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tv   CBS 2 News 10  CBS  December 6, 2015 10:00pm-10:30pm CST

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(applause, cheering) announcer: welcome back, jeremy renner. for all the friends and lovers he had, frank sinatra knew lonely. anhe proved it every time he stood on stage and sang this song by harold arlen and johnny mercer called "one for my baby (and one more for the road)." so, set 'em up, joe, for our host seth macfarlane. (cheering) (piano playing) it's quarter to 3:00
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except you and me so set 'em up, joe i've got a little story you ought to know we're drinking, my friend to the end of a brief episode... make it one for my baby and one more for the road i've got the routine
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in the mamaine i'm feeling so bad i wish you'd make the music dreamy and sad could tell you a lot but you've got to be true to your code... make it one for my baby and one more for the road you'd never know it
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and i've got a lot of things i'd like to say andndhen i'm gloomy you simply got to listen to me until it's talked away... (carrying note) well that's how it goes joe, i know you're getting anxious to close well, thanks for the cheer
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my bending your ear... this torch that i found must be drowned or it soon will explode... make it one for my baby and one more for the road... that long that long, long road that long, long road.
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(cheering loudly) ten - it's all roses. roses.reaction as the hawkeyes go bowling in passadena. passadena. and why the president is addressing the nation about isis as we enter the holiday there's no one i'd rather... share with. no one i'd rather r ve dinner and a movov with. no one i'd rather lean on. being in love is an amazing thing. being in love with your best friend... everything. introducing the ever us two-stone ring. one diamond for your best friend... one for your true love. for the one woman in your life who's both. ever us. new this holiday at kay, jarereand zales. mmmm
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sinatra: but now the days are short i'm in the autumn of the year and now i think of my life as vintage wine from fine old kegs from the brim to the dregs it poured sweet and clear it was a very good year. frank sinatra was born a hundred years ago in hoboken, new jersey with a direct view of another town you might have heard of-- new york, new york.
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a man who is a number-one, top of the heap, ladies and gentleman, a lady who is truly a champ, six-time grammy award winner lady gaga. (cheering, whooping) start spreading the news i'm leaving today i want to be a part of it new york,k,ew york these vagabond shoes are longing to stray 97 rigig through the very heart of it new york, new york i want to wake up in that city
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and find i'm king of the hill op of the heap these little town blues are melting away i'll make a brand-new start of it in old new york if i can make it there i'll make it anywhere it's up to you, new york new york new york, new york i want to wake up in that city
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and find i'm king of the hill a number-one top of the list man of the hour go on, doll, take your spot. all these little town blues are melting away right through the very heart of it in n d new york if i can make it the
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anywhere (cheering) it's up to you new york, new york new york. i'd like another jack daniel's. (applause, whooping) ("new york, new york" playing) happy birthday, frank. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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if not himself then he has naught to say the things he truly feels and not the words of one who kneels the recororshows i took the blows and did it my... way... (cheering wildly, whistling) my way.
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- after a tough loss - - to learn they are - bowl** - bound. good evening.a heart-breaking - - game of inches last night - - for the hawks - as their perfect - winning season - came to an end. it was a close game that came down to the final seconds, but the hawkeye'e'season isn't over fact, their bowl selection has the hawks headed west. 2 sports anchor zach hanley explains why the hawks are all about the roses. matt and joy -- not a bad constelalaon prize for the hawks -- after coming up just short for a big 10 title, iowa's frowns turned upside down -- the hawkeyes are headed to the rose bowl for the firstime since 1991 1991iowa will play pa12 champion stanford -- january 1st in pasadena -- it's iowa's 6th apperance in the grand daddy of them all -- their last rose bowl win -- 1959 against california --- it's been a special season so far for ththhawks, but this means just a little more to captian kirk.
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really special if you coach in the big ten... so every game is important.. to win this one would be a great, great complishment... most of all i'm really excited for our players... they've worked so hard... to make this a great season a special season a histor season... and for them to be rewarded in this way... it's really fulfilling... coming up later in sports -- what the hawks had to say about smelling the roses... many loyal fans are already planning their trip to sunny california to o watch the game. game.a cedar rapids travel agency - opened the doors - right after the big - bowl announcement - - to start offering - deals. 2 news reporter - steffi - lele - is - here - with wk fans - readad to fly.steffi. hawkeye fans filled destinations unlimited's lobby this afternoon to book these exclusive deals.round trip flights and hotel okings are just some of what's in their rose bowl packages. packages. nat pop game?sot: 22:28:09"it's been on my
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sot: 22:27:09 "we've got a good bowl game to go to and it's been 25 years.""the hustle and bustle both outside and inside destinations unlimiteds says it all.sot: duane jasper, owner/destinations unlimited 21:51:02"they can go to one place to get their airline tickets, their hotels and their tickets s the football game."the travel agency started planning weeks before sunday's exciting announcement - crafting four exclusive bowl packages these hawkeye fans couldn't'tesist.sot: nick conrey/hiawatha a :28:35 "i'm big on the simplicity - i like everything done in the one kind of deal."escaping iowa's bitter winters to sunny los angeles -nat: 21:51:36"no stops, no layovers. that'll simplify the process."the agency is s hooking up customers with charter plaines - offering direct flights leaving from cedar rapids, des moines and the quad cities. sot: duane jasper/destinations unlimited 21:51:59"there's a buthat'll be sitting there ady to take them to their hotel, another bus will take them right to the game and then back to the hotel when it's done."priced at more than three thousand dollars fans like gary smith say it's worth every penny - and he's even
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sot: gary smith/cedar rapids 22:25:42 "the thing i remember most about the game was the camaraderie with all the iowa fans there for these fans waiting to watch history the rose bowl after an impressive seaean - sot: gary smith/cedar rapids 22:24:34 "that makes the loss a little bit better." game tickets are included - but customers can upgrade for better seats.destinations unlimited says they expect to sell out pretty quickly.steffi lee, cbs 2 news ten at ten. fog is starting to roll in and we're already seeing reduced visibilities.we could see some dense fog develop overnight, so be extra cautious on the ads during thehemorning commute.our current temps are in the 30sour winds are light from the northwestfair skies to cloudy skies across eastern iowa.our planner shows fog tomorrow morning and partly sunny skies in the afternoon.
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tonight in san bernardino - federal agents - raided a home - belonging to a friend** of one of the shooters - - -involved in wednesday's terrorist - attack - sye-ed - fa-rook. fa-rook.a federal official says that friend purchased two of the rifles used in wednesday's attack. neighbors say police arrived in the middle of the night and broke wn doors to get in.the f-b-i says there is evidence of "extreme planning" before the shooting, which left 14 people dead.
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addressed the nation - on the growing cocoerns - about isis.he urged americans - not* to give in - to fear - following the attacks in california and paris.he asred americans - that his entire administrationon- takes the threat of terrorism - very seriously.he says his highest priority - protecting the american people. "we aill prevail by being strong and smart resilliant and relentless and by drawing upon every aspect of american power." power."the president also - called on muslims - to step up - and lead the way - in speaking out against isis - and helping in the fight to stop terrorism. governor terry branstad - continues to face stiff opposition - for privatizing** medi-caid. medi-caid.tomorrow - two buses - loaded with people from the corridor - will travel to des moines to voice their opposition - to the managed* care leaves cedar rapids at 6-30 - tomorrow morning - from the true* north building.the other - leaves a few minutes later - from the
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the trip is organized - by - rhonda - showce - - of marion - - an advocate - for mental health . "we are wanting to show o o voice, a voice of unity, show that we can come together - it's a very grassroots effort. i think people typically underestimate medicaid members inking negative things." things."the group plans to attend a health - over-site committee meeting - - at the capitol. an anamosa family needs your help as they try and move forward, after a difficult time. doug and trish are parents of one-year-old bella loney.bella has a rare form of arthritis that causes constant fevers and attacks other organs of her body.bella's mom trish has had to quit her jojoto take constant care of the toddler. the parents say - they're not sure of bella's future but are taking things day by day. "go with your gut instinct. if you really feel there is something wrong and you're not getting the answers that you are looking for- to continue
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help you find those answers." answers."one of their family membershas set up a "red basket fundraiser" to help with expenses. the fundraiser lasts for another twelve days - you can find that link on cbs 2 iowa dot com. now a look at tonight's other storors - across the corridor. for patients - living with cancer - the holiday season - can be a mixed blessing. but - - tonight -at the hall perrine - cancer center - - mercy medical center - - hosted holiday magic. families - met with santa - - enjoyed some holiday music - and decorated cookies.they say - it's a good oportunity - to focus on something else for a little while "they might think that their journy is over, but the journy is always going, their is always greif, and this might be a way to connect with people at the cancer center while their loved ones were getting treatment.8 alot of familar faces, everyone just touching b be and catching up." up."a professional photographer - took pictures - - that can be used as greeting cards -
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with just eks until christmas, shoppers in iowa city got the chance to get some one-of-a-kind gifts at the masonic temple building on college's time for the annual iowa city eastside artists's one of the longest t nning and most anticipated holiday shows in the region, with more than a dozen locally and nationally known professional artists. "one of the comments we hear year after year is that you will fininthings here that you don'n'find at any other craft show, or you can't find online. we all do our own design work ." ."lots of variety - including photography and woododworking. it's quite the tradition. this is the 23rd year for the event. still ahead - on your cbs2 - news - - packing for passadena.hawk fans - - celebre an incredible season - - but arethese the same - fans - who
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parents working full time, child care is a must these days.but the rising costs is pricing some families out.what you can do, to lower those coststhat's monday on cbs 2 this morning. as mentioned at the top of the newscast - hawkeye fans are celebrating - an incredible season - and a trip to california - on new years day.but - - think back just one year ago - - what made such a dramatic* change - in this iowa - swarm*. swarm*.it's our topic - in tonight's say what. what. " cheers touchdown yesterday " what a difference a year caca make - in the attitude of a team - and their fans. " it was totally unexpected .. it's been a great season and they're not done yet. " but what changed so dramatically - totoake fans scream m r the hawks - instead of at them. " i think they were disappointed in themselves last year and i really thnk that because of that they knew
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" the team seems really close like they all care about each other alot and i think they've got a great coach too that brings out the team spirit wiwiin them. " that's t t same coach ferentz - fans wanted to fire - last season. season." and i would admit i felt that way too after that bowl game last year but i think he made chchges in the off season that really surprised everyone this year. " "" i think the players were really together i think ferentz realized he had to do some tngs differently. " " cheering 57 yard field goal " others say a little luck didn't hurt either either" just seems like everything came together for them .. the team got motivated the coaching staff did a really nice job of putting things together and executed very well " " i'm a little conflicted " even dan - an iowa grad student from michig - is impressed. impressed." i thouout they played great and i think they've got good seasons ahead of them. " " i'd tell him we appreciate him thanks for the hard work " bob - a 957 grad - - says thishould be a lesson on - new* - kirk. " sometimes you don't know
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you lose something and i think for instance ames did that with their basketball ccch .. they loved him but they really loved him when he left. "" oh they're definitely on my nice list. "and finally the guy with the rosy* cheeks - says he has a jolly feeling - about januaua first - in passadena." wish them a merry christmas and of course a happy new years. " you can share your thoughts on the hahaeyes footbal season -- right now - on our facebook page. grey skies out there today, but the sun will come out this week. marissa scott is in to tell us
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