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tv   CBS2- This Morning  CBS  November 11, 2016 6:00am-7:00am CST

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cbs two this morning...i'm jenee ryan. ryan.
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an update to breaking news - a fire has now been put out in an abandoned building in broke out right after three this morning at 919-commercial street. abandoned building in waterloo. the fire broke out after 3:00 this morning at 919 commercial street. authorities confirmed that there were no injuries but police have arrested one person in connection to that fire. developing overnight, protests over now president-
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violent in several parts of of the country. cbs news reporter stephanie johnson is at our breaking news desk and she has been following this all morning long. stephanie, what have you found out about these protests so far. >> reporter: the protests are going on in portland, oregon at this time. police are now calling this a riot. more than a thousand people have hit the streets of portland. you can see demonstrators damaging public property as well as lighting trees on fire. you can see that police are using different methods to disperse the crowd and clear them away. police have tweeted out that 26 people have been arrested. that is the latest at this time. back to you. >> thank you. donald trump's responding to the protests on twitter. here is what the president- elect tweeted out last night.
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successful presidential election. now professional protesters incited by the media are protesting. very unfair. he just tweeted out this one. love the fact that the small groups of protesters last night have passion for our great country. we will all come together and be proud. so sounds like a little bit of different attitude between the two. we'll see what he says later today. this all comes the day after he met with yesterday at the white house. both men had positive remarks succeed b/c if you succeed then the country succeeds." succeeds."(trump sot 12:48:49 peotus) i very much look forward to dealing with the president in the future, including counsel // it was a great honor being with you, and i look forward to being with you many, many more times in the future." this sunday - on sixty minutes - president elect trump will do his first extensive
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lesley stahl will sit down with not only the next president - but also the incoming first family.that airs right here on cbs -2 at six on sunday afternoon. new details now on a race that was too close to call on election night.voters in maine approved a measure to make recreational pot legal for adults over 21. 21.the vote came down to just a fraction of a percentage point.maine was one of five states to vote on marijuana tuesday.california - nevada and massachuses the drug too.arizona rejected the measure but alburnett city leaders -- --now decided to opt out of plans to raise the minimum wage in linn county.they are now the third and largest linn county community to keep their lowest wage at 7-25 an hour. eeeee-lee and robins also decided to stay at the federal and state level. level.earlier this year- linn county supervisors approved a plan to gradually raise the minimum wage at the beginning of each 2019 - the
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has remained 7-25 an hour since 2008. there's now a new way you can travel anywhere in the state. there is now a new way you can travel around the state. it is called iowa ride share. the iowa department of transportation program allows travelers to go online and find out whether anyone else is trying to reach the same destination. >> you did pick how you want to travel inform you say i want city. is there a public transit option available in is there a van pool option available? is there somebody that is just going in their personal car that is willing to take me? >> she also says consolidating travelers like this means fewer cars on the road and less traffic. the head of the iowa dot is now leaving his post. he submitted his resignation
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no word yet on who the governor plans to appoint to succeed him. now, the iowa supreme court ruled governor tory branstad stayed within his authority when he vetoed funding for two mental health facilities. they argue state law requires iowa for have four facilities. mental health hospitals in clarendon and mount pleasant were shut down democrat state senator matt mccoy says that will end up costing the state. >> whether it is legal or not, closing our mental health institutes costs all iowans, costs employers, costs setting. on this veterans day - loved ones and lawmakers are still waiting for answers - in the case of sargeant brandon ketchu. ketchum.the v-a hospital in
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to seek help.24-hours later - he took his own life. life.iowa senator joni ernst says she's sent multiple after he went there to seek help. 24 hours later, she took his own life. iowa senator joni ernst said she sent multiple letters and she has yet to receive any response. sergeant ketchum was a veteran of the wars in iraq and afghanistan. senator ernst corrected some serious typos. >> errors will happen. things will be overlooked so we want to make sure that those are corrected while we can do it. it is never too late to say thank you to a veteran. >> some of those awards include
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the air medal and the combat medical badge. helped rick son earned his silver star treating wounded comrades under heavy enemy fire. didn't think about it when you did it you know it was something you >> didn't think about it when you did it. theres an opportunity then for a dialog about a really important part of his life and for dialogue about a really important part of his life and even though he was very young as a medic service was significant whether people could see it or not. >> henderickson decided he wanted the corrected certificates to pass on it his children and grandchildren to help understand the history of the war and what happened. he worked for two years to get the medals fixed before ever reaching out to senator ernst. as a thank you to veterans, many businesses are offering a show of support today for veterans day.
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restaurants, rec centers. yesterday, we had aurora's coffee from marion and they are giving out fidel castro coffee to every veteran who comes in. things like that happening all over the corridor. fay complete list of deals, go to our web site, tgif to you. if you are in north liberty, it is 46 degrees right now. still ahead, how us downtown cedar rapids are still recovering from the flood earlier this fall. >> a cool start to our day. sunshine on this veterans day. take a look at our bus stop forecast. 40 this morning. 52 this afternoon. yesterday, upper 60s out there. what a change a day makes.
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good morning to you. our temperatures are cool. we bring you good news in the weekend forecast. we warm back to the 50s and almost 60s by the end of the weekend. 52 today. 51 tomorrow. 56 by sunday. our temperature drop a good 10, almost 12 degrees lower were yesterday. plenty of sunshine again today. 49 at lunchtime and 52 this afternoon. if you are partaking in veterans day ceremonies, here is what is ahead in that veterans day forecast. a cool morning out there as we take a look. about 44 degrees this morning. it will be certainly sunny and then through the afternoon, a high of 52 degrees with above normal temperatures. let's get past the skycam and move into the numbers.
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41 in dubuque. 34 in oelwein. 39 in tama. 39 in decorah. 36 in mason city. 50s in mason city. 52 in cedar rapids. 55 in davenport. weak cold front moves through overnight and that is what has brought us these cooler temperatures and a wind out of the northwest at five to 15. frontal boundary continuing to we do see a couple of thin clouds out there this afternoon. high pressure moves right back in overnight though. that high pressure is what will keep us in the sunshine for saturday and sunday and mostly sunny for monday and tuesday, wednesday too. from 7:00 this morning through overnight tonight, couple of thin clouds through the afternoon. heading into the evening time, clear skies, frost expected overnight tonight through early
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temperatures in the lower 50s. more sunshine on the way for sunday. here is your veterans day forecast. sunny northwest winds about five to 15, gusting to 20. cooler day today. numbers like 51 in central city. 52 in center point, cedar rapids and fairfax. 53 in iowa city and north liberty. we will find low 50s decorah. 51 in oelwein, elkader. 54 in washington. 53 over in tama. your extended forecast features the upper 20s tonight. we'll have frost overnight into tomorrow. 56 for sunday. monday, upper 50s remain with a mostly sunny sky. upper 50s tuesday, wednesday and upper 50s for thursday.
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staying at or above normal all the way through next sunday, the weekend before thanksgiving. >> and we'll have frost in the night. >> yeah. >> but thanksgiving soon. that is exciting. >> we got that going for us, which is nice. >> we have to have something to look forward to soon. christmas is so far away. >> 3 da can't wait. tgif. happy veterans day. thank you so much to every
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welcome back -- it's now we're taking a look at your??????? your??????? welcome back on this veterans day. let's take a look at this veterans day forecast. 50 in decorah, oelwein, 56 in washington p we'll have winds out of the northwest five to 0 miles per hour. a supe day though. many of our nation's veterans find themselves fighting their own war after they get home from war. a growing number turn to drugs and alcohol while dealing with all of that ptsd. don champion visited a new treatment center in texas that
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responders. >> reporter: outside warriors hard ranch, 20 cutouts of steel tell the stories of veterans who have committed suicide. >> it is the part of the war that you bring home. you are still battling it. >> reporter: her 2-year-old son army specialist adam hill gibson committed suicide in 2009 after two deployments to iraqment here at home, he faced another enemy, trista traumatic stress disorder and alcoholism. >> it is a hell you don't wake up from. >> reporter: still fighting her own ptsd, traumatic brain injury, drug and alcohol addiction. it's the first ever to only treat veterans, law enforcement and first responders.(sot annette hill/warrior's heart) "we treat everythrything at once, w stabilize the addiction first, that is the truth- and then we start to untie the knot of what is their life" treatment here runs 28 to 90 days. patients go through 4 individual sessions a week and 3 hours of group therapy a
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fitness and spirituality are also part of the treatment. (sot no super) it's just you fitness and spirituality are also part of the treatment. >> it is just you and your own personal darkness. >> reporter: william was a navy medic in iraq. he returned home with ptsd and turned to alcohol. after experiencing suicidal chotts, he reached out to dozens of thoughts, he reached out to dozens of facilities. therapy dogs helped him get back on his feet and he is paying it forward. he now work with the k-9 program training dogs to help other veterans. don champion, cbs news, texas. >> about 40 people have gone through warriors heart t costs about $22,000 for 28 days but insurance does cover the treatment in most cases.
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another treatment that helps veterans with ptsd and moving forward through all of that emotional and physical problems. you can go to and search hbot and learn about hype are -- hyperbaric oxygen treatment. this special visit to washington for one of the nation's oldest veterans, up next. >> sunshine on the take a look at our bus stop forecast. it will be a the cool out there. 40 this morning with a breeze out of the northwest.
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how about this for a beautiful sunrise on veterans
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of our skycam. over the east, over collins road, here comes the sun. 42 in town. feels like 30 right now. up in decorah, 39 degrees. winds also north at nine. here that is bus stop forecast. through the day today, low 40s at 9:00. 49 at lunchtime and a high of today. some frost expected. low 50s for saturday. 32 for saturday night. isn't, monday, upper 50s. -- sunday, monday, upper 50s. the 10-day temperature trend stays above normal through next weekend with upper 40s which is normal this time of year. we'll look for that. a little cooler weather by the end of next week and next weekend. jenee?
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veterans day marks a special day for every person who serves in the u.s. military. but it is a little extra special for maybe the country's oldest veteran. army sergeant bill moore served in world war ii. he is from pennsylvania and he is 108 years old. yesterday, he got a warm welcome at the world war ii memorial in washington, d.c. look at that smile. today, he will take a visit to obama's annual veterans day breakfast. that is amazing. he deserves it and to all of you veterans watching, thank you so much for your service. if you are in tipton, it is 43 degrees. next, the extreme measures
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right now on cbs 2 this morning...angry protests overnight - after president- elect trump mets with president obama in the white house. angry protests overnight for president-elect trump meets with president obama in the white house. >> the traffic headache for some corridor commuter is now over. find out what project finished ahead of schedule. >> plus, much of the challenge to shop local has helped businesses that were forced to shut down during the flood. now, they're fine. we'll talk to but all of that. >> here is is a live look now. where is this at? i can't see the -- interstate 80. that is at coral ridge, interstate 80. you can see the sun is starting
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i'm jenee ryan. let's get a check on your cbs 2 weather first forecast with justin. it is once again above normal today. >> yeah, temperature will stay above normal the next few days. take a look at where we are this more than as we start the day. our numbers in the low 40s. 42 in cedar rapids this last hour. let's check and see where we are at this morning as we take a look at old glory waving in 42 with a clear sky in cedar rapids. you notice the camera shaking back and forth thanks to the breeze. here is our veterans day forecast. should be in the upper 40s this morning. this afternoon, low 50s, both of which with plenty of sunshine. 38 in waterloo. 47 in iowa city. 43 in washington. 39 in decorah. winds north and west about five to 15.
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some thin clouds around parts of the viewing area this morning. no big major news here. just a little cooler compared to yesterday's upper 60s. it is today's lower 50s with sunshine. full weather first forecast including what is ahead for the weekend and early next week coming up in about 10 minutes' time. >> justin, thank you. this more than, president- elect donald trump's transition into the white house is officially under way. he traveled to washington, d.c. for a one-on-one discussion with president obama which you probab w social media to comment on the ongoing protests over his election. >> reporter: demonstrators in oakland, l.a. and portland brought traffic to a stand still overnight. still angry over donald trump's stunning election. >> i just think he is hateful and racist. >> i am undocumented and i am
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escalated, this man brandishing a weapon confronted demonstrators. this woman was cap toured on cell phone video throwing detergent on those blocking roadways -- captured on cell phone video. president-elect trump trm took to twitter branding his opponent as professional protesters incited bit immediate yavment many have made their voices heard outside his properties in cities. >> no matter how you spin it, hillary was a better option than trump. >> reporter: concrete barriers have been placed around president-elect trump's primary residence. >> reporter: the extra security came after his one on one meeting with president obama at the white house yesterday. >> we now are going to want to do everything we can to help you succeed because if you succeed, then the country succeeds. >> reporter: trump also met with senate majority leader
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speaker paul ryan. >> i think we'll be doing some absolutely spectacular things for the american people. >> reporter: among his top priorities, make good on his campaign promise to repeal obamacare. hena daniels, cbs news. >> melania trump also met privately with current first lady michelle obama. they had tea before the future first lady was given a tour by the current first lady of her soon to be home. >> tweeted this out. it said love the group that small groups of protesters have passion for our great country. we will all come together and be proud. allot bit different attitude than the first one. we'll see what happens as the protests continue and see what president-elect trump has to say about those. hopefully, we can all come together like he said. obamacare enrollment has now surged since election day. president-elect trump has vowed
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more than 100,000 people selected health plans on the health website on wednesday. that is now busiest day since open enrollment began at the first of the month. the last day to enroll or change plans for your next year's coverage is december 15th. hundreds gathered last night to remember a police officer killed in the line of duty. we brought you this as breaking news yesterday when it happened. just a week after two des moines police officers were shot and killed, two more officers ambushed in a suburb one killed, another injured in the early-morning hours thursday. now, the law enforcement community across the u.s. is mourning the loss again. >> we have been getting well wishes throughout the county. we are getting honor guards, other police departments. i can't begin to name all the police departments that have later found dead in her home. the suspect gotaway - but then killed himself.the woman had a restraining order against the
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new this morning - in johnson county - the highway 965 bridge over the iowa river is now back open for's been closed since early september so crews could replace the bridge deck.they finished ?three weeks ahead of schedule. but there could be minor touch up work still going on - so single lane closures are possible.officials ask you to drive by construction zones with caution. now - the marion community is sg seeingthe benefits project.yesterday - the city opened the roundabout at 7th avenue and 7th street -- making it much easier for drivers to get through the uptown area.local businesses have been dealing with a lot of construction during the project -- and the chamber of commerce president says new parking lots and a better streetscape will help drive business back through their doors. the city really looked hard at that and figured out ways we were creating extra space
6:35 am
process and use that to help the community out. out.the mayor tells cbs 2 news - roundabouts keep drivers safer -- by forcing cars to slow down -- while still allowing traffic to move 30- percent more effeciently. the c-r gavel challenge is over - but local businesses still feel the love. love.during the month of october - mayor ron corbett challenged everyone to spend money at businesses forced to close down during the flooding threat in september rapidians stepped up - and shared photos at those locations with the hash-tag c- r-gavel challenge.local business owners say it was refreshing to open their doors -- but even better to get back on their feet. "to get reopened and to get people in here so that they could make their rent payment and what they needed to do was " amazing."the winners of the c-r gavel challenge are posted
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dot com.the mayor says the hashtag might be gone -- but it doesn't have to stop here. here. right now -- a judge is deciding -- --whether to move mary beth haglin's trial ?out of linn county.she is the former substitute teacher accused of sexually exploiting a student at washington high school, haglin's attorney argued that she couldn't get a fair trial because of media coverage. prosecutors say haglin have considered ?that before ?talking about her case on national television.the judge now has until november 17-th to make a ruling.that's when haglin is scheduled to appear for a pre-trial hearing. an update now - to the continued protests over the dakota access pipeline that will cut through 18 iowa counties.three protesters in boone - went to extreme measures to try and stop its construction.they crawled into the pipe and stayed there - for 12 hours - ignoring commands from
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had to pump oxygen into the pipe - because they were so far in - it posed a safety risk.protesters say they're willing to put it all on the line to stop the pipeline. authorities are on standby - and want to keep things peaceful. it's and right now in it's degrees.let's now take a look at what we're working on for fox 28 morning live. in vinton, it is 42 degrees. more cbs 2 news let's look at what we are working for fox 28 morning live. there can be a lot of temptations around the holiday season. get yourself off that new exercise routine f -- if you want to stay to t we'll show you some -- if you want to stay to it, we'll show you some musical exercises. first forecast we have... have... >> kind of a cool start to the day and your weather first
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at today's numbers. we'll have clear skies, 40 degrees. a cool morning, a cool day but
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a lot of sunshine on the way today in that weather forecast. let's take i look at those headlines. sunny, cooler as we head through the day today too. yesterday, we were in the 60s. weak cold front moves through now and brings us to the but a calm weekend. a little breezy today and our temperatures are warming back to the upper 50s by sunday. this is a brief look at predictor and as you see it, pretty quiet day out there today. take a look at those numbers. 44 at 9:00. 48 at 11:00. 50 just after lunchtime and a high of 52 degrees. mostly clear and cooling quick as we head through the evening tonight. we drop to the upper 20s overnight. right now, beautiful start to
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42 right now but it feels like 35 when you factor in the north wind. 38 the numbers in water look. do you buick, 41. 47 in iowa city. up in decorah, 39. all in all, it is still warmer than what it should be this time of year with highs today in those low are 50s. 50 in dubuque. 5 # in davenport and burlington. 56 in des moines. normally, upper 40s the highs. very low 30s -- 52 in davenport and burlington. low 50s for us. upper 50s to the west and, of course, the east. to the north, upper 40s to lower 50s. that is that weak front that moved through last night. it continues to move through the day today. high pressure builds in behind it. as it does, that will keep things nice and clear this evening into the overnight and more clear skies as we head through the day on friday. there is predictor. as you see it, a little bit of
6:42 am
whatever is out there, very high, thin clouds so won't keep us from sunshine. late night tonight, clear and cool. we'll expect some frost overnight with temperatures in the mid- to upper 20s. frost through early saturday but look at this. hardly a cloud throughout for our saturday forecast. another cheer and chilly night for our saturday night. today, sunny, north breeze, five to 15. 52 at cedar rapids. 51 around central city. the decorah area, 50. 51 in postville, elkader, manchester. 50 in dubuque. in southern parts of the viewing area, looking at those low 50s in monticello. 53 in tipton. 54 in washington. tonight, upper 20s. tomorrow, a little frost in the morning. 56 sunday. more of those upper 50s for monday, tuesday, wednesday and
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weekend down in kansas taking on the jayhawks. they will have a 56-degree kickoff there at 11:00. high temperatures are near 60 for the game tomorrow. panthers also on the road. they are heading over towards western illinois. they will be finding low 50s as the game gets kicked off at 1:00 in macomb. 5 1-rbgs most hi sunny, cool but calm an lastly but not leastly, iowa taking michigan tomorrow night. 48degrees for game time. -- 51, mostly sunny, cool. everyone knows that sound. the weather might not seem like it but the holidays are just around corner. and that sound is synonymous with the holidays. joining us are paul and leah to tell us how you at home can help the folk in our community when you do hear the sound. good morning, guys. >> good morning.
6:44 am
red keitt -- kettle tomorrow of year. tell us why it is important to the community. >> we are asking for volunteers to help out for our annual fundraiser. we have a goal of 805,000 for this year which represents 48% of our budget for the year. it is critical that we raise the funds this time of year. perfect time to get out with the weather holing out. >> for real. what kind of offer that those funds are necessary to help people in our community, people that our viewers know. >> we have our regular social services, food pantry and rent andouille tilt assistancement we have summer day camp which we have with 55 kid for 10 weeks during the summertime. -- rent and utility assistance. senior programs and youth program, character building.
6:45 am
do here. just year-long santas for our community there at salvation army. aside from the money though, obviously we need to raise that much and it is up to all of us to put money in when we hear the bells and see the red kettles at the stores when we're shopping. but you actually need lots of people to be the ringers of those bells. you have very few volunteers right now. >> right. only about 18% that we need to fill. >> that means volunteers left. >> 8084 hours we try to fill. we do have counter kettles out sitting at different stores. >> we have one here at broadcast park in front of our door. >> so if someone wanted to volunteer and help out, what is the process and what commitment would they be looking at. >> we being afor a two-hour commitment. they can bring somebody el with them to just be company. that helps. but it is a two-hour
6:46 am
our web site or call our office. >> and leah, if anyone watching is kind of on the fence about helping out, they are not sure if they can make that commitment, sell it on them. we all have to help each other out. >> it is an amazing feeling to be able to get out there and you are not serve a meal and you are not handing people food boxes but by bell ringing, you are bringing food to people and hope to people. that is what the holiday season is all about people in our community. we've seen our community come together and drawing together. we want people to have fun when they are out bell reining. it is a great opportunity for kids. we were talking about exercising. we were saying you could do like the cheerleaders do and every time somebody puts money in your kettle, you can do some push-ups. >> sing a song, whatever you want. >> very v. fun with it. it is a great learning opportunity for your kids. -- have fun with it. >> it is just a staple for the
6:47 am
the red kettles putting money in there. be a part of those memories. if you want to volunteer, help them out. get a hold of the salvation army to do so. thank you for coming on and telling us about it. before one here at the broadcast park if you just want to drive by and drop it off. coming up, just ahead, we'll be updating you on the most important stories you need to know before starting your day
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good morning. we're taking a live look at i- 380 at swisher. the sun is out but for the a lot of drivers are.
6:50 am
an abandoned building in broke out right after three this morning at 919-commercial street. authorities have confirmed to cbs 2 news that there were no injuries but police have arrested one person in connection to the fire. new details now on a race that was too close to call on election night.voters in maine approved a measure to make recreational pot legal for adults over 21. 21.the vote came down to just a fracon point.maine was one of five states to vote on marijuana tuesday.california - nevada and massachusetts legalized the drug too.arizona rejected the measure but alburnett city leaders -- --now decided to opt out of plans to raise the minimum wage in linn county.they are now the third and largest linn county community to keep their out of plans to raise the minimum wage in linn county. they are the third largest to
6:51 am
7.25 an hour. early this year, supervisors approved a plan to gradually raise that minimum wage at the tbipping of each year. by 2019, county minimum would be $10.25 an hour. iowa's minimum wage has remained $7.25 an hour since 2008. there is now a new way to travel anywhere in the state. it is called iowa ride share. is trying to reach the same destination. cathy cutler, iowa dot transportation planner06:16:47 "y travel. so if you go in there and say, i want to go from cedar rapids to iowa city, is there a public transit option available, is there a van pool option available, is there someone that's just going in their personal car that's willing to take me?" me?"she also tells cbs 2 news - consolidating travelers means fewer cars on the road. meanwhile - the head of the iowa -d-o-t is now leaving his post.paul trombino the third - submitted his resignation this week - and plans to leave by the end of the month.he's
6:52 am
since word yet on who the governor plans to appoint to succeed him. now - the iowa supreme court ruled governor terry branstad stayed within his authority - when he vetoed funding for two-state run mental health care facilities. least twenty lawmakers - who sued the governor - are now disappointed saying it will have a negative impact.they argued state law requires iowa to have four facilities.mental health hospitals in clarinda and mount pleasent were ultimately shut state senator matt m it will end up costing the state. sot: 04:45:17:13 sen. matt mccoy -- whether its legal or not -- closing our mental health institutes costs all iowans -- costs employers -- costs hospitals -- it costs soc" society."governor branstad's spokesperson says the state's mental healthcare re-design it costs hospitals. it costs society. >> the governor's spoke person says the state's mental health care redesign allows iowans to get more treatment in community-
6:53 am
ones and lawmakers, they are still waiting for answers in the case of sacagaweaent brandon ketchum. the va hospital in iowa reportedly turned him away information from an investigation at the iowa city v-a hospital.sargeant ketchum was a veteran of the wars in iraq and afghanistan. it's now on this morning.right now it's degrees in when we come back, we'll we come back, we'll take a look at the three stories you'll need to know on this mor. morning. cbs-2 news connects with the us with your story tips at 1-800-222-kganor email us at news at cbs2iowa.comor connect with us
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here are the three stories you need to know to start your friday morning.
6:56 am
you need to know before heading out your door. overnight, protests turned violent in portland, oregon where authorities say crowds protesting donald trump turned into riots. at one point, police used economic grenades to disperse groups of people. president-elect donald trump commented saying the protests were incited by the media. the highway 965 bridge over the iowa river, that is back open for traffic. it has been closed since early december to repair the deck. they finished three weeks ahead of schedule. good news for you. there could still be some minor touch-up work here and there so single lane closures are possible. many businesses are offering a show of support for veterans day. for a complete list of deals for the veterans here in the corridor and nationwide, go to our web site, here in the corridor, there are deals of coffee shops, restaurants and rec centers and much more.
6:57 am
waterloo, our friends at kxel radio partnered and doing a special at 2:00. all veterans can get in free, see the war museum and they are airing a special reporting from the front line. of course who covered the war from walter cronkite in vietnam up to the war in iraq so that is going on starting at #:00 today up in waterloo too. >> very cool. -- at >> come follow us offer to fox 28 morning live.
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good morning. it is friday, november 11th, 2016. a demonstration in portland, oregon, turns into a riot. anarchists break windows and police respond with rubber bullets. >> the president and president-elect meet for the first time setting into motion a peaceful transfer of power and only on "cbs this morning," ash carter tells norah what the trump administration should know about fighting isis. we remember the poet, folk


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