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tv   CBS 2 News 10  CBS  September 18, 2016 10:30pm-11:00pm CDT

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looks like everybody's in the rec hall on the floor. i got no sign of aiden. got one gsw in need of extraction. five targets. two at the northeast entrance. one on the stage. two more each at the south doors. east and west entrances are wired with ieds. hey, when i stand up, hit the deck. pass it on. (whispering): hey, hey, when i stand up, hit the deck, pass it on. young woman (whispers): when she stands up, hit the deck. pass it on. (overlapping whispering as cadets pass message)
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all. i'm gonna distract the guards and when i do, everyone in here will be on the floor. copy that. where's the girl? holed up in a bathroom with kensi's hk. any sign of tahir? yeah, we got him. nell: he's coming for you, sam, with two other gunmen. this is about to get real, real fast, folks. good, i'm tired of waiting. ?g?? we're good. kens? let's do it. i'll take the guy on the stage. (moans, sniffles) (coughs) (groans) (muffled cough) sit! i'm s... oh, s... i'm sorry, i just... seriously, i... get down! please, i just need the bathroom. oh, my god. stop! (kensi coughing)
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(cadets screaming) you brought company, hanna! yeah! that's the sound of them killing your friends. kens! kensi, down! (kensi grunting) you good? oh, yeah, i'm great. that's my girl. get them out of here. i'm going back for sam. done. you guys, move. double doors. guys, let's go, you heard him. let's go, guys. come on, up, up, up! (distant gunfire) sounds like your guys are getting their asses kicked. shut up! you find aiden? not yet. hurry. sam: all right, all right, all right! i'm coming out!
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i'm coming out! tahir... this is between me and you. let my son and the others go. i... make the rules now.
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it's over, tahir. where's my son? i imagine he is dead by now... ...but i'm sure he'll be waiting for you in hell. (both grunting) callen: kensi, deeks, any sign of aiden? no, but the react team is here. they're sweeping in now to take care of tahir's men. e guys we took out was the one who grabbed me. oh, hold on a second, he took aiden's tablet. i bet he still has it. it's in a classroom. room 138, west of the gym's main entrance. (footsteps approaching) tahir? (gunfire, man grunts) you alone?
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r he sees you. if you're done hanging around. yeah. hetty, we got everyone out safely. thank god. (blows thudding, men grunting over monitor speakers) and the team? yeah, they're good. what's that i'm hearing? (men grunting, blows thudding) i think that's personal. (both grunting) okay. (yells) dad? (tahir yells, groans in pain) react team soldier: you okay here? it's good, i got this. we're okay.
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(gasps) get this one out of here, guys. dad. (sighs) you okay? yeah. you? of course. thanks for helping me. i wanted it to be fair. i knew you would take him. you guys okay? callen: we're good.
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oh, yeah, i'm gonna go ahead and just real gently take that back from you. okay. good work on not... killing anyone. aiden: porter, this is my dad. she helped me out a lot. not really. nice job, porter. thank you, sir. i'd like to get back to my fellow cadets, if that's possible, sir. yeah, no, absolutely, we'll go find them. glad you're both okay. well, i mean, now this... this would make a great family portrait. hanna boys kicking ass and taking names. don't encourage him. (chuckles) you know... yeah? you can never, ever, ever tell your mother about this part. speaking of which, you need to call michelle. he's right. here, call your mom. right. whoa. she's gonna want to hear from him way more than she wants to hear from me. aiden: yeah. sam: trust me. let's get you patched up. i don't like driving around
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(laughs) you guys are funny. it's not funny. it's sarcasm. you know, sarcasm is the lowest form of wit according to... oscar wilde. that's right. mm-hmm. i don't think oscar wilde would have saved your life. (groans) come on. kensi: hey. deeks: how's the lieutenant? just fine, other than the fact that she's about to get a bullet removed from her thigh. it's nothing an anchor tattoo can't hide. i'm sorry, what? you know, get a big ol' anchor tattoo, just like popeye has on his forearm. can you imagine seeing that when the pants come off? (in gruff voice): ahoy, matey! you mind if i drop me anchor? oh, my gosh, let me know when you're finished, please. i'm done. i'm so exhausted; i haven't slept. uh... what's wrong with you? you all right? i don't know, i just think i have something in my eye. i think it's just that pretty little birthmark of yours. thank you, but why don't you just... see if you can see something? is there something there? i don't see anything. no... i don't see anything. oh, wow.
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perational skills, special agent blye, but you should know you've got a... (clears throat) you got a little bat in the cave. what? you've got... what? oh, my gosh, deeks, what? that's... that's the... that's the honesty of love. that's how much i love you, is that i tell you that, listen, we're having a special moment, but you should know you've got a sweet, little boogie in your nose hole. what, you think your friends are gonna say something? no, they're just gonna stare at you, not say a word, so you walk around the mall with a big... what? oh! ew! aah! no! deeks: ah, backfire. oh! kensi: i think i got it. ah...! tahir is on his way to the district courthouse in san francisco. they're gonna keep him in atwater for the time being. good. this could have gone bad. yeah. but it didn't. i'll see you at the hospital.
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thank you. this is what we do, brother. hi. do you need us for anything else? no. you're welcome to join us. it's 6:30 in the morning. well, you can pour it on your fruit loops. the hell he can. hmm, i think we'll take a pass. well, i'd congratulate you on a job well done, except it looks like you've already been celebrating. hmm? oh, for god sakes, you've got lipstick on your cheek.
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i was eating a jam sandwich. he loves jam. organic cherry preserves... nell: right. ...with a toasted, um... like a whole wheat, was... really delicious. very jammy. very-very... all right, mm-hmm, well... upstairs-- i mean, there's no food in ops, but there... (nell clears throat) ...there was just a moment we were eating, just a quick... nell: well... (clears throat) yeah, all right, good-good-good-bye. good day. nell: good-bye. (chuckles) good-bye. 'cause... okay. (phone ringing) you want to answer that? uh... not really. what about you? (phone continues ringing) granger: hell, no. captioning sponsored by cbs
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and maybe a mustache. now get a burger, salad, and a mini molten cake for $10. chili's. chilin' since '75. tonight on cbs 2 news ten at ten -- battacks in the u-s - - >> tonight on your cbs 2 news 10 at 10, attacks in the united states, stabbings in minnesota it from two blocks away." the
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any of the attacks are acts what caused the blast and whether any of the attacks are acts of terrorism. >> plus remembering the today.and presidential health ... that could definitely effect the way i thnik about someone who has a lot of access to weapons "your thoughts on making it mandatory for release their medical records., the corridor's top stories and tomorrow's weather first forecast in the first ten minutes. this is cbs 2 news 10 at 10. good evening - we begin with the latest on a series of new york - investigators recovered pieces of the pressure cooker bomb - that injured 29 people last night.
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explosive device. brook silva-braga has more from the chelsea section of man. manhattan. (pkg)surveillance footage obtained by nbc captures the moment.a pressure cooker bomb, police believe, injured 29 in the chelsea area of manhattan saturday night. all have been released from the hospital.a second pressure cooker was found four blocks away and destroyed in a controlled detonation sunday.(mayor bill de blasio )was it a political moti motivation, we do not know that york governor andrew cuomo noted at a morning press conference that no terrorist groups had claimed responsibility.(cuomo ) at this time there is no evidence of an international terrorism connection with this enforcement source tells cbs news that both the new york bombs and the one that went off saturday morning along the course of a new jersey charity race were designed to use cell phones as triggersa& but they can't say definitively if the events are linked.(sot gabe ferreira)it was scary. i mean it was definitely an explosion. you definitely felt it from two blocks away. (nat) tonight the nypd is on heightened alerta& and a thousand state police and national guard are being deployed to transit hubsa& all while hundreds of international dignitaries arrive in new york for the un
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brook silva-braga, cbs news, new york city. right now - investigators are vetting a social media page where someone who claimed to be the "ny bomber" said the motive for explosion was a response to anti-gay "violence and oppression." just to our north in minnesota - police and federal agents - - are trying to figure out if a man - who stabbed nine people - - is linked - to isis federal agents are trying to find out if a man who stabbed nine people is linked to isis. police shot and killed the man after the attacks at a mall in st. cloud. today a news agency run by the islamic state called the man
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the 20-year-old man dressed as a security guard was killed by an off-duty police officer. the mayor says whatever the attacker had planned did not work. >> we are strong community. we are united. there is with this individual and evil act. it will not >> authorities have not identified the attacker but say his only prior record is for traffic violations. all nine of the people he stabbed are expected to recover. >> we are days away from the start of fault but as we head into this week it will feel like summer. this weekend felt like fall. it was warm today but high pressure was in control it kept the skies mostly clear.
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and a cold front moves inland onto my afternoon. ahead of that fright we will have the warmth and have humidity areawide. you will feel the muddiness outside. the temperatures will be 80 degrees and further down to the south midshipman to upper 80s and a chance for showers and thunderstorms scattered across the area later on in the afternoon moving from north to south along the front. that's not the only chance of rain that we have to this week. i will let you know how long to hold onto the umbrella coming up. >> we continue now with more of the corridor top stories. the korean war is called the forgotten war. today vfw posted 788 in cedar rapids honored veterans. connor morgan explains the message for fighters for americans today. >> dozens of veterans from soldiers and sailors to
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during the korean war. these veterans remember. marine corps veteran remembers his captain saying -- >> we have a chopper coming to take you home. i said yes sir.>> that was after you got wounded. >> three purple hearts to show for his service. second other veterans do not feel the korean war does not get the recognition it deserves here expect it was a war. president truman called for action >> despite the deaths -- >> if you could do it all over again would you? >> yes. i would sign up again if i could. >> i would have no reservation about going over there again. >> known as the forgotten war korean war veterans people taking any during the national anthem are the ones forgetting about the service and sacrifice of the military. >> that the desecration of the
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would like to see them stand. i would, and it can be hard for me to stand up to with my condition, but i would do the best i can.""the guys that i saw wounded and killed didn't give their lives so that someone could be non-patriotic and not recognize the sacrifices that were given." covering the corridor in cedar rapids, connor morgan, cbs 2 news ten at 10. the war ended in 1953 - but no peace treaty - was ever north korea and south korea - are still at war. on the campaign trail - once again terrorism will likely take center stage in the presidential race -- due to the attacks this weekend. weekend.both candidates plan to stop in battleground states in the days ahead.the latest "cbs news battleground tracker" finds hillary clinton and donald trump in a virtual tie across key states. states.don champion has more on the race for the white house. house. (pkg)the presidential
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the weekend attacks in new jersey, new york and minnesota. donald trump's running mate spoke in florida.(sot gov. mike pence/(r) vice president candidate sun0064 1:09) "prayer and vigilance is the order of the day" (-:12)in a statement, hillary clinton said "i am confident americans " will once again choose reslove over fear."this week, clinton will meet with world leaders at the united nations general assembly.trump plans to stump in battleground trump plans to stop in battleground states as his campaign i with his sudden shift on presidential obama's birthplace. >> president barack obama was born in the united states.. >> on face the nation's campaign manager tried moving past the controversy. >> he advocated something for five years that was a lie. why did he do that?>> you have to ask kim.
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>> with clinton flipping in simple president obama rally black rollers behind her during a fiery speech in front of the black caucus foundation. >> i would consider an insult and an insult to my legacy of this community let's talk its garden fails to activate itself in this election >> clinton will campaign in pennsylvania on monday. don champion cbs news. >> debate will be held next presidential candidates. we've asked them - to participate in extended interviews - with our stations - all across the cou. - we want to hear from you. tell us what questions - you want us to ask the candidates. you can now we want to hear from you. tell us what questions you want to ask. you can contact us by email or on facebook. >> may seem hard to believe but in 1972 thomas eagleton was removed from the democratic ticket for vice president after
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country. the health of candidates today and what you want to know is a topic in tonight's say what. >> i feel as good today as when i was 30. >> after hillary clinton's that with pneumonia and editorials accusing donald trump of erratic behavior some voters have called for the candidates to release their entire medical history. others say that is ridiculous. >> polio. >> jfk's back problems and fdr's paralysis were kept secret and stigma but today he sees few limitations. >> only if they had a history of mental illness. i don't think any physical illness should disqualify someone from serving. >> even with medical records are so much private information. >> robber says releasing medical files should not be mandatory but if we knew everything about candidates who
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second term, voters may take a harder look at the entire ticket. >> if there was a case where a presidential candidate could not serve the whole term due to medical issues, i would look at their vice president to make sure their vice president is someone who i would like to be president. >> in this fight things tend to get blown out of proportion. he wishes voters could find out what is is chronic. >> i think the american people to have a general idea of the health and mental health and physical health of the person who will be leading the country. >> he says from a physical standpoint the campain trail is proof enough. it is a marathon. >> surprise more things don't happen to the people. it's very hard to do all that traveling and campaigning. >> are you feeling better? >> yes.
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back some strong opinions on this issue. share yours with us on facebook. >> here's the other stores across the corridor. >> maze island in cedar rapids was swinging to the sounds of latin music today. it was the fifth annual festival latino of cedar rapids. it was a free event with music activities and food for everyone. the festival honors the rich culture of the corridor and encourages those who attend to get involved. >> we are bringing cultural events. we want to start with the community. at the same time we are doing voter registration for people who are interested. it's a little bit of social, cultural and political. >> some coralville kids went to
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after a day of sitting in a driver seat of cool equipment. the iowa children's museum posted do it, they get caught doing. if you are a parent you know that is a dream come true. some 2000 people came out for the festival. >> that your cbs news 10 at 10 top story. >> still ahead some long faces after a tough kinnick stadium. that shows you how much damage was done in terms of ratings and what the hawks learned from the loss leader in sports. >> we have warm temperatures but it will get warmer tomorrow. temperatures will warm up into the 80s and we have a chance for showers and storms. i will let you know how much you need
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i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way. including with nukes, yes including with nukes. i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me. i want to be unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable.
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simple goal -- helping kids standing up for themselves -- quickly snowballed into something much bigger. bigger.catch his journey monday -- on cbs 2 this >> we had a fall like weekend in eastern iowa. we are going to be going towards a summerlike pattern as
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increasing. we will have an active pattern unfold. you can see we have the chance for showers and thunderstorms 45 out of the next seven days in eastern iowa. there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding the forecast so this could change. were we have the highest chance for rain is on thursday and sunday. we still have to work through the kinks in terms of the complicated setup. once we get through the next few days -- right now it's had high pressure in control of skeptic nice here. out to the north and west our next storm system is taking shape and will be moving closer to the area by tomorrow. that will be in the form of cold front. high pressure's ships up to the south and east. the cold front will be moving through on monday afternoon and a flight to the south on monday night and by tuesday we will


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