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tv   Fox 28 News at 9  FOX  December 28, 2015 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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to wait to smell the all this snow and ice is complicating travel plans for a swarm heading to pasadena. pasadena. good evening and thanks for joining ususon this special edition of fox 28 news at nine. nine.snow, sleet and freezing rain have been hitting eastern iowa for several hours now.and we could have several more hours to go before i is all over. over.our team of reporters and meteorologists have been tracking this storm all day. day.and have team coverage for you tonight.we begin with chief meteorologist terry swails who has had the didiicult taskskf nailing down
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terry thanks, snow is bad enough, but sleet and freezing rain has produced a lot of problems for area drivers. drivers.our road warrior has been out tracki the conditions since e ely this morning.
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scott zimdar joins us now and scott how do things look tonight? tonight? scott thanks.if you need another reminder of just how dangerous it can be out there... there...the e nneshiek county sheriff's office provided us with this visual with this provided us office sheriff's county the winneshiek there... there...can be out dangerous it just how reminder of
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scott thanks. if you need another reminder of just how dangerous it can be out there... there...the winneshiek county sheriff's office provided us with this visual reminder. reminder.the department released dash cam video showing drivers spinning out along highway 150 near the n-i- c-c dairy'll notice when it's icy, even large vehicles with better tractiti ararno match for the enforcement all across the state are urging everyone to take it easy if you absolutely must venture out tonight. whether you wanted to or not... some people had to leave the house and brave e e weather.. weather..for most of us, that means first shoveling the driveway.but even if you're careful - this chore can turv dangerous. 28 news reporter dora miller joins us live in
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the pros on how to stay safe out there. there are a few things that you can do to reduce your risk of ending up at the e-r... doctors say it comes down to common sense. sense. it's the first thininon your list of chores... chores...even though it's the last thing you want to do. do.but going about it safely can make all the difference. difference. "when people go out, especially in this weather, where we have some ice and now some rain and snow coming, that th really need to be careful."doctors say injuries during this time are common...but you don't have to be a statistic. "the comomn thing that we'll see is when people go out to shovel, they'll shovel snow off the top and fall on the ice." ice." "we've even had people who have been blown over by the wind, getting their mail and haha had fractures from that."one way to keep from sitting here instead of on your couch --gear up for the elements. "right now the snow is realal heavy, so yoyoneed to be
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shoveling, you need to be well dressed for the environment." environment." "when you get wet, which on a day like today can be an issue, that can increase the likelihood of you getting frfrostbite."and since the snow's not going anywhere...take your time out there. there."it's easy to say 'well i want to get all of this done' and basically you end up giving yourself a stress test, which mymyrecommendation w wld that you do that in your doctor's office and not in your driveway." one unusual thing we should mention -- when there's a wind chill, you may want to consid protecting your eyes as well.covering the corridor in cedar rapids, dora miller fox 28 news dora now you've noticed we're running closing information on the bottom of the can also find a complete list onur bsite, fox 28 iowa dot com. can also stay up to date on the latest weather information by downloaded our weather app on your apple or android device.just look for cbs 2 w-x in the app store on your favorite device. the storm hitting eastern iowa
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also produced more than two dozen tornados to our south. south.and that outbreak of severe weather is responsible for more than 40-deaths. 40-deaths.the hardest hit areas include the suburbs of dallas.there, a swarm of tornados struck over the weekend.other tornadoes struck communities in alabama and mississippi. while some are picking up the pieces from disasterous storms, others are just trying to get from point-a to point-b. point-b.and that's difficult with more than three-thousand flights cancelled by this massive's also baba news for hawkeye fans trying to get to pasadena. pasadena.among them, fox 28 news anchor kevin barry, who tells us how his day of travel didn't go as expected. expected. today started in the cedar rapids airport, we were trying to catch a flight to chicago and then connect to l-a we were gonna be there before lunch.that flight quickly got canceled before five oclock so i ended up in the minneapolis airport which is whehe i still am right now, we're waiting to catch a flight to los angeles the thing is this is not uncommon for hawkeye fans
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bowl this year.a lot of flights were nceled yesterday towards s e end of the day and then throughout the day today as you know as conditions got worse throughout eastern iowa.the only good news for hawkeye fans is iowa doesn't kick off in the rose bowl for another few days still so good luck getting totopasadena if you're on your minneapolis on the way to pasadena, kevin barry fox 28 news. kevin thanks.fortunately, the rest of our team took an earlier flight to california. california.they arrived yesterday where the hawkeyes are not only preparing to play in the rose bowl, but soaking in all the perks that come with it. 28 sports anchor zach hanley joins us now live from pasadena where the team is enjoy some good food, right zach? scott and karen, the view behind me is breath taking... the view last night at lawry's prime rib, not so much for the beef bowl bowlit was the 60th anniversary of the beef bowl.. and it's what it sounds like... teams participating against each other on the
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table in a aeat off --- scarfing down prime rib, mash potatoes and gravy, corn and apple pie... the exact about the hawkeyes eat is unknown, but the food was dedenitely od. it was delicious i love a good steak or prime rib so it was perfect for me." me."i think cj ate the most because travis was getting a big plate and it was gigantic and the way cj face look when he sat down was funny." funny."and coming up in sports we will have more on iowa's matchup on the field against stanford... live in pasadena, zh fox 28 sports. zach 28 news will have complete coverage of the big sure to tune in all this week for special reports from zach hanley and kevin barry, once kevin makes it to pasadena of course.and don't miss our 30-minute special which will air new year's eve at 6:30 on our sister station, cbs 2.and new
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here on fox 28. stl to come on the fox 28 newst nine. nine.some good news in the war on terror as forces re-take a key iraqi town.more on the victory and the uphill battle experts say e u-s still faces in protecting the homeland. homeland.and we'll continue to check in on e latest road conditions across eastern iowa. this is a live picture from the fox 28 road waror out tonight.terry has an update on tonight's winter storm when
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there were be sure to join us tomorrow at 7 on fox 28 morningive.we continue our look back t the
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some of the biggest headlines from the entertainment world over the past 12 months.that's tomorrow o there were some major developments in the war on terror over the holiday weekend in iraq. iraq.there, military leaders made an important announcement in their fight against isis. isis.."today i inform you of the victory of your people in the armed forces." forces."that victory included the liberation of the city of ramadi.iraqiqiorces, with assistance from the u-s, re-took the city from the terror group.ramadi sits on a road leading directly to the isis capital in, liberate mosul. back here at home, the sentiment that america is winning the war on terror is not shared by much of the public. public.that's what one new poll recently found. found.take a look at these mbers.40-percrct say terrorists are winning the war.
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only 18-percent think the u-s is winningas for the hreat of terror here at home. home.51-percent the u-s govevement can protect them from an attack.five years ago, that number was at 65-percent. percent.while fears of a violent attack like in san bernardino remain a concern, expertrtsay the growing *cyber war is where the u-s is most vulnerable. vulnerable.national correspondent jeff barnd tells us why whyin a story you'll see only on fox 28. 28. from thehewhite housea&to thth pentagona&to congressa&all have sounded the warning on the need to sure up the government's cyber networks against terror attack.b it's a huge vulnerability, and there needto be a priority p pced on the federal government to get people in position to provide the protection to our infrastructure."the government's so-called red teams - who test the government networks for vulnerabilities - are supposed to do just that.but according a report from federal lawmakersa&just 50 team members stand between
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military cyber systems.the most laring reason for the lack of experts?"if you'u' highly talented and you can go make large sums of money in silicon valley or for a private tech security firm, going to work for the federal government, probably at lower pay is not going to be as attractivea&"other experts point to often-discussed skills gapa&"we are, as a nation, behind in our education of experts in the cyber field." then there are the bureaucratic setbacksa& "you see bureaucrats thinking at the speed of f eir undedetanding which is way outdated."experts say one of the biggest examples of this outdated thinking was the cyber attack on the office of personnel management last july. that ttack left the sensitive information of more than 20 million federal employees and their families exposed.d."we hadadpeople who were, frankly, stupid, at the top who didn't recognize the cyber space changing on the
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that level has resulted in hugegeata compromises."better pay and better education programs could bring in the top talent to stem those compromisesa&but above alla& experts say there has to be a change i ithe way the government approaches cyber securitya&"if you recognize what you've been doing in the past is failing, then you ought to do something new." i'm jeff barnd reporting. a bibirtisan grgrp of lawmakers sent a letter to defense secretary ash carter earlier this montha&in that letter, the lawmakers call on the department to offer more compensation and better training to recruit and rerein
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praised asasne of america's best mayors o governed as a pragagtist. bernie sanders passed more amendments in a republican congress than any other member. cracked the gridlock with john mccain to strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders. a consistent, principled, and effective leader. building a future to believe in.
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still to come on the fox 28 news at nine. nine.a number of promising new developments in the fight against cancer.we'll tell you about the discoveries and new procedures now being used. used.and we continue to nitor road conditions across the e rridor.another report from the road warrior -- when
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for the first time in more than 30 years, a growing number of kids have been diagnosed with asthma. asthma.but nowowt appears that trend is changing. changing.and it tops tonight's to your health report. numbers show the nation's childhood asthmrate dropped from nine-point-seven percent in 2009 to eight- point-three percent in 2013. there was no official reason given for the drop, but experts say improved environmental conditions might be a contributor.although ggd nene, the s sdy found asthma
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children living in poverty. there are not many treatment options for people who have mesothelioma,a rare and deadly y form of cancer ccsed by exposure to doctors at the mayo clinic are trying something new. new.they're freezing the tumor before taking it works by spraying liquid nitrogen to freeze the tumor weeks before removal.the goal is to trigger the patient's immune system to fight any remaining cancer cells. this is the early explorative stste where we're e st looking at what is this doing to the body, how is it stimulating the immune response. response.doctors say the procudure might also preserve the lung, leading to a faster recovery. also on the cancer front, doctors have found a new gene that could lead to new treatments.the gene, called norad, is responsible for maintaining the proper amount of chromosomes in cells.when the gene is inactive, researchers found that chromosomes can become unstable.that's a key
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many of us reach for a diet soda thinking we're helping to watch our weight.but t w research shows we might not be saving as many calories as we hope. hope.a study in the journal of the academy of nutrition and dietetics found that peoe who drank diet drinks ended up eating more calories.after tracking 22-thousand adults, they found those using diet soda consumed higher levels of fat and sugar in its place. doctors say it's important to fofos on everything g you take in, not just food or liquids, when trying to stay healthy. still to come on the fox 28 news at nine.'s been snowing all day and tonight, it's still snowing in some areas.we'll take you live to the roads of eastern iowa for an update on area conditions - when the fox
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looking live at the roads of dar rapids where the snow and sleet have been falling for more than 12-hours now. we'll have an update on area road conditions in just a moment. but first we turn it over to chief meteorologist terry swails.
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terry thanks.this storm severely impacted the morning and evening commutes today. how do things look out there right now? now?for the answer w wturn to fox 28 photojournalist scott zimdar in the fox 28 road warrior, scott where are you traveling right now?
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scott thanks.when this all finally wraps up, that doesn't mean the danger is over. over.that's especially true for everyone who has to clear driveways and sidewalks. 28 news reporter dora miller joins us again from cedar rapids with a few things yoyou should ep in mind before heading out, dora? sometimes we have to get out in this weather -- maybe not by choice. but if you find yourself out here in this very cold, wet weather...there are ways to avoid a trip to the er. first, make sure you're wearing the right clothes. even though we're not in the negative temperatures, this wind chill and wet snow wan make for a bad combination. gloves and layers are a must. take breaks often. stay hydrated and don't over exert yourself if you're not used to doing a lot of physical activity. the snow isn't going anywhere so doctors also
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you might also find ice under the snow, so be careful when@ walking around out here. doctors say it comes down to common sense. covering the corridor in cr dora miller, fox 28 news. for a day expected to have tough commutes - some would call today unusual. unusual.the marion police department says having fewer accidents is unusual for the rst snowfall of the season. 28 news reporter steffi lee cocoinues tonight's team coverage. coverage. "nat pop police car." car." i'm surprised we haven't seen something like that yet. the first icy snowfall of the season means slick commutes - -so far so good.but those aren't the words you usuallyly hear from someone who's used to helping iowans iowans "especially rear enders."after detouring into ditches. ditches. "this is uncommon." corporal jeff hartwig braced himself for cars skirting off and sliding out of lanes. lanes. it's really fortunate that, and not normal that, we
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somebody in the ditch just needing the unusually empty roads + less vehicles on the roadway are definitely a positive.and wintry mix covering them them i'd say the roads aren't too bad but they are not great either.isn't the typical combination. combination.across the corridor - -interstates leaving town aren't bustling with high traffic still slid into ditches - and cedar rapids police e departrtnt helped with more than 20 crashes.corporal hartwig says the holiday weekend might be the key reason behind a less hectic wintry blast. blast. "usually when we have the first one e it's usually the opposite."covering the corridor in cr, steffi lee,
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bowl week... coming up jn sports... the hawkeyes look at their opponent... and see themselves... details next... and on the hardwood... iowa preps for a visit from the number one team in the land... all that and more next on fox
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it's cold and wet here in eastern iowa....but in southern california... it's nice and warm... that's where the hawkeyes are as they get ready for their rose bowl battle with sptanford... and that's where fox 28 sports reporter zach hanley is....and he'll be following iowa
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what's going on, zach?... for the first time since arriving in pasadena.. the iowa defense shed some light on their matchup against the stanford offense... and it has the hawks seeing black and gold in cardinal cardinal eyes, chest, feet, goodit's iowa versus iowa... wait, whaha "i mean we just compare them to our offense sometimes with the fullbacks, the amount of tight ends, the linemen."those guys, the p py just like stanford...our guys. i mean it's not really a big difference... it's like another practice honestly."one the cardinal and white are use to. it's stanford's d trip to the rose bowl in the last 4 yeyes... but iowa doesn't care about history"they are veterans in this kind of arena i guess and this is our first time in 25 years being here. i mean iyou want to ook at it as an edge i iguess... i guess you can, we aren't to worries about it."they are focused on one thing"we are here for one
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know we know why ware here and that's to win a rose bowl." "that's been our goal every timemee went on t t road, just remember why you are here... not to make friends, not to do anything like that.. just here to win the game." the hawkeyes are also nearly a touchdown underdog in friday's game... i i k desmond king about that, he laughed and said great, that's just how we like it.... live in pasadena .. zh fox 28 sports. on the hawood... things are about to get real for the hawkeyes... iowa went 9 and 3 in their non-conference schedule... but the games only get bigger... with the start of big ten play.. the hawks kick off conference plpl on tuesday ight... when they welcome top-ranked michigan state to carver... and then saturday they travel to purdue... another top-25 team... there's no easing into the big ten schedule this seseon... but that's just ine th fran mccaffery... he thinks his hawkeyes are ready to rumble... you've gotta play those people at some point... you play em eay you play em late.-.. you play em in the mile... you
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does it matter... you're still play 18 really tough games against really good teams... i think any time you enter into conferen playayou recognize the challenge... and we'll do everything we can to get everybody ready... deonte burton is off to a good start at ia state... the transfer fward was named the big twelve newcomer of the week on monday... after scoring twelve points and going five-for-six from the field in the win over cincinnati last tuesday... burton also had seven points and three boards in his cyclone debut t december r th againsnsu-n-i... next in sports... the vikings are in the playoffs... but looking for more... details coming up on
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announcer: one candidate tough enough to take on n e bully... jeb b sh: donald, you're n n going to be able to insult your way to the presidency. that's not going to happen. (applause) announcer: one candidate tough enough to take on isis.
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jeb bush: the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. announcer: tested and proven leadership matters. jeb bush.
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vikings made a playoff run with leslie frazier as the coach and christian ponder at q-b... in 20-13... they nosedived... so in 20-14... in came mike zimmer and teddy bridgewater... and one year later... in 20-15.... they're back in the playoffs... the vikings turned turnovers into points all night long in a throttling of the giants on monday night... the win clinched a playoff spot for minnesota... and set up an n-f-c north title game this sunday at lambeau... but first... the vikes are gonna soak it in a little bit... lot of good football players on this team... and they care about one another... care about playing together as a football team... it's only step one... but it's good to know that you earned it.. you can't rely on anyone to do your dirty work
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embrace the challenge that's in front of us and the guys did a great job of answering that and responding and it showed tonight... the minnesota golden gophers faced off with central michigan in the quick lane bowl today... second quarter... gophers down four... mitch leidner looking for k-j maye... between two defenders... maye... makes the play... and they're dancin'... that makes it 10-7... to the fourth quarter... minnesota down a point... the read- option opens wide for mitch leidner... to the end zone for a touchdown... minnesota finally gets bowl eligible... with a bowl game win... 21-14 the final.. former northern iowa star l-j fort is back on an n-f-l roster... fort will suit up for the pittsburgh steelers in week 17... after spending the entire season on the practice squad... the linebacker and special teamer was the f-c-s defensive player of the year in 20-11 at u-n-i... to the n-b-a... fred hoiberg and the bulls at the united center against toronto... the bulls were down at half... but turned it around late... look at taj gibson... off the
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thunderous dunk... bulls go up by eight... and then later... it was the young fella... three passes and they get it to bobby portis... and the rook finishes through the foul... chicago takes care of the raps at home, 104 to 97... that's a check of sports -- terry has a last check of your forecast when the fox 28 news
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praised as one of america's best mayors who governed as a pragmatist. bernie sanders passed more amendments in a republican congress than any other member. cracked the gridlock with john mccain to strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders. a consistent, principled, and effective leader. building a future to believe in.
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