was chase's first day ofof6th grade he got on the bus. went to school just like any other normal 11 year oldbut a normal first day of school and 6th grade football practice turned into anything butkenny saidid are you ok and he says i'm really not ok. something's not right dad. i just don't feel rightfirst responders came. ambulances came. then at that point they said get the bird in the air. then they t us to west union hospital we waited about 20 minutes. then chase was air lifted to la crosse. and i got to go with. it took about 20 minutes to get to la crosseso then they
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took the ct and they found out that he must have got hit. he had a dissection of f s corrodid artery that threw a clot and went up into the brain what were some of the things you thought of when you get the phone call and when you were on the way to la crosse ya know i don't really remember much just really scared. its kind of like a bad nightmare where you remember just bits and pieces and i just knew we were in good hands and ititas moving quick back and wait to see what they had said. at that time i kept thinking maybe it is just a through thisand then when they threw it on me, i was by myself, that your son has just suffered a stroke. i was like woahsince his acacdent, support for chase and his family. football teams from not only in northeast iowa, but around the state showing their pride for #team chase. his classmates had shirts made and everythng g started going to the team chase page and all these football players.. everyone would make banners and take photos saying we're thinking of f chase and we're praying for him i see chuck long came to visit too. there was a football team here in des moines made you an honorary player. does that feel pretty cool? yeahwhat has meant the most to you guys through all of this?
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definitelylyhe supporta& the support t s been amazing especially through the first four days in the icu. it was really hard for kenny and i to catch even an hour of sleep. so what i would do was just pick up my phone. ya know we through facebook were calling out to us and prpring for us and it just kind of put it at ease for us to know that we're not going through this alone. this weekend there will be a big fundraiser to help with some of the medical bills for chase's recovery.everything begins sunday morning at1 with a luncheon followed by a silent and live auction. there's also a raffle for a $20,000 cacavoucher or $15,0000 cashshonly 400 tickets will be sold. more info is at our website at i'll be there
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well coming up in just a few minutes, other exclusive report on a new stroke treatment right here in the's brand new technology you'll see only on the fox 28 news at nine.
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urbana tonight. tonight.and it's all thanks to a company i featured in our created in the corridor series. series.right now, clickstop is planning to add 100 new positions s its workforce. today they held a groundbreakin g ceremony as part of the six million dollar expansion that will make it happen.owners say the company's culture. "we really want to make a great workplace because it is the foundation of getting good work done, having great people that are doing and working at their st every day. @he fality plays a large role in that. having the kind of space where e ople can be creative and spread out and enjoy their time here." here."the internet retailer now brings in millions of dollars every year, selling productsunder various brands like u-s cargo contro for many, a dollar-15 for a gallon gas sounds like a distant memory. memory.but for some in marion today, it was a dream come true. true.for four hours, the kum
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was selling its e-15 blend for 1-15 a was all part of "fuel up for iowa," a push to get americans to use more ethanol gasoline - which is usually made from iowa corn. right now,w,history is coming alive in cedar rapids... rapids...for more than 25 years, the czechoslovak genealogical society internationaconference has taken place all over the country. is year, cedar rapids is hosting the 4-day event at the mariott on collins road. the event covers everything from traditional clothing seminars, to crafts and music, and even has researchers there to help yy trace your ancestry. the group says the national czech and slovak museum and library was a big plus to coming to cedar rapids. i think part of the reason cedar rapids has been a success, at t lelet we feel it is for this conference, is because of the museum. and it's really a treat to see the museum up and running after what they went through if you missed today,y,here's
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still one more day to get in on all the fun. the event runs through tomorrow. the circus is also in town and today - some of the elephants got into the fall spirit by doing some decorating.the mous elephants from the ringling rbothers and barnum and bailey circus painted some pumpkins!it was all part of a seminar showing off how the circus cares for the animals in the show.the circus has several shows in cedar rapids through sunday. the circus of campaigning
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testimony on ca us monday on fox 28 morning live for many, halloween is their favorite time of the year. year. tt's true for one couple in they used the spookiest time e year to make a aajor announcement.that's monday on fox 28 morning live. race for the republican nomination for presidint could come down to four candidates here in of those candidates made a series of stops in western iowa today. today.and that tops tonight's vote 2016 coverage. coverage.texas senator ted cruz met with voters in sidney and atlantic today.cruz i ione just four candidates--out of more than a dozen-- showing double-digit support in iowa polls.besides front runners ben carson and donald trump, cruz is also#fighting against rising support for fellow senator marco rubibi florida. a few weeks ago, a poll of democrats showed bernie sanders pulling even with frontrunner hillary clinton in iowa.but the latest quinnipiac
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poll out today shows that's no longng the case.. case.but-- sanders didn't fall too far behind.the new numbers show clinton leading the vermont senator 51 to 40 percent.former maryland governor martin o'mall came in last at four percent. we said last because another democrat formally ended his bid for the nomination.former rhode island senator lincoln chafee never garnered much support and that didn't change aftetethe first debate.e.he's the second democrat to drop out of the race, joining former virginia senator jim webb.just two days ago, vice president joe biden announced he would not enter the race. hillary clinton quickly returned to the campaign trail today after her 11-hour day of testimony yesterday.political watchers agree her appearance did little if any damage to her presidential bid. 28 news senior political correspondent scott thuman has more. more. "a lot of things have been said about me, quitter is not one of them.some say you're
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looking at hillary 2.0 a rejuvenated candidate after a challenging few weeks---from her first debate to thursday's grilling on capitol hilla&and most say, escaping without any catastrophes."i also know how stand my ground"her ground feeling a bit more solid mostly, because of joe biden and his announcement he won't run. though clinton touted the administration's work, she vowed,d,he's not carrying yone's torch. "i'm not running for president obama's third term. i'm not running for bill clinton's 3rd term. i'm running for my first term." still standing in the way though, an fbi inquiry into heheemails issues, and of course, bernie sanders still polling well in early states. and while her benghazi testimony may be over, the controversy isn't behind ra&with critics poking holes in her account and saying she could have done more to prevent the deaths of four americans. republicans set up across the street, say
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take ffuture hits."if you t tnk you're gonna coast through with the incredible field of candidates we've got i think hillary clinton's miscalculated" "right now we have, after 8 years of obama people are tired of the obama clinton agenda when we nominate our candidate it's going to be a great candidate" no mention today of the bernie sanders or martin o'malley the only other candidates remaining for docrats now that lincoln chaffee is dropping out.instead, clinton seems hher focused on november 2016, telling this crowd to be ready to vote, 13 months from alexandria, i'm scott thuman fofomore on the week in politics, catch 'iowa in focus' with kevin barry, this sunday morning at 9:30, right here on fox 28. there is a new, more focused solution for treating strokes... strokes...ccing up on the fox 28 news at nine, the new treatment option now available here in the corridor. corridor.but first, it appears
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weeks of hype over a new donut shop in coralville is paying off.wait till you hear the big numbers from hurts donut's
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turning now totoonight's business report... repopo...// closing bell (ringing) // //af buying on wall street, the dow has now entered sitive terroritory for the year, the
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months.for the day, the dow ended up more than 157 points. the nasdar also jumped more than 100 after big earnings in the tech sector.the s-and-p 500 rose nearly 23. leading those surging tech stocks is social media giant facebook, which hit a record high of 102-dollars per share. amazon and google also reached record levels.after releasing windows 10, microsoft's stock rose to levels not seen since before the dot-com bubble burst 15 years ago. taco bell is continuing its offensive into breakfast territoror terrrrory.the compananis launching croissant tacos in parts of the features a croissant taco shell loaded with your choice of sausage, bacon and eggs. taco bell says it will see how the new option sells before decidingngwhether to roll it out nationwide. sticking with the breakfast theme, here's an update on a *local store enjoying a big opening week. week.last night we told you
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locationonn coralville.righgh now, the company says it's struggling to keep up with demand.hurts donut reportedly sold more than a thousand- dozen batches of their custom donuts.and, they say, they're ll on their way of breaking that record later tonight. still to come tonight... tonight...a story you'll only see on fox 28 news...hear from a man who made millions creating simple products but is now giving it all away for a far more complex goal -- curing cancer. cancer.but first, the comlexities of treating a stroke.the new option that will soon be available right here in the corridor -- when the fox 28 news at nine continues.
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technology to help reduce the riskf a stroke will soon be available here in the corridor in a story you wwl see only on fox 28 8 news, reporter steffi lee takes a closer look at the procedure procedurein tongiht's to your health. health. dr phillip horwitz with the university of iowa's heart and vascular center says nearly 3 million americans struggle with an irregular heartbeat that often leads to strokes. his hospital is now the first in ourtate to soon have a non surgical procedure to lower the riri. risk. "it basically has a polyester fabric"in the palm of dr. horwitz's hand - is a tiny device... device..."slows dhe blood flow" that doctors say will reduce the risk o ostroke in adults who have an irregular heartbeat. heartbeat."one of the problems that atrial fibrilation is
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that little clots can form. in the upper chambers of the heart."dr. horwitz says blood thinners often reduce the risk ofofstroke whwh those clots the brain. brain. "however, they require a lot of monitoring, frequent blood draws and they increase particularly if people have active lifestyles or have hazardous occupatons."he says using this watchman device through a non-surgical procedure is a preffered alternative. alternative."as effective as being on blood thinners with a lower bleeding risk."dr. . horwitz says doctors size the device using an ultrasound - and then... then... "inserted on a catheder through the leg - up intot he heart" - upper heart "the whole device e ts scarred in by the bodydy tissues and permanently implanted and lifechanging - "any blood clot that forms behind it can't get out." horwitz says the umbrella shaped device showcases the powerful breakthroughs after partnering technology and healal. health."we've ally had great advances in these non surgical procedures to treat a lot of heart diseases."covering the
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corridor in iowa city, steffi lee, fox 28 news. the cure for cancer is still a long ways awayay on the fox 28 news at nine, an exclusive report on the man trying to get us closer to that cure, one billion dollars at a time. time.and later, it's now or never as the high school football regular season comes to an end.get your first highlights of the night --
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continues. if you think storm damage is the only cost of climatetehange, think again. from the rising price of food to higher insurance rates for homes and businesses, the economic damage will only get worse. but with american-made cleam energy, we can save money on electricity and spur innovation to create new businesses and jobs. it all starts with 50% clean energy by 2030. so, what are we waiting for? dear future, sailed through that diaper stage, learned to walk, and i'm reading like a thirh-grader. but now it's time to go out into the world. and from what i hear, it's not all toys and games out there. will you look out for me, future?
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the marathon house select benghazi hearinga&speaker boehner has announced a new special house investigative papal. thisisne will investigate abortion providers like planned parenthood. parenthood.the organization has been under congressional investigation since videos were released of staff members discussing the sale of fel tissue. the house passed a bill todadathat would strip
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planned parenthood of funding for a year.the new investigative panel is already sparking partisan reaction on capitol hill. "i think women need to know the truth. the amamerican people need to know the truth a a certainly women's health needs to be protected. and if we have an organization that is manipulating a woman who is having an abortion in order that they can get some more money for the aborted fetal baby parts, people need to know about that.""this is just political. it's another benghazi. another waste of taxpayer's money rather than dealing with the issues important to working amilies and the middle ccss in america." 8 republicans, including representative hartzler, have been appointed to the panel. minority leader nancy pelosi has bfen invited to pick 6 democrats to t te part. in addition to voting to de- fund planned parenthood, the house also voted to roll back parts of the affordable care act. it's likely this latest effort will fail to pass the senate and, even if it did, it
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veto.but-- there are still problems with the health care law.most recently, the collapse of several non-profit insurers, like co-opportunity health here in iowa.that's forcrc thousands who signed up for the program to look for costlier options. options.national correspondent kristine frazao takes a closer look at the problem in this exclusive fox 28 news report. report. non-profit co-ops were creaead under the affordabab care act to promote competition and help small businesses get health care insurance are dead or dying off."their business model was basically predicated on the idea that congress would always bail them out. so, they were nevevefiscally respononble."9 of the 23 federally funded co-ops have closed or will do so before the end of the year.too few customerand a weak cash flow doomed them in states like new rk, teessee, oregon a a kentucky, according to the inspector general for health and human services. " this is not the end of obamacare. it's the end of an end run around
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the fight over the public c option.""the health and human services chief watch dog found 22 of the 23 co-ops were not profitable in 2014. if all of them fail, it will impact about a half million people and they will have to shop for new health care coverage in 2016."but compared to the ten million people enrolled in obamacare, len nichols, the director of the center for health policy research and ethics says its a small blip. "it's not t big part of f e marketplace."health insurance expert john graham sees it much differently."as years go by i think we will see the co-ops were a canary in the al mine."grahampredicts for profit well knowowinsurance companies will eventually pull out of the exchanges...dealing a crippling blow to obamacare. "in 2017, 2018, they are going to be starting to feel a lot ofain and i think these exchanges are at sk of having no ininrers participate in them at all."
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the vast majority of illegal
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immigrants enter the u-s because they're looking for a better life. life.but some slipipng through the cracks commit serious crimes that injure, even kill american an exclusive interview you'll only see on 'full measure with sharylattkisson,' iowa senator chuck grgrsley discusses the problem. you've got an administration that thinks more highly of their interest in protecting undocumented workers than there is enforcing the law and, in the process of making that decision, violating their constitutional oath to faithfully execute the laws of this country. don't miss the full report on 'full measure wiwi sharyl attkisson this sunday morning at 9:00, only on fox 28.that's followed by iowa in focus, with kevin barry at 9:30. you've probabiy heard of johns hopkins and the mayo clclinic, but you might not have heard of the huntsman cancer was started by a utah businessman who himself
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is a cancer survivor, that gave nearly his entire fortune away. away.reporter mark kolebeb has s an exclusive report you'll only see on fox 28 news. news. u-s businessman and philantropist...jon huntsman senior has devoted his life to helping others....."no man stand alone"creator of the fast food 'clam shell" and the 'leggs" panyhose egg......turned jon huntsman senior into a billionaire... who gave *almost* all of it find a cure for cancerer"i know w ere are people in my condition and others similiar who can change that and make a difference."a four time cancer survivor himself... jon huntsman and his wife started the huntsman cancer institute 20 years ago in the huntsman cancer institute is the only cancer hospital in the world designed by a cancer patient...."i don't like to see peop suffering. it breaks my y heart when i e people with cancer."honored this month for the carnigie
9:31 pm
medal of philanthropy... jon huntsman has vowed to cure for cancer.......willing tc give the rest of his fortune away totoeat it...the cancer institute is a vital part of curing cancer around the world........"people see that it's the largest genetic cancer research center in the world. and they know cancer is going to be cured only through gegetics and the ststy of this disease.....and why we get it. and how we can terminate it as soon as possible.mark kolebel reporting. if you think the name jon huntsman sounds miliar you're right.jon's eldest son,n, jon junior, served as u-s ambassador to china and later ran for president in 2012. and coming up in sports sportsit was a district title on the line in alburnett -- would the pirates get some help and steal the booty from the bears? bears?plus -- xavier -- perfect on the year --- could the saints stay that way or did marion play spoiler --
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believe it's already the final week of the season in high school football? both west branch and alburnett have clinched a spot in the postseason -- but they've still got a district titltlto play for --- the pirates can steal the booty with a win over the bears and some help while west branch takes it with a win winso a loon the line in alburnettnscore in the first --- wt branch on the move --- luke lenock --- runs right over a pirate -- bears go up 7 nothingalburnett would answer -- dilon caves hits bryce paul -- and he's on the move --- papa weaves his way in and out
9:33 pm
of the west branch defense --- the 64 yard pitch and catch sets up a pirate t-d to tie the game at 7still tied in the 2n-- cooper koenig g with some touch on that floater to john shawver ---30 yards on the connection puts the bears back in front -- they' ... 24-14 bears kennedy already clinched a district cmpionship, a home playoff game, and the best record in school history -- but we all know brian white -- he wants more for his cougars -- kennedy has the opporunity to head to the postseason undefeated undefeatedcougars on the road -- takininon waterloo west -- but the family stick didn't stay in cedar rapidsfirst quarter no score -- tyler dralle doing what he does --- dragging efenders to the goaline --kennedy -- knock on the door -- and guess who --- dralle -- cougars go up 6 nothingwahawks trying to come back --- levi len-e-us -- rolls out but put to much on
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the toss --- matt gardner is there for the pickand that would set up this --- nick deer --- rolls right -- and throws up a jump ball into the endzone --- austin coateses sangs it --- last check of the score 32 to 7 in the fourth staying in 4-a --- washington hosting burlingtonand the warriors were ready --- normaly paul james likes to ground and pound -- not the case in the first quarter --- second pass attempt by t.j. vogel -- and it's a good one -- vogel hits drew dostal in stride --- and he gone --- 93 yards to the house --- wash goes up 7 nothingnext drive -- more vogel through the air --- this time he hits alex herz-og --- and he does the rest -- this one is 53 yards -- warriors l 14 nothing after the first quarterersecond quarter was the ground and pound -- johnny dobbs -- wait for him -- there he is -- he's inor 6 -- washgton cruize
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cedar rapids xavier outlasted iowa city regina last week in a game for the ages -- up next for the saints -- a trip to thomas park field to face a winless marion team -- who's better than their record recordthe indians trying to give tony perkins win number 400 saints up 34 nothing at the half -- here's the opening kickoff of the second half --- clayton mohwinkle fields it --- but it's a fumble -- connor vogl is there for the scoop and score --- xavier up 41 to nothingand they'd add another later in the 3rd --- spencer dempewolf loftftone up to micheal fettkether -- all saints in this one x to x the final. and still to come on fox 28 28anamosa -- playing for perfection -could the raiders complele their regular season unblemished -- after
9:36 pm
is district 3 the state's craziest -- final week of the season theirs a 3 way tie at the top -- with north fayette valley, dyersville beckman, and waukon -- the blazers win it with a win and a waukon loss, but first they have to take care of business at center point urbanafirst quarter -- 4th down fororthe blazers --- sam stelken -- out runs everybody to the corner -- blazers go up 6 nothingsecond quarter now -- blazers on the move again --- but this time the stormin n poioiers come p big -- the sack stops stelken .. last check of the score
9:37 pm
perfect regular season --- hosting raiders already up 21-nothing second quarter... trevor way-ling gets the handoff scoots in for the score... 28-nothing...but cascade hadn't thrown in the towel just yet... kolin schulte's pass tipped and pipied off by john s sple... very next play for the cougars.... john larkin picked off.... by kolin schulte.... and so it is anamosa ball radiers march down into the red zone... and its kolin schulte... again, this time for six... a-town up 35 nothing at that point it's win and you'u' in the postseason for north linn -- the lynx hosting lisbonbig job for the ball boys -- keep the ball dry -- lions on the move first --- jack butteris --- finds a huge hole --- a a runs it down into the redzone --a
9:38 pm
rewared for his efforts --- butteris -- finds the endzone and lisbon was playing some strong d t t -- zach streuber with the sack --- lisbon shuts out north linn 44 zip. in the 8 man game -- don bosco hosting tri countyno score in the first -- the dons on the move -- brandon bagby --- rumbling -- bumbling --- and bulling his way for the first downand that would set up this -- nick mang-rich -- gets to the outstse --- and scampers untouched into the endzone --- 8 nothing don bosco tir-county -- not going away --- austin purdy back to pass -- but damienaw-vel is there for the pick --- and he's housing it --- 29 yards on the pick 6 --- don bosco wins 64 nothing. springville hostincedar valley chrisitanalready 7- nothing orioles first ...
9:39 pm
jacob loehr keeps it himself for the score.... fourteen nothing springville....and the orioles weren't done --- this time it's henry hoogland xxxx --- that' makes it 21 nothing more of the same later in the quarter -- seth blake gets into the action -- .28 nothing ... that's a check of sports -- justin has a last check of your forecast when the fox 28
9:40 pm
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28 news at this time on panther sports talk, we cover the uni football game against western illinois and look ahead to saturday's showdown with number six south dakota state. we spotlig an upper classmen leading the offensive unit and one leading the e fensive unit. we report on the volleyball team's outlook for the rest of the year, and hit the hardwood to preview the women's basketball season and tell
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