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tv   CBS 2 News 10  CBS  November 8, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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>> we are keeping our eyes on all races.>> we will continue our life simulcasts of this election night vote 2016 edition of the cbs 2 news and fox28 news. you could say with us as we bring you the latest on tonight's historic election. from cbs 2 news and fox 28 news, this is special election coverage of v >> the polls in i won't have been closed millions of voters in iowa and across the country -- votes have been counted. we are scrolling the latest information on the bottom of the screen. right now we want to focus on the race for president. this is a live picture from the hillary clinton headquarters in new york city. also in new york republican donald trump was standing by with his supporters on what he hopes will be a victory party.
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give you the concessions and victory speeches when -- went and if they happen tonight. the biggest contest tonight is the race for president. we begin vote 2016 with anchor scott sanborn and karen fuller. >> polls are now closed in every state with the exception of alaska. not all of tho decided. >> right now just minutes ago hillary clinton has surpassed donald trump in the electoral vote. she holds the lead after he has been leading all night long. she has 186 to his 172. that's the latest from cbs. those numbers may be different on your screen. again clinton has 186 electoral votes and donald trump has 172 and he is lagging for the first time in the evening. >> if the electoral also will determine the outcome of the election. we want to show you the popular vote. donald trump is leading in the
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clinton 46%. gary johnson coming in with 3%. >> let's look at the numbers in iowa. in the race for u.s. senate we have shown you early tonight that chuck grassley the senior senator from iowa has been declared the winner. 53% to petty judges 43%. she came with 10%. cbs and apr declaring chuck grassley the winner. >> in the race for us 1 which includes cedar rapids dubuque and waterloo. look at monica vernon surging ahead 57% to 43%. she lost this race in the primary in 2012 to pat murphy who then lost to rod blum. we have a few percentage points in the present reporting. we will clarify that for you moving forward. >> moving to the second district house race that
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the democratic -- incumbent dave loebsack looking for his six-time and looks like he will get that six term. he has been leading christopher peters a surgeon from korbel 64% to 36% with nearly 20% of the precincts reporting. >> all of these contest and doesn't more are scrolling at the bottom of your screen.>> you can get the latest results on our website. >> we are also monitoring tonight's results with the ca challengers all anxiously awaiting to see who the winners and losers will be. we continue with joe huisinga with rod blum campaign. >> i'm here in dubuque at the west -- best western with congress and rod blum large party. every time you guys come back there are more people here. it is crowding us into the room. everyone's attention is on the
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results come in around the country. right now there is still a lot of energy even though there is an early lead for monica vernon. however, people are still confident that that will change as the numbers continue to come in from around the first district. one of the things that rod blum was talking about earlier today was that power of the youth vote. there has been a lot of young energy here so that is evident this evening and will have more reaction later on as the evening continues. covering the corridor in dubuque joe huisinga cbs 2 news. >> a familiar name in cedar rapids is helping to topple congressman rod blum. monica vernon has gathered with supporters downtown and that's what we find dora miller right
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gone from sitting to standing at monica vernon's watch party. you can see around people are now waiting. there wanted to see if she will make the move to become i was first district congressional seat. earlier i reported that there were 70 presents. in this vote there is 44 that have reported in. monica vernon is ahead right now. monica vernon for a while and said she could make it work this time. she was a big part of the 2008 recovery efforts. they hope this is a change of luck for her. will keep an eye on the polls and the numbers and try to get reaction from monica vernon as she makes her way here. and we will see if she will become the next congresswoman. >> another long-term incumbent is hoping to retain his
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dave loebsack has served the second district for a decade. connor morgan is live at the congressman's watch party in iowa city. >> we are here at that first avenue club in iowa city. we are waiting the loebsack's arrival. we thought he would be here earlier but i spoke to a campaign staffer who said the vote count is coming in slower than anticipated so that's what's causing the delay. he is holding a big lead as you can see at the bottom line of he has a lead of 64 to 36% with nearly 20% of the vote in. the campaign staffer that i spoke to says it's still too early to tell but they are confident that he will be there for six term. we will bring you the latest. in massive numbers today. today.besides the federal and state contests they also weighed in on a couple of major ballot measures. measures.anchor matt hammill
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just ahead on the fox 28 news at nine -- --we'll update tonight's race for president as most states have started counting millions of votes.including here in iowa.that and your weatherfirst forecast -- when this election night vote 2016 special continues on cbs 2 and
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tomorrow on cbs 2 this morning - election results will continue to pour in all night long.we'll recap all the races important to you - and give
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from cbs 2 rrow on >> from cbs 2 news and fox28 news this is special coverage of vote 2016. >> we continue to track the latest developments in the race for president. >> voting is now over. there are a number of contest that remain too close to call. here's a look at the latest projections in the electoral college. 270 are required to win. the major headlines of the hour hillary clinton wins virginia and donald trump takes ohio and moments ago production show trump will also take north carolina. we are still watching florida. >> it's remarkable and bottom line for president unlike the
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still too close to call. we will continue to monitor these results and bring you the updates throughout the night. >> although contest in iowa remain up in the air we are getting a better picture of the direction of national races going on as scott and karen told us. the political reporter kevin barry continues vote 2016 team coverage. >> we talked with the volatility that we're seeing in the markets because donald trump is doing well. he just picked up a battleground state talking about you are saying this is a time sound thing. we're going to out of the country with donald trump is going to do better. >> what we have seen is trump leading in the electoral count all night and that is an artifact of republicans continued strength in the southeast. north carolina was one that hillary clinton expected to win
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that is the most remarkable result of the night. maybe even more so than ohio. >> coming into this we talked about that blue wall that hillary clinton had. she took what she had to take an not have to overextend, you are saying that blue wall is still intact. >> it's got some holes in it. it's not nearly looked at the beginning of the night. >> where getting a better look at the presidential race. we have 13% reporting. still a closely split hillary clinton has broken the 50% mark. a place like iowa was republican +3. this is 13% in but are we looking at a place that is not safely read but read
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have to wait. >> historically and we don't know where these presents are coming from but historically this urban present has come in first in iowa and the rule presents have come in later. rule presents in iowa tend to be more republican. it's been a number of democrats over the number of years that have been leading with 13 or 26 or 39% of precincts reporting. i'm not ready credence in the numbers we have seen. >> how important are too close congressional races and i was first district and their district. the first district in cedar rapids which is heavily necrotic and third district which includes des moines which includes democratic. could that both attend in iowa on the presidential level because you may be driving more democratic voters?
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is because they've gotten turn out in western iowa. if democrat turn in eastern iowa that might have a similar effect. a tight result in district 1 and that's a factor of what i was talking about earlier. >> something to be expected. this is district here david young taking a lead in that. that is al a what is the biggest surprise that you have seen so far? is a place like north carolina that we thought with the extended voting place i do with the more democratic voters? >> i think the biggest surprise nationally has been that states with increasing proportions of nonwhite citizens have not changed their usual column.
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up more or less where they usually are. >> we are tracking all these moment.but first, we turn to weatherfirst chief
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next on this special edition of cbs 2 and fox 28 news -- --we continue to monitor the next coming up we continue to monitor the race for president. watching election night of vote 2016 on fox 28 news and cbs two news. >> listen throughout the day
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from cbs 2 news and fox 28 news, this is special election coverage of >> from cbs 2 news and fox28 news this is special coverage >> we have an update on the electoral college. utah has gone red for donald trump. he is pulling within a few electoral college votes. she is still leading 197 two 193 at this point. we are monitoring numbers from across the state. here is one note of interest for people living in north liberty. they are amy nielsen is on her way to winning a seat for i will house for district 77.
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counsel and they will have to find a new mayor. >> we are following i was congressional races with beginning district 1. here it is . monica vernon still leading with congressman rod blum who is looking for his second term. monica byrne -- burden well known for her leadership. this is a tight race and one that could matter in washington when it is decided. >> let's go to district 2. loebsack still has a commanding lead over dr. christopher pierce. he's a local surgeon who has a practice in coralville. he's a us army surgeon. 50% to 42% with 40% of the precincts reporting. we will continue to monitor these results and bring you we are also digging into the 'voice of the voter' here in eastern 28 news political reporter and host of 'iowa in focus' kevin barry -- --joins us now with our panel
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next on cbs 2 and fox 28 -- --we'll take a break from the campaign to update the road to a state title.your first highlights of the night from the state volleyball when this election night vote 2016 special report continues tournament when the election night vote 2016 special report continues on cbs 2 and fox28. >> we connect with the core door
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the state volleyball tournament is off in full swing in downtown cedar rapids -- and ceda and now cbs 2 sports. >> the state bowling ball -- bowling ball is now on. the tigers are the top team in the state and rolled through the regular season dropping just $.10 all year. they are taking on stalling in their matchup. the tigers set up taylor lynch and she drops the hammer from the back row.


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