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tv   CBS2 News Live at 5  CBS  November 8, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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at five,it's election day and cbs 2 news is bringing you team coverage right now, it is election day. cbs2 news brings you team coverage across the state. first, iowa is mourning the loss of two officers killed at least 12-hundred members of law enforcement were there to des moines police department laid to rest. at least 1200 members of law enforcement were there to honor him. tony served the police to permit for 11 years. he was also in iowa city west high school graduate. >> he was on that line day in and day out protecting the innocent from those that seek to do us harm. >> justin stood for justice for all of god's children children.
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>> funeral services for justin martin were held today in his hometown of rockwell city in northwest iowa. officer martin and officer tony benicio were killed last week. we will go to our chief meteorologist forecast. >> a nice election day across the midwest. temperatures a little cooler today. slightly breezy. overall, a lot of sunshine in the skies. right now the radar continues to show a dry scene in eastern iowa. fair skies around. temperatures falling off tonight. by tomorrow morning, expecting to see frost around eastern iowa. low temperatures close to the freezing mark in a lot of spots. after a chilly start to the day, it looks like more
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and temperatures should go into the upper 50s. another nice november day. most of the attention has been on the presidential race tonight. cbs2 news political reporter kevin barry is at the breaking news desk with one of the most interesting stories to follow this evening. >> regardless of who ends up going into the white house, a big race we will be looking at is the u.s. senate. this is the u.s. these colors correspond to the senate race does not how they will vote for president. so iowa is probably safely read. also looking at places like ohio, florida, illinois -- will be big races we are watching. democrats only trail in the senate by a few votes -- four or five, depending on who you look at. this is the balance of power in the senate now. these gray seats are up for grabs. most of these are safely democratic. if you are safely republican. so the two parties are fighting
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can have a lot of power in what happens with any bills getting through. a party needs 16 votes to have a stranglehold or super majority in the senate. if any party falls below 60 votes, it will be really hard to get any legislation through regardless of who is in the white house. but some other races we are watching are places like arizona, for the presidency. that may or may not help john mccain's reelection bid. that is a state that is reliably republican that could go blue to ten -- depending on turnout. we will be tracking this. joins us live with a preview. matt this has become a city versus county issue - - and of
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controversy - that just won't go away .. you're right. once again voters have the chance to adjust the size of the board of supervisors..this time to reduce it from five members - down to three.. critics say it's not a full time job - and voters didn't realize supervisors salaries would jump to more than one - hundred thousand dollars. a year. kevin kula started the petition - and says it's not what was promised a decade ago. did was to add numbers , they were going to share the salary .. are we better off a& the 11,000 signatures or so we got them people say we're not better off " "others like supervisor ben rogers - who was added to the board when it expanded from three to five - - ten years ago say reducing the size
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won't be represented. we'll see what voters decide tonight- kelli back to you today the 20-16 election finally comes to a close.and many voters on both sides of the aisle are reporting strong back to you. the 2016 election finally comes to a close. many odors on both sides of the aisle are reporting strong feelings of anxiety and fear about the outcome. doctors say politics keeping you up at night and you are not alone. we give you tips on how to calm down with your election stress. >> these two say that their first presidential election has been extremely stressful. >> what form does your stress take? >> it is like a big headache that is just over and over again. it keeps coming on. >> they are not alone. the american psychological (vo asim shah)psychiatrist asim shah says that can lead to heart palpitations,
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baylor college of medicine @2:54 - cut down as needed.)a person may have uncontrollable worry, uncontrollable anxiety, uncontrollable feara& of what happens if a or b loses.(vo generic crowd shots)for many voters, the contentious hillary clinton-donald trump battle is causing more stress than past races.(rose tilson / brooklyn @115924 - 1 shot) literally a knot in my stomach. i feel an ulcer coming on.(sot curtis langdon / new jersey @120959)we are severely divided as a nation and that concerns me anymore than anything else.(vo / nat of candidates arguing)(gfx?) on. >> one psychiatrist that you take breaks from social media, go for walk, play with pets and avoid political debates with family and friends. >> we need to be careful in discussing election -- results . >> in some cases, medication may be recommended. doctors say cutting back on election headlines they just do the trick. cbs news, new york. >> studies show election
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major political parties. men and women spanning socioeconomic lines as well. join cbs2 news and fox28 news tonight for extended vote 2016 coverage but we are following local and national races. cbs2 news is live tonight from focus -- kevin barry.hear from voters like you about this all starts tonight --- at nine, on our sister station -- fox 28 -- and continues at ten on ?both 2 and fox 28. if you got an "i voted" sticker today today...don't throw it out yet! if you got a sticker for voting today, don't throw it out yet. dozens of businesses are offering free food and drinks if you show them your sticker. firehouse subs will give you a free drink. and you can get a free slice of pie at village inn. at chili's, you can get a margarita and commemorative
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you can check out hands in harmony for $10 off of a massage. there is a huge list you can see right there. day!chief meteorologist terry swails is here with your
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tomorrow on cbs 2 this morning continue to pour in all night long.we'll recap all the races important to you - and give analysis of what happened - that's tomorrow on checking in with our weather first forecast. a gorgeous day for everyone who
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>> just to get out. -- sometimes in november, things can go downhill this time of year. we have been living on a dream around here. it looks like that will continue for several more days to come. we will look at the beautiful sunset that is taking place right now. not much in the way of cloud cover around the upper midwest as high pressure has moved back into the area. with that, it is causing the radar to be nice and quiet tonight. not seeing anyone -- on the radar. as we get this quite weather pattern reestablished. a few clouds to the east of us. and some out to the west. a sunny day today. the skies will be nice and clear tonight. with the clear skies and the light wind and the dry air, temperatures will fall, thanks to the long nice. a lot of places will be back around freezing by tomorrow morning. you expect to see scattered areas of frost. as far as a morning commute, no issues outside of the frosty conditions. sunny
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temperatures around 32-34 degrees. we will warm things up after that. and get temperatures into the upper 50s around much of eastern iowa. clear and frosty tonight. sunny cool day tomorrow. very nice. after that, temperatures take off thursday. that is a day when we could see mid-60s around eastern iowa. i then, the normal highs are around 49-50 degrees. you can see we are still in a very nice weat about as good as we have seen in eastern iowa. the average temperature was 56.1 degrees. that is 13 degrees above normal. the weather we experience would be more typical of raleigh, north carolina. just to give you an idea of how warm it has been. with the next seven days, continuing to be nice and mild. we will see temperature departures in here. thursday, 16 degrees above
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weekend, temperatures climbing into the 60s are sunday, monday and tuesday. those temperatures will be about 12- 16 degrees above normal. we continue on with this nice string of mild days. pretty dry days too. on the satellite tonight come you can see we have clear skies in place. that will lead to cool temperatures overnight. the predictors shows the fair skies continuing all around eastern iowa. at midnight, and then 6:00 tomorrow morning -- maybe stray high thin that will be gone by noon time. after that, sunshine for the rest of tomorrow afternoon. another fine november day across eastern iowa. overnight tonight, low temperatures perhaps as cool as 29 otherwise, 30-32 across the northern counties. clear and crisp. tomorrow, a lot of sunshine around. in the south, tomorrow morning lows will be around 30-34 degrees in the northern
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in the northern counties tomorrow, temperatures back into the mid to upper 50s for highs. still well above normal. west wind at 5-10. buddy of sunshine. in the south, temperatures could get up to 60 and iowa city. cedar rapids, 58. and monticello, 57. the extended forecast. as the dry weather continues for the next several days -- veterans day friday, 52. sixty, sunday. sixty-one and 63 for monday and tuesday of next week as the great weather keeps coming. technology has given us several ways to pay for things. that cash is still king. a study by the federal reserve bank of san francisco found that cash is still the most frequently used form of payment by consumers. cash was used in nearly one third of all transactions including bill payments are possibly the most apprising part. millennials use cash the most. and when millennials do decide
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a nerd wallet poll says 78% of americans view chip cards in a positive light. but surprisingly, millennials are the only generation to prefer the traditional attic strip cards -- magnetic strip cards over the chp option. 31% of millennials say that chip cards take longer and it is confusing to know when to use them. still ahead, the last day of the historical election as we continue to count down more news ahead when live at 5 continues on cbs 2. 2."cbs 2 news connects with the us -- 1-800- 222-kganemail us -- news @ cbs2iowa.comconnect with us on facebook --
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circa moment [dayside] behind the scenes in the trump war room (tenative) script
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on this election day rod blum is running against monica vernon to keep his congressional seat on this election day, rod blom is running against monica does to keep his congressional seat in the first director -- district. we continue coverage across the state -- live from dubuque. joe. >> reporter: spoke with the congressman just a little bit ago. he says in the last few hours today, it is about getting out to vote. we are at the dubuque headquarters of his campaign. a are still inside making phone calls and reaching out to supporters, just to make sure they made it out to the polls. congressman blum says going into tonight, he feels confident in what his campaign has done this election cycle.
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it has helped him put out nearly nine to hundred thousand phone calls and knock on 85,000 doors. at the same time, he says it has been a very strange election cycle. so you can't take anything for granted. that is why they are here making those calls. we expect there will still be people around in the office until 7:00 tonight. blum won this seat two years ago. traditionally they vote democrat. but he bie him because when they vote for him, they get exactly what is advertised. >> they know i'm authentic. ice because from my heart. i'm not speaking off of notes. not sticking my finger in the wind. people know how i feel about the issues and i follow through. >> blum left here just a little while ago. he will go home and relax for just a little bit. and we will be at the watch
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he will be getting reaction as we find out who wins the first district. covering the corridor in dubuque, cbs2 news. >> bringing it back home to cedar rapids where election coverage continues. we are joined from downtown. dora. >> reporter: we are at monica vernon texas campaign site in cedar rapids. volunteers are working really hard to get those last final hours of election day and. vernon is running against blum for the iowa first district congressional seat. it has been one of the most closely watched races so far. and vernon is hoping to make a move to congresswoman by the end of the day today. she served the city during the 2008 flood -- and she was such an integral part of recovery. this is not been an easy road for her. vernon ran for congress in 2014 and failed to get the nomination losing to pat murphy. after that, she ran for
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pursuing issues like jobs, affordable access to education and protecting social security. tonight we will be at the hall and have a watch party. that starts at 9:00. we will be live with updates. covering the corridor, cbs2 news . >> we are taking a live look right now at the sun. it looks like it has pretty much set. a gorgeous night tonight.
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woman stopped to vote on the way to deliver a baby! a colorado woman stopped to vote on the way to deliver a baby. she was due to have her child today. but the baby could not wait. the first time mom actually started going into labor friday -- but before delivering the baby, she stopped at the boulder county clerk to drop off her ballot. she gave birth to a little girl named bella rose. her partner max was with her when she went into labor. and also made sure he voted as well. nothing was going to stop them to vote. a pretty neat story. >> it is. that is what this country is all
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a thing there was a good turnout today. all across the country from what i'm hearing. and the weather helped. no snow around the nation. tomorrow morning, in the corridor, it might be a little frosty in some spots. could get to 32 for the low. with fair skies. and light wind. tomorrow afternoon, we should get close to 60. we will shoot for 58.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: now it's up to you. >> go vote. >> pelley: tonight, americans have the final word of campaign 2016 as they choose the next president of the united states. >> i feel fantastic. very optimistic. i'm praying. >> pelley: the their ballots. >> i'm so happy. >> tough decision. >> pelley: it's election day in america. this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: it's the first tuesday after the first monday of november, and the last hours of the last day of voting. for the next president of the united states.


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