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tv   CBS2 News Live at 5  CBS  December 28, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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meanwhile, some drivers are out on these icy roads trying to get home. home.we have cbs 2 photojournalist scott zimdar in the road warrior tonight to let you know which areas to
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for a day where tough commutes are expected - this next story might seem surprising. 2 news reporter steffi lee is live near highway one hundred to show us why. there's still a lot of freezing rain falling - but there weren't many drivers on the roads today.the last time we saw this much snow was more than a month ago.marion police tell us they helped with five accidents - they say less traffic - might be
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"nat pop police car." car." i'm surprised we haven't seen something like that yet. the first icy snowfall of the season means slick commutes - -so far so good.but those aren't the words you usually hear from someone who's used to helping iowans iowans "especially rear enders."after detouring into ditches. ditches. "this is uncommon." corporal jeff hartwig braced himself for cars skirting off and sliding out of lanes. lanes. it's really fortunate that, and not normal that, we haven't had something yet or somebody in the ditch just needing the unusually empty roads - less vehicles on the roadway are definitely a positive.and wintry mix covering them them i'd say the roads aren't too bad but they are not great either.isn't the typical combination. combination.across the corridor - -interstates leaving town aren't bustling with high traffic still slid into ditches - and cedar rapids police department helped with more than 20
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the holiday weekend might be the key reason behind a less hectic wintry blast. blast. "usually when we have the first one - it's usually the opposite." just a reminder if you do need to drive on these roads - keep a fair distance between your car and the car in front of you.marion police says to take it slow.steffi lee, cbs 2 news, live at five. sometimes, no matter how safely you drive, weather like this can prove painful and pricey. scott sanborn brings us a first-hand account of why you should pay attention to travel warnings. karen, i was on my way to broadcast park this morning and the freezing rain was falling on steffi said, there weren't many drivers out there--and that turned out to be a blessing for me. this is all that's left of my car tonight. i speculate it's totalled. i was northbound on 380, traveling in the center lane at least five miles under
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fine. i had both hands on the wheel, seat belt fastened, winshield wipers going, headlights on.everthing under control. but, as i tried to change lanes to exit onto 42nd street, the car unexpectedly hit ice, did a 180 and slammed into the guardrail. fortunately, i'm here to tell the story. story.but almost immediately after the crash, i heard the words in my head that i've often said on this news desk. and i'll repeat them now:if you don't have to travel, stay home. there are ways we can keep ourselves and loved ones safe when winter weather strikes. cbs 2 news reporter dora miller is live in cedar rapids
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sometimes we have to get out in this weather -- maybe not by choice. but if you find yourself out here in this very cold, wet weather...there are ways to avoid a trip to the er. first, make sure you're wearing the right clothes. even though we're not in the negative temperatures, this wind chill and wet snow can make for a bad combination. gloves and layers are a must. take breaks often. stay hydrated and don't over exert yourself if you're not used to doing a lot of physical activity. the snow isn't going anywhere so doctors also recommend taking your time. you might also find ice under the snow, so be careful when walking around out here. doctors say it comes down to common sense. covering the
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this rash of severe weather has spawned deadly tornadoes in texas, intense flooding across the plains and blizzard conditions in new's being blamed for dozens of deaths including four soldiers in missouri. a rare state of emergency has been declared in new mexico after blizzard conditions with more than a foot of snow moved through the state. in oklahoma, more bizzare winter weather where residents felt at least three earthquakes in the last 24 hours - one marked at a magnitude three-point-five. residents near dallas are retrieving what they can while rescue crews search for victims after massive twisters ripped through the area this weekend. hundreds of homes have been reduced to rubble including dozens in garland where an e-f-four tornado tore through the town.
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treatment for a deadly disease, how doctors hope the power of freezing can save patients lives. meanwhile, a live look at 1- 380 northbound on this slick monday evening commute, let's check in with chief
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still ahead live at five... a new study says everyday items are not created equal, how much more women are paying for products that are made for men - too. this is a live shot at collins road as drivers navigate these icy and snowy roads. there's more news ahead when live at 5 continues on cbs 2.
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new at five today - a case that has been a subject of national debate over race and policing. policing.the family of a 12-year old boy shot by police says they are saddened but not surprised by a decision today clearing the officers involved of any wrongdoing. a cleveleand grand jury chose *not to indict the two officers on state charges in the death of tamir rice.rice was at a recreation center in november of last year when someone called 9-1-1 to report a juvenile holding what might be a fake gun.but the officers arrived before that message was relayed - and when they got there - they saw rice pointing what appeared to be a officer shot rice.he
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says the prosecutor abused and manipulated the grand jury process to let the officers go. the prosecutor says the law gives the benefit of the doubt to a police officer who must make a split second decision. emotions are also running high in chicago.over the weekend - a woman was accidentally shot and killed while police were responding to a domestic dispute involving a 19-year old man.he also died. the mother of the teen says he suffered from mental illness and should not have been killed.a 55-year old neighbor was also shot to death in what police are calling an accident. the chicago p-d is already the focus of a federal civil rights investigation into the death of 17-year-old laquan mcdonald. mcdonald was shot 16-times in 20-14 while walking away from police. dashcam video of the shooting was released just last month sparking protests. the white police officer who shot the
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doctors at the mayo clinic are trying something new to treat a rare and deadly form of cancer. they're freezing mesothelioma tumors. doctors hope freezing the tumor will trigger a response from the patient's immune system to fight any remaining cancer cells. a minnesota woman became the first patient enrolled in the study. (sot mary kuntz/mesothelioma patient)13:27 my intial thoughs were "hmm" this might be a little risky 13:32(sot dr. shandra blackmon/mayo clinic surgeon)@5:44 this is the early explorative stage where we're just looking at what is this doing to the body, how is it stimulating the immune response. 5:50 5:50mary still has a while to see whether cryotherapy worked for her. doctors say they believe the therapy could also lead to an easier recovery. after years of controversial mandates, china is changing its one-child policy. yesterday, lawmakers voted to allow couples to have two children. the policy went into effect in the late 19-70's. but concerns
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country's large *senior population. authorities hope this new policy will allow for a larger *younger group to help support seniors. an update to a story we first brought you earlier this year. a new study confirms that women pay thousands of dollars more in their lifetime than men on products that are effectively the same. the new york city department of consumer affiars looked at nearly 800-items that had both male and female versons. from personal care to toys, the study found women's products cost about seven-percent more. in one case, a radio flyer at target cost 25-dollars while a pink scooter marketed toward girls was selling for 50- dollars. "here's a livevelook from our cbs 2 road warrior - photojournalist scott zimdar is travelling down center point road. terry will have your final forecast when n ve at 5 comes back.
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a slick couple of days, thanks terry. before we go, check out this before we go, check out this new hawk anthem ahead of the rose bowl. hear those hawkeyes sing, we know that you'll prevail," prevail,"local band four star fate has re-vamped their song "born to rise" and are calling it it born to hawk. it's a tribute to the team as they do battle in the rose bowl.they posted it on their facebook page this morning and it already has more than 30-thousand views!. that's cbs 2 news live at 5 this . coverage cctinues now with the cbs evening news and we'll be back here at 6 with the top
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>> in charges against police officers in the shooting death of 12-year-old tamir rice in cleveland. also tonight, a giant storm system crawls across the country dumping snow and ice after tornadoes tore through texas. >> we are at nature's will, whether we're going to live or die. >> an environmental disaster with no end in sight. thousands flee a methane leak in southern california, and he was king of his court. farewell to meadowlark lemon.
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