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tv   Fox 28 News at 9  FOX  October 31, 2015 10:00pm-10:30pm CDT

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error, literally from daniel murphy. here comes a 1-0. to salvador perez. with the royals leading. 2-0. >> tom: point, joe, har to allow the tying run to score. even get on base in this case, the go ahead run without your best relief pitcher in the game. bullpen by formula yes but it turned on a cold pitcher in n e eighth inning,g, tyyr clippard. >> harold: guys, i still come play. got two outs. got familia with the hitter on the right side. gets you out of the inning. >joe: now familia with two blown saves in the series. this one trickles away and coming down the line washosmer. he was thinking about continuing to the plate asas duda went after it. >> harold: playing catch right now. they need to catch a baseball.
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we watched two pitches to d'arnaud that he didn't handle and then a throw to first duda drops. just ugly baseball for a moment here. >> joe: now 2-0 pitch. from familia.. 2-1. >> harold: it goo back to what you said, joe, early. they just make contact. when you put the ball in play you put the pressure on the defense. and that's how they are winning ballgames. >> joe: here comes the 2-1 pitch to perez. fouled, 2-2. >> harold: i don't think any ssff particularly the mets with all their power and all the strikeouts they racked up including the man on the mound have ever had guys in their
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whole career put the ball in play as much as this team has dde in this series. >> joe: now wade davis is ready for more than an inning here tonight, well rested. here is a 2-2 pitch now to pepeez. that's into right field. that ball is going to get down. another run scores! that's hosmer going to third is moustakas, itgs 5-3. and salvador perezez has his third hit of the night, his first rbi. >> harold: joe the first to thirir again.
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>> tom: another two strike hit. >> harold: i just hope the baseball world has woke up and realized and watched how the kansasasity royals play baseball. they don't live for the homer, if it's there they will take it if not we'll put the ball in play and make you catch the baseball to beat us. >> joe: salvador perez with a big tonight, three out of four. this rbi makes it a two-run game and those who are here representing kansas city, ether it's player or fan they are having all the fun down here in the eighth. still only one out. moustakas took that trip on the
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book is closed on clippard, a third of an inning. two runs, no hits, but two walks. here's gordon. this will be a doubleplply, brilliantly turned to keep a run off the board for kansas city. what a job by murphy who committed that error in the inning. but you had towait and see and it was murphy to tags perez and out of the glove flips for the double play to keep moustakas from scoring by three after seven and a half in game four. you don't look a day over . am i right? jingle jingle. if you're peter papa you stay young forever. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. you make me feel so young... it's what you do. ou make me feel so spring has sprung. who will never settle down i'm never in one place and when i find myself fallin' for some girl
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>> joe: on halloween we welcomeme yy back into the bottom of the eighth inning. we've seen some strange things happen. error by daniel murphy. kansas city royals, what they are doing, what they have done all october, take vantage of mistakes being able to put the ball in play. they come up with a three run eighth inning. and lead by two. and now nedost is going to go to his closer for two full innings here, who is wade davis who has not appeared in game one, i ithe eighth inning. >> tom: rules of engagement change in october. davis with no save beyond three
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outs in the regular season did have a six out save in the alds game number four. wasting no time in getting as you said his rested closer into the game. >> joe: man there, jeurys familia, first pitcher with two blown savess in a worlrlseries since 2008 when ryan madson of philadelphia was guilty of that and he stands to be the winner tonight. orlando takes over for wright. wilmer flores and juan lagares will be the hitters. >> harold: i assume that was a double switch position, the pitcher -- >> tom: familia gets the money when save. cain against clippard. 0-2.
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made him throw six pitches, drew the walk and then the closerer comes in the game. >> joe: here's a 1-0. strike one on flores and that catches salvador perez. october filled with that. >> harold: caught him rigg in the neck? >> joe: he's going to get looked at. up above we show you tonight's telecast sponsored bymaster pass, your shortcut. by taco bell. steal a base, steal a breakfast. and by giek jobs 15inutes can save you 15% or more on car insurance. giving us that shot is our directv blimp providing our
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aerial coverage, now part of the at&t family, call 1-800-directv. see where this caught salvador perez. right into the chest. >> harold: took a ball flight in right? i was in the clubhouse yesterday nd butera the other catcher has another chest protector. he said this doesn't fit you need wear is. he wasn't comfortable with it. he's going stay with his. they are going to get him a body armor suit next y]ar. >> joe: count 1-1 on wilmer flores, 1 for 2. leading it off in the eighth
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inning against wade davis. that's fouled, strike two. >> harold: just watching the body language of the royals they are like a shark in water. that sees blood. all of a sudden they are into the game. you can see it in the sense they know this is our game to grab right no >> joe: trying t go up three games to 1 in thiss world series. here comes the 1-2 pitch. >> tom: they definitely have a unique brand of baseball. today's game, he talked about the ability to make contact. also up tempo baseball. pitchers workrk quick.k. defense covers a lot of ground. we've seen the baserunning, the aggressiveness there. swing the bat early and often. they play the game fast. >> joe: wade davis up by two. not allowed an earned round in his last 14 post-season
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appearances and he's got one occupant as he strikes out flores to start t t eighth. one down and instead of lagares, it will be kelly johnson. so kelly johnson comes off the bench. there is action for the ts out in their bullpen. this is the worst situation fortiee collins,s, not only is familia unable to maintain the lead the error, a big part of it now he doesn't want to with a game tomorrow night spread out famimia where he wouldn't be available, available apparently have to get him out of here. johnson, strike one. >> harold: you're right. that's a great point.
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you have another game you have to play. you got to continue to manage the series. >> joe: daniel murphy with a big error in the top of the inning. one into right. over to get it is orlandojust into the game. two out. and batter will be granders. >> tom: familia goes back out to the mound and tie the game or lead. can't hatch the closer go out there down two. kansas city closer, i don't know how anybody hits the guy. he has three complete wipe out pitches. fastball, the cutter, the curveball. >> joe: only seven pitches thrown for the first two outs.
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>> harold: the other thing joe, they haven't seen daas since gameone. i thought the presfru familia the other day was going to come back and bite him. any time you give hitters a chance to see that closer more than you need to it's an advantage hitter. >> joe: there's a strike. matz was the starter if the bullpen could hang on. the bulen could not. that's a strike on granderson. >> harold: to your point. back-to-back sliders, just devastated, painting on the corners, tough to pick up. >> joe: good swing by
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grave yard smash monster smash snoept catch on in a flash then you can do the monster mash oooh >> joe: this was a party here into the top of the eighth
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inning at citifield, the royals took it to them. three r rns in the top of the eighth with an error by murphy mixed in. and now robles is in thehe game with ni urchuenhouse. first batter isis paulo orlando. >> tom: biggest story mets young guns against this keep kansas city lineup. subtext and mets were concerned about this because the royals put the ball in play the interior defense of the mets.
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took five outs awayy from tying this series. for it to show up. >> harold: it was interesting, discussing this before. ink about it. the mets will have anywhere fromom eight to ten or 12 strikeouts a game. maybe 15 with the bullpen getting hot. so then you got 12 more outs to get but what rals are not strikeouts. >> joe: here's a 2-1. play. that's how the defense comes into play. who is going to make those extxt outs that they would normally get with the pitching. >> joe: murphy with the error in the eighth inning with two-on-one out on a slowly hit ground ball by hosmer.r. and then the royals went to work. moustakas an rbi hit. salvador perez an rbi hit.
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pl and now a 2-2 pitchh to orlando. ball three. >> harold: that just kills you as a defender. last thing -- you're out there saying come on pick me up, please. i know we got the nice double play to end the inning but you want that to happen right away. but it didn't. but once you make that error, nobody feels worse than you on field. >> joe: murphy will bat seconon in the bottom of this ninth inning. innings seven on for kansas city this post-season. hitting .339 and scored 44 runs. that's strikeke three. the royals have scored more runs from the seventh inning on in the post-season than they have from the first through the
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sixth. >> harold: that to mesa tribute how they play. they don't ever quit. they keep coming at you and always think they have a shot. >> tom: t tt's allowing only 11 runs. barely in the batter's box. >> joe: 22 for 8 in his career swinging it. >> harold: he's bean starter in the past. this isn't your traditional bullpen guy that never got the swing. i hear you, tom. i don't want to stand there and swing. stand there and back up out of thbox so you don't get hit. >> joe: one out, nobody on. strike two.
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four hitters, the first three for the mets in the bottom of this ninth inning, wright, murphy then yoenis cespedes.s. taken all the way, two out. >> tom: go sit down and relax. >> harold: a lot of people like the dh go see, see. that's why you need a designated hitter. that's what they are echoing right now. >> tom: gd eye up thee. way to follow instructions. >> joe: strike three called and then just good-bye, i'll go do my rea job next. so with two out nobody on here's escobar.
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seventh pitcherf the nighgh for the mets. >> harold: he just looks nasty to face. he looks like he's going to hit somebody every time he dlivers the ball. >> tom: the mets finally found a royal who will take strikes after getting to the kansas city oser. >> joe: game is a long way from over. mets, as it stands now will need just one base runner to have a chance at the bottom of the inning if robles can keep it a two-run game. >> harold: set up nicely. go wright, murphy, ycenis cespedes u-got the middle in the heart of that der thatat can do damage. you're set up nice with the hitters you want to come up with a chance to tie this or win it.
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get the last three outs. that's behind the plate for d'arnaud and out of his reach. 2-2. they read my mind in the truck tommrow night it's edinson volquez back from the dominican republic after losing his father. the day he took the ball in game one. against matt harvey. here is 2-2 pitch. that's into right center.
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>> joe: what's it going to be here in the bottom of the niptnth inning game four of th sz. nine times since team came back om a deficit. that was the cardinals game six, the last to do it in 2011 against texas. meanwhile, the guy trying to prevent that is wade davis who only one time all year allowed two runs and that was august
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angels of anaheim and now in the david wright. >> tom: their mission get yoenis cespedes to the plate with a runner on base. one hit, a home run. >> joe: the one through six hitters tonigig for the mets have one hit. and that belongs to granderson back in the fifth. rphy 0 for 3. 2 for 16 in the series. yoenis cespedes 0 for 3. duda 0 for 3. d'arnaud 0 for 3. one ball, one strike. edinson volquez gets the ball tomorrow night if the royals win ere tomorrow night it will be on him.
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