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tv   CBS 2 News Noon  CBS  September 19, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm CDT

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shooting. the latest from new york.
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we begin with a major development in the new york and new jersey bombing investig. investigation.just over an hour ago, authorities arrested ahmad khan rahami after a shootout in new jersey.brook silva braga has the latest on this ever-changing story. story. (package script)(pipe 3) authorities say bombing suspect ahmad khan rahami is in custody after shooting a police officer in linden, new jersey. sources tell cbs news the naturalized u.s. citizen from afghanistan was seen in surveillance video from saturday's bombing in the chelsea section of manhattan. (potus)we are extremely fortunate and grateful that no one was killed(nats)the search for rahami comes after a robot detonated a bomb in a trash can overnight in elizabeth. it was one of five devices found near a train station.(sot chris bollwage/elizabeth mayor) the speculation from
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department is they were not timed to go off so therefore whether they were being investigated or followed, they were disposed of in a garbage can in a very hasty manner (bridge brook silva-braga/cbs news, chelsea, ny)the fbi also took five people into custody during a traffic stop in brooklyn last night in connection to the explosion here in chelsea.(pipe 5 9:08) the fbi combed the manhattan neighborhood collecting evidence monday. (track) surveillance video shows people running for cover after the pressure cooker bomb exploded saturday night, 29 people were hurt. (photo) a second pressure cooker bomb was found four blocks away but did not explode. saturday a pipe bomb detonated in the jersey shore town of seaside heights, before a charity run to benefit marines and sailors. no one was hurt in that attack. authorities say rahami is a suspect in both the jersey shore and chelsea bombings. brook silva braga, cbs news, chelsea, new york. we know know the name of the nae in both bombings according to police. we now know who stabbed nine people in a minnesota mall. an off-duty police officer shot
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aidan after the attacks about an hour northwest of minneapolis. a news agency run by the islamic state called the man one of their soldiers. all nine people he stabbed are expected to recover. our question of the day, do you trust the government to keep america safe? let us know by going to people in parts of the soutrn this afternoon as a gas pipeline spill has many worrying about a gas shortage: shut down right now - but not work longer hours. a pipeline in alabama is shut down but not before it gets there's a shortage, so i'm trying to fill up." up.""i think people might be
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let the problem resolve itself." itself."triple-a believes the problem will only be temporary. they say repairs to the leaking pipeline in alabama itself. >> aaa believes the problem will only be temporary and they say repairs are expected sometime in the next week. still experts say the south should brace for a 20 to 40- cent hike per gallon. dozens were arrested while protesting a build at a controversial pipeline through cited for trespassing while trying to block access the pipeline, which would transport oil from north dakota to illinois. the protest was mainly peaceful. stops in iowa today. today.he's expected to start speaking any moment now.kaine is expected to focus on how young people can get involved in the campaign, a theme in
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first visit to the state after getting the nomination was at kirkwood community college in cedar rapids last month. meanwhile republican v-p nominee mike pence has two stops scheduled today in iowa. the indiana governor will hold a town hall this afternoon in mason city, then a rally tonight at a manufacturing company in's stops will be the fourth and fifth iowa events for pence since he got the vice- presidential nomination in july.recent polls show the trump-pence ticket has now taken a slim leadve clinton-kaine in iowa. everyone is safe after a house fire in iowa city. happened just before seven last night on highland avenuesomebody noticed smoke coming from a basement window and called 9-1-1.everyone got out of the home safely before firefighters arrived and found a fire in the basement.crews had the fire out in about 15 minutes.the home suffered about 30-thousand dollars in damages.right now - the cause of the fire is still under
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health institute in iowa will soon reopen under new management.zion recovery services, a company that offers substance abuse treatment, wants to use four wards at the clarinda facility to expand its residential services.the move could complicate any future efforts to reopen the space as a state-run mental health facility.right now - the iowa supreme court is reviewing a lawsuit that challenges governor branstad's decision to close the institute along with a facility in mount pleasant. a traffic alert for you if you plan to drive on the interstate. interstate.crews today continue sewer maintenance work along first avenue in cedar rapids. rapids.this morning, workers cut off access to i-380 northbound from eastbound traffic on first avenue. drivers will have to detour to first-street southwest and e-avenue southwest to get onto northbound 380.westbound drivers on first avenue can still get onto 380 as normal.
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the corridor's hidden gems just up highway 151, in our latest road trippin adventure.
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. we have a cold front moving through and very summer like air, temps in the 80s this afternoon. we'll see scattered showers and storms develop. right now just starting to see more cloud cover there in the sky. in cedar rapids we have
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south wind at 12 and heat index at 86. cold front moving through, 75 in charles city, 85 iowa city, 80 8 with dew points in the lower 60s to the north. consider the dew point, the gas gauge on the car t. higher the number, the more full is, the more you have to travel. the storm, the lower the number, not as much energy. as the numbers go up, humidity builds and there's more energy in the tank to fire off storms for the afternoon. winds out of the south 5 to 15 miles an hour. highs around the state today, upper 70s to low 80s north, mid- to upper 80s in the south. with the upper 70s and low 80s, we'll see the cold front moving
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to slide through iowa, pushing more clouds. scattered showers and storms will develop in the late afternoon and evening time. this is a quick mover here, so it's out of here by late tonight. we're back to nice sunshine and comfortable weather tomorrow. we'll lose the humidity for the day tomorrow. already picking up on a little shower activity this hour in northeast iowa. 4:00, 5:00, we'll thunderstorms developing. these will continue to roll through tonight and i think the best potential for severe weather is about 5:00 to 7:00 this afternoon. then there goes the moisture. there goes the cloud cover. we're back to high pressure in control, keeping things nice and quiet. with that shot of cooler air, we'll change the wind speeds to the north tonight. for the first half of tomorrow,
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build clouds and looking into wednesday, we have potential for more scattered showers and thunderstorms by the afternoon and evening in eastern iowa. stick with the threat today. the storm prediction center has given us a slight risk for severe weather for most of the viewing area the threat, damaging wind and lightning probably the biggest threat. large hail possibility and tornadic activity right now low on the list. but we could see isolated tornadoes, something to keep our eyes on tonight. these start this afternoon and stay with us through about 9:00, 10:00 tonight.
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we have had the morning sunshine and now the clouds this afternoon and this evening. forecast tonight, low to mid- 50s in the north, upper 50s to low 60s in the south. mainly cloudy and showers are moving out of the forecast. dry day tomorrow, then we ratchet up again wednesday afternoon. on and off thursday and friday, low 80s with a morning shower and dry cooler air by with mid-60s. monday through thursday also in the upper 60s next week. >> quite a dip there. >> a little bit of everything. still ahead, what new iphone 7 owners say is the biggest issue with their new
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all this fall we're on the road for some of the best day trips and
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all fall, we are looking for the best day trips and weekend getaways in the midwest. now we're going just a half hour to the northeast in anamosa. >> reporter: continuous clinking of glasses and toasts and tastings on one of the best stops on iowa's famous trail. nature's nectar is the star of the show at daly creek winery in anamosa. >> it is crazy. everybody loves wine. everybody loves wine. this is a busy world, a stressful world. wine is something everyone can relate to. it's a good thing. >> reporter: christy and perry are welcoming guests to their tasting room for goodness in a
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stainless steel vats are ready for this year's vintage as more wine ages in these classic oak barrels. the stamp of approval even come from napa valley californians who come to taste it. >> it's a little different but i like it. >> it's handled with we truly care. >> reporter: and they are doing something right with top sellers, including gothic white, easy rider, and penitentiary red, a dry but fun shoutout to the locals accused of loving it. >> we have had people buy that bottle of wine just for the cork and handcuff. >> reporter: but wine is made to be paired with incredible
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favorite meals, our coconut meatloaf in cabernet sauce - with rosemary potatoes(( lasagna 6:12:19 )) - twelve layer vegetarian lasagna (( bree 6:12:23 )) - baked bree with rasberry preserves ((smaller bowl )) - and crem brule to die for.nat pouring over fish (( 6:14:15 )) "we glaze it right over the top of that"and right now a golden brown fish dish - that reels in a lot of diners . jobi gangsted - bistro chef (( 6:17:28)) " our fish is amazing .. so we really like to take it and put a different spin on it and maybe get people to try some new items (( 6:14:28 sprinkle on coconut bits )) and see if they like them. "((probably will dissolve to this next shot )) ((6:14:31 tight shot her holding )) " there's our coconut talapia " nat on patio kristi serving fish (( 6:18:09)) " coconut talapia .. thank you . " (( could probably let that shot run over this line )) dining outside - the courtyard can transport you to (( 6:05:50 ??? wider shot patio - but may need cutaway ?? )) france - or italy for a relaxing evening.(( 6:08:42 or 6:07:44 )) but the giant mural on the wall - is all (( 6:07:05 or 6:24:35 )) grant wood country.nat (( 6:23:00 maybe cover her up to "this place" )) " and he had a sense of this place and a sense of this land which is beautiful stuff "(( mural shot )) artist catherine jones davies - just re-
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gothic house(( 6:24:42)) and the master himself. her omage - amid a hidden gem - - that she says - needs to be discoveredcatherine jones davies - anamosa artist ((6:19:55)) " anamosa is one of those secret, wonderful places that nobody really appreciates as much as they should truly." (( 6:05:39 gothic white bottle with two glasses on either side)) the kind of ambiance - that's making this a destintation(( 6:08:05 tighter patio shot of two tables .. six people??)) and drawing a crowd to the daly creek winery and bistro - for great food - (( is all brentwood country. >> it's a sense of this land. >> reporter: the artist just ((6:39:32)) " we're trying to send them away with the memory ((cover rest)) and the thought that place was truly something special. " nat couple with fish and meatloaf (( 6:18:29)) " cheers a"aa&. clink and drink " (( final shot?? )) we are road trippin - - in )) we are
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trippin - - in anamosa .. i'm matt hammill we'll put a link to the winery and bistro on our website, cbs 2 iowa dot com.that's where you'll find all of matt's road trippin' adventures near the bottom of the page. coming up on the cbs 2 news at noon,the latest company looking to get into the self- driving car industry. industry. the following segment is sponsored by chideo dot com. multiplatinum park love their celebrity status butwhatreally strikes a chord with the band? the chance to use their fame and fortune forgood! check it out! (???pkg???)for grammy winners "linkin park," nothing compares to playing soldout shows south of the border!sot except when there's an opportunity to give backsot the rockers' nonprofit "music for relief" was created
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disasters sot combatthe ongoing threat of rising sea levels sot
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i'm chuck grassley and i approve this message because, as chairman of the senate judiciary committee i've worked on finding areas of agreement across party lines to help real people, with real problems. we've passed twenty-seven bills so far, each with bipartisan support.
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on. aid families battling drug addiction. protect victims of child pornography and human trafficking. protect kids from sex offenders. hold sponsors of terrorism accountable. safeguard whistle blowers. modernize criminal justice laws. we've already accomplished more in this congress than in the last one, and we still have time to do more. a georgetown university study named chuck grassley grassley works. and he's not done yet. apple shares had their best week in nearly five years--- years---the boost comes from welcome welcome. apple shares had their best week in nearly five years after the release of the iphone 7 this month. some early users are complaining the phone is
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especially when they are in a heavy work process load. a new study shows more than half of those polled say they would pay at least a dollar or more on their own monthly electric bill and 29% said they would pay $20 a month. lyft's ceo predicts that in the next five years, most of the rides provid company will be in self-driving vehicles. and car ownership could become a thing of the past. the department of labor's consumer price index increased in august .2%. one driver of the higher costs
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keep an eye on the sky through the afternoon. we're dry now but we are starting to see scattered showers and storms develop north of us. that's along that cold front that's still in western iowa. it will come sliding through, bringing us scattered showers and storms this afternoon. mid-80s before we see showers. right now just some clouds. by 3:00 we have showers developing. for the afternoon and evening, near 8:00, best potential for showers and thunderstorms. some of those strong to severe. there is a slight risk of severe weather across the viewing area for the afternoon and evening. the biggest threats tonight will be damaging winds, intense lightning and large hail. we'll keep an eye out for isolated tornadic activity.
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? >> bill: we really don't have time f the jet is waiting. >> brooke: i can't just walk away from my son. >> bill: you're back, right? i mean, you're gonna be here for a while. isn't that the case, sport? >> r.j.: that's the plan. >> bill: then you can talk about this till the cows come home. you can work through it. you can help him to understand how much we love each other after we're back. >> r.j.: mom. i'm asking you not to go. >> bill: brooke, we need to leave. everything is set for our wedding.


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