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tv   CBS 2 News 6  CBS  September 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CDT

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stride because the ball was thrown over his outside shoulder. that is a gain of 42. >> gary: remember verne, remember i said 80% of the team for alabama is either four-star or five-star. calvin ridley is knife-star. you don't coach that. somebody has the ability to do that or they don't. >> verne: hurts. incomplete. gehrig dieter. >> gary: with his athletic skill he turns and makes the catch. >> verne: o.j. howard has a couple of catches. ridley comes to the near side. again, ardarius stewart. the other wide receiver. injured. >> gary: you know who hasn't
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robert foster. haven't seen him much in this game. two of the top receivers are not in the game. >> verne: nothing. a.j. moore with the tackle. third down and long. >> gary: thoiz outside linebackers slash safeties in the 4-2-5 defense are now starting to crowd the line of scrimmage and that's what he did. he crashed it and stopped the run. >> verne: scarbrough heads to the bench. joshua jacobs comes on. third and nine and a fournette lead. >> gary: hurts has been keeping the ball on third down. let's see if they do it again. >> verne: hurts back to throw. . no joshua jacobs was in the area.
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said no way. >> verne: this would have been a 56 or a 57-yarder for adam griffith. >> gary: never going to let him -- >> verne: no, i can't get him out of my mind. >> gary: let's see if we can get a pooch punt for alabama or if ole miss can get this ball and get it into good field position. what's going to happen? >> verne: way up in the air. >> gary: not a >> verne: a fair catch. >> gary: i think both sides will take that. that could have been a lot worse. >> verne: 34-30. one tick under 11 minutes remaining. we've got something happening here in oxford. here we go, just breathe. here we go. who knows? this little girl could become a neurosurgeon.
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>> verne: the home depot s.e.c. on cbs is sponsored by windows 10. progressive. sonic. ask by ram trucks. >> verne: we are back in oxford with an invitation. stay tuned for the jeep post-game show coming up after our game. third week of the college football season.
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group at cbs, ucla-texas a&m, last week -- >> gary: not an overtime game. >> verne: it was not overtime. no. >> gary: [laughing] >> verne: it seemed like it went on -- >> gary: over-early game last week. first down and 10. kelly handoff. one yard, maybe two. akeem judd. >> gary: it was 21-3, but if you're hugh freeze would you take chad kelly on the field with 10 minutes to go and only down four points? >> verne: absolutely. >> gary: a great defense that time. >> verne: sure was. marlon humphrey, number 26. >> gary: back shoulder, you got
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penalty, but i'm going to fight you on this one. perfect defense. >> verne: third down, nine. ole miss. two wide left. one wide right. four-man rush. kelly into the flat. evan engram. he tries to break the tackle. he does, but does not pick up enough for the first down. >> gary: alabama stayed zone defense, backed up and challenged chad kelly to dump the ball off. he did. they came up and made the tackle. alabama dropped back. forced the tackle. and then short of the first down. >> verne: shyheim carter, number five made the tackle. an 88-yard punt return for a touchdown that right now is the
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>> verne: jackson. one hop. to the 42 yard line. >> gary: number five made the tackle, as you said, cyrus jones had been there so long, i was going to sigh, what do you mean? that's cyrus jones. but it wasn't. it could have been archie griffin. "well, fantastic!" a lot. well she loves to say, i do say that, you see... i study psychobiology. es that i take notes this way, but they actually make sense to me. i try to balance my studying with the typical college experience. this windows pc is a life saver! being able to pull up different articles to different parts of the screen is so convenient.
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>> verne: next saturday on cbs sports, our group will be at knoxville. a significant eastern conference playoff between florida and tennessee. it all begins with "college football today. "autotrader college football today" show next saturday 3:00. we keep speaking of streaks. florida has won the last 11 over tennessee. tennessee struggled today but they did manage to outlast the ohio university bobcats. allie laforce's alma mater. florida is at home against north
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first down, 10. hurts. a block on the edge. makes the tackle. it's a foot race. he's going to be dragged down from behind, but he gets near the 17 yard line. >> gary: that will make it alabama will have two players on offense that have rushed for over 100 yards in the game. one of them is a running back. the other one is the quarterback. >> verne: the block was forrestal miller, number 87. damien harris. jalen hurts, true freshman, channel view, texas. -- channelview, texas.
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>> gary: i was going to say it might go back to the wishbone days. >> verne: let's set on the far side. play clock at three. looks for a block on the corner. gets around and out of bounds at the five yard line. >> gary: everybody thinks of nick saban as being hard-headed about the way he coaches this football team but he has definitely adjusted. the modern rules have allowed r.p.o.'s and plays that you can run a play and have a pass play and he's lead let lane kiffin run this offense and it has definitely changed in the last three years. >> verne: down the sideline.
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-- >> gary: i think he went in. did he step out? the only possibility is if he stepped out. >> referee: ruling on the field is that the ballcarrier was out of bounds at the 1 1/2 yard line. second down. >> gary: yes, he did. good call. >> verne: he might have stepped out at the end. >> gary: right here at the 2 1/2 yard right there. >> verne: my point being that his right foot -- >> gary: i see. >> verne: before >> gary: before he crossed the goal line. >> verne: can i have that back? >> gary: once you dot archie griffin, you're good the rest of the game. >> verne: oh. damien harris is the running back. they give it to harris. and he is in for the touchdown.
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>> gary: they sure mixed up the running game and they attacked it with the running game this whole drive. they had, what, five plays or four plays and they ran every single one of them and punched under it in. the combination of the quarterback and the power, 71 plays by alabama. >> verne: 58 yards on five-play drive. under three minutes. adam griffith is on to punt. >> verne: adam griffith is on for the extra point. up and good. >> gary: alabama has the advantage in plays and now they're starting to run it. started with the quarterback
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one yard line, stepped out and then they just powered in. same formula. they play go a little faster. they still love to run the ball for over 300 yards. ? ? ? [cellphone vibrating] do you want to answer that? i'm not here. [phone vibrating multiple times] i'm there. coming up on "look! famous people!"
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with "ncis: los angeles." followed by back-to-back editions of "48 hours." tonight, only cbs. >> gary: one more strong shot for this ole miss offense. put a touchdown on the then get a stop. see what happens. >> verne: adam griffith. >> allie: reuben foster for alabama will not be returning. he was carted off the field. originally came off the field with cramping issues. they worked on him in the tent. they let him go out for one more play but they worked on him another 10 minutes before carting him off.
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>> verne: first down and 10. kelly. deep right side. it is caught. van jefferson. >> gary: we talk about it all the time. you can have great c ave been doing alabama games for 10 years, they play bump and run like that all the time. you throw a great ball, you're going to complete it. beautiful. >> verne: shyheim carter was defending. pass made to demore'ea stringfellow.
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next week against georgia. judd with the tackle at the 21. >> gary: back-ups are in for alabama. joshua frazier and dakota ball. number 44 and 69 are playing defensive evans is playing in place of reuben foster. we all remember dakota ball. played a little tight end. now he's back on the defensive line.
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>> verne: there is someone on a p.a. somewhere in the building. each time ole miss gets a first down, we get "first down" and it reminds me of red cashen, the old nfl referee -- a wonderful man. i don't know who is running that. it's on the field somewhere. akeem judd with the carry. >> gary: alabama smartly used the measurements to get fresh players. >> verne: second down and nine. he will have to run. he breaks the first contact and then he is banged down by rashaan evans.
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a 41-30 game. >> gary: 11 points. a field goal means something in this game. >> verne: kelly. intercepted. short throw. picked off by jonathan allen. he's got a convoy helping him. >> gary: turnaround. >> verne: never turned around but he does score. >> gary: his blockers never turned around to help him. they were all celebrating and seeing if they could clean up for him but it doesn't matter. it's still a touchdown. >> verne: 75-yard return. i believe it was quincy adeboyejo who did not quit on this play and chased him down. almost got him from behind. >> gary: a little bit of a delayed rush that time. the ball pops loose. i think christian miller is the
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not one of the alabama players looked to see if they could help him. >> verne: no. they were celebrating. the extra point from adam griffith. >> referee: false start. offense. number 89. five-yard penalty. >> gary: still didn't see exactly who got the -- that it was almost a fumble, half slip, interception. >> verne: tim williams, we believe was the guy who got there first. >> gary: got you. it was basically a three-man rush. to start it. >> verne: might have been tomlin. >> gary: 47 was right there, christian miller.
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williams who makes the ball go forward. that's probably the ballgame. there are over 480,000 college athletes, only 2% will go pro. that means, over 470,000 will not get a shoe contract. no autographs. no private jets. no fan clubs. no hall of fame inductions. uable. >> verne: sometimes you need a little oxygen. you run that hard and that far and you get the touchdown, a
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here is the kick return. kailo moore, number 13. 31-6 in the second half. it seems light-year it was 24-3 ole miss and we still have 5 1/2 to go in this game. >> gary: i'm not going to say it. ole miss gets the sack for the touchdown. what did they have? >> verne: what was the score? >> gary: no. they haddole the momentum and it just went downhill suddenly. >> verne: that's -- >> gary: that's all i've got, that's all i've got. >> verne: that's really an inside story. that really is -- [laughing] you got me on that one. [laughing] >> verne: old mo changed jerseys on that play to quote my
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>> gary: we're all hard-headed in our own way. >> verne: neither of us. 48-30. 5:11 to go. some of you don't understand that. gary, my partner of 11 years, is not a big believer in momentum. >> gary: not a big believer -- i'm not ever. any [laughing] verne can say momentum but he's very nice. >> verne: eddie jackson who has an 88-yard punt return for a touchdown is limping off. >> gary: in between ole miss
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triple-option offense but this is a familiar sight for hugh freeze. they led florida state 28-6 and they lost 45-34. now in this game it was 24-3 and it's 48-30 now and counting. it has not been a good finish. only two field goals in the second half here. >> verne: yeah. >> gary: and their offense gave up a touchdown, and there is the differential from the first half and the second half. >> verne: extraordinary. catch by evan engram. 18 yards. a.j. brown. hear the guy? "first down." >> gary: verne, when we do alabama all the time, what are they called?
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they got three of them today. they had a punt return. not offensive touchdown. sack fumble. not offensive touchdown, and a touchdown -- 21 points from their defense. >> verne: you are really into acronyms today. >> gary: touche. >> adam: verne and gary, danny etling keeping the momentum going from a week ago. touchdown. their gridiron gold throwback uniforms. >> gary: cold, adam, really cold. [laughing] >> verne: kelly has to throw it away. jump ball. almost picked off. ryan anderson with the pressure on kelly. kelly now 22 of 36.
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one touchdown. and one interception. edde jackson strolling toward the locker room. coming back -- he's coming back. >> gary: alabama was able to substitute their entire defensive line. >> verne: kelly across the middle. ichltd picked by the umpire. >> verne: demarcus lodge uses th >> gary: after the ball was completed, watch the umpire get right in the way of the tackle. boom. watch the block. nice. >> verne: first down, 10. 3:25 to go. down low.
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>> gary: got him in the slot. engram right here. >> verne: intended for adeboyejo. incomplete. >> gary: see if they can't find a way to get it to their big guy here. >> verne: the catch is made for a touchdown by damore'ea stringfellow. number three. >> gary: alabama playing off in this. kelly sees the match-up to the outside. no press coverage. he likes it. he goes right to it. actually, a half of a push-off
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call. >> verne: gary wunderlich on for the extra point. a 12-play, 78-yard drive. first touchdown for ole miss in this quarter. wunderlich's kick is up and good. it is 48-37. there is the touchdown catch.
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>> verne: tonight on cbs. >> verne: vaught-hemingway stadium on this beautiful campus of ole miss. put this on your bank account list. this is one you would love to see someday. >> gary: here we go with an onside kick. alabama will have their hands team in. >> verne: among whom will be calvin ridley.


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