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tv   CBS 2 News 10  CBS  November 21, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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until everyone has gone through the center to receive their 800 dollars ."the investigation into a deal that sounds too good to be true.'s just sad that you can't leave your property ou . this is sad that it is, you know, you can't leave your property out on a public street. the damage left behind by 5 teens with bb guns. and after a long stretch of dry weather, rain returns to eastern iowa, we'll have more on that and the holiday week ahead in your weather first just how many americans will be on the roads and when you should and shouldn't make the trip. now, the corridor's top stories and tomorrow's weather first forecast in the first 10 minutes this is cbs 2 news 10 at 10. there is a new way to get your friends or coworkers might have already been recruited or asked to join -- but law enforcement has very little information about tonight - cbs 2 news
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all day and joins us with what she's found out about the "blessing loom" the idea behind the "blessing loom" is that you pay in 100 dollars and get 800 in return...we were contacted by multiple people who were worried about the legality of this project...and the people who ?are involved, don't seem interested in explaining how it works. here's a look at what we know so far...this youtube video shows how the loom looks when download whatsapp on your phone...sot: "you and everyone else in this loom is working >> you and everyone else in this loom is working to invite people to fill the other blue spaces everyone on the blue space pays $100 to the person on the center space so little by little this space the loom fills up. a seemingly simple way to get money once everyone pays into it.
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everyone will move one space closer to the center the cycle continues on until everyone who has gone through the center to receive their $800 from the outside ring. to address some concerns we contacted the iowa attorney general's office to find out if there are any issues you might run into. why they didn't have much information on this project they have seen similar circumstances in the past they advise people to be careful and abide by iowa laws for gifting periods there are a different violations you could face ifbreaking the rules. we talk to the cedar rapids police department they tell us they are monitoring the situation when we spoke to the attorney general's office they mentioned these projects do have a tendency to collapse and be very careful if it appears too good to be true than i want likely is. dora miller cbs 2 news 10 at
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cbs 2 news ten at ten continues now with the latest developments in a deadly bus crash.six children are dead tonight and several others injured following the crash in
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reporter kevin barry is tracking the latest in the investigation.he joins us now from the breaking news desk.
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also developing tonight - police in texas have now captured the man they say ambushed a san antonio police
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officers arrested 31-year-old otis mckane.investigators say detective benjamin marconi pulled over a driver in front of police headquarters yesterday.that's when they say the suspect parked behind marconi's patrol car and approached the driver's side window where marconi was sitting. the gunman shot marconi twice in the head before running back to his vehicle and driving off through the police parking lot. "this has all been unfolding through the last 30 hours an him into custody without a further loss of life."this evening, mc-kane said he was dealing with custody issues and took it out on the wrong person.if convicted - he faces the death penality or the possibility of life in prison without parole. now ten at ten continues with a look at tonight's other stories across the corridor. a marion road is back open now after a delicate situation that required haz-mat crews to
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afternoon along 3rd avenue between 35th and 44th street. first responders blocked off the area so crews could safety remove and disperse leaking anhydrous one was hurt. right now - iowa city residents are totaling up damage left behind by five teens with bb ?person was hit - and is expected to be o.k. there is at least 35- thousand dollars worth of damage - which could result in felony and assault charges. cbs 2 news i details on plans for a new coralville arena.the gazette reports the city will keep ownership of the 70-million dollar entertainment venue. with 62-hundred seats - the arena is scheduled to open in less than three years. with 6200 seats the arena is scheduled to open in three and a half years. the biggest theater will have a new owner, planning to locations across the midwest.
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plans to keep the wehrenberg name. travel plans for millions of americans are now falling into place.according to waze - the best time to hit the road is actually thanksgiving day and the worst day is wednesday.the traffic-tracking app also says the worst day to return home is sunday.more than 48-million americans are expected to drive more than 50 miles this sunday more than 48 million americans are expected to drive 50-miles this week for thanksgiving. if your thanksgiving plans have you driving around the rr spots you'll want to avoid. >> our meteorologist rebecca joins us with the details. we actually do have one spot that will cause problems tomorrow one spot that's been there for several days down along i-80 westbound this is through cedar county near durant to about the wilton area westbound traffic the right lane is actually going to be closed that's just going to be from tomorrow at 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. so that will only cause issues
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we've been watching for several days really several months now have been the 80th street bridge along highway 30 they are tearing that down and there is a detour in place so if you are traveling along highway 30 that detour is going to stay in place through the rest of the holiday week even if they won't be doing the work on the holiday so that could cause problems and dep lays if you were heading that way of course it is going to be busy out on the roads kelly mentioned going to afternoon. that's news 10 at 10 corridor's top stories. a cbs news investigation. patients are much more concerned with how am i going to feel, what's my recovery time did i have pain, what do i do, who do i talk to. i'll show you how comparison shopping before medical treatment could keep your budget from going under.
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on the radars tonight and some areas might even be a bit of a wintery mix looks like that will all change to rain later on tomorrow as this system rolls through, and there is another one that could come in here later on in the week we'll tell you what that means for
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tomorrow on cbs 2 this morning - relaxing at work - how a new app is practicing what they preach - and allowing their employees a chance to unwind at work.that's tomorrow on . if you've got family coming
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to be their sunshine because i don't think we'll have a lot of natural light in the sky. you have to have them take their shoes off out the door, a little rain around eastern iowa, hasn't rained in almost 20 days being thanksgiving week it is back in the forecast at least we don't have to shovel it, looks like the heavier snow will be to the north of us. here is the radar tonight and it does show a band of light rain working its way northeast this is warm evection precipitation, into eastern iowa, there is blue and pink in here, that could mean a few wet snowflakes or a little bit of sleet in spots shouldn't last very long this goes quickly on tonight we should be in a lull tomorrow morning later in the day the more substantial rains are expected to occur those will last right on into tomorrow night so on the satellite, our storm system is still well to the southwest of
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precipitation is expected to develop a little light presip ahead of the main storm system this will be in here late tonight early tomorrow morning i think by the time the commute hits most of that will be gone there might be a few sprinkles around but the temperatures here in the corridor around the freezing mark around 33, to 34 degrees, this storm system is likely to be around tuesday and tuesday night, finally kick out on wednesday morning after that a dry seasonal da thanksgiving itself should see a little bit of sunshine and the temperatures will be back somewhere in the 40s in the extended forecast sure has been dry around here 19 consecutive days with no rain here in eastern iowa or cedar rapids nowhere close to the record streak that's 55 straight days with no rain that was set way back in 1952, boy i would have been board out of my mind taking a look at the satellite here comes the clouds covering eastern iowa our storm system
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you could see low pressure taking shape in eastern colorado, this will march its way east across kansas and missouri and to the north of the low is where we're expecting to see our precipitation as we go through the next 24 hours the heaviest amounts should be in the north our model indicates a few spots a half an inch further to the south closer to the low pressure track the amount should be lighter maybe a few spots picking up a quarter inch, we take you out to tomorrow morning you could see we have a lot of clouds around but not much in the way of another waive of energy comes on through and the rain is expected to break out in its 6:00 tomorrow morning that should be widespread around eastern iowa to midnight still some of that on the scattered basis one more shot comes through early in the day on wednesday and finally around noon the last of it is expected to start moving on to the northeast and dry things out for thanksgiving day itself in the north, maybe a little mixture of precipitation later
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much, the lows down south low temperatures as warm as 34, 35 down around washington we'll go for 32 in cedar rapids as the clouds increase a little mixture around later in the day rain in the afternoon temperatures mid and upper 30s in the south quite a range here upper 30s around cedar rapids in monticello, mid-40s expected in washington, after that you could see nice day planned for you as we get towards thanksgiving get to that in just a second here it comes as the day we could see a temperature around 42 degrees after that the weekend looks good if you are travel plans that will be dry the next crack for any rain comes about monday of next week. next on cbs 2 news, i exam how comparing prices for your medical care could help save
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when people go shopping for any big ticket item like . when people go shopping for any big ticket item like a house or a car, they always compare prices. when it comes to a major purchase even more personal, they usually don't. in tonight's special report i investigate the varying cost of
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5 pounds when her parents allowed me to visit her in the nicu in cedar rapidses they never really considered another place, laugh."emily says because of her insurance, she had no incentive to do a cost comparison. "i have a $500 deductible so i know that everything's met and i don't ever consider pricing."every year, all hospitals in the state submit their prices for various services to the iowa hospital association, which allows you to compare website. i found that a healthy baby delivery at mercy costs an average of 342 dollars more than st. luke's, 403 dollars more than u-i-h-c and 12-hundred-85 dollars more than mercy iowa city. keep in mind, these hospital prices don't include physician or other professional charges. and they rarely reflect what you ultimately end up paying. "medicare, medicaid or other commercial insurers, they have a rate that they pay for specific procedures that are
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that really becomes the most relevant piece for the patient because that will determine then what it paid to the will determine then what is paid to the hospital also what that patient's out of pocket costs may be. >> transparency is a foundation at all four corridor hospitals and offers free counseling to give patients the best estimates of their final bill. >> if you're coming in otherwise over the phone what you're looking for is your plan. i went through would cost me to have a cardiac cath procedure, this came slightly less than $18,500. interpretation of 992 for $19,459.33. factor in my insurance and my out of pocket came over $1,100. >> that's the minimum it is going to cost me am i right? >> correct. >> the variables come into
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extra day in the hospital those kinds of things. >> each one will have associated increase charged for whatever is done. bob recently had both knees replaced at mercy hospital in going up and down steps, i couldn't hardly walk, couldn't hardly walk the dog and stuff." like the schulte's, he chose his facility based on family experience and referrals from friends, not price. and he had no regrets when i showed him that a knee replacement at mercy iowa city costs an average of 16-thousand more than nearby u-i-h-c. "if you would have known that, would it have made a difference?" "in my case, no, because the care that you received there from day one // care that you receive there from day one, it was worth the extra bucks to my insurance company the care that i got. >> patients put emphasis on the quality of their care as do thehospitals uihc has a wall of
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see. also has 7 specialties ranked among the top 50 nationally by u.s. news and world report. >> we spent a lot of time as senior management team and physician group working to improve the outcomes and quality of everything. >> fisher says in most cases quality is more important to patients than shopping for price. >> in iowa it is almost useless because so many patien iowa are not covered by to feel, what's my recovery time, if i have pain who do i talk to. much more about how they interact with a provider, whether they trust them, whether they feel they're whether they trust them, whether they feel they are being listened to. >> as for the schulte's, they are more than happy with their outcome. >> we probably wouldn't into anything else, if it ain't
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of our philosophy on mercy. all four local hospitals have quality reports on their websites, we also have other useful links to compare quality and hospital prices at coming up in sports a clean sweep for conference honors how the big 3 took home three big awards on the hardwood next on cbs 2. connecting with the corridor call 222k we live in a pick and choose world. love or like? naughty or nice? calm or bright? but at bedtime... ...why settle for this?
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the state of college basketball might be the state of iowa again -- becaus . the state of college basketball might be the state of iowa again because it was a clean sweep the big 10 the big 12 and the players of the week all came from one saint's big 3. took home the player of the week where he averaged 28.5 points and 6 rebound iowa state's morris did one better, the cyclone was named the big 12 player of the week after recording the program's fifth triple-double in school history, and not to be outdone uni jeremy morgan averaged 10 points, four assists and four steals earning
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and the third rank opening against west delaware the hawks download, drops home the bucket but this one dominated by the go hawks off the miss, jamie has the back the board and the bucket wsr led by 13 after 1 and their lead will continue to grow in the second kelsey young spots up and splashes home the triple all waiverly shell rock the score board says saturday was a big day for the iowa defense the first shutout since 2010 the highlight says it was a big day for the running game but how about that makeshift offensive line? another week, another new group in the trenches, but this week the hawks did not allow a single sack that's the first time all season with all those 5 guys coming back next year, that's big for iowa going
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offensive line a few nicked up and hurt, we needed the next man in, i know he stepped up big for us, laughing about it coach brian, he congratulated him talking about he couldn't give up no sacks that's a good feeling we have to take this momentum into next friday. don't forget to tune in, preview iowa's game against nebraska the show that's a check of sports.terry
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. a pair of turkeys have a lot to be thankful about this thanksgiving they are heading to the living history farms governor terry branstad pardoned them today the governor says this is the better year for iowa turkey producers as they continue to recover from last year's bird flu outbreak, by the way, both of these turkeys are named after chicago cubs star players anthony rizzo and chris bryant. how can you call cubsturkeys? especially after the year they had. that's us dynamic duo. they are bookends for sure. cool tomorrow rain too, especially in the afternoon, 39. thank you so much for watching
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