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tv   CBS 2 News 6  CBS  November 14, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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fall is now in full swing in cedar rapids and that means cbs 2 news reporter connor morgan explains why those leaves may stay there a little while longer than usual. usual. fall in the corridor means a few things - it means football - it means sweater weather - and it means a whole lot of raking. but leaf sweepers be warned - you may be seeing a slight delay to your curbside cleanup.several cleanup crews were out in the northeast quadrant of cedar rapids as
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leaf pickup on that side of town was scheduled for last wednesday and thursday - but it isn't unusual for cleanup to go on as late as saturday - which costs the city a few hours of overtime for crews during leaf gathering season. the flood may have pushed back the first leaf pickup from october third to october tenth - but according to utilities communications coordinator sara baughman - this delay is for a different reason."we have a lot of leaves down right now, which means it's taking a little longer for our leaf collection trucks to move through their routes in every quadrant of the city." city officials say residents leaves and other organic materials. yardy carts are >> reporter: city officials say residents can use carts to store leaves and other biodegradable's. they are collected every week throughout the year. connor morgan, cbs 2 news. if you are thinking of having dinner out late tonight, the restaurant tells cbs news
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a sign on the door says lone star will be competently -- permanently closed. the restaurant richly -- reached a settlement to become compliant but no word on if they feel those requirements. the governor is calling for a single statewide minimum-wage and now, a republican majority could clear the path for a uniform pay raise. right now, 4 counties including lyndon johnson have already raised the min a uniform wage is said to be better for businesses across the state. opponents are worried that a statewide mandate may not be high enough. it has taken nearly 3 years but tonight, there is growing excitement once again for a downtown gambling casino. we are investigating and we have a preview.
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when the racing and gaming commission turned down a gambling license for the casino in 2014. they said the $160 million grant operation would simply still too much business from riverside now, local developers are joining with wild rose for what they are calling a boutique casino. fewer slots, pier --. gaming tables. wild rose has seen great success in jefferson, iowa. but the devil may be in the the gaming commission says smaller is not a sure bet in the city has an agreement with the cedar crossing group.>> that a another group could not cut in line and take advantage of all of the work the original group did and then the group that cuts in line gets the application and get the license. >> clearly, the 100 pound gorilla -- >> sorry about that.
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is going to very much be a question of why the gaming commission should vote yes on the casino license because of the saturation of casinos within the state of iowa. coming up tonight at 10 o'clock, how wild rose plans to win a license. new tonight, a corridor restaurant charged different cover prices over the weekend based on how customers vot melanie joins us live outside the restaurant in university heights. >> reporter: today, we did call and an employee did confirm they did charge different prices. we also spoke with a man who says he may not come back. eric left the hawkeye game to watch the rest of it from a nearby restaurant. >> we noticed there was a sign on the door that said yes, this
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>> reporter: an employee asked customers who they voted for. if you voted for trump, cue had to pay $10 to come in. if you voted for hillary clinton, you had to pay $5 to come in. >> reporter: he found out it was not a joke and decided to go home. he said seeing the results on election night surprise a lot of people. was a big shock to people. a lot of people were really invested in hillary clinton for a variety of reasons because they loved her -- they liked her over this trump.>> reporter: he thinks that is why we are seeing a backlash across the country and ceding these country. it's ramped up and the language is more energetic, is kind of a polite way to put it and that was partly the campaign too. stelter says he hopes people will show love to others. 20:53:30 we all just need to
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and that was partly the campaign, as well.>> reporter: he says he hopes people will show love to others.>> figure a way to come together and accept what we have and work together. move on and get over the past and the toward the future. >> reporter: we tried several times today to reach the owner of stella that we have not heard back. cbs 2 news, live at 6 almost 2 weeks after 2 iowa police officers were killed, iowa lawmakers are considering tougher penalties. the urbandale officer, martin and tony but many of were shot and killed november 2. now, the representative says iowa can expand penalties to also include murder charges. urbandale's bleach -- police
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re such crimes. campaign over labor day weekend.this is also the 32nd year the cedar rapids fire department has participated in the event. right now - heads are turning skyward - to see the moon looking big and bright tonight. 2 news reporter joe huisinga tells us uswhat makes the super moon so super. the super moon was actually at is closest point to the earth early this morning but this evening will still be a great time to see this bigger than average sight in the sky. sky. the science behind the hype of a super moon is simple. 13;28;30;15 if i took a basket ball and held it a foot in front of your face it would really kind of dominate your view , if i held it a hundred feet away you would just barely be able to see it was a basketball rather than a dot so the same thing happens with the moon. 13the difference from back here to right here
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the same thing happens with the moon. >> reporter: the difference is a good illustration but the change in how we actually see the moon is not extreme. >> as the moon goes around the earth, sometimes it is closed and sometimes, it is further away. when it is further away, it is 5 1/2% further away. >> reporter: despite the hype it may be hard to see the difference. >> i thought it did seem bigger and brighter last night but to be honest with you, i don't closest point in almost 70 years it is definitely worth a look.13;34;14;09 i go out every night its clear and look at the sky so i definantly will be. 3 if you are going out to look at the supermoon this evening you don't need anything special to enjoy it but if you have some binoculars break them out because even a basic
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better look at all the detail but if you have a pair of innocuous, even a basic. can help you see the details on the surface even better. cbs 2 news, live at 6 . a viewer snapped some great shots. you can send us your pictures and post them in the comments section of the super moon post on our facebook page. kgan. just how many numbers iowa is taking home. pacificare continuing to move across the country. that trend above normal will last for a couple of days but
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tomorrow on cbs 2 this morning - the internet has become an online shopping mall.find out the new type of products more users are buying at home - rather than shopping for in person.that's seeing the beauty of nature sure does make you feel good and tonight is one of those nights where you have an opportunity. >> that's right. sometimes, you need to take a look around you and see some of those amazing sites and the super moon is really doing its thing out there. we just got this picture by clear lake and ron miles is the guy who took the picture and that is such a crisp image. you have to love the orange of the moon and how everything just jumps out at you.
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one of many we will be seen tonight as the full, super moon moves across. one thing that could be a problem is cloud cover that is beginning to show up. a lot of this is high and thin clouds but there are thicker clouds in the northwest. from time to time, there will be a few of those in the sky but for the moment, the skies are clear and viewing conditions are excellent and tomorrow morning, the clouds that ce move up very quickly. for the quarter commute tomorrow, maybe a few scattered clouds around. temperatures still of abnormal. 38 in solent and around 38 in iowa city and liberty. those temperatures should get us off to a pretty good start. another sunny and mild day
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after that, a strong cold front arrives on friday bringing us a chance of showers and thunderstorms. beyond that, much colder air spills in. we will be talking about that in a moment. as far as november, it could be much better than it has been. the average high at 64 degrees per day. the 2nd warmest on record. the last 18 days, we have seen above normal temperatures and 12 consecutive days, no rain it is tough to put together a streak of weather like that. and here are the next 4 days. 62, 75, -- 62-65-71 and 63. and then, the cold front comes through and the high temperature is 36 degrees. the wind chills could be down into the 20s and a major change is coming as we get into the upcoming weekend. tonight, not much happening
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here is a weak front coming from the southeast and another trying to get organized. all the time this reaches us, it is going to fizzle out and fall apart. out over the ocean, you can see there is a major storm system and this is the one that is going to kick warm air toward us and get us into the 70s on thursday and after that, the bottom falls out with cold air for the weekend. the for temperatures of 35-37 tonight in the northern counties. 36-39 degrees, around here. going into tomorrow, we get back into mostly sunny conditions in the afternoon with highs in the upper 50s, lower 60s. down south, everyone should be back into the 60s and maybe as warm as 64 or 65. 63 in iowa city and that long- range forecast has beautiful conditions through thursday and here comes the front with showers and storms.
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down into the 20s by sunday and monday. rebecca kopelman checking in. >> right now, we don't have any troubles out on the roadways. we had some slowdowns down near porterville and iowa city but those have cleared up and we have all green on the map. traffic is moving along quite nicely and taking a look at i- a380 and collins road north, traffic is moving along just fi i-80 in coral ridge where traffic is also moving along nicely and that is that the 965 bridge that has been reopened as of a couple of days ago. you can use that to drive around. one thing to make a note for your commute in the morning and throughout the week, down in coralville, heartland will be
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during the day, mainly. continuing until friday. coming up in sports, iowa shocked the world friday night. "cbs 2 news connects with you. from the terrorism alert desk in washington, i'm jonathan elias. isis is encouraging lone jihadists to use trucks as weapons to target large- events like macy's thanksgiving instructions are in the latest edition of isis's magazine. the f-b-i in new york says it does not have any specific threats for the parade. the iraqi army dropped tens of thousands of leaflets over warned residents of the offensive underway to retake the city from isis. iraqi forces are pushing their way into the city but haven't yet moved into the heart of the city. u.s. defense secretart ash carter is calling this a decisive moment in the campaign to defeat
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responsibility for a deadly bombing in pakistan this least 50 people were killed and more than 100 were wounded in the attack. from the terrorism alert desk in washington, i'm jonathan
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let's face it -- and now, cbs 2 sports with zach hammond.
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no one thought the hawks could beat the wolverines except themselves and that is all they needed. somehow, someway. they believed all week long they could shocked the world and knock off an undefeated michigan team and they did are playing their hearts out. it was definitely something they needed. >> i am feeling speechless. we needed this win. and we needed it and we just believed. >> it takes a lot. and also our coaching staff preaching to us that we could win and we believe that and we had no doubt. >> today, the iowa -- iowa swept the big 10. manny to calm the freshman of the week -- took home the
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the hawks were not the only team who got a much-needed win on saturday. year is all about the seniors and sending them out on a high note. "this team hasn't stopped fighing, they haven't stopped playing hard. and they've had to overcome a lot in their own career... you talk about the loss of a bunch of guys before the year starts, you talk about a new staff, you talk things. these kids deserve way more than that and they are laying a great foundation for the of our football program." program."future looks bright -- at least in the case of david montgomery -- the cyclone freshman rushed for a career high 169 yards on 24 carries against kansas -- with a hundred and 5 of those yards coming in the second half -- and all of that earned montgomery big 12 newcomer of the week honors. on the hardwood -- the cyclones are moving on up -- iowa state jumped up 4 spots
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poll -- duke, kentucky, and villanova round out the top 3. i-s-u is back in action tonight when they host mount st. mary's -- tip off is set for 7:00. and on the women's side -- megan gustafson has been named the big 10's player of the week for her performances against hampton and oral roberts. the sophomore forward posted back to back double doulbes to help lead bluder's bunch to a 2 and oh start -- and her coach isn't surprised one bit about her play on the court. "she's just gotten better. and over the course of the summer so we expected great things out of megan and certainly she started the season that way. are there ups and downs every season? yeah, it's a long season. i don't want to put pressure on her that she has to keep doing these types of things, but it would be nice
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we will be right back to take one last look at your weather first forecast after the break. >> call us at 1-800-222-kgan or connect with us on facebook
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getting a final check of
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a nice start in the morning. 37 degrees and that is above normal. and we get up to 62 and it looks like the good weather lasts through thursday. and then, we crash. >> have a wonderful night and enjoy that whether and super
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together? we are breaking down the clues for reconciliation, and what jen told "e.t." >> bizarre advice from her ex's ex. what she thinks went wrong with their romance. plus, a beverly hills "90210" reunion. how the cast is supporting shannen doherty in her cancer fight. >> and our new interview with andy cohen telling all about his famous brand. >> it was so crazy. bad blood with taylor swift? >> i think she probably thought i was being shadyy >> why she may never speak to


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