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tv   CBS 2 News 6  CBS  February 3, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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(no audio). two other local school districts right now are moving forward with expansion plans. but voters in a third have rejected such a move. in the college community school district, voters signed off on a $50 billion bond measure to infrastructure. in waterloo, voters said no. voters in springville approved $5.7 million. construction is expected to begin sometime in the coming year. l the winter storm has left the hawk eye state, but a few of us woke up to snow this morning. right now, those road conditions still icy. even if you aren't traveling to
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we won't see that sun come up until tomorrow. once that sun does come up, we'll start to see those conditions improve. here's a look at the radar. we are seeing a decrease in the clouds. some scattered flurries. cloudy for a majority of the night. winds are gusty from the northwest but are starting to die down over the night. temperature in the teens and 20s at this hour, but our [ indiscernible ] temperature is around 0. tememrature is going to drop into the teens overnight with clouds, but we do have snow in our forecast. we'll break that down in just a little bit. > several area cities are e in the process right now of wrapping up preparations of next year's budget.
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melanie is liveven north -- - with what officials have in mind. (noaudio). north liberty city officials say they have plans for another busy year as they create the fiscal year budget. >> probably the most interesting thing we're doing is council has put some money toward restoring the rancho house. >> reporter: the council has -- >> it is family was one of thth first families here in north liberty. >> reporter: to the east on penn street, the city has resurfacing sewer and water projects totaling at least $12
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>> that northeast part of the town is going to be our next big growth area. with the high school currently subdivisions that arargetting close to submitting construction plans. >> reporter: to the west, the city plans to use 3 and a half million dollars to widen penn street. >> that road gets a tremendous amount of use, especially as folks are leaving in the morning and coming back in the afternoon. >> reporter: after that, they'll need to work with the federal government on the bridge that crosses the interstate. >> it's more making sure our infrastructure is keeping up with our needs. that's what the fiscal year 17 will be all about. (no audio). >> cbs2 news continues to track
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transportation's efforts to improve the state's longest roadway. officials have launched a study looking into major upgrades for interstate 80. the d.o.t. wants to learn how i-80 is at include the addition of truck-only lanes, weather impacts, as well as cost and funding.d-o-t officials are continuing to collect public comment and their report is expected to come out next january. if you live in johnson county, *local leaders want to know what you think about transportation. n.the metropolitan planning organizationis releasininthe first of five surveys to help develop future transportation proposals.the first survey will be open through march first.. first..we've put a link to it on cbs 2 iowa dot com. also in johnson county - tiffin leaders could scale back the minnimum wage. wage.the city council has now approved the first reading of an ordinance that would make
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younger than 18.right now - that rate is 8-25 an hour for everyone.a second reading for the ordinance will happen at the next tiffin city cououil meeting in two weeks. new tonight at six, six,the iowa lottery and multi-state lottery association are now facing the first of potentially several lawsuits.'s all in connnntion to the on-going case surrounding eddie tipton. in july, tipton was convicted of fraud for rigging lottery computers to collect a multi-million dollar jackpot.a lawsuit filed on behalf of larry dawson seeks ten million claims a nine million dollar jackpot he won should have been nearly three times as big, had it not been for tipton's actions.tipton is also accused of rigging jackpots in other states.the lawsuits could cost the iowa lottery and others tens of millions of dollars. drivers could soon be forced by law to change lanes or move over to pass bicycles.that's the aim of a new bill in the iowa senate.lawmakers want to
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too close to people riding their bikes on roadways and in bike lanes.the iowa bicycle close. the iowa bicycle coalition is lobbng for the new legislation. community.the city has been working to implement blue zones projects for two years. since the start of 20-14, a quarter of iowa city schools became designated blue zones schools.23 restaurts earned blue zones designations as well.iowa city will celebrate its certification during the freeze festival - - that's coming up saturday, february 20th. iowa city is also enjoying another distinction right now. the community was named the ninth best place to live by live-ability-dot-com.the school district, health care system, and university- influencnc ulture are all reasons the website gave iowa city its ranking.and more good news for the corridor.cedar rapids was named live- ability's eighth most affordable city.that
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large part to revitaliztion efforts through out the city. still ahead on the cbs 2 news at six, six,the caucuses may be over but you can still catch some entertaining political back- and-fourth.the man who's bringing the political stage to the musical stage.
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tomorrow on cbs 2 this morning, we continue our coverage of the big football game happening this weekend. weekend.the latest security concerns, and how the big game is affecting the economy of the host city.that's tomorrow
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// when that cold north wind begins to blow that's when you know it's time to go to...iowa // //that was the sentiment just when the cold winds begin to blow >> that was the sentiment just a few days ago. of course they've since moved on to other battle ground areas including new hampshire. but a play entitled caucus the musical is taking a comical approach. the performance was born on the iowa state university campus in the 1980s when three different presidential candidates were braving the cold. theatrical in its own way and this should be a theater play in its own form. caucus the musical runs through saturday night at the stoner theater in des moines. tickets are still available
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dot com. some overnight snow made and can be found on overnight snow made travel a little tricky for some this morning. >> morrisessa scott is in with a look at your first forecast. >> some of us actually saw another 5 to 6 inches, mainly northwest of highway 20 this morning. you can see where the purple is in our snow depth map. that's where we saw another half inch of snow from the system that moved in overnight. you made your way southeast ward. we just saw another inch of snow from the system that moved in this morning. here's a look at snow reports from yesterday and today. mesa city broke a record. 9.7 for fayette. and at the waterloo airport --
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inches from the storm that moved through yesterday and today. we're starting to see clearing though as that system has left the hawkeye state. just scattered flurries down to the southwest. we'll see clearing tonight, but the ouds will build overnight as well. snow covered mainly north of highway 20, but as you make your way off to the west in central iowa, be careful because those roads are also very slick out there and i think these will improve overnight, but be mindful of that for the area that is did see over 10 inches of snow. still could be snow covered roads when you head into work tomorrow. tonight we expect some clouds, tomorrow as well. colder temperatures behind this system. temperatures overnight will drop into the teens and we will see 20s tomorrow. but a clipper will move through tomorrow and on friday. i'll show you that in just a
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here's a live look. 19 degrees around cedar rapids. it feels like 4 degrees. that's why you need to bundle up before you head out the door. your 16 in tama and down in iowa city, you're 20 degrees. we'll see the clouds decrease and the temperatures fall to around the 12 degree mark tomorrow. so it's going to be a chilly start at the bus stop for the kids tomorrow. then we'll see that sun wake us up tomorrow and temperatures will quickly warm up into the mid to upper 20s and hopefully improve the roads out there as well. winds a bit breezy from the northwest. the good news is the winds will die down tonight, so maybe we can see fog develop. take a look at midwest radar. you can see the clouds leaving the hawkeye state there's the
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that's going to move through here tomorrow. the system that brought us the rain, snow and sleet, far off to our east. but then that clipper moved through very quickly tomorrow afternoon. some scattered flurries possibly. but thanks to high pressure, that's going to dominate and push the system out of the hawkeye state quickly. but a second clipper will move through on friday afteoon. that could bring us light snow showers in our northern county, mainly north of highway 20. close to home, clearing tonight. clouds will build tomorrow. with a chance of scattered flurries around 2:00 tomorrow afternoon. the system will move out quickly and we will see mostly clear skies thursday night. clouds will build friday morning. tonight, some clouds, cold temperatures and light winds. single digits and teens for our lows and tomorrow, we'll see
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mixed sunshine and a bit cooler than today. but scattered flurries expected thanks to the clipper that will move through tomorrow afternoon. otherwise we will see clouds and sunshine through the weekend, temperatures getting close to 40 for super bowl sunday before another system brings us really cold temperatures and snow on monday. we're talking really cold temperatures. >> really cold. 37 -- so definitely a good time to enjoy the weekend and get outside and enjoy the sunshine and those warmer temperatures. >> thank you. looking into what the next generation will bring for the hawkeyes. >> coming up in sports, it's national signing day. new class of recruits rank compare to the rest of the
6:15 pm and now, cbs2 sports. >> today is the day where grown men sit by their phones like teenage girls waiting for a
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it's national signing day. for the hawkeyes, the 2016 class is a good one. they signed 24 guys. 5 of them are from iowa. 31st overall according to defensive line man cedrick lattimor and [ indiscernible ] stan least. >> we don't give scholarships out. they get earned. we're very enthused about this class. for us the biggest part of the battle is getting them here. once we get them here, i feel we have a really good chance without fancy gymnastics. >> matt campbell couldn't have done any better.
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two of them are 4-star recruits. with those numbers, in that short of time, it's safe to say a storm is brewing at isu. in cedar falls, the panthers brought in a big and balanced class. 13 offensive guys, 13 defensive. of the group, 11 are from the state. he could see 5 to 7 of them in the fall. college is not the only one celebrating signing day. at kennedy, two leaders of the cougars historic run to the 4 a state title game are now hawkeyes. neither senior knows what position they'll play just yet, but they're excited to wear the black and gold together. >> it's huge. i mean, there's nobody else i'd rather be playing with. just having the opportunity to continue our careers together and just build the relationship
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we're gonna be roommates... and we're best friends here.. we'll be best friends there... and hopefully be best friends in the future too... i just can't wait to play with him on the field... at washington -- isiah nimmers highlighted signing day for the warriors -- as i already mentioned -- he's s ing to u- n-i -- as three year starter at receiver and corner back -nimmers led wash to a runner-up finish in 4-a in 2014.. and hopping on the panther train is pretty special -- "it's real good especially all the support here especially my parents, all my friends and people i've grown up with through my childhood and so that's really good to see all these people here to come support. a lot of my friends and people i know wish they could do the same too, so it is definitely something i'm not going to take for granted. it's something that you've got to keep building on." and finally -- mount vernon's stud receiver connor herrmann -- is headed to south dakota -- last week he went for a visit and immediatley fell in love with the coyotes -- last season hemann led the entire state in receptions with 1
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excited to take mustang football out west. "it definately means a lot. a lot of little kids look up to the football players so it's just a really big deal around the community. you know every kid dreams of going division 1... you know i'm just lucky enough to go there so i'm really happy."
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look at your has entered his pick for the super before we go, a agrazely bear has entered his pick for the super bowl. a zoo gave ozy -- each with frosting that formed the team logos. ozzie eventually chose the broncos cake. this is not the first year
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last year, he correctly predicted the patriots. you can see the game sunday night right here. we'll all be here for the game and coverage after. >> i think i would have eaten both of them. >> yeah. >> if you're a grizzly bear, why not. what have we got for tonight? >> tonight is going to be dry and ququt. we're already seeing clouds decrease. for the most part, we're going to see temperatures get down into the teens and single
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it's going to be living a nightmare. it's killing me all over again. backlash. >> it hurts so muc watch itit >> we break downn the m mni series with two of the trial's key players, marcia clark and kato kaelin. >> i think they make me look like a ston >> find out whwh they think as the show digs into marcia's person oj trial? >> jennifer garner stopped by
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we'll explain what happened.
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