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tv   Iowa In Focus  FOX  November 13, 2016 9:30am-10:00am CST

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look at the people and events that shape our community.this is iowa in focus.this week -- after more than a year and a half of campaign stops -- we have a new president.but we look down ballot to see what we can expect for 2017. welcome to iowa in focus -- since the end of last september -- we've been hopefulls -- nominees -- their vice presidential picks -- and their surrogates -- all leading up to president elect donald trump earning his spot in the white house. before we got there -- we had a long period of time where seemingly no one knew what was actually going on.the most recent polling days before the election -- and the exit polling on election day -- showed that hillary clinton would pull out a slim victory. then -- it got tight.hillary clinton didn't pick off any of
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she ?might have been able to run red to blue -- but then clinton lost battle grounds like iowa -- north carolina -- georgia -- and ohio -- closing what had been percieved to be a fairly forgiving path to still wasn't over -- so at 1 am -- clinton campaign chair john podesta -- not hillary clinton -- went to the massive clinton campaign watch party and talked to the crowd. "thank you. well, folks, i know you've been here a long time. and it's been a long night. and it's been a campaign. but i can say, we can wait a little longer, can't we? they're still counting votes, and every vote should count. several states are too close to call, so we're not going to have anything more to say tonight. so, listen, listen to me. everybody should head home.
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tomorrow. i want you to know -- i want every person in this hall to know, and i want every person across the country who supported hillary to know that your voices and your enthusiasm means so much to her and to tim and to all of us. we are so proud of you. it wasn't completely without precdent for a candidate to not speak on election night -- but it was the campaign manager the end of the hour -- wisconsin would go to donald trump -- prompting the networks to call the race for the former rli t-v star before he even reached the 270 electoral votes. votes.clinton did call to concede the race before he spoke -- officially ending one of the craziest and most unpredicatble presidential races in history.trump's message centered on the idea that behind him -- americans could achieve anything.
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along with all other nations willing to get along with us. we expect to have great relationships. no dream is too big, no challenge is too great. nothing we want for our future is beyond our reach. clinton's concession speech had a lot to live up to -- especially after encouraging people who felt ostracized by the trump message to be accepted by the democrats. front of plenty of supporters and high rankin idea that she has cleared the way for someone else to now pursue being the first female president of the united states. "i want you to know that nothing has made me prouder than to be your champion. i know we have still not shattered that highest and hardest glass cieling but someone will and hopefully sooner than we might think." hillary clinton was thought to
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wall" protecting her run for the white house.that blue wall was made up of places like new hampshire -- wisconsin -- pennsylvania -- mighigan -- florida -- nevada. nevada.of that list -- she ended up only winning nevada before donald trump was declared the next president. at the white house -- the president came out with a different tone towards donald trump than president obama has taken before.he said when the time comes -- the president has instructed his own staff to make the transition process as easy as possible for the "now, it is no secret that he president elect and i have some pretty significant differnces but remember, eight years ago, president bush and i had some pretty significant differences but his team couldnt' have been more professional to ensure that we could hit the ground running. let's go inside iowa politics -- to talk about the people
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white house. iowa's senate race was over nearly as soon as the polls closed.long time iowa senator -- republican chuck grassley -- was elected to his seventh term in the u-s senate.he edged out former democratic iowa leutenant governor patty judge -- who was challenging him almost exclusively on grassley's decision to not move forward with president obama's supreme court nominee. iowa's first district stayed red -- with representative rod blum held on to his seat over democratic challenger monica vernon.she is a former cedar rapids city council who was attacking blum on his conservative priorities -- that led him to vote against former speaker of the house john boehner -- and to shut down the government.but -- hillary clinton only won counties with big cities -- and college in iowa -- losing much of the first district -- and at least partially helping rod blum to victory. "hillary clinton decided to get invovled in one house race in the united states of amerca -- this one." iowa's second district also
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sending dave loebsack back to washington d-c.his challenger is a local small business owner and surgeon in corlaville -- who was running with libertarian ideals behind his candidacy.even after loebsack won his race -- it was becoming clear that democrats across the nation were losing. "clearly i think both parties are going to have to look at why there is that anger out there and whatever those solutions to that anger are are effective and the bottom line. in iowa's third district -- republican incumbent david young held off democratic challenger jim mowrer. mowrer.and in iowa's 4th district -- steve king easily held on to his seat in northwest iowa.that leaves david loebsack as the only democrat elected to federal office in the state. over in the senate -- democrats made a litle big of ground back -- but not enough to take the majority. majority.republicans now hold a majority in the senate -- which means they keep their committee seats -- but still
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to completely control the senat. senate.but with a republican in the white house -- republicans have the first plausable path to make real progress on repealing the affordable care act -- and replacing it with something els.'ll be the first time that democrats held the majority in neither the house nor senate -- and didn't have the white house -- since 1928. that changes everying for republican speaker of the house paul ryan.since he took over -- he's had control of the house -- and his party has had the senate -- but president obama could veto whatever laws they did pass. now -- with the affordable care act premiums going up -- paul ryan says his party will finally be able to act. "this healthcare law is not a popular law and it is colapsing under it's own weight. this majority has already proven that we're ready to pass the law and put it on the and put it on the president's the president's
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it. now we have president trump coming who is asking us to do this." in des moines -- the iowa state house was likely going to stay under republican control -- but democrats also lost the senate.democrats did keep one of the most watched seats between incumbent liz mathis and challenger rene gadelha -- but now -- iowa republicans have a majority in both chambers.that means one of the final barriers has been removed for the state party to get through an agressive agenda in 2017. "and whether its' water quality, or tax reduction, or reducing regualtions or investing in children, the debate is healthy so i'm looking forward to continue the dialggue about the issues that will help iowans. at the county level -- incumbent linn county board of supervisors ben rogers and brent oleson both held on to their seats -- and stacey walker won the only open seat -- that used to belong to linda langston -- before she left for another job.the irony
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decided to shrink that board from its current five members back down to three. of the main concerns with the existing board was that they were making more than 100-thousand dollars a year -- and that some people didn't think the supervisor job should not be full time. time.the supervisors were worried that only three members would make it harder for rural residents to be represented -- and with a heavy democratic voting block in the urban areas -- that it would be hard for any republicans to get elected to the board. board.the voters did overwhelmingl measure givng 40-million dollars to the linn county conservation board to make strides on improving water qual. quality.when it was all over -- the newly elected stacey walker "that means that residents in the county are going to have fewer people representing their interests. it's also going to mean our rural communities arne'g going to have as much of a voice at the table. hopefully we can
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this issue in the future. after the break...our teams caught up with both first district candidates after the final votes were counted -- we take a deeper look at whats
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the house of represenatives wasn't in doubt in 2016 -- republicans had a stranglehold on the majority in that chamber.but locally -- iowa's first district -- in northeastern iowa -- was a more democratic voters than republicans -- and historically has been represented by a democrat -- until rod blum was elected in 2014.monica vernon tried to take the seat back -- but she says the point is to keep pushing progressive values. "i believe that we have to ahvea better economy. peopel in the middle fo the country need to make sure they ahve a fair shake at a good tomorrow.
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are things i believe so strongly in. education for all. social security and how we treat all people in this nation. and i'm not going to stop working on that. whether that means little boy sand little girls role models. no matter ace, creed, sexual orientattion, i'm going to continue to work on respecting all of us. i hoped to do that in the us congress and i'll find other ways. congressman blum spent much of his freshman term being criticized -- mostly by democrats -- for not
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he was supporting or not.he says being solidly re-elected after two years of those coordinated attacks proves he did what he promised and voters recognized it. "last time i said i was going to do these things and i followed through and iwoans known i 'm a guy who wants to clean up college and i'm goign to lead by example and clean up our own act before we act citizens to clean up their act. i was b holding job fairs, women in busienss career fairs in the district to career fairs in in busienss fairs, women in busienss career fairs in the district to help our constituents. the race between vernon and blum was tough -- with a lot of support coming from both
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ads hitting the airwaves.but -- they do have common ground in finding a way to get permanent flood protection in cedar rapids -- after september's flooding threatened the city for the second time in a decade. "i conceded and i told him that i would continue to work for the betterment for iowa and i'd be happy to work with him in any way to do that and he assured me that he'd work very hard on the federal match for flood protection here . i want him to do that for cedar rapids. democrats normally get all the credit for galvanizing the youth vote -- but blum's campaign staff was made up of a lot of younger voters -- and they expanded his support in 2016. "we had probably twice as many as two years ago but they come from all over the coutnry and they hear the message of what i stand for and i owe a debt
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their energy and i'm glad they were able to help us out. for vernon -- this is the first time in a long time that she doesn't have a project sitting directly in front of her.she was elected to the city council months before the 2008 flood hit the city.from then -- she was at the center of recovering from the flood -- and rebuilding the city for the better part of the decade that -- she's no longer on the city council -- and missed her shot at going to congress this year. "the world is full of all kinds of opportunities me it has to revolve around making the world a better place -- espeically around the economy. not just a rigged system for the very few. i think people here in iowa feel that, i feel it and i think we have feel it and i think we have to make sure we do soemthing better. now -- rod blum heads back to
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a district where democrats outnumber republicans -- and there's a power vaccum while leadership shifts around with a new administration.blum says based on what he's done -- iowans can feel good about the work he'll do. "it says there's a lot of independent voters here and that i've kept my promises and stood up to my own party and the bipartisan budget act because of spending caps. but i voted for the 21st cares act for diseases. they know i can't be bought off by outside groups or my own party. i'll make decisions own party. i'll groups or my own party. i'll make decisions for what's best for iowans. after the break...we look at
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it became more clear that donald trump would upset hillary clinton on his way to
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welcome the real story this week -- we're taking a deeper look at .... our election night coverage and some of the trends of the 2016 election as we were uncovering them in real time. most people could understand that president obama's campaigns got minority voters ti previously been unheard of because of the historical significance of voting for -- or working for -- the first black president.the perception of that mobilization may have carried over into the historial narritive surrounding the clinton run -- but ealry on -- coe college political science professor bruce nesmith started to realize that those groups wheren't voting in the nubmers clinton needed. "the biggest surprise is that
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of non-white citizens are not changing their usual color. they're staynig normally where they usually are. that lead to damaging nubmers for clinton -- and when it started to look like she'd have a tough fight to the white house -- the financial markets open around the world started to fluctuate.landis wiley was one of our panelists and is also a financial advisor -- he was watching the markets on his phone -- and even was fld clients. he said the uncertainty of a trump administration was causing the problems. "here within the last 30 minutes or so, the peso is down, gold is up, the asian markets are down quite a bit. it's interesting to see globally, the traders and markets are seeing an outcome that would seem to favor
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see how that plays out because if this holds, there are going to be a lot of peopel who either make a lot of money or lose a lot of money. the next day -- the markets would level out -- but there is a lingering concern that future decisions could make it unstable again.marisol del valle is from puerto rico -- but has a lot of friends from mexico -- and she told us that early on -- she realized there was no way she'd be able to support donald trump -- and she figured she wasn't alone. got more nervous. "if i had a pile of papers, i'd throw themup and say i give up. when thsi all started, i thought 25-30 percent would vote for him but there's just no way. to see that it's this close, it just continues to baffle me." self-identified conservative
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to be a republican but was fed up over donald trump.her frustruation -- when we started to see that trump would likely be elected -- was over the fact that the party had nominated candidates she liked in john mccain and mitt romney in the past two presidential cycles.but then -- the party weakened their own candidates by not uniting behind them before the general election. "the country rejected that and i think there is a certain eelment that said we tried that guy and he couldn't trump, the complete opposite so i think republicans sold their soul to win sold their soul to win the white house and now we'll have to deal with it. if nothing else -- that just shows that the united states needs healing within it's own political parties -- not just between them. coming up next...the next
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now -- we look at their voice -- what political leaders are posting on social media. media.we spent so much time following donald trump tweets -- that the first one he sent out after becoming president elect became newsworthy. said -- just a beautiful and important evening. the women will never be forgotten again -- which perfectly sums up where a lot of his political support came from -- pointing to the people that both major political parties generally don't appeal to as much as -- apparently -- they need to. to.the other side of this is ohio governor john kasich -- who was part of the "never- trump" movement -- wrote in arizona senator john mccain for hsi presidential vote -- and was planning a speech in
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out his future of the republican party after what he thought would be a trump loss. loss.instead -- he hit twitter with "the american peopel have spoken and it's time to come togehrer. congradulations president-election donald trump." you can follow along on twitter and facebook all week out for how we pivot to cover everything going on at the state house -- and out in eastern iowa. every week we normally end with the week ahead... ahead...but now that the campaigns are over -- we're taking the next few weeks -- until the state house starts up again -- to review the 2016 race.each week -- we'll go back through interviews we've done over the past year and a half -- and put them into context. thanks for watchingbe sure to tune in next week to get the clear facts on iowa in focus.
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conclude check out marcus mariota with the coach impression. >> i'm doing it next week. >> meanwhile, josh norman spent all last week with us, now ba diggs and the vikings, they're trying to get back on track, and jameis winston is signing all os graphs, maybe because he has a bucs franchise record, all the, starts now on "fox nfl kickoff." big week. the country may be divided right


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