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tv   CBS 2 News Noon  CBS  December 28, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm CST

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covered.marissa scott marissa scott joins us now. what's the official word? here's a look outside..doppler radar shows rain, snow temperatures and 30sexpect a day with temps in the upper 30s. winds be stay strong ttoo toostay strong 30s. winds be 20s and lows 30s. winds be stay strong too
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right now, road crews are out working hard to get roads under control.crews in cedar rapids reported to work at 11 last night to start brining the main roads for ice. officials remind us to be careful on side and residential streets which are more likely to be slick.marion police also tell cbs 2 news they'll have additional patrols ready this morning to respond to crashes. we want to give you a look at what the roads are looking like right now. 2 news reporter stephanie johnson joins us live now.she's in the cbs 2 road warrior.stephanie, where are you right now? cbs 2 news reporter stephanie johnson reports live from the road ways during the winter
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today you don't have to worry about school closures because the kids are still on winter break, but there are still events and businesses today that are closing or delayed. delayed.for a full list visit cbs 2 iowa dot com. it's not just iowa dealing with winter weather. weather.the governor of new mexico declared a state of emergency after 21-inches of snow fell in parts of the state over the weekend.there were snow-drifts reported as high as eight-feet, which made travel difficult.interstate 40 had to be shut down all the way from albuquerque to the texas border.officials say more than ten-thousand homes in eastern new mexico lost power because of the storm. that same system also left snow on the ground in parts of least six inches piled up in the amarillo area - keeping motorists of the road.and to the north in oklahoma, a wintry mix left highways and bridges very
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parts of the state.several drivers across the south say they were caught off guard. "we're coming from mississippi, it's been like 70 80 degree weather, yeah 70s and 80s in mississippi and we get up here and we're like freezing to death." death."several highways had to be shut down and residents were asked to stay off the roads because of black ice. at the same time, texas is dealing with spring-like communities in the eastern parts of the state are cleaning up after tornadoes ripped through the least 11 people were killed in the dallas-area saturday night.several of those deaths came when a twister crossed a busy interstate.the tornadoes clocked speeds of up to 200-miles-per-hour, and destroyed more than 600 structures.right now - four counties are under a state of emergency. new today, today,a big change happening in china involving a controversial policy that has stood in place for decades. decades.lawmakers voted sunday
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and allow couples to have two children.the government is concerned about china's aging population...they said in just 15 years, china will be home to more than 400 million people over the age of 60 -- and there are concerns there won't be enough young people to support them.the change takes affect at the first of the year. the sole survivor of the shooting that happened on live tv in virginia has come back into the headlines.vicki gardner has now finished with surgeries for her injuries and hopes to return to work soon. you remember, she was being interviewed back in august when a man opened fire.gardner was wounded, while a reporter and cameraman were killed by a former station employee. "it has been an eye-opening experience. i have seen the worst that society can do, and i have seen the best that society can do." do."she says the shooting does not haunt her, and she wakes up every morning enthusiastic
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more information is coming to light, light,about what happened before chicago police shot and killed two people saturday morning. morning.officers got a call from a man who said he was being threatened by his son, 19-year-old quintoniolegrier. officers say legrier charged at them with a metal bat, so they shot at him, killing him. a neighbor, who had opened the door for the officers was also hit by a stray bullet and killed.police are calling that shooting an accident, but legreir's mother says, the actions are inexcusable. ""an innocent lady got shot as well because the police were trigger happy. i went to the hospital. my son has seven, seven bullet holes in him." him." later on in the day, police critically wounded a 26- year-old man while responding to an assault in progress. witnesses say he had a gun, but dropped it and had his hands in the air when police shot him. in cedar rapids, rapids,a weekend shooting is being investigated by police. it happened just after 5-30
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block of 5th avenue south-east. police couldn't find a victim when they arrived on scene, but they got a call of a man with gunshot wounds at a local hospital.his injuries aren't life threatening. a presidential candidates event in burlington has been cancelled because of the weather marco rubio was supposed to kick-off a three-day bus tour with a town hall in burlington.but the weather has forced them to call it event in waterloo tomorrow is still scheduled to take place. it is a huge week for iowa hawkeye fans world-wide as the team plays in the rose bowl later this week. week.all the action, of course, taking place in pasadena in warm, sunny southern california.and they are hard at work getting ready for the rose parade.thousands of volunteers are busy working on the flower decked floats. the volunteers, who are mostly women, say it's a lot of fun. "we can follow directions easily and not grumble and gripe about different jobs we're given. " "our cbs 2 news team is in
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the roses new years eve at 6- 30 p.m. right here on cbs 2 and then on new year's day at 7-30 in the morning over on fox 28. it's a popular gift, but hoverboards are doing some damage to *older people trying to use them.
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still ahead on the cbs 2 news at noon,the former harlem globetrotter star being
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hoverboards were a best-seller over the holidays despite fire warnings and the possibility of injury. the gifts were mostly for kids but some parents wanted to try them out and the results could be funny but also's ben tracy. tracy. "this is a piece of cake! social media sites are full of parents attempting to take their kid's hoverboards out for a joy ride...only to find themselves cruisin for a brusin'.the hashtag "hoverboard fails" has gone viral. florida congressman
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of his arm in a sling tweeting: #hoverboard is for kids. my daughter got it. i ended up in er. just before christmas the u.s. consumer product safety commission reported the number of injuries associated with hoverboards and fires due to overheated batteries had spiked 25%. that is expected to rise dramatically in the post holiday tally... and worries some safety experts. experts.) product that doesn't have to meet any requirements and is finding its way to the nathan furniss sells the boards at a los angeles mall. he showed me the proper way to board the board.... board...."try to stand up straight."i thought i got the hand of it pretty quickly, well, i didn't. . thankfully as our camera shut down, furniss' cell phone caught me hovering on the ground. and that may be the lesson of this holiday season...something that seems like child's play is probably best left to actual children. ben tracy, cbs news"did you get that"on the pavement of a los angeles
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look at this look at this giant squid in japan! usually this kind of squid is in deep waters but somehow this guy made his way to shallow waters on christmas eve.he was right by a marina and a diver was able to capture this video before he swam back out to sea. basketball great meadowlark lemon, who entertained millions as a long-time member of the harlem globetrotters has died.his family says lemon died sunday in scottsdale, arizona.lemon joined the globetrotters in 19-54 and played with them for 24- seasons and more than 16- thousand games.lemon later served as an ordained minister and motivational speaker, and was inducted into the basketball hall of fame in 2003.meadowlark lemon was 83. "good news for holiday travelers, and star wars the force awakens breaks a box
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at the nyse, i'll have those stories and more coming up in your cbs moneywatch report." praised as one of america's best mayors who governed as a pragmatist. bernie sanders passed more amendments in a republican congress
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cracked the gridlock with john mccain to strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders. a consistent, principled, and effective leader. building a future to believe in.
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welcome back.if you bought your holiday gifts online, you're not alone.jill wagner reports in today's moneywatch. moneywatch. the numbers are in for the holiday shopping season -- and no surprise---more people bought their gifts online. mastercard advisors - which tracks customer spending - says online sales grew 20 percent between black friday and christmas eve compared to last year.a gift for the holidays ... at the gas pump! triple a says the national average is now 1-99 a gallon! the lowest for the year end holidays since 2008.drivers can now find gas at under 2 dollars a gallon at 70 percent of u.s. gas stations.low oil prices are great for
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a huge hole in saudi arabia's budget. the country projected a record 87 billion dollar deficit next year. oil is saudi arabia's main source of revenue.and it's shaping up to be a record year at the box office. star wars the force awakens made a billion dollars at the box office in a record 12 days. the previous record was universal's jurassic world... which broke a billion dollars in 13 days back in june.and that's your cbs moneywatch report. for more follow me on twitter at jill wagner cbs. at the nyse, i'm jill wagner. marissa has your weather to go next...but first here's a look at today's markets.
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windy with lows in the 20stomorrow: slight chance for snow otherwise cloudy with a high near 30our seven day shows
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that's our report at noon, thank you for watching.our next newscast is this afternoon live at five. and we'll have weather updates throughout the day.stay safe out there today. today. if you want to bundle great tv with high-speed internet, then call centurylink at... ask for the directv entertainment package, bundled with centurylink internet. you get all the channels you love, plus hbo, starz, showtime, and cinemax at no extra cost for the first three months. and you also get up to 12 megs of internet. all for about 45 bucks a month for 12 months. this deal sounds great, especially if you love sports. [ sports announcer voice ] get all the channels you love, plus up to 12 megs of internet for about $45 a month for 12 months. score!
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it was like old times -- just
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