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tv   CBS2 News Live at 5  CBS  December 25, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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thousands packed saint peter's square for pope francis's traditional christmas message to the world. he condemned brutal acts of terrorism, and prayed for an end to war and human suffering. specifically, he mentioned the syrian refugee crisis.but, he also offered hope on this christmas day. the grace of god can convert hearts and offer mankind a way out of humanly insoluble situations. situations.the pope also spoke of those e osest to his heart, the poor and disadvantaged. many took the pope's message to heart - in fact, the catholic charity feeds over 200,000 homeless people on christmas day. and in britain, queen elizabeth arrived early this morning for a traditional christmas service in norfolk. some well-wishers got to the church as early as four a-m to see the royal family.later in the day, the queen delivered her annual christmas message. she said, "light *can triumph
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perilous times."she also took a moment to comment on the joys o ohaving a new grand- daughter, charlotte. maybe you're about to head out to see *your grandkids for the holiday.let's check in with massa scott who's in for terry
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it's the season of giving and he season of joy - but some women don't have t t freedom to experience group has used this month to bring attention to the women and girls sold into human trafficking every year. year. cbs 2 news porter dora miller joins us from the
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joy, this group is giving a dress a new meaning. meaning.they're called "set free dubuque"...and they are wearing a dress every day this month for what's called "dressember."yes, it's iowa -- and yes, it's cold...but the point f the event is to raise money and educate their community on an issue that is easily forgotten this time of year.thousands of women are wearing dresses worldwide... and some of those dresses have been made by women and girls rescued from sex trafficking. "they make is so that the women can have a choice between being a prostitute or being a trafficking victim, they can give them a chance to o get a job,b,o pay them money so they earn enough money so they've got income from theelves." themselves."coming up tonight on cbs 2 news ten at ten, we'll tell you more about these dresses, these women and the cause they say is close to their hearts.dora miller, cbs 2 news. two kids in the corridor are making sure that families in their area ve a *merry christmas. christmas.two years agag joe and matty y eter noticed some kids in their class wore the
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after, they collected some of *their clothes, and took tm to school to the, joe and matty's "giving tree" has expanded into a clothes and toy drive - their family takes anonymous wish lists from family's who aren't sure if thecan afford gifts for christmas. our wholeleiving room was almost full of toys, because he went to go see santa , and he asked santa for his favorite dump truck, he got his wish, we brought him his favorite dump truck. trucucin addition to the gifts and clothes, the family prepares and delivers special christmas meals, complete with dessert. if you got that new phone or gagaet from nta, some peopop ararhard at work to make sure *it's working after you open it. representatives from the u-s cellular customer care center have be taking calls helping people set up their new tech toys.they say they get the most calls between 8 and 10 in the morning - most likely
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under the tree have been opened.they say they don't mind working, because they're there to make sure all santa's's deliveries work just right. "that's one of the best things about working here is that nd of extement really is what it's like every day in regards to being here to help our customers. what's especially exciting about today is that so many of these (calls) are really sharing the excitement of the customers." customers."reps from u-s cellular will be taking calls until 10 p-m tonight. if you didn't get what you wanted under the tree -it's ok, take comfort in knowing, you're not alone. consumer reports estimates around 40 percent of americans try to *return or xchange a gigi they don't like.but experts say doing that is becoming more difficult without a reciept because of fraud.some stores say that they've seen an increase in shoplifters trying to return *stolen itits for cash.experts say to make sure you have a reciept if you're trying to take back a gift, and if you
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original package *or with all the tags on. a lot of gifts are being given this holiday.some though, aren't coming from under the tree treeas cbs 2 news reporter mellaney moore, found today, some gave the gift of a christmas day meal. meal. a lot of people are spending time in their kitchens today preparing meals for their family. well here in iowa city, groups of volunteers have prepared a meal for anyone who wants to come. thisisrobably looks a lot like your family kitchen christmas day....busy! day....busy! gravy man stirring tinkthis one is especially busy...feeding`a holiday meal to 200 guests. guests$ sweet potatoes, we've got ham, mashed potatoes, cranberries, dressing-- that's the good stuff. (takes bite) all the fixings...oh yeah!anan don'n'forget desserer dessert. we've got pumpkin, we've got apple.the free lunch program serves food monday through saturday at noon.but organizers start about a month ahead of time gatherinwhat they need for the annual
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day meals.then 60 volunteers worked in shifts to make it come together together they could sign up for what they wanted to do, which was either preparation or serving or clean up or sh washing or the gift room.what they work to give, organizers say some may not have had this christmas day... day... my goal is to make sure the people have a good meal and they have some type of holiday cheer...they get to somehow celebrate the holiday. it's very important.the gifts of a holiday meal and fellowship. fellowship. merry christmas to everybody everybodyfree lunch program organizeze say they welcome any donations of food, money or your time. if you would likemore information on how to do that, just go to our website, cbs 2 iowa dot com and click on this story. covering the corridor in iowa city, mellaney moore, cbs 2 news. tis' the season of giving and the non-profit 'mission of hope' did just that. that.the charity opened its doors to give a warm meal to anybody who needed it. but
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time mission of hope cooked for folks on *christmas day. volunteers we caught up with say it's worth giving up s se titi christmas with their families to give back. hope. we all need hope. it's needed for everybody and tithout hope, what is there? there?in total, one hundred and eighty-five people were fed. coming up on ve at 5... smelling roses under the tree. the e action some had when they found out they'd be spending new years with the hawkeyes. meanwhile, this is the i-80 and i-380 ininrchangeas mmuters head home on this christmas night in the
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praised as one of america's best mayors who governed as a pragmatist. bernie sanders passed more amendments in a republican congress than any other member. cracked the gridlock withohn mccain to strengthenn veterans' healththre. bernie sanders. a consistent, principled, and effective leader. building a future to believe in.
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us monday morning at 5 right here on cbs 2.we begin our count-down to 20-16.from patti labelle's pies to that one dress - we take a look back at some of
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yes yes yes! yes! some lucky hawkeye fans found se bowlickets under tht tree this morning.this is some videdethat the rose bowl's "official twitter account" retweeted today.needless to say, they look ready to go. go.get \ourself ready for the game with our 30-minute road to the roses special which will air new year's eve at 6:30 right here on cbs 2. still ahead lili at five... how a group of cedar rapids students is making sure
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families have a happy holiday season. the 60 degree weather isn't stopping people from ice skating in central park tonight. there's more news
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during the my mom's name is irene, and she has alzheimer's. adult daycare costs so much, i have to take my mom to work with me. eventually she+ll require around-the-clock care. i worry about what the n nt step is. my mom deserves the best care she can get. so i met hillary clinton. i could tell that she was moved by my stor.. because she teared up. being able to pay for daycare... to know that my mom is safee while i work so that i can continue to support us. hillary clinton has proposed real things that could help us.
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holidays, buying gifts for your family *can add up. 2 news reporter steffi lee shows us how one local high school is elping those who might not have a lot to spend - still wake up to gifts under the tree. some parents will pay the ultimate sacrifice to make sure their kids get a merry christmas.that's why the kennedy high s sool student government partnered with the linn county veteran's affairs. with the help of local donors - they made sure veterans' families celebrated this holiday. holiday. "austin - you wanna help me get the e st of this buddy?"as the presents keep coming... coming..."this isn't it just hang on."even the ones who live for piles of gifts
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"it's too heavy - it's too heavy?""know this bundle of joy wrapped up - is more than they could've ever asked for. for. "i am 125 percent happy that they're doing it - i mean the way that they're helping me out is giving my kids a really good christmas."kennedy high school's student government adopted 20 veterans'families for christmas to give them financial relief this holiday season.the linn county veteten's affairs provided the veteran's names - so they could craft wish lists. lists. "kind of a sad situation around christmas because of all the advertisements and expectations."but genorosity goes a long way to transform sad situations - - "there you go guys - all that's yours too."into meaningful and joyful moments. moments. "i was so happy - that way my kids get good christmases this year."each gift veteran justin randall's family gets to unwrap is a glimpse of hope. hope. "i probably would've skipped a house payment or whatever to get myids what they could have and then try
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on" "we all want something that's purely a want, not a need, and a lot of the vets just have needs."the students bargained within their thirteen thousand dollar budget "it's fun to watch them in ass - they'll go thrhrgh the ads"stocking up on clothes, food, and even home appliances. appliances. "tthpaste i think was one this year that realal stuck ououin my mind - as a you don't really know what you have until you have it type of item."showing even the smallest things help families like stin's finally have what they need. need. "my family's happiness. - there's nothing more important."" the student government class had less members this year - but the donations and family adoptions were even higher. students say this shows just how giving their community is. steffi lee, cbs 2 news.
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marissa will have your sanders: over 2 million contributions have been made to the only caaign that rejects a corrupt campaign finance system. you can't level the playing field with wall street banks and billionaires by taking their money.
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by taking their money.
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that would make clark griswald jealous.james peachee of davenportp up 36 thsand lights on his house - all synced to music. he says it takes him three weeks of five to *ten-hour days to put it all together. people from all over come to see it.puy-shay says the whole thing *only raises his electric bill about
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that's cbs 2 news live at 5 praised as one of america's best mayors who o verned as a pragmatist. bernie sanders passed more amendments in a republican congress than any other member. cracked the gridlock with john mccain to strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders. a consistent, principled, and effective leader. building a future to believe in. sanders: i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. >> axelrod: deadly tornadoes took everything from them, but still, they're grateful. >> i don't even know how i'm alive. it's a miracle, a christmas miracle.
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