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tv   CBS 2 News 10  CBS  November 22, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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evidence that could be used against her. plus..."49 million people >> right now on cbs 2 news 10 at 10 a former teacher back in court. the one piece of public evidence that could be used against her. +49,000,000 people traveling could be a lot of opportunities for families fights over politics. tonight how to survive thanksgiving. >> we're still tracking rate on the radar. we will let you know how long that will last and what the holiday week will look like in your weather first forecast. thanks giving threats. >> before you head off for the holidays. >> now the corridor top stories and tomorrow's weather first forecast in the first 10 minutes. this is cbs 2 news 10 it and. >> traffic is moving fine on i- 380. it's only going to pick up as we head toward giving. some drivers are dealing with what conditions. whether chief meteorologist terry swails joins us now to tell us if the showers will impact your holiday plans. >> they will tomorrow morning.
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tomorrow morning. the radar shows these are lifting from southwest to northeast around eastern iowa. the other thing you can see is there are dry pockets in between the showers. it's not a consistent heavy rain. the rain does come and go. i want to show you what's going on in southwestern iowa. another surge of energy coming into the part of the state will reignite the rain as it comes east across the area tonight. th with temperatures in the midshipman and upper 30s. there could be some patchy fog around and hopefully nothing to dance. at this point we're not seeing that. later on in the day the showers will come to an end from west to east and temperatures will and up in the upper 30s to around 40 degrees. another dreary cold day coming up tomorrow. we have a big improvement for thanks giving day and will tell you more about it coming a. >> right now a judge is considering public evidence
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substitute teacher mary beth haglin appeared before the judge. you may remember the dr. phil show that mary beth haglin appeared in october and resulted in upgraded felony charge. that interview was one of the main talking points of today's hearing. the defense argued allowing the show as evidence could shift the focus of the trial to it mary beth haglin has since those dunces the charge is. i'm a taint that of the jury. >> when they left court today there was no ruling on whether the dr. phil show will be admissible. tomorrow the defense will bring their concerns if any to the judge. we will have that for you on
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ambush of a detroit police officer. the wayne state university officer was shot in the head. the suspect is in police custody. kevin barry has been tracking that investigation and he joins us now from the breaking news desk with the latest. >> reporter: we found this new video. mrs. video of d'angelo davis and he is a suspect that the tort police say shot and gravely wounded a wayne state university police officer. this is video davis being arrested and being transferred between police cars. we were able to find on the wayne state university police website is a picture of 29-year- old colin rose. this is the man that the police -- and police officer that was shot in the head tonight. the story goes he was investigating car break-ins in a certain part of campus when he radioed he was going to
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bicycle. that person on the bicycle safe was d'angelo davis the suspect who shot at him. they're still looking for the gun. there is a reward in detroit for anyone who is able to give information on where the gun may be located. our last update on colin rose is that he was in surgery and was in grave condition. we now know he is out of surgery and recovery but still fighting a hard fight the head and brought to the hospital and put into emergency surgery immediately after this. this is a developing story over the last two hours. >> we're learning disturbing details about a deadly school bus crash in tennessee. a parent of one of the children on the bus now says the driver asked the kids if they were ready to die. five children were killed in the crash. 23 others taken to the hospital.
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walker was speeding when the moines school district is as we first reported last month that the point school district is adding lap and shoulder school belt to a bus as part of a study. less your federal regulators recommended adding belts but the high cost is slowing progress. those both cost more than $9000 per bus. federal re more than 130 people die each year in a crash involving a school bus. i weigh seeing a rise in the number of deadly clashes on area roads. last year 320 people died across the state. this year the number has reached 351 and is expected to continue rising. these figures come after a steady decline in the number of traffic deaths in years. state safety leaders are urging
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traveling over the thanksgiving holiday. it's one of the busiest travel holidays of the year. >> 49 million americans are traveling and after a tense election season; the prospect of politics invading the dinner table. new tonight matt hammill is live to show us how we can survive the conversation. >> reporter: this is normally the holiday when your la would ask why you are not married or why you have not had kids. this is one thanksgiving that we may have more political leftovers. >> while some have taken their talks to kiddos and entertains "qualities that may come in handy.jen and her frenchie - leo - are heading for holiday dinner in denver - where she hopes to never hear the names - trump and clinton. jen - (( 5:18:48 )) " members of our family voted on
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.. and we will have zero discussions if we're at all intelligent, because we're well educated, highly opinionated family, so we're gonna spread love. " nat c-j (( 5:08;29 )) " likely if they start talking to each other they're gonna get it on. " therapist c-j mob -berly - - here at mount mercy university -says silence can be golden - but you can mercy university says silence can be golden but you can discuss politics just be respectful and set ground maybe talk about it for 20 minutes or talk about it until the mashed potatoes are gone. >> will be brought to the table at some point. >> constants are pro-hillary and grandparents ultraconservative. >> you get 24 hours to talk about it and move on with your life. >> and -- i am tired of people talking about it. >> at least that way no one
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you can go back to the process of being a family again.>> cj says before you hit the road try to decide how you may react to a political discussion. also she says keep in mind you will be part of your family long after four or eight years. covering the corridor tonight in cedar rapids matt hammill cbs 2 news 10 at 10. >> one of donald trump's promises could hurt business for iowa farmers. >> steffi lee explains how. >> putting america first. >> president-elect donald trump released this youtube video promising when his new administration takes over the white house -- >> went to issue notification of intent to withdraw from the ppp. a potential disaster for our
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the tpp. >> i do not want to limit the access. >> they said the trade deal with 11 other countries would cut trade barriers including tariffs and open new markets allowing more imports and and iowa farm bureau president craig hill. with trump promising to withdraw from the tpp.he farms cattle, corn and soybeans here on more than fifteen hundred acres of land. but he hopes trump will keep
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so farmers like him can do the job they love - without constant government overreach. i'm steffi lee reporting. to regulate ourselves to death. >> now 10 at 10 continues with a look at other stores across the corridor. in iowa city the air's chamber of commerce is rewarding shoppers particular holiday list to local stores. 12 businesses are participating in a bike here holiday blitz. chamber representatives say there is no purchase necessary to sign up. tickets go into free drawings -- three drawings in december and there will be to $500 prize winners in each dying. you can get more information on the website the tallest trash heap is the
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agency has proposed a lookout near the summit of mount rushmore. the $743,000 proposal includes a gazebo, landscaping, work on existing buildings at the landfill and if approved they want to start work on the project next spring to expect many believe mount rushmore is a hit there's that's highest point. it is the tallest man-made mass but the highest natural point goes to mount mercy university. alliant takes the top spot for tallest building but that will change if that 28 story place, tower is built. >> that is the corridor top stories and tomorrow's weather first forecast in the first 10 minutes. >> first to come how the hawkeyes are suiting up for the final time in kinnick stadium. >> we are talking rain in the radar. that will be into tomorrow morning and then think should improve as we approach thanksgiving. we will talk more about that in
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cbs 2 this morning - we're heading into the holiday shopping season - and before you hit the stores on thanksgiving and black friday - see what toy experts say are the new and trendy toys t year. >> whether 10 one is here to talk about the forecast. >> it would be nice to have a sunny day. that is not in the cards for us. maybe if you clouds on eggs given day but we will get rid
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the showers continue to move from southwest to northeast across eastern iowa. they are scattered in nature. we do have about 3/10 of an inch of her rain through the evening. in the northern counties there's highway 20 and rained going on around new hampton. those showers are scattered around once you get into the southern counties especially south of highway 30 not much going on. things look quiet as we go through the next few hours. you can see there's one more piece of energy that is spinning into southwestern iowa. that is the center of this disturbance. as that comes in tonight and tomorrow morning it will bring another round of rain into eastern iowa. the corridor commute tomorrow morning we will call for temperatures above the freezing
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scattered showers around and some patchy fog. it will be the best of commutes as far as the weather goes. as the day wears on conditions will improve from west to east. look for the showers to diminish tomorrow afternoon. then on thanksgiving day dry conditions are expected. it's late on thursday night that we can see another disturbance pass-through with a brief chance of rain or snow shower. after shoppers can expect mostly cloudy skies and conditions. high temperatures around 40 to 42 degrees. here's tonight's the disturbance heading east of kansas. to the north of that is where we are seeing showers. i tomorrow morning the showers will continue around eastern iowa. we'll start you at midnight on the predictor. you can see the rain as it continues to advance across eastern iowa tomorrow morning there's a big part of it to the
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to the eastern counties and dries off to the west. we will be left with clouds but the precipitation will be gone all the way through the date on thanksgiving itself. in the north low temperatures will stay above the freezing mark about 33 to 35 degrees. there may be some light rain showers around. in the southern counties more rain to go and low temperatures where we are now somewhere in the upper 30s or 40 degrees. in the north tomorrow temperatures make it back to the upper 30s and most of the rain will be in the morning hours. in the southern counties the rain ends from west to east. will have a high of 42 in cedar rapids and 44 in iowa city. in the corridor commute still a chance for showers by temperatures in the upper 30s.
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day on thanksgiving. we're 40 on friday and then a big jump for temperatures for the weekend. that will send southerly winds and and temperatures should reach the 50s and after that cold air and will be back to 36 on tuesday. >> we continue now with your corridor commute. >> meteorologist rebecca kopelman has updates on projects that could help clear the way for thanksgiving travel plans. >> we have good news whether you are traveling or communicating. we will have roads that will be cleared as we head into the day tomorrow. tonight we have not had too many issues. we did see some traffic that was heavy in cedar rapids earlier that that has lightened up. some people doing holiday shopping or starting to head out of town. right now it seems to be okay. first avenue in cedar rapids
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between 34th st. and 40th st. that is one part of this project that has finished and the west side of first avenue will see the project to a close by next year. along washington street eastbound traffic will have one lane reopened between s. dubuque st. and linn street. the traffic along the entire street is expected to wrap up -- be reopened by next month. >> next are taking to keep you safe on
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a warning tonight from >> a warning tonight on the state department for u.s. travelers heading to europe urging americans to be cautious. >> with millions traveling domestically this week scott thuman has a look at what's being done to keep you safe. >> reporter: it could be a record-breaking holiday. the tsa expecting more airport travelers than ever before which means you'll see a new high in uniforms, security with ongoing global threats.>> i think every once in a while it makes me nervous. >> it does not cross our minds and we know the government takes good care of us.
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up. >> we have liaisons with the major domestic intelligence agencies. we have the latest available intelligence and we base our planning off that. >> even with no specific credible threats this holiday he believes they will benefit from a restructuring. >> our partners in congress have been helpful. they allow us to reprogram hundred million dollars of money to hire more to do so and convert part-timers to full timers and also bring on more canines. >> 27 million are predicted to trains. amtrak also in housing patrol. >> we need to make sure everyone is safe during the holidays. >> to think they do that? >> yes, i think so. >> tsa cites what may be most critical is what you don't see. >> there are some things that
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holiday but their vigilance always increasing with due to fears of a lone-wolf scenario, someone not part of a terror organization, but inspired by one.on capitol hill, i'm scott thuman.supers: reagan national airport, arlington, virginia (0-10 )mike england, tsa spokesperson (36-40 )scott thuman, and coming up in sportsit was a top 10 tilt on the hardwood -- how marion shot their way to a huge win over mount vernon -- next on cbs 2"cbs 2 news connects with we live in a pick and choose world. love or like? naughty or nice? calm or bright? but at bedtime... ...why settle for this? enter sleep number. don't miss the ultimate sleep number week, going on now. sleepiq technology tells you how you slept and what adjustments you can make. she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow!
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it's hard to belive that it's the fin and now cbs 2 sports with zach hanley. >> it's hard to believe is the final week of college football regular-season but it is. friday for the hawks its senior day and there's a trophy on the line. as mia o'brien found out the guys want to finish strong. >> friday is i want fido regular-season game. >> it's also senior day in iowa city. >> i thoht i now have three more days till my last name in kinnick stadium. before you know it's here. >> the message is finishing things the right way. as much as we like to focus on the senior day, we still have a
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it's a trophy game and if the last chance for the hawkeyes to prove they are putting it together when it matters most. >> we have to focus and lock in. >> we are happy we got our stuff figured out against michigan and illinois. >> as for figuring it out just who will be starting at cornerback for the huskers on friday -- >> a doesn't matter if it's fraser from we have to be ready to go play football. >> we tried to get our eighth win in their have been there 10 so when. >> they win on senior day does not sound too bad. in iowa city mia o'brien cbs 2 sports. >> both the marrying marrying and mount vernon girls played each other.
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hosting the indians. what is -- a start it wise. mount vernon finish the quarter on a high note. handily beat the buzzer with a corner three. after that it was all indians. chloe shows her handle and takes it hard to the rack. marion wins the eagles had revenge on their mind johnson hall. miles dial long-distance and connects from deep. then it's his teammate who stops and pops for two more. it was not enough in the end. they fall 67-63.
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>> in eastern iowa now but you can see more energy entering southwest iowa. now get those things going tonight and tomorrow morning. it should move out by noon time tomorrow and after that west to east the showers will stop. will have a cool day and temperatures will be around 40 and and at 40.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> stephen: it's a beautiful race day here at the ed sullivan speedway. i'm your race announcer larry boberry and hot diggity dog do we have a race for you today. in a lane one, new competitor to the colbert, and in lane two sprint cup champion jimmie johnson. they will be racing down the track with eggs on spoons in their mouth and returning with a grapefruit between their legs like the ancient greeks. let's go to the track! >> ready, set, go! and they're off. stephen with good form. what's this? jimmie johnson's using his hands. a questionable move but since he's a celebrity, i'll let it go


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