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tv   CBS 2 News 6  CBS  February 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:29pm CST

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some donors deciding not to donate because of zika. >> about 20-some or so for the past week have come in but have not been able to donate because of that travel requirement. >> they have asks if they're been sick or traveled recently. if it is yes, they have to wait 28 days. >> what we're doing is asking people if they're going to mexico or the pacific islands, that they make donation part of their pretravel plans. >> the world health organization is only concerned about if people travel internationally for spring break. they say some patients who have gotten zika haven't shown any signs or symptoms, even though they have the virus in their body. if you have plans to travel to florida or any southern states, they're not limiting you from donating at this time. >> to make sure that we are being protective of the blood that can go to hospitals. reporter: others are encouraged to donate.
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lose around 2% of their donors this spring because of the limitations. >> we keep good track. that. it's quite important. reporter: the blood thinner -- centers says they hope people who don't usually donate will come to one of their centers or blood drawings to make up for the donations they won't get because of zika. marissa scott cbs2 news. >> thank you. at least one u.s. olympic star says if she had to make the choice today, she wouldn't go in rio because of zika concerns. unhealthy child, and that competing in the olympics should be a safe environment. so far, the u-s olympic committee says it hasn't advised athletes to reconsider
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within the next hour in downtown cedar rapids, a serious discussion will begin few minutes. within the next hour, downtown cedar rapids a serious discussion will begin about issuability not typically associated with iowa. >> for years, heroin addiction has spread throughout the east coast.
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how it's now inching closer to the corridor. reporter: people are just starting to trickle in here to the local auditorium at the keyed arrest rapids public library. talk about how heroin seems to be sweeping in the midwest the same way that it popped up on the east coast, quickly but quietly. experts say most addicts don't start on heroin right away. the stereo type was it was a seasoned drug addicts that would use it those days are gone. the u.s. attorney says adults and children's were all backgrounds are susceptible to being hooked. >> many of those occurred innocently where they suffered a work related injure -- work- related injury or a dent visit and they started on opioids. before they know t they're addicted. when that became too costly, they moved to heroin, which has been pommed into the midwest.
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-- compared to the opioid drugs. reporter: awe town hall meeting serves the purpose of warning the community about has down the road by taking a look at east coast cities that are already more advanced in this process. coming up tonight on the news at 9:00 and 10:00, we look at just how dire that warning can be. >> thank you, kevin. the cdc says the flu is widespread in washington. what it's only one of flee states the cdc considers that way. turns out, it's now too late to get a flu vaccine and expect it to help because the peak of the season has already arrived. it's not too late to take another preventive measure. tonight the fox 28 news at 9:00 and at 10:00, what you can do if you haven't gotten your flu shot. the morning routines for students and parents in the iowa city school district will soon go through another big change.
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the start time for boat element spree secondary students. cbs2 news reporter found out why. reporter: christie allen is a mother of three. >> one is 8, one is 6. >> she -- reporter: she relies on the bus to get her kids to and from school. recent cuts in the district manhour than 800 children need to find new transportation. the -- >> the shortest route goes is the which is still 45 miles an hour with no sidewalks. they have to walk on the shoulder. reporter: iowa city schools are changing their bell schedule next year. it will flip when elementary students and secondary students start class. these changes came in response to concerns from parents after a bell change for this school year. >> i think parents in general are just frustrated with all the changes. reporter: with the bell schedule, elementary students will start at 7:55 and
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that's a 55-minute gap in between start times. the district says that's going to save them money. the district says that gap will save them $116,000. they say the research shows secondary students perform better later andment radio students perform better earlier it allows older children to take care of younger siblings. >> high school age kids that drive, maybe they can help alleviate pressures from parents to get kids to school. reporter: she's concerned about elementary students heading to school at the same time people are traveling to work, but she's glad for the school change. >> the adjustment was way hard on the bell schedule. it was huge. i think going back to what seems like more of a normal will be a relief. reporter: cbs2 news. district officials say there's not enough funding from the state. on the hill in des moines, where they will discuss the issue.
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group of people signed up for johnson county's community i-d program. program.they spent the day enrolling residents at old capitol mall in iowa city. they're now targeting id program. they spent the day enrolling residents at old capital mall. they are -- targeting international students. they are henning them open bank accounts. they cost 98 -- $8 for adults and $4 for children. more women are opting out of carrying pepper stray and stun guns and moving toward another powerful weapon, guns. in fact, in just one year, 30% more women in linn county applied to get their concealed carry permit. those women say they've done the research and now they're doing what's appropriate for them. experts encourage web keep in mind other ways to license lessen the likelihood of becoming a victim. walking, where you're going." going."we'll hear more from
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and in tonight's special report, see the other group that's impacted by the trend. it's coming up tonight on the fox 28 news at nine and the cbs 2 news ten at ten. still ahead on the cbs 2 news at six, narrowing the field. field.the latest candidates to drop out of the presidential race and where the ones looks like this cold air is part of our future.
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weekend and that will be join us tomorrow on cbs 2 this
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might be over, but the fight against concussions in the sports, continues, all year long. tomorrow on cbs-2, the new technology that could replace the standard field test for all student athletes.see you at five. the latest developments in the race for president. president.carly fiorina tonight is no longer a we have the latest developments in the run for president. carly fee reena is no longer a candidate. she suspended her campaign late this afternoon. her decision follows her distant finishes in iowa and new hampshire. she has long lagged in the polls only getting a boost following the second gop debate. she said she will not sit down and be quiet but rather fight also officially out of the presidential race.christie finished behind fiorina in the iowa caucuses, and only slightly edged her out last night in new hampshire. the two departures mean seven republican candidates are now
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donald trump took first in new hampshire, followed by a carolina's primary. donald trump took first place in new hampshire followed by a strong second place finish by ohio governor john kasich. trump says hi popularity will continue to grow. his competitors say they are ready to fight back. south carolina republican vote ers head to the polls february 20th. before then, another republican debate will be held. that's this saturday at 8:00 right here on cbs2. the two democratic candidates are now focusing their attention on nevada where democrats head to the polls on the 23rd. in new hampshire, bernie sanders defeated hillary clinton by more than 20 percentage points. the two will face off tomorrow night for the 6th time. a mix of clouds and sunshine today but still cold out there. >> our chief meteorologist is
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forecast to help you plan your evening. oh, yeah. temperatures only in the teens around eastern iowa today. far below the norms getting back up into the lower 30s and currently we are at 15 here in cedar rapids. a mixture of stars and clouds out there. when that northwest wind, are our feel like temperature -- our feel like temperature is 6 tonight. there was a clipper that went through central iowa and produced a comb laying -- accumulating snow out that way. we did get in on some of the clouds associated with that disturbance. those are starting to break out now. eventually we will see clearing in our skies later on tonight. that means up in the north, some places will probably get a bit below zero. we didn't get all that warm today with clouds coming in the afternoon hours. temperatures at just 15 in waterloo. 16 in cedar rapids. on the other side of the
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temperatures in southwestern iowa as warm as 41. none of that warmth for us. our weather headlines include this cold northwest flow holding in here through the upcoming weekend meaning well below temperatures. reenforcing blast of cold air on friday night and that is going to once again drop the wind chills and kick up the wind and get those temperatures below zero and then on sunday, a decent clipper expected to move through the midwest. that's going to produce snow. here's today's numbers. 19 degrees in iowa city. 16 in cedar rapids. last night's lowe lows, the coldest in waterloo where it went down to 1 degree. current temperatures, down to 9 now in charlton. still 18 in iowa city. waterloo in there at 10 degrees. you can see the strong northwest flow here that continues over the upper midwest. here's the mild air. here's the cold air. we're on the edge of that.
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with snow out to the west of us. but there's another one up here that will come through late tomorrow night and very early friday. could produce a dusting and then behind that, a stronger one up here. looks like this is going to dig a little more and scoop moisture and that's the -- has the potential of produces several inches of snow. to the north of that is where would you see your heavier snow band develop. i'll show you the european models, it has about two and a half inches here in the cedar rapids area. our new gfs model, which just came in, much more bullish on the snow. it shows 7 and a half inches. so right now, still a little bit up in the air how much snow will fall, but certainly the potential is there for several inches avenue accumulation and we'll know a lot more on that in the coming days as we get
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you can see the skies clearing out here by midnight and that will allow temperatures to fall out pretty good. during the day tomorrow, quite a bit of sunshine is not going to help the temperatures too much. readings will stay in the teens. our forecast tonight will call for low temperatures that will be falling back into the range of 2 to 4 below to 5 in the south as the clouds decrease from northwest to southeast. then during the day tomorrow, we'll have sunshine around. temperatures still in the mid teens north to the lower 20s in the south. winds at 5 to 10. the extended forecast then has a chance for light snow as we get towards thursday night and early friday morning. then the cold air rushes back in here for saturday. that's blustery and will start at 4 below. finally by sunday, readings warm a little bit. we get the snow back in the forecast and after that, moderating temperatures next week. i'm still thinking there's a good chance we'll be in the 50s
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>> if you want to make somebody smile to february, say 50. >> with a forecast like that, i had to throw something good in there. >> give us a bone. you have a story i can't wait to see. this is cool. >> yeah. you know, a lot of teens say their family, we found one that's actually a family. the true story of a family on the court. the starting lineup, that's
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we're just over 24 hours until iowa tips off against now we have sports. we're we're just over 24 hours until iowa tips off against indiana and we know what's on the line. the top spot in the big ten standing. in order for the hawks to stay there, they have to do one game -- and it's something hawkeyes know won't be easy -- but it's something they have to do. "he's as tough a cover as there is out there. because he comes at you 100 miiles an hour and he pulls up, shoots the three right in your face... you know views himself as an n-b-a player, contemplated .coming out last year and came back and wanted to make the most of it -- and he's done that." that.""very good free throw shooter, gets to the line quite a bit so just gotta play him without fouling and make his life tough..." the u-n-i men have rattled off
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they'll go for number-five against missouri state tonight -- and it looks like the panthers have some rhythm back on offense... in saturday's win over drake... they shot a ridiculous 61 percent from the field... and scored over 80 points for the first time since late december... coach jake hopes to see the offense keep flowing against the bears... because that was missing the first time round. "at the end of the day we stood around and watched too much at that end of the floor. and in our last couple here right now, guys are moving and doing a better job of working together ... the ball is moving better, we are getting some guys in different spots.. so hopefully that will continue for us on >> the ball is moving better. spots. hopefully that will continue for us on wednesday. >> a girl's basketball team might have done something nobody has ever done in the state of iowa much, start five relatives in one game proofing
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but a true family on the court. >> push yourselves. >> the girls basketball team is literally a family. >> sally, vanessa, he willy, sin thee a kristin. >> three sisters two, cousins, starting five of hamlets. >> i've been doing this 20- something years. i've never seen it anywhere. >> serve like, wow, five ham lins. very unique. >> kind of complicated really. >> so sally is probably the quiet one. >> cynthia is more organized. she likes to have everybody in their spots and is a mother to us. >> kristin is like really nice and calm, and she calms everybody down. >> vanessa is like strong, really strong. i'm the weird one also. soy kind of have that under control. >> on the court, they are always nothing but net.
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pretty well. a little puzzle. >> we can always come back and be like, oh, we did this funny thing together in high school where we all started and tell our kids and grandkids and everybody about it. >> about the year the hamhin herd took the court at starmont. that's the last time it will happen was two of them are seniors. >> congratulations. what a cool thing for that to happen.
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terry is back be in a d lift off///
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5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and lift off. >> always fun to watch that. this was the scene early this morning in southern california where the united launch alliance sent their delta 4 rocket into space. it's carrying corgi for the government agency that operates satellites which gather intelligence. maybe a weather satellite. >> that's a nice guess. >> anything that can help us out. right?
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>> pretty tonight, new trump movie? johnny depp doing a dead-on donald impression. >> this is the second best selling book of alltime. >> best selling book of all time. >> we go behind the truth as trump unleashes his secret weapon. pregnant daughter, ivanka trump. >> you are good friends with ivanka. >> we talk about everything. >> new york fashion week. >> entertain tomt wow. >> "e.t." is front row for jen and justin's date night on the runway. >> this is how we always go to
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>> also tonight, never done
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