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tv   CBS 2 News 6  CBS  October 21, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm CDT

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that's when they say one of the suspects, 21-year-old jonathan tyler gossman, took off and ran, and then fired shots at officers. they returned fire, shooting and killing gossman. man who was driving home after his shift last night, saw the commotion. he says, he's tired of shots being fired -*anywhere, but especially in his neighorhood. it's got me jumpy, got me lookin' around all the time. thinking about selling my house. i've been here for 15 years got great neighbors, but if this kind of stuff's going ona&i want out." gossman had been in trouble with police before - in fact, he has several gun-related and drug charges going back to 2008. the case has been turned over to the d-c-i. the two officers involved in the shooting death of gossman are on paid leave, which is standard procedure. covering the corridor in cedar rapids,
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new tonight at six, six,cbs 2 news has learned a firefighter had to be treated for injuries suffered while fighting a large blaze in iowa city last night. happened around 5-15 at a home on east college street, that's near college green park.everyone made it out safely, but crews had to call in help from surrounding areas.the building was heavily damaged.crews think it may have been caused by a lightning strike. in black hawk county - one man is facing several charges for allegedly leading police on a high-speed chase with his motorcycle.police say the chase, involving 38-year-old allan tucker, reached speeds of 90-miles per hour on highway eventually ended at a gas station on logan avenue.tucker's charges include driving with a suspended license. taking a look outside right was a beautiful morning to start the day before some rain fell on parts of the area. it's clearning off once again now and shaping up to be a nice evening.
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us, she's in for terry swails. and marissa, it looks like the temperatures are going to turn
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students at cedar rapids washington high school are taking time to listen, to try to stop gun violence. violence.this morning, denisha
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students.davis graduated from washington high school and was shot last march at the pheasant ridge apartments in iowa city.she's now paralyzed because of the shooting.she says she wants to make sure other young people do not have to go through what she did. "even if it's one person i affected or impacted that's great if it can get them to put the weapons down i'm grateful this happened." happened."today's event happened alongside others across the country as part of the day of national concern, in which students take a pledge against gun violence.a similar event was also held at marion high school. meanwhile, the superintendent of the belle plaine community school district is being scrutinized tonight for cancelling a tradition.the 21-gun salute is normally done on school grounds, recognizing former service members on veterans day.this year, chad straight, who's been on the job for two years -- says he's
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upholding the law when it comes to carrying weapons on school grounds. "we were never against the 21 gun salute, we just wanted to make sure that we were following the law. anytime you discharge a firearm on school grounds, you want to make sure that you've done what you needed to do as a school system." system."the decision to cancel the 21 gun salute has upset some people in the community. they'll be able to express their opinions at tonight's school board 2 news will be at the meeting and will bring you their the cbs 2 news ten at ten. less than two weeks to go until newly-appointed university of iowa president bruce harreld takes office and anger towards the iowa board of regents for deciding to hire him, is hardly backing down.all of it was on full display today. 2 news reporter mellaney moore is live in iowa city with what played out. the board of regents met today in the iowa memorial
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people gathered outside the building to rally against them. them. a rally against the iowa board of regents included students, alumni, and some who have been teaching at the university of iowa for 30 years. years. there is a reason that universities have shared governance. it goes back to the 12th century. that's what i teach.that's part of what tachau feels is being ignored and why she hopes the entire board of regents and future u-i president bruce harreld will resign. resign. just as how they have been secretive in how they chose the president, they no doubt are being secretive in what they want him to do.rally participants made their presence and opinions known to the board. board. the petition is to demand the board of regents dismiss bruce harreld from the presidency but we are also in general against the iowa board of regents.pector say the selection process wasn't fair to all the candidates and didn't represent the opinions of the university communitythe
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board of regents says they respect the right for anyone to have their own opinion and have it heard. heard. the board is very, very pleased with the selection of bruce harreld and looks forward to working with him once he officially takes office. bruce herrald will officially take office november second. karen-- you've probably seen on social media that today is "back to the future day."it just so happens that cbs 2 news anchor scott sanborn is getting a good look into *iowa's future and he joins us live from coralville. scott, what's happening? karen, a record crowd has turned out today for innovation expo 2015,the largest entrepreneurial showcase in the state of iowa. this event is a chance to spotlight the creative
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have here in iowa and to celebrate the impact they have on our economy. there are several components of innovation expo, largely focusing on the future--one is the inventors garage featuring new products and services that are right now under development. in addition, the iowa startup accelerator is hosting the startup fair, featuring the young creatives from acorss the country that are preparing to launch their new companies in cedar rapids. then, there are some 80 companies created in the corridor and throughout the state taking part in the entreprenurial showcase. in addition to all this, there have been several pitch competitions featuring new ideas for products and services. "are going to be large." large."you've already seen several of the companies at innovation expo during in my created in the corridor series and tonight, that series continues live on the cbs 2 news ten at 10. covering the corridor in coralville, scott
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next at six, thinking about the future. future.coralville city leaders look at bringing an athletic team to a new arena.what they're saying about the possibility. possibility. meanwhile stocks fell slightly on wall street.the dow lost 48 points. points.the nasdaq was down 40.
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tomorrow on cbs 2 this morning, a veteran is making a push to get a fellow soldier the recognition he deserves. deserves. why that involves a policy change from the military.that's tomorrow on cbs 2 this morning. coralville city leaders are in talks about a possible united states hockey league franchise. while there's only been one conversation about the possibility, project leaders for a recently announced concert and sports venue say there is a person interested in starting a team. city administrator kelly hayworth tells cbs 2 news they've always hoped hockey would be played in the space. they have also spoken with the university of iowa club team - the ice hawks - about playing
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in the rink. the u-s-h-l includes 17-teams across the midwest including the cedar rapids roughriders. sunshine to start the day, then some rumbles of thunder, and now some sun once again. again.marissa scott is in for terry swails with your
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and coming up in sports --- it's a bye week for the hawks hawksbut the voice of the hawkeyes -- gary dolphin -- isn't taking a break --- what he belives -- has been the key for iowa's success --- next on cbs 2 2"cbs 2 news connects with you. call us at 1-800-222-kganemail us at news at cbs 2 iowa dot comconnect with us on facebook
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unlike the undefeated hawkeyes, gary dolphin won't
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be sitting in an ice tube -- recovering from 7 weeks of smash mouth football -- the hawks have this week off to recover and relax after a perfect start to their season and the voice of the hawkeyes has liked what he's seen so far -- unlike last season, iowa is not only winning games, they're finishing them - - and that starts with the leadership from the senior class. "it's not a huge senior class, but when you look at who those seniors our: canzeri, ott, nate meier, teavun smith, i'm going to leave somebody out, jordan lomax . there's not a talker in the bunch, they're very quite, they go about their business, they take care of business and everybody else is following there lead. and this is turning out to be a special group and a special year." iowa head coach kirk ferentz has been named to the paul "bear" bryant watch list --- the award honors excellence in coaching while raising funds to fight heart disease and stroke -- finalists will be announced in december -- now
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the bye week means we don't get to talk to captian kirk, but defensive coordinator -- phil parker -- let us in on what makes the hawks -- the nation's 12th best defense. : this team has a chemistry... and togetherness that reminds me of some of the teams back in 2002 and 2004... teams that collectively they understand they're in the room... they're talking... and it's really important to each other... i think the chemistry of the team is probably the most important thing.. that's really impressed me... i question nobody's toughness on that field... with basketball season just around the corner -- the next spot on the media day train -- is cedar falls -- for u-n-i women -- last season tayna warren's group finished 4th in the valley -- winning 17 games gamesthis season they've got their leading scorer back in madison weekley along with jen kietel -- who's recovered from her a-c-l injury and 6 talented freshman -- which has got the panthers excited for the season.
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"if this group can stay healthy and they can understand this thing, keep the right mind frame. and understand the "we," they have a chance to be very, very good because they are talented" talented""we had one freshman last year and it's a lot different than having six. so this summer we really got to know each other, know how we play, our strengths and weaknesses--just kinda coming together as a team has been fun." royals trying to close out the blue jays and head back to the world series -- looks like they'll have to wait another day -- kansas city falls 7 to 1 --- game 6 is friday at kauffman we will be right back to take one last look at your forecast
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