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tv   CBS 2 News 10  CBS  February 29, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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fine at this hour. >> but to the north in waterloo, as you can see a fresh coat of snow already on the ground there. terry swails joins us now with the latest on this storm. >> we have been watching the radars closely all evening long. this band of snow has set up. and it looks like it's going to hold pretty much in this same general area in the next few hours and that's the region that will see the heaviest snow in our viewing area. the snow extending from dubuque and delaware counties. you get down to cedar rapids though you don't find much in the way of precipitation. then you get into south eastern
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on at this point. the heavy snows will fall in this area here. 3 to 5-inch totals maybe a cocole of spots slightly more than that. the 1 inch line gets to about cedar rapids. but the bottom line is it's our northern counties that will see the worst of the snow and that's where the most difficult travel conditions will result late tonight and early tomorrow morning. we continue now with thehe corridor's top stories. right now the man who could be the next leader of the university of iowa police department is accused with inteer fearing with an investigation.
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interim public director david vince r vinson. he took sean crane from the scene before he could be interviewed. he blames his actions on low blood sugar levels from diabetes. a statement from the university says he released information involving the incident. as of now the university is not aware of any charges against him. he bleeded g glty to an owi charge in december. it's not decided if he will remain in a permanent position at the public safety office. >> thank you. if you're wondering why this story didn't come out until now, the associated press just now obtained the documents. we have new information tonight in a month long man hunt
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u.s. marshals captured cordarryl smith in illinois this morning. the cedar rapids man faced attempted murder charges related to a september shooting that injujud one man. he will be extradited to iowa. we're following the latest developments in the privacy battle between apple and the fbi. totoy a new york jung rule -- juj ruled the fbi could not force apple to break into a phone. another judge ordered apple to help create software to break into the phone of one of the san bebeardino killers. apple says this wouou invade the privacy of apple customers. one of the biggest proposals
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the union address this year is the water initiative. the same amount of money going into education will still go into scols, but additional funds will go into water projects. >> reporter: it all has to do with one of the most recognizable part of the iowa landscape. it's farmland. there's drainage systems that keep iowa farmland f fm becoming swamped. but runoff sometimes carries harmful chemicals into the v this is the rigination of the main open ditch of drainage district 2 and 51.they carry water in calhoun and ac counties in rural northwest
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into the racoon river -- and district 2 and 51 are partially ground zero for the des moines water work lawsuit saying districts just like these are polluting iowa's water -- way too much. much. their whole message is that agricultural drainage is a public nuisance. that's what the law suit alleges.kristine tidgren at the iowa state center for agriculture law and taxation says these specific districts are targeted because there's nothing else around that could be putting nitrate into the water -- except off created by farmland is one of the only discharge methods exempt from clean water act permits regulating what gets put into water supplies -- and charging a fee for it.bill stowe at des moines water works says it's time for that to change. change. des moines waterworks has experienced high nitrate levels for the last 25 years. we built the world's largest de-nitrification facility now about 25 years ago so that has been a long and persistent problem for us.stowe says in
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to take nitrates out for a record 177 days. days.this is a denitrification facilili built about 25 years's an expensive process -- that cost 1 and a half million dollars in 2015 -- and needs to be replaced now -- because salt-based process corrodes the equipment and it's getting older.stowe says the price tag would be around 80 million dollars -- and with the highest nitrate concentrations ever being found in the des momoes and racoon rivers -- stowe says it's not right to keep pushing that cost on to consumers. consumers.we think the producers upstream who are pushing that pollution down to us should either stop pollututg or pay to remediate any other part of the law -- that would happen outside the courts.but not for the rural -- agricultural drainage districts. districts. yoyocannot sue a drainage districtctor damages because they're not that type of entity.kristine says the iowa supreme court has upheld this
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becuase drainage districts are not corprpations and don't turn a profit -- they're just pieces of land.the people responsible for them -- in this case -- the county board of supervisors -- can be sued and ordered to fix them if they're damaged.she says since they don't produce any revenue -- they haven't been considered financially responsible for anything outside their own upkeep. upkeep.we believe that it's very clear qn the iowa code and or constitution that our responsibilities as supervisors or trustees is for infrastructure of these facilities. we have no ability to regualte in take -- our responsiblitiy is soley on the infrastrucucre and maintainence of those structures.the supervisors say having to apply for permits for agriculture runoff would be like suddenly having to go to the d-m-v to get a licence to ride a bike -- it's just never been done. done.farming is a very sympathetic and admirable trade but it's a busins. there's no other business that
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to the waters of the state without being regulated. business and discharge it to the waters of the state without being regulated. they need to catch up with the rest of theworld to be accountable for their productions. >> reporter: a simple permits process would do that. >> it means there's a regulation d a control point that's important obviously for environmental projection. >> reporter: that's exactly what des moines water works does. they have a salt and nitrate mixture to put back into the rir downstream. it's -- rive it's just business. theshld get better at keeping the nitrates out of the water supply. rick says that strip limits harmful run you don't have and
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but attempts to help through legislation have been underfunded. >> it's going to take monitorinin and struruure for us to be able to get there. i think some people are just going to roll the dice and hope that the lawsuit goes their way. >> reporter: the county pervisors all say that the nitrates they put in are just a drop in the bucket by the time it travels more than 150 miles past thousands of other farms to get to des moines. but since this case would be precedent setting, they say the amount of nitrates they put in isn't the at this point. runoff hasn't been regulated until now. the trial is slated to start? august, but that's slated to be pushed back. right now the city of cedar rapids is requesting proposals for a new high-rise building in
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the location is first street and third avenue northeast. tonight prospective builders got their first look at the plans. matt join us live with the latest. matt. >> reporter: let me set the stage for you. this is the new crst power under construction. and we're on the back side of the paramount theater. but this open space used to be a pawnshop. now it is a half acre of parking lots owned by the city. today at least ten developers showed up to listen to city leaders. they're asking delopers to consider a five storyr taller building. they want housing, enclosed parking, or a commercial ground floor. they've done a lot of work on the downtown already they really
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>> it is an exciting time in downtown cedar rapids. when you look at other communities that have had national d dasters like we have, it's actually quite amazing the incredible growth and reinvestment and really the rererposing of some of these areas. >> reporter: back live now on the developers site. now the deadline for them to submit their ideas to see what will indeed beuilt here is coming up soon on april 29th. covering the corridor, cbs news 10 at 10:0:. going on right now in lisbon, authorities are trying to solve a string of vandalisms. police say the suspts targeted two businessss and a school last week. this comes after the city park was vandalized over the summer.
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information to call crime stoppers. hundreds packed hotels in iowa city tonight for the top chef competition. tickets sold out in four days. they competed to win top chef and people's choice in different categories. organizers say this event is an opportunity to share the experiences available in iowa city. ready for some ceness? several in eastern iowa are celebrating the birth of some leap year babyings. eighth babies were born in car rapids today. two were boror at mer city all moms, dads and babies are doing just fine. that's the top stories. still to come, a super
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what george niang had to say after playing in hilton for the final time. a snowstormm will be impacting parts of the area
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the snow is spreading and cbs 2 this morning.doctors are turning the microscope on what's becoming a new frontier in health-care. care.a bacteria that lives in the gut could be the keyeyo treating all kinds ofailments. what it could mean for our
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many will see #134g, other wills see -- something, others will see nothing. this is about the fourth time where part ts of -- parts see snow and other parts nothing at all. so again we'll@ lay it out for you but it will be difficult. we've got clouds right now. the wind has picked up to 25 miles per hour. in our central subpoenaa southern countiesese'll start offith rain that will change over the snow. it's about the northern half of the viewing area that sees the most snow. up around highway 20 and points north to the minnesota border, there will be snow covered roads tomorrow morning. also in the north there'll be gusty winds that could produce snow up there.
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blowing around a little bit late tonight and early tomorrow. you can see the blue on the radar that denotes the snow. not much going on in south eastern iowa. it's rain or mixed precipitation up toward cedar rapids. here's a closer view of the snow. it extends on to the north. if you'r'r traveling in this part of iowa tonight, expect poor driving conditions. you can see the darker blues now indicating snow rates up to an inch an hour. this will be very focused and narrow across the northern one-third of your viewing area. so it's right in here from waterloo to dubuque. 3 to 5 inches of snow. and then you get down to cedar rapids, we're about the 1 to
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from iowa city to the south, not much more than a dusting from the looks of things tonight. we do have a winter weather advisory in effect from cedar rapids north up to the minnesota border. traveling will be tough tonight and early tomorrow morning. you can se how the snow has been expanding and it sets up shop from waterloo to dubuque. heavy snow should occur for 5 or 6 hours tonight. but you can see moegs areas do get in on some snow here -- most. and tomorrow afternoon our skies go partly sunny. the winds will be 25 or 30 miles an hour from the north and the temperatures hold pretty staud. we should begin the day a aund 25. then when the sun comes out,
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upper 20s to lower 30s. our current temperatures range from 27 to 38. it's still almost 40 in washington. the temperature contrast will keep the snow out of the southern counties. this system moves through here tonight. but there's more energy coming in to the pacific northwest. on wednesday and thursday the pressure tracks to the southeastover us and ps us in a spot to see snow accumulation. so the overnight forecast has lows in the upper teens and lower 20s. rain or snow changes to all snsn. tomorrow the snow is over by 7:00 or 8 o'clock in the morning. we could have 5 or 6 inches from
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a lot less in the southern counties. 34 for wednesday. more snow necessity in the forecast for thursday. the temperatures warm up nextxt week. a week from today, we could be up arod 58 degrees.
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punch his tic good things must come to and end -- and tonight was the end
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must come to an end and the tonight was the end of an era at hilton with the cyclones. mainly for niang. definitely one of the all time greats. iowa state hosting oklahoma state. you know it's your night when this happens. niang misses the tree throw but flushes it home. here's one of those dimes. niang with the alley. senior -- later gator -- 19 points for nadar -- none sweeter than that dunk -- cyclones win -- 58 to 50 "this day was about these three guys, and what they've done for this university and this basketball program. and then georges, 2 thousand points scored, 3rd all time leading scorer, winningest player in the history of the school." "the support, the love, the real love that i felt here i was afraid for that to happen
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my all inin this place and i'm content with closing this chapter at hilton because i left everything i had out there." and still to come we head to state -- how the orioles flew out to a lead and
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the spspngville girls were the darlings of the state basektball tournament -- the orioles flew all the way to the 1-a final before magical run came to an end -- this year -- they entered with a a ssion -- brininhome a title pierson in the quarters they were flying -- maddi wagamen finds rylee menster breaking free - up and in for two of her 16 points mikayla 10 on to the semis for a title game rematch against newell fonda get them to trust what we do, the way that we move the basketball defense, not have to worry about winning and losing and the scoreboard...but if we just run our stuff and do it well that. it did barely tonight but it's g out of the way know that we're gonna get back and get to play another one." first trip to state -- trojans
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we'll get to play another one. turkey valley making their first triri to state. morgan spopo up and splashes home the 3. she finished with 9 points. the drive to beat the buzzer before the half. turkey valley wins their first ever game at state. >> it feels amazing because we've been thinking about this forever since we were third graders so it's a good feeling. >> very exciting and thrilling. of course this is the first time the girls team has made it to state for our school. so very exciting. trojans and hawks making their first appearance at state. ashley uses a bounce.
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and then later the connection combined for 24 points. in boys hoops, the sub state final. golding eagles started out. wsr came all the way back. 20 pointntand 12 rebounds. the lauks had the first lead
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nine straight free throws well here's another view of the radar. you can see snow falling in cedar rapids. coming dow pretty good in waterloo and dubuque. you should see acalm liegss around the range of 3 do 5 inches as we go through the rest of tonight.
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