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tv   CBS2- This Morning  CBS  November 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am CST

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right now on cbs 2 this morning...tornadoes touchdown, why november storms like these aren't as rare as you right now on cbs 2 this morning tornadoes touched down why november storms are not as rare as you may think.>> eight when crushed leaves dozens stephanie johnson with the story coming up next. >> unique trial means no one will be testified against that defended mary beth haglin. >> does your child missed too much school. the new definitions that will be on the governor's desk. >> good morning thank you for joining us. you're looking at i-380 icons north -- collins collins road, north. looks like traffic is moving
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named after rockwell collins. >> i sold it. take a look at what's happening in the last few hours. not a bad start to the day. we move the clouds and showers from last night out of the forecast. we are cooler. as we head through the scan the skies we see it pretty quiet. it is 34 on the board. we are at 34 at waterloo. 38 in iowa city. wims are out of the south and west 5 to 15 miles per hour. that keeps the mild air. we have some cloud coverage across north iowa. here's the statewide picture. area of low pressure spades to our north and west will -- which will drag a cold front in. we will see clouds and will
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north. tomorrow some white spread chance of scattered showers in central and southern parts of the viewing area. the full forecasts coming up. mistake a look at the morning drive. here's 380 at penn street heading towards north liberty. a usual fare of vehicles north and south on 380 this morning. no big concerns the map looking good and calm as we go to north liberty. you can see towards the i-380 area. let's show you what's happening from waterloo to coralville. no big concerns. in our city of five seasons the s curves seem to be fine. no reports of delays. should that change i will let you know in a moments notice. weather and traffic together on cbs 2 and fox28 mornings and
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we had a busy day yesterday as to turn into severe weather. we had a few funnel clouds a tornado spotted across eastern iowa. the national weather service reports a brief tornado that happened in a hardin county. that entire storm system moved east and north. it tornado also responded near grundy center in grundy about 19 nato warnings yesterday from 3:45 two 5:00. much calmer day today. >> it does sound strange to talk about tornado touchdowns in november. they do happen in i won't more than we may think. the national weather service tells us 41 tornadoes touched down in november over the last 35 years. within half of those felt in
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won't on november 11. another dozen hit iowa during outbreak in 2005. when tornado touchdown near iowa state in ames. a deadly f3 tornado hit winward. dozens of homes were destroyed or damaged nearby. breaking overnight dozens are presumed dead including an entire team of soccer players. stephanie johnson has been following this at the breaking >> reporter: the plane left from bolivia when it crashed in the mountainous areas of columbia. anyone people were on board including a soccer team. now it has been confirmed that 76 people are dead. six were taken to the hospital. one died on the way. out of the five survivors to soccer player survived in one crew member and to others. aviation officials in columbia are investigating this and
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sending out their condolences and just now cnn broke there has been six survivor. he was found under the fuselage of the plane. as the story continues to develop to give you the latest updates on this. from the breaking news desk. >> a sad situation. a judge is considering the evidence and trial of a former in cedar rapids substitute teacher accused of sexually exploiting a student. mary beth haglin trial there's no testimony in this case because both sides have agreed to a trial on the minutes. that means the judge will review all the facts. yesterday the judge reduced against their best hike went to aggravated misdemeanor. likely due to the fact that nothing from mary beth haglin appearance in dr. phil show will factor into his judgment.
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fashion. i will consider the evidence that has been agreed upon by the parties. i will make a determination as to whether or not you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt based on the evidence. >> she told us that the relationship with the 17-year- old was conceptual. if she is found guilty she faces a two-year maximum behind bars. >> new information about a deadly car crash that happened over the weekend. cedar rapids police tell us 21- year-old kaitlyn hall-stougart died after their car crashed into a bit -- police vehicle. two officers were injured and taken to the hospital. they have since been released. those officers were responding to an earlier crash those blocking the southbound lane in the first avenue exit when watson lost control and slammed into the car. this picture shows the police unit.
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this picture. >> the states chronic absenteeism advisory council has finished their meetings and are ready to send a recommendation to the governor. educators and state officials are planning to recommend to the legislator within the definition of what chronic absenteeism is. they decided it should mean 10% or more of the school days in a year. was a foundational component that we heard throughout the chronic absenteeism council so getting clarity on the issue and what about these different terms will really be the bedrock of this work moving ahead."other recommendations include creating an advisory group to study how iowa work moving ahead. >> other recommendations include creating an advisory group to study how i was schools can better communicate with families on combating repeated absences. >> students in johnson county of preparing for the peace gathering tomorrow.
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full of student staff and community members. they are hoping that hot chocolate and conversation can spread the message of peace and unity among schools and surrounding communities. >> initiative in johnson county that is harvesting dozens a pound of food for people in need are asking for help. volunteers grew 12,000 pounds of fruit and vegetables there in the first growing season. now paul johnson county is looking to expand efficiency with new tools. >> we have if broad list and helping the community can chip in and help us purchase these items before january 1. >> if you would like to help you can donate online. we will have the link on the website it is 6:await -- 608. christmas is 27 days away. festivities around here begin
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little christmas to the corridor but not much as we say above normal. we had 50 yesterday. 52 in iowa city and 51 and waterloo. normally this time of year should be 39. don't worry we will get back to normal soon. will talk about it and what you
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>> cool but calm start to the day in eastern iowa. we take a look and we have such an on the way. it will be a mild day. upper 40s to lower 50s and the changes in the forecast. we cool down and find scattered showers this is a cold front moves into the area. it will bring more clouds this afternoon and brings some moisture across north and east iowa.
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highs range from the upper 40s to the lower 50s. we will call it 51 in cedar rapids. clients to build this afternoon and this evening. now in cedar rapids it is quite an equal start to the day. 34 right now. winds out of the south at three. before in waterloo. 36 in decorah. 36 around the dubuque area. here's what it feels like as you head out. 25 the winchell in waterloo. 32 in iowa city and 27 in decorah. temperatures 34 in fort dodge today. look how warm we will be. depending on your disposition you can consider 51 in des moines and 56 in burlington. we do have some cloud coverage from fort dodge back up to the fort atkinson area.
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of coverage as well. that's thanks in part to the slow here which sits to the north and west of iowa. will continue to churn to the north of us. it will drag the cold front in an that's where will see our wind speeds change overnight. we watch the clouds built in and find a small chance of rain and snow across north iowa this evening into the overnight. at 50 6:00 the clouds keep coming in. within those clouds there is moisture. a better chance will be tomorrow for rain and snow. per merely north of highway 30. whatever we do see no major relations at all. today live 50s in cedar rapids. 52 in mount vernon. 51 in fairfax. 52 in the so when area. 53 iowa city. it will be sunny, mild and calm.
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. we will keep our eye out for some rain in the north. this afternoon the clouds built with showers north. we are above normal temperatures. waterloo, cedar rapids is 34. tomorrow is mostly cloudy and scattered showers. it will be a cooler day as you look at those numbers. upper 30s to low 40s across the area. not only for tomorrow but also for thursday. upper 30s for friday and saturday with cloudy skies. act the low 40s on sunday. we may have a little bit of rain and snow on that date. the ten-day trend it will be cool with 30s and 40s. next wednesday we will have 32 and next thursday at we will have 35 degrees. let's check the highways and
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t' commute . see a lot of traffic southbound. the good news is most traffic is moving fine. let's go to the map and show you what's happening to the s curves. winds are nice and calm. no big concerns out there as we head through cedar rapids. you can now had up to the 380 and commons road area. you can see nice quiet conditions they are. further north let's take towards waterloo as we scan no concerns. traffic and weather together mornings and evenings on cbs 2 and fox28.>> thank you for waking up with us. it is 6:15. the holiday spirit - and to do that we're bringing you a month of christmas and the corridor. the important
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welcome back - >> morning. it is 6:18. here in cedar rapids is 34. waterloo is 34. it is a little chilly out there but it is a holiday time. >> holiday preparations are in full swing. joe huisinga explains this saturday about the tradition in
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fire and ice festival and hoping to bring people to downtown. downtown greene square park. celebrations start wednesday in kingston village with the first of 5 district tree lightings.on friday night take your pick from a holiday movie at newbo or a traditional celebration in czech village. then saturday steals the show. there are so many different parts of it excited i love seeing a downtown that's happening on saturdays in the middle of winter.that's not something that you see usually.start with a stroll through newbos very cherry christmas then grab a carriage to the czech village old world market before heading downtown for some musical entertainment. merry tuba christmas is one of the most unique events we've ever done is a national event the local group has their event here at the library and we're so grateful for that. when the tubas taper of carolers will pick up the chorus with a not so silent night of caroling i think for all of us there's an attachment to memories that
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so whether it's a holiday carol that you remember growing up or a fun song that you just learned this year i that you remember or a fun song you learned this year i think it adds to the spirit of the season. >> while carolers warm your heart you can warm your body with a bonfire and food truck in green square park. get ready for the big finale with the holiday the light parade. >> the holiday parade and seeing the kids with santa is a key part of it. >> festival cheer and festivities to light up the night is just the start of christmas in the corridor fire and ice is organized by the economic alliance. right now they're looking for people to sign up or the not so silent night caroling competition. for more information and a full schedule of those events you can go to our website if you are in solent it is 37 degrees. still ahead how you can make the holiday season right for
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>> mother nature has plans for you and me including cooler weather and maybe some snow. this morning we are cooler, clear and calm. it is 39 degrees. we will have the weather first forecast coming up next.
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>> 6:23 and outside we go. let's take a look from high above. as we look off to the west it's a quiet start to the day this morning. we are cool. you will definitely want to jacket. 34 in cedar rapids. 38 in iowa city and is we head
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waterloo caught dubuque and decorah both at 36 degrees. this morning we are in the upper 30s and low 40s. it will be 48 at lunchtime and mostly sunny. 51 this afternoon. northeast iowa let's take from highway 20 north, that is where we will see so basically from tri-city to waterloo back up to decorah this ar a lot of sunshine compared to southern iowa where we will have those nice and clear skies. we have upper force to lower 50s. 33 tonight with clouds for everyone. cloudy tomorrow with scattered light rain or snow mix. not a big concern. we are cooler upper 30s to low 40s for thursday through sunday. will stay with those lower 40s as we head to the day on
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holiday season. one local organization is asking for your help connor morgan explains how you can give families in need the holiday of their dreams. autex you may have battled the crowds on black friday. you may have show local on small business saturday and you may be browsing for deals on cyber monday but that shopping does not stop when the major savings do. for hacap manager neither does the need for donations. >> a lot of donations hard place during the holiday. they're still need for families to be adopted in the cedar rapids area. >> hacap adopt a family to "...and we put that into kind of a big database and we basically match, you know, our donors with the families who have applied."ackman says there are between 500 to 600 families in need - and so far - only 162 donors."i know sometimes a lot of donors think, you know, 'is this in
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season?' and you know, if you go online, there is a, you know, question, 'how many families would you like to adopt?' and then 'what is the maximum size of individuals per family that you'd like to adopt?'"ackman estimates donors spend between 100 and 200 dollars on gifts when adopting a his experience - the outcome is worth a little income."just the fact that you're kind of making that effort and adopting them and providing them with something for the holiday season - it's a really big, you know, it's a really big deal for those connor morgan reporting, as he mentioned, there are currently 162 donors. to find out how you can become the next one, visit our website, good morning again -- it's now right now it's degrees in governor branstad is weighing in on a police shooting in cedar rapids. what he says about the policy that's keeping the police video under wraps. you're watching c-b-s 2 this morning -- covering the
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right now on cbs 2 this morning...police investigate whether an attack at ohio state is linked to terrorism. right now on cbs 2 this morning police investigate whether an attack at ohio state is linked mitchell is still pushing cedar rapids police to release the family of jerime mitchell is still asking for the video. governor. terry branstad is weighing in. >> morning and thanks for joining us. right now you're looking at us 30 at edgewood road, southwest. i don't think it froze.
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>> it looks clear right now. >> its out of focus because the camera is shaking. our sky cam is doing the same thing. we do have a breeze out there. traffic seems to be moving fine. we will check traffic in a little bit. >> good morning. how are you doing? >> i'm dora miller. >> i'm justin. >> i'm here for me. >> yesterday. we had tornado warnings.>> you predicted that. >> we called it on fox. there was a special bulletin that folks missed. we had to watch out for dramatic storms yesterday. we did mention it to you.
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it was the day that was. luckily no big damage. we will take a look back. let's go outside. in the last few hours it is cool this morning. it is 38 degrees along i-80. that's the rural williams -- williamsburg sky cam. 36 and decorah. 36 in dubuque. the winds out of the south and west about 5 to 15. s with cloud coverage across north and east iowa. statewide picture all the way across iowa 99 from sioux city back to decorah little cow coverage there. unfortunately that clouds coverage will say where it is. today 51 this afternoon. it is 6:31. let's look at the
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now we're back to life video and you can see traffic is moving. take a look at the map and you can see on our ways map app a nice quiet condition. not much going on out there. you can see around the highway 30 area back towards 380 looking nice and quiet this morning. s curves doing the same thing. no big conce let towards highway 100. you can see through marion no big concerns there either. i do want take you to coralville where we are seeing quiet conditions also at 80 and 380. traffic and weather together warnings and afternoons on cbs 2 and fox28. >> breaking overnight dozens are presumed dead including an
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stephanie johnson has been looking into this at the breaking news desk. >> reporter: the plane was leaving from bolivia and on the plane there was 81 passengers including a soccer team. now that soccer team was heading to columbia for a tournament. right now 76 are dead. six survive. to work soccer players and one crew member. three others one person was found under a fuselage of the plane. one person died on the way to the back here on twitter people are authorities in ohio are trying to figure outwhy a somali refugee carried out a bloody knife attack at ohio state university. eleven people were hurt in the
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by his car or getting stabbed. abdul -- the suspect -- was shot and killed by a university police officer less than two minutes after the attack began. (sot clara young/ osu student) we were moved to a classroom in the basement that could lock// it was kind of scary because we didn't know much and couldn't get serviceabdul had recently transferred to ohio state after obtaining his associates degree from a community college in the enforcement officials are looking into a post he allegedly made on facebook shortly before the incident saying that he was sick of the officials are investigating this as a possible terror attack. a recent officer-involved shooting in cedar rapids still under investigation has now led to a response from governor branstad.for the second time in as many years, cedar rapids officer lucas jones shot a suspect.although jones was cleared of wrongdoing in the first incident, a shooting earlier this month is still under scrutiny.friends and family of the victim jeremie mitchell, are demanding that police release the dash cam video of the traffic stop and shooting that they say left mitchell
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agencies ?can release video during an investigation.but that's not the way linn county attorney jerry vander sanden reads the rules.he believes the law requires him to keep the footage private while the investigation is underway. now, governor branstad says lawmakers should review that policy. "but if there's ambiguity or if there's areas that need to be clarified then it may require legislative action. so that's something i think we need to carefully look at and determine again - what would be appropriate public safety." branstad also says releasing videos prematurely could harm an ongoing investigation - which is why authorities need to be extremely for the investigation into the cedar rapids shooting, vander sanden has summoned a grand jury to recommend whether charges should be filed. we now know it was a teen who was shot in waterloo sunday night. police say it happened on kern street sunday night. the waterloo cedar falls courier
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coll times. an hour after the shooting - police surrounded a home on the street but when they finally entered, no suspects were found. police are still searching for who's responsible. the battle for finding secretary of state is heating up. and speculation on who is on the short list is also growing. and according to a quick comment by the future vice president - we may soon have answers. "there will be a number of very important announcements tomorrow," yesterday president-elect donald trump met with david petraeus. the former leader good conversation where trump showed a grasp of the variety of challenges facing the world. trump tweeted he was very impressed with the former general. rudi guiliani and mitt romney seem to be on the list for the post still. representative tom price has been selected as the next health and human services secretary. trump is expected to make that -- as well as other announcements today. linn county now owns nearly 500 more acres of land after buying multiple parcels just south of squaw creek
6:37 am
seven-point-two million dollars -- ultimately paid through local option sales tax dollars and county bonds.the goal is to use the land to preserve the natural habitats -- but also protect it while local cities expand around that area.if the county didn't take the land -- it likely would have been quickly developed like much of the other land in the area. it's a once in a lifetime opportunity for the tax payers to aquire i mean the southerland dows family has had this land for three quarters of a century. we talk about clean water and we talk about parks and trails so it made sense to me so i jumped on it when i heard it was going to be for for -- oleson says the county can make sure there is a sizable county park in 20 or 30 years. alliant energy is announcing plans for a mega industrial park it says will be a game changer for the corridor economy. the big cedar industrial center will be located near the eastern iowa airport. cbs 2 news reporter matt hammill explains what all this
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ooooooooooooom "planes - trainsnat edgewood cars " varooom "and automobiles all make this an ideal location.13 - hundred acres at edgewood road and 76th avenue where mega sized factories or distribution centers could build - - and according to city leaders - quickly move their products all over the country.lydia brown - cr metro economic alliance (( 2:52:01 )) " which really puts us in a different situation it attracts companies that maybe wouldn't have come to the region if th they could get that space and being on a rail line brings it to a whole different dimension. "nat varoomthat could mean land for massive warehousing or manufacturing - the size of an auto plant. alliant has done this successfully before - where international paper and others are located on c - stret. this wiould be at least twice the size and all the prep work on big cedar willmake it shovel ready by the time the first company signs onmayor
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puts us in a competitive position as companies are looking to maybe expand their footprint around the united sates or it could even be global companies and you know what that means long term for cedar rapids and the region is a growing, vibrant tax base. " lydia (( 2:53:20 )) " it is an unbelievable opportunity for a company and it is a great opportunity for eastern iowa .." nat - plane or car " " matt hammill reporting, alliant has options on land from about a dozen it says if a big user of electricity would develop in the new industrial park it could help to stabilize electric rates for all of us. it's and right now in it's degrees.there's still more cbs 2 this morning to come.but first let's take a look at what we're working on for fox 28 morning live.they've headlined across eastern iowa - now they're coming to our studio. you'll hear from caught in the crypt. and we're in the kitchen with clint - how to perfect the french omelet. that's coming
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crypt. we are in the kitchen with client and how to perfect the french omelette. that's coming up on fox28 morning live eastern iowa's only local news at 7 am. >> take a look at our weather summaries. 50 sedate and 30s tonight. colder tomorrow. your full weather forecast is
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>> for the day-to-day goes as follows. we'll find the sunshine after a bumpy day. we had nine tornado warnings yesterday from 3:40 525. today sunny and mild. we are getting ready for big changes out there. 41 at nine and 40 around lunchtime. 51 this afternoon. clouds to start to bowl in this afternoon. that's a live look
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you can still see a nice background. 34 degrees right now in south winds at three. it makes it feel like 34. 36 in dubuque. 38 in iowa city. the wind chill 20s and 30s as we start the day. that south breeze cooling things down. temperatures 36 the morning. 36 in burlington. des moines gets to 50. devonport 54. 40s and spencer. satellite and radar featuring some cloud coverage across north iowa. those clouds not changing much. we have more sure possible and get clouds and the bigger take away is we do get cooler weather . this morning most everyone
6:44 am
across northeast iowa this afternoon onto the evening time. within some of those clouds a little bit of moisture as well. will watch that spread into the picture overnight. the better chance of moisture for wednesday by merely light rain with a few flurries wednesday to the afternoon. be mindful we may have moisture to deal with on wednesday afternoon. will keep the clouds. were cloudy on thursday and friday. rapids. 52 mount vernon. 53 in iowa city. 70, mild. there is more cloud coverage in that north so they are in the midshipman to upper 40s. tonight's forecast cloudy skies. little bit of moisture in the north. temperatures remained above
6:45 am
tomorrow's forecast much colder. low 40s on the board in charles city. iowa city at 42. the cooler date with the west breeze at 5 to 10. for tomorrow we have that moisture. will keep the clouds around through thursday. upper 30s for friday and saturday. a small chance of rain and snow for sunday. with 30s next tuesday and wednesday and thursday. let's check the drive now. let's see what's going on out there. here's a live look at i-380. you can see the usual congestion. let's go to the map and show you for the most part normal traffic.
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no delays there. through the s curves traffic moving fine this morning. over in marion no traffic concerns either. let's take you to highway 13 where you can see things are also moving fine this morning. traffic and weather together cbs 2 on fox28 mornings and evenings as well. >> good morning. it is 6:46. thank you for waking up on cbs 2 this morning. i had we are so updating the most important stories for your
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welcome back - >> welcome back.
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weather first forecast. you're looking at mostly sunny mild temperatures throughout the day. it should be, with highs in the 50s. here in cedar rapids its 51. iowa city will get up to 53. we have a look at highway 100 and that's at east coast wrote in marion. traffic little bit slow but that will pick up in a few hours. it was a busy day yesterday. storms came through weather from the skies. several funnel clouds and tornadoes were spotted across eastern iowa. the national weather service reports a brief tornado touchdown that happen in hardin county. that storm system moved east. the tornado was reported near grundy center and grundy
6:50 am
talk about tornadoes in november. they happen in i want more often than we think. the national weather service tells us 41 tornadoes have touchdown in november here in iowa over the last 35 years. more than half of those fell onto days. last year 19 touchdown in november 11. when tornado touched down near iowa state campus in ames forcing an evacuation of the cyclones for parking. a deadly f-3 tornado struck the town of woodward. one person was killed and three others injured when the tornado ripped through the tiny town of stratford and dozens of homes were destroyed in nearby woodward. the judge is considering the evidence of a trial of a former cedar rapids substitute teacher. she's accused of sexually exploiting a student. mary beth haglin style began yesterday morning. there is no testimony in this case. a judge will review all the facts and render a verdict. yesterday the judge also reduce the charge against mary beth haglin to aggravated misdemeanor. it's likely due to the fact that nothing from her appearance on dr. phil will factor into his ruling.
6:51 am
into account the child protection with the victim and the interview with police. >> i will consider the evidence that has been agreed upon the parties. i will make a determination as to whether or not you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt based on that evidence. >> she told us the relationship with the 17-year-old was consensual. if she is found guilty sheet faces two years behind bars. we expect a verdict in this case within the next month. >> right now it is 34 degrees in tama. when we come back will take a look at the three stories you will need to know when you get started this tuesday morning. us with your story tips at 1-800-222-kganor email us at news at cbs2iowa.comor connect with us on facebook - >> cbs connects with the
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the battle for finding >> welcome back. the battle for finding secretary of state is heating up. the collision on who is on the short list is growing. yesterday president-elect donald trump met with david petraeus the former leader of the cia and he said it was a good conversation. trump tweeted he was ire with the former general. rudy giuliani and mitt romney seemed to be on the list for the post as well. representative. tom price has been selected as the next health and human services secretary. jump is expected to make several other announcements today. >> new information on a deadly car crash that happened over the weekend. cedar rapids police tell us 21- year-old martell watson and 22- year-old kaitlyn hall-stougart cedar rapids died after their
6:55 am
hospital. those officers were responding to an earlier crash that was blocking the southbound lane of 380 in the first avenue exit when watson lost control and slammed into their car. >> linn county owns nearly 500 more acres of land south of squaw creek county park. to cost accounting $7.2 million ultimate paid through sales tax dollars in county bonds. if the county did not take the land it would have been developed like much of the other land in the area. now olson says the county can make sure there is a sizable county park in 20 to 30 years. >> it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the taxpayers to acquire this land. we talk about clean water and talk about having great parks
6:56 am
things. it made sense to me. i jumped on it when i heard it was going up for sale. >> something to look forward to their. >> i did some math. >> it seems like a good deal. >> most of the farmers out of the field. we have a lot of cars on the road. here's downtown through the s curves in cedar rapids.
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