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tv   CBS2 This Morning Early Edition  CBS  November 23, 2016 5:00am-6:00am CST

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right now on cbs 2 this to survive thanksgiving - after a very divisive election - what you can do to get past the politics at the dinner table. the newest offer coming from president-elect donald trump. and a former substitute teacher back in court - what lawyers are arguing about - just days before heads to trial. welcome to cbs two this morning...i'm jenee ryan.
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check of our cbs 2 weather
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49-million americans are expected to travel for the holidays this season..and after such a tense election season - some dread the prospect of politics invading the dinner 2 news anchor matt hamm us how we can survive the turkey tension. nat street protests - " yelling - cheering "while some have taken their emotions into the streetsnat airport " flight now boarding " this week - millions will take them home - for thanksgiving.jen and leo (( 5:17:43 )) " he chills and talks to kiddos and entertains "qualities that may come in handy.jen and her frenchie - leo - are heading for holiday dinner in denver - where she hopes to never hear the names - trump and clinton.
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both sides .. (( 5:18:33 )) .. and we will have zero discussions if we're at all intelligent, because we're well educated, highly opinionated family, so we're gonna spread love. " nat c-j (( 5:08;29 )) " likely if they start talking to each other they're gonna get it on. " therapist c-j mob -berly - - here at mount mercy university -says silence can be golden - but you can discuss politics - just be respectful and maybe set some ground rules.c.j. mobberley - student therapist (( 5:08:39 )) " if we decided yes we can talk about it then great, only have it talked about out fo or talk about it until the mashed potatoes are gone. " will - (( 5:14:29)) " i definitely think it will be brought to the table at some point. " will says - cousins are pro - hillary - - and grand parents ultra - conservative - he's prepared to leave the table. will - (( 5:15:14 )) " to me it's over - over, so you get 24 hours to bawl about it and then you move on with your life. " amelia - (( 5:13:38 )) " honestly i'm tired of people talking about it .. so will you try to shut them down .. yea .. i don't think a lot of people will be talking a bout it in my house. " (( leo bulldog )) at least that way - no one gets bitten - but the turkey.jen (( 5:08:50 )) " make something fun of it so you can
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being a family again. " nat airport - " please return to gate six for a lost item" c-j says it's also a good idea to keep in mind you'll be part of your family long after the next four or eight years - so - be respectful if you decide to talk politics over the holidays. while you're together taking selfies and pictures of the turkey with your friends and family at thanksgiving - we want to see your pictures! download our mobile app -- c- thanksgiving photos to "see it send it" in the menu column. we hope to showcase some of your best pics tomorrow night - in our evening newscasts. earlier this week - we showed you the lucky birds pardoned by governor branstad - now check out the two turkeys president obama pardons tater and tot - they're both from storm lake,
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on which one will receive the official white house pardon. right now it's a 50-50 tie with 42-thousand votes can find a link to that poll on our website cbs 2 iowa dot com. president-elect donald trump may have offeredformer presidential candidate and neurosurgeon ben carson a spot in his adminstration. a person who didn't wa named - says he was offered secretary of the department of housing and urban development. carson visited trump tower yesterday - but previously said he wasn't interested in working in the administration. trump tweeted out tuesday that he's seriously considering him for the post. a majority of americans are optimistic about the next four years under a trump presidency - but most also think he should stop tweeting.a new quinnipiac university poll found 59-
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president-elect to ditch his personal twitter account.that same percentage of people - 59- percent - also are optomistic under our new president. breaking overnight--some officers in boston are recovering after a dangerous call overnight. cbs two news reporter stephanie johnson is at the breaking news desk with the latest.stephanie what do you know?jenee--right now a manhunt is underway in boston after four officers responded to a call over midnight.when the scene the suspect sped off hitting nearly two officers and dragging two others.police in boston are looking for a silver chevrolet malibu--they are also looking sureveillance video.that's the latest at the breaking news desk---i'll continue to monitor this
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new details this morning - federal authorities in philadelphia - are now running down a number of leads to find who's responsible for mailing an explosive device to a 62- year-old man this week.the package exploded as the victim tuesday this point - a motive is not clear.the victim needed surgery but is in stable condition and is recovering in the hospital this morning. right now - a judge is considering evidence against a former cedar rapids substitute teacher. mary beth haglin-- accused of sexually exploiting a student at washington high--will again be in court today.the defense argues her appearance on doctor phil last month - could shift the focus
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national t-v was the main talking point in tuesday's hearing.her lawyers think it might sway jurors opinions about herthe state says they will not share doctor phil's comments about haglin in court. no ruling has been made yet - we'll be back in the court room today - be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter for any updates. in north-central iowa - authorities are trying to identify a toddler that found yesterday -by herself - in small town of about 30 old girl was spotted alone - barefoot in pink pajamas in the town of galtthat's in wright county - about an hour and half north of des moines. the wright county sheriff's office is now looking for a blue honda minivan - spotted in town right before this little girl was found.if you know who this child is or and other information - call the number on your can also find the number on our
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in cedar rapids - solid waste angency site number onewhich is better known as mount trashmore - is arguably the best view in town.and next year - it could be opening to the public.the linn county solid waste agency has proposed a lookout near the summit.the 743-thousand dollar proposal includes a gazebo - landscaping and some work on existing buildings.initially people would have to sign in at the landfill scale house in order to acess the look out bu a more extensive plan. "the thing to remember is this is still going to be a working compost yard waste drop off facility as well as a recycleing facility but once we get the overlook completed the next phase will be putting in trails, we hope to have walking trails and mountain biking trails, that will be the next phase so people can get up here on their own." 14 a public hearing on the proposal has been set for december 20-th at the linn county public service center. if aproved they hope to start work on the project next spring. in just a few hours - a new grocery store will open in
5:11 am 8-a-m, natrual grocers will open it's doors for the first time on blairs ferry road near rockwell drive north-east.this is the denver-based grocery chains second store in the hawkeye state.but the company wants to expand in eastern iowa - with plans for future stores in cedar falls and davenport. an iowa city area chamber of commerce initiativerewards shoppers for taking their holiday lists to local stores.12 businesse participating in the buy here holiday go into three drawings in december and there will be two 500 dollar prize winners in each drawing.they hope this will bring more customers out to shop local. the chamber of commerce says spending money at corridor businesses instead of going online or out of town helps our area. rebecca neades, public policy vice president23:39:35 they employ people, they pay property taxes, they're great about donating into the local economy. when you go online
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furthering the iowa city area or johnson county.for more details about the buy here holiday blitz, including which stores are participating, go to our website, cbs 2 iowa dot com. it's and right now in it's degrees. degrees.still to come - how the their last rivalry trophy game of the your cbs 2 weather first forecast we have...
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- your planner shows what's ahead for the next hoursa&- now a live look outside courtesy of our weatherfirst skycama&- a bit of fog in the area this morninga& -temperatures around the areaa&- taking a look at regional temperatures we see highs are mild all around iowa - the regional satellite/radar is keeping conditions quiet - let's move ahead in time by taking a look at the midwest surface mapa&- moving into a closer view with our 'predictor' forecast we see mainly quiet conditions - today's forecast features clear skies & cooler temperatures- tonight's forecast has us looking for mainly clear & chilly conditions- the next three days show more dry and cool
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it's now on this morning.and if you're in it's degrees.up next in sports, hawkeye seniors are getting ready to say good-bye to kinnick stadium - how that could play a factor in this friday's game against
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here's a look at some of the other things going on around eastern iowa on this wednesday morning... a high speed chase that ended north of solen - has left a child injured. the iowa state patrol tells cbs 2 news a on interstate 80. the trooper followed the car up highway one and into solon. the trooper caught up with the suspect just north of solon. that's when the suspect lost control of the car and crashed. a minor was injured in the crash and taken to university of iowa hospitals and clinics. no word right now on his or her condition. 74 seniors will soon have to find new places to live. cbs 2 news is learning ridgeway place will shut their doors on
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it's hard to belive that it's the final week of college football's regular season, but it is -- friday for the hawks is senior day and there's a trophy on the line -- but as mia o'brien found out, the guys just want to finish strong.friday is iowa's final regular season game but it's also senior day in iowa city"i thought about it all week just knowing that i have my last game in kinnick stadium"you feel like when you get here you're so far away from that day coming and time goes by so fast that it's here before you know it and -- it's already here" "the message this week has been finishing things the right way cause i mean, as much as we like to focus ont he senior day ceremony, all that stuff -- we still have a game to playand it's not just any game -- it's a trophy game, and it's the last chance for the hawkeyes to prove
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when it matters most"you know you just have to lock down and focus -- that's the main part of playing in november. you have to focus and lock in"i'm just happy we kinda got our stuff figured out -- especially against michigan, illinois .. might of taken a little bit but we figured it out"as for figuring out just who will be starting at quarterback for the huskers on friday..."it don't matter if its frazier from way back -- they can put anybody in there and we just gotta be ready to go and play io "theyre trying to get their tenth win. and we're trying to get our eighth win. coach ferentz said to us this week -- eight and four sure sounds a whole lot better than seven and five at the end of the season"and a win on senior day -- doesn't sound half bad, eether -- in iowa city, mia o'brien, cbs 2 sports.both the marion and mount vernon girls basketball teams made it to the state tournament last season -- but didn't play each other -- so why not tip off this year with a bang?6th mustangs hosting the 2nd
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for kay-bah laube -- in her first varsity game -- the freshman was 3 for 3 in the first quarter -- scoring 8 of marion's 10 points mount vernon though -- finished the quarter on a high note -- hayley corkin -- beats the buzzer with the corner three -- stangs led y 1 after 1 but after that -- it was all indians -- chloe rice -- shows off her handle -- and then takes it hard to the rack for two of her game high 20 -- marion wins 60 to 24 the final. the kirkwood men only have 1 loss so far this season -- that's to indian hills -- and the eagles had revenge on the minds at johnson hall miles went-zen -- dials long distance and connects from deep and then -- it's kaliph fagan -- stops and pops for two more -- but it wasn't enough -- kirkwood falls -- 67 to 63.and the iowa state women improved to 4 and oh on the year -- with a 74 to 51 win over savannah state -- shawna
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good morning again -- it's now right now it's degrees in after the break, after the break, we're tracking the latest ambush-style attack on a police officer that sent one campus cop to the're watching c-b-s 2 this morning -- covering the
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right now on cbs 2 this morning...the new allegations from the mother of a bus crash victim in tennessee.why parents were worried about the bus driver who's now in custody. the new test program in iowa to make safety on school buses a top priority. plus - the efforts in one
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kids from bullying their classmates. welcome to cbs two this welcome to cbs two this morning...i'm jenee ryan.
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right now - another police officer is recovering this morning after being shot in the head in an ambush-style happened overnight on the campus of wayne state in person of interest has been taken into custody - and is being questioned about the shooting.police say 29- year-old colin rose was investigating possible thefts in cars off of campus - and had just radioed in that he was about to talk with someone on a bike when the shooting happened.rose is the first wayne state campus cop to ever be shot on duty.this is the
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since sunday. now - a union representing corridor police officers - voices its support for a member under investigation - for shooting a suspect during a traffic stop.officer lucas jones is on paid leave pending the outcome of a grand jury investigation.officer jones shot jeremie mitchell back on november second.friends say mitchell - who remains hospitalized -is now - the cedar rapids 2 news - they are confident the grand jury will find no wrong-doing on the part of officer a statement - the union expressed hope that this unusual step would put the public at ease that the case received a fair and impartial investigation. parents in chattanooga, tennessee - now say they were worried about the driver of a school bus - long before he crash the bus into a tree - killing five children on of jasmine mateen's three children died in the
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before the bus flipped that he was speeding around the curve and asked them are y'all ready to dieofficials have not yet confirmed if those comments are true.the mom also says she complained several times about the behavior of the suspect - johnthony walker before the crash.investigators say walker drove recklessly - driivng well hour speed limit. this tragedy comes as more schools consider equipping buses with seat cbs 2 news first reported last month - the des moines school district added lap and shoulder belts to one bus - as part of a study.last year - federal regulators recommended adding belts - - but the high cost is slowing progress - the belts costs more than nine-thousand dollars ?per bus federal records show- on average -
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year in a crash involving a school bus. more people are dying because of crashes on iowa roads. last year - 320-people died in traffic crashes across the state.but this year - the number already reached 351 and it is expected to continue recent years however - prior to this sharp rise - deaths on our roads were decreasing. .state safety leaders are urging everyone to be careful while traveling over the thanksgiving holiday. holidays of the year. a kalona man pleaded guilty in a deadly crash that killed a teenager.jeffrey bule-chek pleaded guilty to a charge of homicide by vehicle - reckless driving and serious injury.he admitted to driving intoxicated back in 20-13 - when his pickup truck hit another vehicle carrying three teens.a 15-year-old girl from indiana was killed.a sentencing date has not yet
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new this morning, a note found on a car in cedar rapids is making its way around social media. the man who posted it on facebook says he and a work friend - who also happens to be gay - went out to lunch on break yesterday - when they came back to the car - this was what they found.he is asking his friends and family who support president-elect donald trump to denounce these actions. the post has gotten more than 100 reactions in less than 12 hours. the iowa department of education says incidents of bullying rose in iowa schools last year.there were more than 17- hundred cases of bullying in public schools during the 20- 15 20-16 school year.that's up by about 200 cases.but here in the corridor - school districts are seeing just the opposite.iowa city schools recorded just 41 reports of bullying last year - that's five less than the previous school cedar rapids - they too saw five less reports -
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an iowa city elementary school is leading by example when it comes to 2 news reporter stephanie johnson joins us in the studio to tell what they;re doing. yes jenee--one second grade class at mark twain elementary school is learning how to be kind--treat others with respect and solve problems. barbara degroot: 22;48;30 "mark can you share with us what makes a good citizen here at twain."barbara degroot is a substitute teacher at's lesson understanding what it means to be a model citizen23:00:36: "than they are going to try to come up with a plan and through that whole time try to be respectful of others of themselves responsible and caring."-in a few brief sentences they write what they think is a model citizen. then they imagine they are broadcastors, standing in front of the class to give their report. sot: 22;53;26 "hi i'm shania with a kid tip." these second graders learn to
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be kind22:58:51 "here we're trying to show them what a good citizen looks like at school so they can take that and use it in their every day living."23;04;26 how do you think people should treat each other if they're mad at each other? nicely" (purple hair girl)23:08;00 "because being mean is not nice to do to other people" (girl with braids)degroot sees herself as more than a substitute teacher she sees herself as a connection makerdegroot: 22:49:02 "we did have a little ob really great way. what problem did we have at football? logan" 23:02:11"when we are doing something in the classroom and maybe it's in a story or maybe its in their every day living and they make a connection its like they're eyes light up and they have something real to write about." one student told me he recently helped out with the sandbagging in cedar rapids and he thought that was the best way he could be a model citizen. stephanie johnson cbs
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it's and right now in it's degrees.up next - the trendiest toys this holiday shopping season - before you hit the stores on thanksgiving and black your cbs 2 weather
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season - toy experts looked at hundreds of new and trendy toys.marlie hall gives us a preview of what you kids might want this year. nat)"mh: whoa, my aim is awesome! (laughing)(track)for the young and the young- at-heart there are plenty of holiday toys that hit the mark. including the nerf imperial death trooper blaster.laurie schacht is t officer at toy insider and says star wars toys are expected to be among the season's bestsellers. (sot - laurie schacht / chief toy officer toy insider)"we know that the star wars toys are gonna get on the shelves and fly right off."(track)from over-sized action figures to this customizable light saber, star wars toys come in all shapes sizes and sounds.(nat) "this is the kylo ren voice changing helmet"(nat)"mh: you can use this on your kids too.
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millennium falcona&.. one many drones on the market.this one is voice activated.(nat) take off! (track)but the break out toy this holiday season: hatchimals.the small interactive creatures hatch, grow up and eventually learn to walk, talk and play games. the toys which retail around 50 dollars are sold out at most stores, but people are selling online for well over 100 dollars.(sot- laurie schacht / chief toy officer toy insider)"there's going to be a shortage, i mean if you don't think twice, in fact buy as many as they have and don't think twice."(track)the wowwee chip robot is a tech toy for families that aren't ready to commit to a pet but enjoy a game of fetch.pikachu is also in-demand - thanks to the popular app pokemon go.(nat) "so we have our light up checks and ears that wiggle and some great news new marlie hall than a decade.marlie hall cbs
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it's and you're watching cbs 2 this morning...and if you're in it's degrees.up next - the important recall you need to know about - before cooking your thanksgiving
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breaking this morning, sources say trump is going to ask south carolina governor nikki haley to become the u-n ambassador. haley would be the first woman he's asked to hold a cabinet seat. haley, an indian immigrant was also the first minority and female the announcement is expected later today. holiday shopping season has already begun for some people - and amazon shoppers might see delays with some of their shipments now.about 250 pilots for a cargo airline that serves amazon and d-h-l - began a strike tuesday in grounded about a dozen flights. their employer - a-b-x air - says it will ask a judge to
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amazon officials say they work with a variety of carriers and remain confident they will keep serving customers. now an important recall to warn you about before thanksgiving day tomorrow - listen up.kraft heinz company is recalling hundreds of cases of ?pork gravy due to an issue with mislabeling.there could be milk and soy in the gravy - but it's not on the label.the 500-cases were sold to retailers across the country. so you're going to want to check your shelves before you start cooking.before you shelves before you start cooking. soon it will be the season of ugly christmas sweaters...and if you ever wanted a custom ugly sweater - now you can easily design your own.the website - "ugly- christmas-sweater-dot-com" is letting people upload their
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pick the color - pattern - text and artwork.check this out - we decided to make our very own christmas sweater to show you just how easy it is.but these how easy it you just how easy it is.but these customizations aren't cheap - one sweater costs 100 dollars. it's right now it's degrees in after the break - up next - the local high schoolers performing on a big stage tomorrow on thanksgiving your cbs 2 weather first forecast we
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tomorrow -students from two
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in the chicago thanksgiving day parade. yesterday - we highlighted how the williamsburg marching band is making the trip and - now today - cbs 2 anchor kelly d'ambrosio introduces you to the second team to look out for - at mount vernon high school. the marching mustangs are the pride of mount vernon. in the 1970's it was a competitive band, but over the years participation dwindled down to just 13 members. scott weber, the band stands tall with 100 members. excitement for the band has risen this year with the news they'd be marching in the chicago thanskgiving day parade. this is the first time a band from mount vernon high school has had this honor. watching them grow and work together to make this performance successful has been really exciting.senior drum major
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grade.i've grown up with this program and the program has kinda grown up with me so its been incredible to see how far we've come. mr. weber broke the news about the parade at a moment the band would least expect it.we didn't tell the kids until they were on the field at halftime.normally they announce us over the intercom, but right before we went on they said we have a special announcement. "we have a special announcement not even the announcement special "we have a announcement.have a special they said we we went on right before intercom, but over the announce us normally they hati announce us over the intercom, but right before we went on they said we have a special announcement. "we have a special announcement not even the marching mustangs know about!and we all kind of stood there like whats going on. and then they announced it right there in front of everyone. the marching mustangs will perform in the chicago thanksgiving day parade! there was a lot of tears and excitiement. there was a lot of hugging. they are really close they care about each
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i feel like everyone is realy connected. it sounds cheesy but i feel like we are a family. congratulations to both mount vernon high school and williamsburg high school as they have a memorable experience at the chicago thanksgiving day parade.we'll definitely be keeping an eye out for them. if you're just getting up, good morning -- it's now right now it's degrees in that could soon bring you to the best spot to see the biggest city in the're watching c-b-s 2 this morning -- covering the
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