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tv   Fox 28 News at 9  FOX  December 23, 2015 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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make iowa a safer place for our women and children."the new program designed to protect those who could be in danger. danger.also tonight, local television like you've never seen it before.we are going to drive the personalization of television."how a corridor company is creating the tech that could change the way you watch t-v. t-v.also tonight, the season of giving, in the form of two very special kids. kids. i'm very proud of them, very proud. see their amazing act of kindness that caught everyone by surprise. surprise.and a beacon of christmas deep in the heart of jones county.we continue our journey through christmas in the corridor with a stop in wyoming. wyoming. but we begin tonight with something you don't often talk about in iowa just before christmas... severe weather. weather.the storms rolled into the corridor at the height of the commute home. all began with ominous clouds, followed by strong
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and rain.a thudnerstorm warning was issued for parts of washington county, but so far no reports of serious damage. the storms might have been responsible for this semi crash on i-380.the semi was knocked over north of boyson road, backing up traffic in both directions while crews cleared the far there's no word on any injuries in this crash. fortuantely, the threat for severe weather for the corridor is over. over.for more on what to expect tonight, we turn to marissa scott in for chief meteorologist terry swails with your weather first forecast, marissa? here's a look outside..doppler radar shows some light rain east of cedar rapids and some light snow showers mainly in our
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evening.we'll see cloudy skies through the remainder of the night with some gradual clearing. some gradual clearing. reduced visibilities in northeast iowa but for the most part we are seeing improvements on the roads. however some roads are still wet and slick, in fact some icy roads are in central iowa where we saw snow earlier this evening. tomorrow evening.earlier this evening.tomorrow another weak system will bring us more system will bring us more clouds and a chance for some snow showers as well.
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marissa was just strong winds and rain that the corridor had to contend with. with.but the quad cities was running for cover after a tornado was spotted. spotted.remember, this is december 23rd.the tornado was spotted by drue curry just southeast of davenport in western illinois.debris was spotted in the air by storm chasers but so far no reports of major damage or injuries. the storms were far worse to our south where a large tornado touched down in mississippi.first responders confirm a number of homes were destroyed by this least four people are dead and
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storm ripped across hundreds of and rescue teams are now fanning out in the dark to make sure everyone is accounted for. domestic violence and human trafficking know no seasonal can happen anytime. anytime.that's why the secretary of state has implemented a new program to protect victims and help them feel safer at home. 28 news reporter dora miller joins us with more on a program that'll start next year. the safe at home program allows survivors to use a substitute address -- instead of their real one.this not only protects the victim, but the state can keep up with those who might need help. as the holidays approach, different emotions set in... advocates at waypoint say it's not always happiness. happiness. "a lot of times the holiday season is happy time with a lot of happy memories and family time and for some people it's not that way, it actually can be a sad and lonely time."for those who are living with violence, stalking
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happiness, safety is priority. priority."after someone leaves a violent situation and is living in a safe place, to continue that feeling safe and having a safe place to be and not having their address be known is really important."so safe at home -- a program by the secretary of state -- allows survivors to continue living in peace. "when you fill out applications and that sort of thing that require you to put down a mailing address, this address can be put there in place of your actual mailing address." address." "we have a major issue in the state of iowa and it is going to get increasingly worse."cedar rapids gives also partners with law enforcement and the government to help those in need -- specifically victims of trafficking "we are working collectively, aggressively and effectively to make iowa a safer place for our women and children." children." "just because the violence ends and they're now at a safe place, what maybe might happen again is if that address gets out to the person that was perpetrating violence on them before and then it starts all over again."so the hope is that education -- and
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safe at home. the program starts on january first...but applications are being taken now.the secretary of state's office predicts they'll see about 500 applications in the first two years.dora miller, fox 28 news. dora cedar rapids today. today.rescue crews pulled four people from prairie creek after an off-roading crash. crash.crews were called to the sand bar today and found an amphibious a-t-v had flipped over.rescuers used inflatable boats to reach the four stranded people.witnesses tell fox 28 news that every remained calm until crews could pull them to safety. "deploying a response to a river like this or a creek is difficult because there are no boat ramps, we're not exactly sure where it's at. so in a situation like that, people that are involved in these incidents have to protect themselves until we're able to get there." there."no one was hurt in the officials say water levles in the creek are
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current, so they have to leave the a-t-v in the creek until it's safe to retrieve it. turning now to fayette county... county...a crash where two highways cross sent one person to the hospital. happened just after 10-this morning at the intersection of highways 150 and 93 in fayette.the fayette county sheriff's office says 73-year-old roger litterer did not stop at the intersection and was hit by an oncoming car. car.the driver of that other car, 53-year-old kathryn moser was taken to palmer lutheran health center in west union for treatment of minor injuries.litterer was not hurt in the crash but tonight is charged with failure to yield. now a consumer alert tonight on a big batch of meat sold in northeast iowa. iowa.the iowa department of agriculture announced the recall affecting more than 200- pounds of beef sticks with cheese. cheese.the sticks were sold by the edgewood locker in edgewood and greenwood grocery in farleythere is concern the meat sticks could be
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listeria.this affects beef sticks with cheese packaged on december 15th and they have lot number 348 printed on them so far, no reported cases of illness have been connected to the beef sticks. our community has been working hard through the holidays to make sure every child has presents under the tree this christmas. but another group that needs some love, is getting some holiday help as well. fox 28 news reporter joy howe explains. when athena and joel sheets came into last hope animal rescue...((nat pop))they said they saw a puppy on the rescue's facebook page they wanted to help - and pulled out their own money. ns: the volunteers here couldn't believe it, the chstmas gift, that would make any animal-lover, pause. girl athena - we have our own dog, and if he got sick like this, i bet anybody would donate money for him. so we thought we should do this for him, too."
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so other people can have a great christmas, and have a dog in their life mom 21.39.35 i'm very proud of them, very proud. the puppy is obi-wan - appropriately named, along with his brothers luke skywalker, and han solo, rescued from texas. these two, are doing just fine. obi-wan we're hoping that the force will be with obi wan i guess! is still fighitng. we will take cases that cost thousands of dollars and we know that money will never get recouped, but it's all for the animals and the animals life. so whatever we can do, we're going to do it." from all over the world come here- like barclay, from egpyt, when he was covered in third-degree burns, after someone threw acid on, he's on his way to having a new family by the new yearit's just an amazing organizationat one point, last hope feared after christmas, they'd have to shut down here and move. but people in the community got wind, and stepped up to donate. jeanne butz from our animals, and our family, we're big animal lovers not just
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wouldn't love this for christmas? told us, it's because they see it. i really appreciate everything that last hope does the love for animals here, goes beyond the scars. it doesn't discriminate what you look like - or even, how old you are. this christmas, last hope, has an everlasting message - give some love, and watch it come back around. covering the corridor in cedar rapids, joy howe, fox 28 news at 9. last hope did get the money they need for the down payment to *stay in their building, but they need the money to pay it off to stay there permanently. you can stop by and help, or donate on their website, which we'll link you to, from ours. the cedar rapids animal control is also making it easy for you to adopt pets.managers there tell cbs 2 news, they have dozens of cats and dogs in need of a forever week it will cost 25-dollars to adopt a spayed or neutered cat, 50-dollars for a dog.the
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you're probably watching this local newscast from home. how convenient would it be to take this live broadcast with you -- even watch it anytime you want? that goes for your favorite network programming as well. the technology is now available thanks to a company created in the corridor. "my vision for this company is that we are going to drive the personalization of television."jack perry founded syncbak in 2009 because he saw the landscape of television changing. changing. "we were starting to carry smartphones and tablets and using our computers more and it was clear that somehow broadcast television had to make its way onto those devices."it's not been easy, but through six years of collaboration with studio heads, station owners and the networks, syncbak has patented technology that replicates broadcast tv over the internet. "simplesync embeds in a tv station, grabs the live broadcast, puts it to the
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viewer, on their smartphone or tablet, says hey, i want to watch kgan channel 2 now, they simply have to click a button and all the magic behind the scenes, you don't really see that as a viewer, you just see the picture."the behind the scenes magic starts with syncbak's thin blue server called a syncbox that tv stations simply plug into. "we've literally done installs where we've gone to a facility and our engineer has handed them the syncbox and 15 minutes later we've told their ceo to power up the app on the cellphone and they're watching their own stream live." hundreds of stations now have the syncbox which is manufactured by crystal group, another company created in the corridor. and cbs 2, building on its legacy as the first tv station on the air in this market, is now the first cedar rapids broadcaster to stream all of its programming through cbs all access. "the most successful to date is the cbs all access product
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gives a viewer 24/7 access to the live programming in this market and 140 other markets across the u.s."the technogogy recognizes when you're in a different tv market and automatically delivers the broadcasts specific to that market. you can get cbs all access on a roku, apple tv, playstation, basically any device. "you're going to migrate to the best screen available at the moment and that's typically the largest one. so our technology does something very, very special in that it gets the smartphone and gets it ready for a device as large as a hundred inch television." perry credits his extraordinary team of thirty employees for the success of syncbak, whose investors include cbs, the national association of broadcasters and the consumer electronics association. we have subscription information for cbs all access on our website. still to come on the fox 28
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nine...we take you to the christmas city right here in the corridor.the massive display one tiny town puts on every holiday.
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celebrating christmas eve tomorrw on fox 28 morning live.hypnotist doug t joins us for all the fun. - the laid back band will be here to play some holiday tunes.all that tomorrow on fox 28 morning live. all through december we've been showing you the best
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lights in eastern iowa. iowa.tonight, fox 28 news reporter - matt hammill travels to a town where the decorations have people taking a second lap. tonight's christmas in the corridor takes us to wyoming, in jones county. county. " varooooom "as you drive east through the darkness on highway 64 - it is the moment - - you are never expecting" click "" hallelujah - hallelujah "let there be lights - - thousands and thousands in a colorful canopy of christmas - thats sparkled in wyoming iowa - for nearly ninty** years." well it's all done by elves - yes, it's done now by the lions club .. but the elves used to do it. " jim eichhorn - is the only elf remaining - taking the trip downtown - every night - for 35 holiday seasons - to turn on the is a labor of love for everyone - - as the big - bright 25 -
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head.for some - a destination - to reflect on childhood memories - and for random passersby - a surprising oasis - glowing in the dark." it's kind of like tonight the traffic slowed down considerable just usually they're whipping right through here and they drop into that tunnel off the hill and you see them slow right down all of a sudden .. whoaaa. " " varoom. "the rolling hills through town - make the lighted illusion - even more grand.a simple - yet glorious - celebration of the season." i think it's all ive ever known is wyoming being christmas city " nikki rushford says as she looks out at the lights - every night - she remembers growing up herethe excitement - - the pride - - the wonder of looking out the windows of the car - - in amazementat her town all aglow -- just like now." it still stuns me this year when the kids and i came into town at night and we were coming down the hill how gorgeous the
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exciting to share that with my kids. "a christmas city - filled with elves - who work hard to make it happen - - and cherish the gift they can share with everyone." you see kids get excited about it .. you see people whove never seen them before get excited about it .. it's bare when you don't have it .. this spoils you this time of year when you have the lights on. " " varoom "celebrating christmas in the corridor in wyoming iowa - i'm matt hammill. hammill. you still have time to catch the christmas lights of wyoming.the city plans to leave them up until the new
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praised as one of america's best mayors who governed as a pragmatist. bernie sanders passed more amendments in a republican congress than any other member. cracked the gridlock with john mccain to strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders. a consistent, principled, and effective leader. building a future to believe in.
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an impressive december storm moved through the hawkeye state and across the central u- s today bringing us rain, gusty winds, lightning and thunder today. we even saw some snow in our northern counties.our forecast summary shows temps bottoming out in the 30s and highs staying in
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radar shows some light rain and snow showers in eastern iowa. some roads are wet, slick, icy and snow covered so be careful on the roads.reports of little to no accumulation of snow plus rain
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30-50 mph.predictor shows partly to mostly cloudy skies with snow showers tomorrow.tonight our lows will
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our highs tomorrow will warm into the 30s with mixed sunshine and snow showers.and snow showers.our seven day shows more rain and snow through the weekend with temperatures still above normal.
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still to come on the fox 28 news at nine.. nine..the services available to those who struggle with the happy part of the holiday season. season.and later, an update on the f-b-i's efforts to weed out terror threats here at home -- when the fox 28 news
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announcer: one candidate tough enough to take on the bully... jeb bush: donald, you're not going to be able to insult your way to the presidency. that's not going to happen. (applause) announcer: one candidate tough enough to take on isis. jeb will destroy isis... and keep america safe. jeb bush: the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. announcer: tested and proven leadership matters. jeb bush.
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the holidays are known in song and celebration as the most wonderful time of the year. year.but that is not the case for 28 news reporter mellaney moore has tonight's to your health report. report. the holidays aren't easy...for everybody.pamela benschop, iowa city10:46:59 ....yeah... pamela benschop will have an empty seat at her family table this christmas.10:46:01 i lost my dad this year, in september... a week before his birthday.benschop comes to the crisis center food bank a couple times a month.natthe crisis center just finished project holiday...nat (short) giving 1600 families what they need for a holiday meal. michael lawler, emergency assistance coordinator10:24:13 we see some people who are kind of having to balance the decision we pay all the bills this month or do we have as close as we can do
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pick upwhile the number of crisis line calls stay consistent, the call lengths increase this time of year. beau pinkham, crisis intervention coordinator 10:16:09 christmas and the other holidays are supposed to be, generally a happy time and people are just told, you know why, just don't talk about it for right now we're trying to focus on happy things.pinkham encourages people to use crisis center services if they need to.10:17:41 take some time for yourself and just remember those self care strategies that you had before and know that you don't have to spend every waking moment with your family or friends if it is not making you happy. pinkham says some common feelings this time of year can be isolation, guilt, anxiety and grief.10:47:31 i wish i could be having my christmas dinner with him, i really do. if you would like to get in touch with the crisis center to talk or make a donation, we have information on how to do that on our website fox 28 iowa dot com.covering the corridor in iowa city, mellaney moore, fox 28 news. this time of year *can be the most stressful part - but there are ways you can make your holiday less frenetic. frenetic.the mayo clinic advises to be realistic about your holidays - not everything
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say to plan ahead - make sure you write out menus and shopping lists so you don't forget anything at the last minute.also, take time for yourself. unplug from technology.even 15 minutes doing something that calms you can go a long way. next on the fox 28 news at nine. nine.tornadoes, thunderstorm and now snow in parts of iowa. we'll tell you what to expect tomorrow after a wild weather day. day.and the rollercoaster ride that is the u-n-i men's basketball season shows no signs of stopping.highlights from hawaii -- when the fox 28
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snow to our west, tornadoes to our east and thunderstorms light up the sky here in the corridor.all in all, not the
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to see heading into the christmas holiday. fortunately things have begun to calm across eastern iowa tonight. tonight.but how does the rest of the week look as you begin your holiday travels?marissa scott is in tonight for chief meteorologist terry swails. swails. an impressive december storm moved through the hawkeye state and across the central u- s today bringing us rain, gusty winds, lightning and thunder today. we even saw some snow in our northern counties.our forecast summary shows temps bottoming out in the 30s and highs staying in the 30s tomorrow. doppler radar shows some light rain and snow showers in eastern iowa. some roads are wet,
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be careful on covered so be careful on the roads. reports of little to no accumulation of snow plus rain across eastern iowa.winds are gusty from the west and some top wind gusts have come in from around 30-50 mph. predictor shows partly to
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showers tomorrow.tonight our lows will bottom out in the 20s and 30sour highs tomorrow will warm into the 30s with mixed sunshine and snow showers.and snow showers.our
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more rain and snow through the weekend with temperatures still above normal. normal. marissa to the war on terror and the focus on finding radicals here in the homeland. homeland.the f-b-i has come under renewed pressure after the terror attack in san 28 news national correspondent jeff barnd shows you what the federal agency has been up to. to. 8 days after the terrorist attack in san bernardino california, across the country in minneapolis, minnesota, fbi agents took abdirizak mohamed warsame into custody on charges related to terrorism. was it a knee jerk reaction to tamp american's growing fears of another
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"if there's pressure now to have arrests to see isis slowdown in this country, i think that is a good thing." "warsame has no known connection to the san bernardino massacre, but he was the first of a handful of suspected isis sympathizers the fbi arrested in the weeks following the attack." "post san bernardino, it's been a wakeup call to intensify all measures that can be done to thwart these attacks."fbi agents have now picked up suspects in places like edgewood, maryland, and harrisburg, pennsylvania.and if one looks back to november, there have been six arrests in all over the past six weeks. counter terrorism expert katharine gorka says law enforcment, on average, makes about 3 and a half terrorist related arrests each month -- so there has been an uptick. "you don't want to be too alarmist, you don't want to get people all nervous about the threat, but at the same time, if you don't present a realistic picture of the threat, one of the outcomes is local police will
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obama noted media saturation of terror threats in a recent national public radio interview "if you have been watching television for the last month, all you have been seeing, all you have been hearing about, is these guys with masks or black flags who are potentially coming to get ya."and depending on your view -- america is either panicking or downplaying the threat "i don't think they understand the seriousness of the threat." "efforts need to be made to tamp down what is now become a panic within the united states."i'm jeff barnd reporting turning now to tonight's vote 2016 coverage. coverage.a new poll finds little for the republican or democratic front runners to worry about. about.donald trump and hillary clinton appear to be holding onto their sizeable leads across the country. country.the new cnn/o-r-c poll finds clinton earning more support from democrats after last weekend's debate.clinton
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lead over her closest rival, vermont senator bernie sanders. clinton also leads in the latest polls here in iowa, but sanders is still in front in the first primary state of new hampshire. on the republican side, the same poll found donald trump holding a 21-point lead over texas senator ted cruz.but that's the national poll.cruz has pulled ahead of trump in iowa according to some polls. florida senator marco rubio and doctor ben carson have slipped from the top tier, earning just 10-percent each. kentucky senator rand paul has been unable to break into double digit support.but he tried a new tactic today on twitter.senator paul aired his grievences about his fellow's all part of festivus, a fictional holiday tied to the hit sitcom 'seinfeld.' and coming up in sports... early wakeup call for panther basketball fans -- how u-n-i fared late last
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the iowa hawkeyes head to pasadena tomorrow -- how c.j. beathard and company plan to attack a tough stanford "d" next in sports on average, it takes three hundred americans working for a solid year, to make as much money as one top ceo. it's called the wage gap. and the republicans will make it worse by lowering taxes for those at the top and letting corporations write their own rules. hillary clinton will work to close the wage gap. equal pay for women to raise incomes for families, a higher minimum wage, lower taxes for the middle class.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. announcer: one candidate tough enough to take on the bully... jeb bush: donald, you're not going to be able to insult your way to the presidency. that's not going to happen. (applause) announcer: one candidate tough enough to take on isis.
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jeb bush: the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. announcer: tested and proven leadership matters. jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. whether it whether it will require a couple extra cups of coffee or forgoing late night talk shows -- being a dedicated u-n-i men's basketball fan takes on a whole new definition this week -- and last night's 12:30 a.m. --central time -- tip-off.. the start to the panthers' run in the hawaii diamond classic. classic.taking on the host team first, coach jake sporting the shortsleeve polo
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first quarter, jeremy morgan with the steal, the cross court hustle, and the muscle to bring it down for the panthers first points of the game -- would be 34-25 hawaii at the half...and the rainbow warriors rolling to start the second half, aaron valez as the crowd goes wild... it's no monmouth bench celebration but solid salute from hawaii...the panthers kept it close.. matt bohannon beyond the arc to make it a six point game -- and become the u-n-i all time leader in three's --but it wouldn't be enough... isaac fleming with the steal and more -- chaos ensues -- the hometown rainbow warriors defeat the panthers 68-52.... as the panthers -- just days removed from upsetting then number five iowa state -- move to 7-and-4 on the year. jeremy morgan paced the panthers, who play washington state tonight a bit earlier -- at 10:30 p.m. central time... back in the hawkeye state, the iowa men's basketball team made it two straight with an
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last night-- and finished non- conference play with a 9-and-3 mark... their big ten opener next tuesday when they host number one michigan state ... and judging by last night's performance.. coach fran mccaffery says they're ready "i think we're in a pretty good place. you always look at, could we run our offense a little more efficiently, can our defense get more consecutive stops?... we're taking care of the ball i think our shot selection is good, our mall movement's good, we got a lot of different guys producing.... ultimately, i feel pretty good." the iowa women's basketball team also finished the non- conference portion of their schedule on a high note last night with a win over in-state rival drake ... their record sits at 10-and-2 which is where lisa bluder and the hawks say they wanted to be -- and with such a young team are excited for what's to come... "i'm in the moments of the non- conference highlight right now. just being with these guys and seeing us come back
9:42 pm
at iowa state and we had a good lead. and then coming together and bouncing back and playing two good games --and getting better... the highlight of looking ahead to the future -- you know we're so young. we are so young -- and the future looks so bright for our program so that's exciting one game currently going on in college basketball -- the post-bo ryan era has begun in madison -- the badgers looking for their first win against an in-state division one program this year... still to come... come...he won the midlands last year as an unattached wrestler, and now he's looking to bring home another crown for the hawks. what's on senior nate burak's mind before heading to evanston,
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praised as one of america's best mayors who governed as a pragmatist. bernie sanders passed more amendments in a republican congress than any other member. cracked the gridlock with john mccain to strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders. a consistent, principled, and effective leader. building a future to believe in.
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over the next eight days leading up to the hawkeye's first rose bowl in twenty-five years, much of the focus will be on stanford's christian mccaffrey -- he of the more than 3,000 all-purpose yards this year... but he's not the only one on the hawks' radar... much of the talk and preparation in iowa city has also surrounded stanford's stalwart defense -- many hawks say they play more like a physical, big ten oufit than a pac-twelve team... even if they're young... and they might just be the hawks' toughest task yet. "they have eight or nine linebackers on their roster, and you don't really see that a lot from teams... it'll be a different test for us... i
9:45 pm
wisconsin, and wisconsin had two of the best outside linebackers we've ever played." played."" they got really good corners -- fast corners... i mean they won the pac-12 championship so that's definitely a good team we're playing against and it's gonna be exciting for us just when you think he's done racking up the honors... another one rolls in. iowa state freshman phenomn mike warren named to the all freshman team by athlon sports today. warren led all f-b-s freshmen in rushing this season with over 1,300 yards... speaking of the cyclones, new head coach matt campbell has officially added yet another pair of former toledo comrades to his staff. eli rasheed will serve in the same capacity as defensive line coach for i-s-u; rudy wade will be the team's director of strength and conditioning. the only openings remaining on campbell's newly minted staff are a quarterbacks coach and defensive coordinator -- that could change now that toledo's season wrapped up with a bowl
9:46 pm
boise state and northern illinois in the (breath) san diego county credit union poinsettia bowl game...third play of the game... that man , jeremy mcnicholas, running and scoring ... the sophomore playing in his own backyard of southern california gets boise state on the board... and this one ruff for the bright spot -- second quarter, broncos up 24-zip... ar-ger-us turner... third in the country in kick returns and about to pad some yards onto that bottom line -- and more. ninety five yards to the house to get northern illinois on the board...but brett rippon seemed to have an answer to everything this afternoon -- closing minutes of the first half he finds chaz anderson for one of his three touchdowns on the day-- he's your offensive m-v-p of the game as boise state wins it 55-7.... tonight's other bowl game currently on-going -- and a bit more entertaining -- matt campbell's old rival bowling green taking on georgia
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with a perfect record and a number two national ranking... "domination" has come with the territory for the iowa wrestling team. but that's what senior nate burak says he needs to do to bring home a second midlands championship title next week. week.the 197- pound all american wrestled unattached for the last three years in evanston, but will wrestle for the hawks in this year's installment... he's ranked fourth in the nation this season... and looking forward to not having to drive himself to the arena this time next week... "i mean maybe a little bit more realaxed just 'caause i don't have to drive myself up there and kinda drive myself back and forth from the hotel... you just kinda adapt to what you get with in terms of a new situation whether you go from grapple on the gridiron or different environment you just always have to adapt a little bit....when you win it, you wanna keep winning it. and just keep getting better and better. that's what i wanted last year when i won it and just dominate it more this year."
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