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tv   CBS2- This Morning  CBS  November 1, 2016 6:00am-7:01am CDT

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right now on cbs 2 this morning...breaking news overnight in cedar rapids - a police officer had to be pryed
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you to the scene. twenty minutes later - police get a second call - right now on cbs 2 news this morning breaking news overnight in cedar rapids. the police officer had to be pried out of his vehicle. we will take you live to that scene. 20 minutes later the police got to a second call and this was a car first train crash. then 30 minutes later another crash with life-threatening injuries. >> right now at we are taking a live look at i-380 at 33 avenue southwest. traffic picking up slightly. you see a lot of headlights coming your commute should be just fine. book of two cbs 2 news this morning i'm jenee' ryan and let's get started off on your beautiful tuesday morning to see how more beautiful it will get with justin roberts. >> 60s and 70s today with mainly sunny skies. not much of a breeze and not much of a rain until overnight tonight. take a look at the next few hours. 67 at lunchtime and a high of 72 this afternoon. right now it is quiet in the
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and west. we will call it a mostly clear skies down to 56 degrees. that is still one degree above normal for our hide this time of year. 10 degrees colder at 56. now 58 in iowa city. winds are out of the south but will turn north. despite that we will get warm. type in the 70s and winds 5 to 10 miles per hour. just a little cloud coverage this morning and radar. statewide picture reveals the same just a few clouds out there but no big shakes. a nice quiet day and nice mild day. we will do it at 72 degrees this afternoon. will let you know when the rain moves in and how long it will be around. we will check the end of the weekend forecast coming up in 10 minutes. >> right now state agents are investigating and officer
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overnight in cedar rapids. cbs 2 news reporter stephanie johnson has been at the scene all morning long since 2 am. she joins us live near coe college. what have we learned and what is going on?'s >> reporter: this car accident involving police is still active. you can take a look behind me and you can see police are still on the scene investigating. during a routine traffic stop the suspect jumped out of the car and began attacking the police. the police officer at the suspect and he got back in his vehicle and fled the scene. he then t-bones into an unmarked police vehicle. of -- for other vehicles as well. the suspect as at ui hospital with life-threatening injuries. the officer in the unmarked vehicle had to be excavated at of his car but he is okay. at this point the interest to coe college is closed off as
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employees of st. luke's hospital can go through that road to get into the hospital this morning. that is the latest information that i have for you at this moment. >> also while you slept around 1 to 30 this morning police arrived at bowling street southwest of reports of a car versus train crash. it appeared the train hit the cadillac while it was on the tracks. police tell cbs 2 news it seems the driver tried to get around witnesses say that train was backing up at the time and please confirm the driver was not seriously hurt. overnight just before two this morning firefighters arrived to a car crash into a tree at wiley boulevard and first avenue. they pulled out at least two victims from that suv. one of those extractions took over an hour. both people taken to the
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injuries. cbs 2 news spoke with witnesses who were at the scene. >> there was a firefighter there . he was trying to see if she was all right. >> so far no names have been released in that crashed. another person died in a two vehicle crash on monday. it happen northbound in between her bohne and centerpoint. witnesses told the i was a police into the shoulder and feared left across both lanes and released. right now - there's a state-wide discussion on school bus safety.just last week - a car plowed into the back of a school bus near springville.the driver of that car student inside the bus went to the hospital - and is okay. happening right now this morning -- --an iowa school district is testing new recommendations to right now this morning and i
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a new recommendation to install seatbelts into the school buses. steffi lee takes a closer look at the research with this that one date could go to a bus near you. >> reporter: when this school bus leaves on its route starting monday -- >> today's the first test with seatbelts. >> students from several schools using this bus will have to wear seatbelts as part of a study by tim white public scho says while the national highway safety administration suggest all school buses have seatbelts -- >> there is not a lot of real data about if it's safer. >> one thing the school district will be looking for in its study is how students respond for having to put a seat belt on. >> we want to measure how the kids respond as they get in the best concert that and buckle up
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how students behave with this seatbelts. >> we don't want to test the bells for an accident or anything like that. >> this is the first of two buses the district will use for its study. they hope to have usable feedback by the end of the school year. >> we want to gauge the public's reaction. >> the i want pupil transportation association says works with school transportation and leaders tell cbs 2 news they have questions about seatbelt use. they hope this study can answer . >> we are looking at how the safety part of it be. there are 9700 school buses running. most of the accident are fender bender's or the car access. >> a nonprofit continues to reach out to cedar rapids officials after they voted down the proposal for affordable housing project the president of iowa jaycees met with mayor
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discuss the need for affordable housing. corbett says council members voted down the proposal for edgewood road and crestwood drive after hearing concerns of traffic and water runoff. that development by common bond community would set aside some units to address local homelessness. the mayor acknowledges the need for something like that. >> we had a conversation about affordable housing and services for people have a low income. we had a good conversation about the need. cedar rapids recognizes that. corbett says cedar rapids has done more to add affordable housing since the flood of 2008. he says this was not the right place for that project. >> this morning i'm sure your kids have pounds of candy to go to from trick-or-treating last night.
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all those suites we have an answer for you. there are buyback programs that will put those goodies to good use. tonight on cbs two news at six we will tell you how one of them will send care packages with your candy to deployed to -- troops overseas. don't miss that story tonight.>> is 6:09. if you are in a manner colonies it is 59 degrees. still to come the you need to watch out for. it could harm your family. here's a look at iowa city at the old capital. >> today we feature mild air. we will get more rain and take a look at the numbers. today 72 and 56 tonight. 64 tomorrow. we will take a peek at the rest of your week after we take a
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i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way. ahh i don't know what i said, ahh i don't remember! i moved on her like a [expletive] and congressman rod blum said. white house. rod blum still supports trump today. and even attacked republicans who spoke out against trump. send me back to congress, and you send donald trump to the white house. rod blum and donald trump. wrong for iowa.
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>> good morning to you. your weather first forecast featuring mainly sunny and mild day. it's nice temperatures in the 60s and 70s as we look across the board. go to the bottom line and moving of later tonight. will provide a soggy midweek for us. a rainy wednesday but today is dry and comfortable. 65 at 11 and 67 at lunchtime we have a high of 72 this afternoon. clouds start to build in later this evening. then bring in the overnight hours. in cedar rapids as we look to the north in the west you can see in the palo area it's eight quite go this morning. colin road traffic is moving five.
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100% humidity. some of the cool weather is around charles city and waterloo. low 50s in tama and oelwein. 57 in dubuque and 58 in iowa city. highs around the state around 72 in cedar rapids. 75 in ottumwa. mason city midshipman 70s. a little cloud coverage to enjoy and had across the state why picture shuffling to the forecast this morning. here's the midwestern perspective and as we see it a week cold front moves through. it does change our wind speed to the north at 5 to 10. the bigger take away is this area of low pressure down to the south and west. that will bring cloud coverage and push clouds in and push showers in. you will watch that rained overnight tonight start in the south and west and moved to the north and east.
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into early wednesday with clouds building and here comes the rain. the best chance of rain is early tomorrow morning south of highway 30. throughout the day continues to spread to the north and east. not a heavy rain. maybe half inch with clearing skies on wednesday night into thursday. today mainly sunny and warmer. the winds turn to the north and west by they 10. the low 70s. central cities in cedar rapids 72. for the north part of the viewing area mainly sunny and comfortable. temperatures range from the upper 60s around the core of. waterloo and manchester about 70 degrees. the southern half of the viewing area looks like this. a few degrees warmer. 73 in tipton. 74 in washington and 72 in the mns. venting is 72 degrees. we drop to the 50s with
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through wednesday with a high of 64. those showers move out wednesday night. thursday through sunday a great looking weekend with 60s and mainly sunny skies. do not forget to set the clocks back an hour. otherwise you will be late. if you're heading to church at 10 -- this is -- >> then you will be early. >> you will be early. >> you will be like church is late. >> you will be the only one there. >> you could do that. you can grab a coffee or stand outside and enjoy the wonderful weather
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>> my phone does it automatically. >> for us we get to wake up an hour earlier.>> day. -- date. >> 6:16 on tuesday morning. in liberty you are 55 degrees. >> coming up with a special
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>> welcome back and good morning. we just have to showed you look at this shot of our nation's
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it's looking beautiful and the sun is coming up over the horizon. that is a good way to start the day. good morning to you. we told you about the special report we are bringing to you. right now many police departments across the nation they have started equipping their officers with body cameras and we talked with our local law enforcement to find out when we will see an answer to that demand here in the corridor and also if the payoff is worth the cost. dora miller investigates more on the public's push for the body cameras here in the corridor. >> there was a lot of buzz until the chief decided to release the footage and once that happened that put a stop to it. >> in june 2015 clinton police released a video that showed a
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sentiment by accident. the captain says if it was not for body camera footage the true story would have been hard to tell. >> the body camera does a good job of helping to show what the officers were dealing with. it is not the whole story but it does a much better job of showing how long the officers negotiated and what the suspects demeanor was. >> the suspect eventually took a plea deal for endangerment caught domestic abuse assault and interfering with official acts resulting in serious injury. there are so many other cases that did not have the benefit of body camera video. >> if you look nationally some of the public is demanding the body cameras. >> a year and a half ago the linn county sheriff's department started looking into outfitting deputies with the cameras. >> the public wants to be more aware of what we do. that is one aspect. it is more of an officer safety issue. >> a policy still in the works.
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there. there are several union folks want certain things address. we are compiling all that information and putting it together here in linn county. >> is the same story for cedar rapids police. >> i am anxious to get them. >> the chief says it's important to have an efficient plan to rush to have cameras on the streets. >> we conducted a pilot and selected the model we want. it's part of the reason we have been process because we want to get it right the first time. >> the assumption that body cameras will fix all that's wrong is not true. >> the public's expectations need to be tempered by the reality. >> vincent pd officers have one cameras for four years and while they are proven helpful a are not the end-all be-all. >> there is no way for a video
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there is no field of depth in a video. >> captain dickinson says there is always more to a situation than a camera can provide. >> it in a-2 investigation. it's not a replacement of investigation. >> he says the public has to understand the weight of this possibility morteza to where it. >> it's not as simple as just buying a camera and handing it street. there is a lot of other stuff that has to be taken into consideration. >> it's important to the deputies to understand when the cameras should be turned on and also when it they should be turned off. >> they are great tool but the represent a two-dimensional representation. >> dora miller reporting. venting police tell us they are planning to reviser policy to better fit the needs of their
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sheriff's office plan to order the camera soon but it could take up to two months for them to arrive. police cheif wayne jerman says his department will slowly phase them in. that could take years to complete. it is 6:23. if you are in venting it is 58 have... have... darien: why have the latest smartphone if you can't use it wherever you go? switch to u.s. cellular for our best plan yet: 7 gigs of data per line for only $49. or video chat at your secret fishing spot... all for just $49. the best part? we put towers in places the other guys don't. because u.s. cellular thinks you deserve a signal that works wherever you are. switch to u.s. cellular and get a whopping 7 gigs of data per line
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>> we have a quiet start today as we look at our sky cam right now and all is calm and well. 56 degrees in cedar rapids. 50 in iowa city. 55 in decorah and over in dubuque it is 57 degrees. they have clear skies and winds out of the southwest at seven.
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will find mainly sunny skies and 56 this morning 67 at lunchtime and 72 when kids head home from school. satellite and radar just some cloud coverage shuffling to the forecast. we will have plenty of sunshine through the day today. our evening forecast does call for rainfall. more on that coming up. today upper 60s and upper 70s. mainly sunny in the south and mild. the wind does turn to the north. tonight 50s with rain and 64 tomorrow. scattered showers throughout the day and 45 tomorrow night. low to midshipman 60s on thursday and friday and saturday through monday. >> here's a look at other things going on around eastern i what this tuesday morning. toys for tots kick off this week. you can bring new unwrapped toys too many locations in linn
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broadcast park. we are collecting as well. toys for tots hopes this year to help 2200 local kids have a christmas. ages newborn through 14. flushed the organization is again a proud sponsor of the toys for tots campaign this can find a full list of drop-off sites on our website. today-students at benton community schools -- --are now celebrating the end of 2016 pairs of socks for the homeless - trying to get socks from all 50 states. yesterday - they dressed up in their halloween costumes and gave the socks to local shelter, waypoint.keystone elementary also collected socks and gave them to the olivet neighborhood mission. it might be one week from
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iowa school children will cast their ballots in a state-wide youth straw's organized to give students a look at the election process. around 200 schools are participating.votes will be tallied in the presidential race - as well as iowa's senate and congressional races. results should be released later on today. it's right now it's degrees in the developing news overnight - about a halloween hayride -
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right now on cbs 2 this morning... >> right now on cbs 2 this morning to collisions overnight in cedar rapids. when a car versus it rained and another car versus tree. >> a routine traffic stop turns >> a halloween hayride tragedy. the crash that left a small town in morning. right now we are taking a live look at i-380 at rests -- tebow starting to hit the roads. the general commute and nothing slowing you down.
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>> welcome to cbs 2 news this morning i'm jenee' ryan. good morning to you. let's check in with meteorologist justin roberts to check out how to date will be. >> it will be a nice mild day today. warmer temperatures will be here. the numbers have held on. as we cool down this morning we are still 1 degree above normal. as the day. 50 in waterloo and 57 in dubuque. 55 in decorah. our wins are out of the south at 5 to 10. they will turn to the north but it won't have a big effect on temperatures. something cloud coverage around the state. natalie here locally but across the i went 99 where we are seeing the clouds shuffle through. a nice and mild day today.
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majority of next week. with 50s and 60s this morning at midday and 70s this afternoon . i will let you know how long we will go with this mild weather before we dip 1 degree but low -- below normal. >> right now cedar rapids police and estate agents are on scene of an officer involved shooting. stephanie johnson is live been there for several hours. she's been there since 2 am. she joins us live. what is going on and are there any new updates? >> reporter: what i can tell you is the officer involved has no less than injuries. the suspect as have life- threatening injuries. this started after a routine traffic stop on centerpoint and e. a police officer stopped a
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attacked the police officer. the police fired shots and the suspect then jump back in his car and fled the scene. he then t-bones and unmarked police officer and he had four parked cars. the suspect is at the ui hospital with life-threatening injuries. the officer in the unmarked car has no serious injuries. please at mercy hospital at this time. at this moment officers have closed off centerpoint road and e. only people who can get to that road is st. luke's employees. as well as anyone who needs to park on the parking ramp. lease tell me people should ask -- at extra time because traffic is going slowly while police officers are investigating the scene.
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1:30 this morning police arrived to bowling street scene says it appears the train hit a cadillac on the tracks. police tell cbs 2 news it seems the driver tried to get around the train when they were hit. witnesses say the train was slowly backing up at the time.police confirm the driver was ?not seriously hurt. overnight as well - just before 2 this morning - firefi crashed into a tree at wiley boulevard and first avenuethey pulled out at least two victims from the s-u-v - one extraction took over an hour. both people were taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries. cbs 2 news spoke with witnesses who were on the scene. there was already a firefighter there, he said that he was a firefighter . he
6:36 am far no names have been released. this morning - miranda lalla is back in the johnson county jail - just 9 months after being released. lalla pleaded guilty to vehicular homicide three years ago for running over 44-year-old pamela gross with a pickup truck. truck.police say she and gross got into a fight before the deadly encounter - after lalla drank at a nearby bar.she was sentenced to 25 years in prison but - released after two. according to police reports - she violated parole last month. and is now held on a 25-thousand dollar bond. three people are dead- dead-after riding on a flat-bed trailer - carrying trick or treaters on a halloween hayride. happened in the small town of chunky mississippi.two of those killed-children - the other - an adult.a pickup truck hit the flat bed on a highway. authorities say the scene was chaotic.right now - the number of people injured in the crash
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new information coming in this mornng - about a deadly pipe-line explosion in killed one person - and injured several workers yesterday - along the colonial pipeline. it happened in helena - a town south of birmingham - not far from where another burst happened last month.two mainlines of the pipeline have been shutdown. (timothy taylor/ shelby county) "oh it looked like there was a plane crash, really. i've never seen "i thought it was pretty serious at that point, so we rushed over here and now that were here i just wanted to check on my property to make >> we rushed over because i wanted to check on my property to make sure it wasn't on fire. >> flames were soaring over a nearby forest and people within 3 miles of the place were forced to evacuate. the 911 tapes of the pulse massacre have been released.
6:38 am
others. >> can you tell me where you are? >> no because you have to tell america to stop bombing syria and iraq. they are killing innocent people . what am i to do here when my people are kidding -- getting killed over there. >> the city released a transcript of the 911 tapes. in all there are 30 minutes of recordings between omar mateen and authorities. >> today march 25 years since the shooting of the campus of university of iowa killed four people. on november 1 >> today march 25 years since the shooting of the campus of university of iowa killed four people. on november 1, 1991 gang lu a former graduate student at you i went on a shooting spree killing four faculty members. at 4:30 this afternoon a pre- ceremony will be held on the north side of the capital between jessop and the right
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causing problems in the corridor. we first told you about the summer about warnings from state leaders regarding it. now a couple is sharing their story on how bad it can be. matt hammill has that cbs 2 news exclusive. >> reporter: this is the bag full of treatments as they tried rash. >> we thought it was poising ivy. >> she and curtis were pulling weeds like the at eight apartment complex the week before. an emergency doctor agreed probably just poising ivy. then two days later it exploded. >> that look like a chemical burn. >> it's the painful story dermatologist have been hearing all summer. contact with wild parsnip.
6:40 am
.. 85% - a good 85% of my body .. he had two rashes was covered. "the toxic plant can be found almost anywhere - bike trails - - ditches - near homes and apartments. apartments." and so he's down in these weeds and walking around .. and it looks just like a non hazzardous flower. " and it's just terrible the itching is unbelievable." with fall yard work underway - they want all of us to be aware. " you never know what you're gonna get into .. it looks get into. it looks like a pretty flower. if your kids are out there and picking dandelions they may not know. i do not want a child to get it. >> matt hammill reporting. experts tell us as the plants turn brown they will not look the same but they can still be
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the plants, soap and water within 24 hours is absolutely key. the iowa city va will now open a new outpatient clinic in eastern iowa. the new davenport location will replace the one in bettendorf. there will be an increase of 11,000 ft.2 of space. the clinic can now serve 2500 more patience. it is set to open march 2018. now hillary clinton says there is no case regarding the fbi's recent open for investigation. that came late last week when new emails were discovered in a separate sexting investigation involving anthony weiner. the fbi now says they will search through all the thousands of emails as quickly as possible. donald trump praise james comey thing it took guts to do the movie he did. >> it is 6:41. if you are heading out there is
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we're working on fort fox28 morning life. will keep you updated on the officer attack investigation in cedar rapids and bring you the latest. right now we are talking to officials on scene to gather those latest developments. on a lighter local note we are cooking with clint on this tuesday morning. that will come up on fox28 morning life eastern i was only at 7 am. >> it was a mild halloween and the warmest one we've had since 2008. will this trend last?
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donald trump : i love the old days; you know what they used to do with guys like that when they were in a place like this? they'd be carried out on a stretcher, folks. and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! ue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? it's like incredible. when mexico sends its people, they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, they're rapists. you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy - ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember."
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our children and grandchildren will look back at this time... ut to make. the goals we will strive for. the principles we will live by. and we need to make sure that they can be proud of us. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. >> good morning and a mainly sunny sky today. nice smile temperatures as well. will get the upper 60s and lower 70s. very warm for this time of year. it is november 1 we find rain chance is moving in later
6:45 am
sets the tone for a soggy wednesday. surely the time with predictor coming up. 63 degrees at 10 and 67 around lunchtime and a high of 72 as we head through the afternoon. from mostly sunny to partly cloudy and then the clouds turn cloudy early tonight. it's pretty quiet this morning. wims are out of the southwest at five. it feels 56. on the board 57 around dubuque. 54 at decorah 54 decorah and 54 intracity. all in all it is a comfortable morning. 51 in waterloo and 60s in the quads. look how warm everyone gets today. 75 in des moines and ottumwa.
6:46 am
this morning. if you've been clouds shuffling through the picture. an area of low pressure will longest cold front and that cold front will change i would speak to the north and west of 5 to 10. that area of low pressure will move our way pushing more clouds and bringing some rain in. that gives us southern showers tonight and as we go to predictor you watch that rain start in the south and west at through the day tomorrow move towards the north and east. here is predictor and we have a nice quiet afternoon today it's overnight the rain starts to move in. here comes south and west of towards the north and east. that's coming from the low down in the south. we will keep the rain around through wednesday afternoon. it will move out wednesday night and clearing skies overnight into thursday. today your forecast mainly sunny and warm or. when stuck out of the southwest and turn to the north and west at 5 to 10.
6:47 am
fairfax and north liberty at 73 degrees. in the north part of the viewing area 60 in new hampton. 69 in decorah. 71 in manchester and waterloo. now to the southern part of the viewing area where we see areas on highway 20. tama, washington 74. 72 in monticello. extended forecast has rain tonight and 56. 62 on thursday. look at the end of the week we will stay in the upper 60s for friday through sunday. don't forget to set the clock back one hour as you head into bed on saturday night. mid-sixties on sunday and the 60s on monday. full details at here's a live look at 380 at
6:48 am
there is traffic moving and grooving but no delays. be mindful delays continuing on first avenue around the 29th street area. other than that it should be
6:49 am
6:50 am
welcome back - >> welcome back. it is 6:50. here's a look at today's forecast. it's going to be 73 in iowa city and 74 in washington. as we go north a little cooler. oelwein 70. 69 and will have flight wins. it will be a comfortable day. we are getting spoiled on this first day of november. will not take a live look at i-380 at
6:51 am
some traffic out there. everyone seems to be going along at a nice space and working together. no issues right now. another person died in two vehicle crash on monday on interstate 380. told the iowa state patrol - a car drove onto the shoulder - then veered left across both lanes.that's when it was hit by a semi.the semi-driver was not injured.the name of the driver killed has not been released. tonight in north liberty - the iowa d-o-t will hold a public meeting - on the future of forever-green road.there are proposed improvements on that road between kansas avenue - to jones boulevard. boulevard.there are also plans to put an interchange on forever-green and interstate 380.the meeting tonight runs from 5 -to 6-thirty and will be held at the north liberty
6:52 am
announced new byways - or routes - to promote iowa's tour. of them - the historic jefferson highway byway running north and south through iowa.iowa d-o-t director paul trombino - says these will showcase all iowa has to offer.the state is also adding extra routes to existing byways - including one in winneshiek county. lt. gov kim reynolds: along these byways, you're able to take the same visitors throughout history - such as native american tribes, lewis and clark or settlers along the mormon trail. trail.the iowa d-o-t expects a new sign for the byways by next year. state officials will pay thirty- three million dollars more to the three private companies in charge of iowa's medicaid privatization. the legislative services agency says one of the factors for the rising rates is beause of prescription drug costs - like
6:53 am
hepatitis c.the governor's chief of staff says the state will still save money by moving to managed care. "we believe that the one hundred ten million savings that was budgeted for will still exist because that is what the state's actuaries have said as well as the department of human services." services."the health policy oversight committee has met several times at the capitol to address ongoing problems with medicaid managed care. they'll meet again this december. it's now now it's degrees in degrees in when we come back, we'll take a look at the three stories you'll need to know on this mor.
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here are the three stories you need to k
6:56 am
need to know to start your tuesday. right now we are taking a look of an officer shooting. the police department says an officer was attacked by a suspect in that officer fired the gun which led to the suspect to flee and collide into a police suv. the suspect has life-threatening injuries. e right now where taking a live look there is a bus crash in baltimore. three people died. we do not know much. it looks like a school bus and a city bus collided. it looks awful but all we know is that three people died. no word if those people were in the city bus or school bus. this is a live look in baltimore
6:57 am
highway 3 e. of tama. it does involve -- excuse me a
6:58 am
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families today don't earn what they need and don't have the opportunities they deserve. i believe families deserve quality education for their kids, childcare they can trust and afford, equal pay for women, and jobs they can really live on. people ask me what will be different if i'm president? well kids and families have been the passion of my life and they will be the
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? good morning, it is tuesday, november 1st, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." the election is one week away. and the fbi is e-mails that may be tied to hillary clinton. top aide huma abedin promises to cooperate. a deadly pipeline explosion sparks a forest fire in alabama. could face higher gas prices. voters in five states will decide next week if recreational marijuana shop illegal. you should how their votes affects the rest of america. >> but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90


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