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tv   CBS 2 News Noon  CBS  November 29, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm CST

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brazilian soccer team crashed overnight.more than 80 people were on the charter plane - and only six people people survived.the plane was on its way to the finals of a major south american soccer competition.the tragedy is overnight. more than 80 people were on the charter plane. only six people survived. the tragedy is hitting people hard in a small town that was in the middle of a fairytale season. >> after all they have done, it is heartbreaking. it will take a long time to digest. >> the plane was five minutes away from its final destination when the crew declared an electrical emergency. the brazilian government has declared three days of mourning. the day after a friending attack at ohio state university, investigators are trying to figure out the motive of the attacker. abdul razak ali artan was a
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of somalian dissent. officials are looking at facebook postings. those that knew abdul razak ali artan say he did not seem like the time of -- the type of person that would carry out an attack like this. >> he was very kind. very well received by people by -- for the most part. >> the officer that responded to the attack, officer alan horujko, is being praised for killing the suspect and preventing anyone else from dying. the death of cuba's dictator raises questions about what president-elect donald trump will do about the island nation. duri comest to overturn president obama's efforts to reopen ties with our neighbors to the south. our national correspondent reporting. >> when the fidel castro death celebrations are over, our president-elect will have work to do with how he deals with cuba and its government. >> it is a huge change for our community. i think a lot of good things are coming for us. >> a lot of uncertainty
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u.s. cuban relations. >> i think we can expect president trump to undo some of the executive orders that obama had put into place to loosen up the destruction -- the restrictions. >> the trump campaign criticized obama eye efforts to -- president obama's efforts. >> trump insiders say cuba would, in part, need to release prisoners in cuban jails and give people more religious and economic food items. something that would be a tall order sense the castro's despised u.s. policy. >> if we can look back to the idea that the influence over cuba can happen, i think we will get the same results does little to nothing. >> still, one lawmaker thinks that if anyone can deal with
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president-elect trump. >> the cuban government will be held accountable. american interest will be put first. we will put the interest of the oppressed cuban people first. >> fidel castro is dead. change is inevitable. it is just unpredictable as to what extent. meanwhile, donald trump made two cabinet choices this morning. the transportation secretary was elected elected. labor under president george w. bush. this morning, the trump team announced georgia congressman tom price as his pick to lead the department of health and consequences for burning the american flag, suggesting loss of citizenship or a year in and grabbing more headlines today. a tweet sent out by president- elect trump. he tweeted that there should be consequences for burning american flags, suggesting loss of citizenship or a year in jail. the supreme court ruled in 1989
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conservative -- the lay conservative justice agreed with this. >> do you think it is a crime to burn the american flag? you can click on the question of the day on our website. the state's chronic absenteeism council finished mediums and are ready to send recommendations to the governor. educators and state officials are planning to recommend the legislature a standard definition of what chronic absenteeism is. they decided it should be missing 10% or more of school days a year. i hope the state will campaign does create a campaign to promote attendance. >> aligning on, definitions is a component that we heard throughout the four meanings of the -- meetings of the absenteeism council. so getting clear is -- is
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>> other recommendations include creating an advisory group to study how i was schooled can better communicate with families on combating repeated absences. we are in the hearts of the holiday season right now. one local organization is asking for your help. we explain how you can give families in need, the holiday of their dreams. >> you may have battled the crowds on black friday. you may have shopped at local on small business saturday. and you might be browsing the web for deals on cyber monday. but the when the major savings do. and neither does the need for donations. >> a lot of families are just in a hard place during the holidays. there is still a need for families to be adopted in the cedar rapids area. >> the adoptive family program is becoming a holiday tradition. families can apply for holiday help. when signing up, parents provide a gift wish list. >> we put that into a big
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with the families who have applied. >> they say there are between 500 and ex-hundred families in need. so far, only 162 donors. >> i know sometimes, a lot of donors think, is this in my budget? there is a question, how many families would you like to adopt. and what is the maximum size you would like to adopt? >> he estimates donors spend between 100-to hundred dollars when adopting a family. the outcome is worth a little income. >> it is just providing them with something for the holiday season. it is a really big deal for those families. >> that was connor morgan reporting. as he mentioned, there are currently 162 donors. to find out how you can become number 163, go to our website on if you're looking to find a new workout, stephanie johnson has one idea from iowa
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>> two instructors lead the body attack class at fit group exercise studio in iowa city. is a high intensity interval training class. this fitness instructor says the workout was inspired by a new zealand olympian. >> it is an olympian from new zealand. opened a gymnasium and developed body step. from there, they saw a need in the fitness industry for group fitness. and have step. >> the music helps move the workouts from low intensity, to high intensity. >> each track has a different focus. some focuses are more on athletic and agility. some classes are more fun and a neat. >> students come back, not just for the workouts the, but the friendships. >> you feel like you are in a class with all of your friends. teaching at the front. it is working out with your friends.
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it is always inspirational. >> that was stephanie johnson reporting. classes are offered during the week. you can go to the website for april -- for a full schedule. coming up on the cbs2 news at noon, the wild weather that seemed more like spring across eastern iowa. are smack. we are much nicer today. sunny skies, comfortable
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it was a busy day yesterday as storms turned into welcome back. it was a busy day yesterday as storms turned into severe weather. funnel clouds and tornadoes were spotted across eastern iowa. the national weather service reports a touch down in hardin county. a storm system moved east to
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butler, tama, bremer and marshall county's. also near grundy center in grundy county. a very active day yesterday. i know that justin roberts was also very active. we are in the weather center talking about that weather. >> if you are watching, we would love some aa batteries. sunny skies. mild today. changes yesterday. hour by hour, 51 this afternoon. down to 40 as we head into 7:00 this evening. we will do that with minimal cloud cover. temperatures dropping into the 30s into the late evening and overnight. let's take a look at what is going on. we can go back and look at some
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interesting autumn. a warm and wet autumn. the average autumn temperature, 56.9 degrees. the warmest one we have had in 45 years. and the wettest autumn we have had in 58 years. 12 inches of rain so far. just four inches above normal. not that we are complaining. outside we go. some good sunshine for the most part. northeast iowa, some cloud cover. here in cedar rapids, wind out of the south and west at 13. it feels like 40. it is 41 in olin and one of the. 39 in decorah. 48 in iowa city and washington. the wind is southerly at 5-15. gusting up to 20. temperatures on the board look like this. 35 in des moines. mason city, 44. 50, in the state capitol.
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council bluffs, 45. there is cloud cover across far north iowa and northeast iowa. where the clouds are, it will be hard to get past the 40s today. the satellite and radar nationwide picture. in area of low pressure with a cold front moving through the midwest. we will continue to watch the frontal boundary move through this evening and into the overnight. some rain and snow possible in north iowa. becoming more widespread tomorrow. some light rai flurries mixed in. we will watch the clouds get more thick this afternoon and into the evening. cloudy late tonight through the overnight hours. and more cloud cover with light precipitation. it looks like a light snow to the north. rain and snow to the south. not a huge factor. this will be for the afternoon. also the drive home and continuing into late thursday night. the moisture moves out. the clouds stick around as we head through thursday. keeping the cooler temperatures as well for friday, saturday
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15. cedar rapids, centerpoint, 51. fairfax, 51. iowa city, 53. in the north, where the clouds are, it is 40. decorah, 48. olin, 50. clouds and sunshine depending on where you are. the southern part of the viewing area, lower-50s. monticello, 51. tipton, 53. washington, 54. a mild day. south breezes to keep things mild. tonight, 30s. clouds getting more thick. went out of the south -- wind out of the south and west. mostly cloudy and scattered showers. a cooler day. west wind at 5-10. the extended forecast featuring low 40s thursday. mostly cloudy sky. heading into friday, upper 30s. more of the same saturday. low 40s sunday. looking at the possibility of
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monday with upper 30s and low 40s. the ten-day trend is even cooler next week. mid to lower-30s for next tuesday, wednesday and thursday. >> it doesn't matter how you start. it matters how you finish. >> as long as you make it to the finish line. still ahead on cbs2 news at noon, we will keep going with the work that goes on behind the scenes to keep your personal information private with your online
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monday sales hit a record yesterday.but protecting all those online payments from cyber criminals can be a challenge. a tour of paypal's command center in san (natsot-mj austin)"this is the heart of our technology operations."this is paypal's command center -- where >> this is paypal's command center where purchases are monitored around the world and around-the-clock. >> it is cyber monday. the team is monitoring financial activity. in 100 currencies and over 200 countries. >> mission control, it looks like.
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>> this is a technology executive. >> a human staring at a screen it's a notice to check on things? >> that is exactly what happens. there is a bunch of smarts behind the monitoring. through that monitoring, we are able to highlight only those things that seem unusual. >> but the sheer volume of transactions makes combating cybercrime, a daunting task. on cyber monday, 2015, paypal processed $25,000 so much traffic that the paypal website crashed. >> we had a couple of small intermittent outages during that time. but the reality is that most customers were not impacted. >> paypal was also one of the companies that shut down last month after hackers struck a company. the hack also infiltrated
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the editor at large tim stevens. >> it is like a bunch of attackers knocking on the door to the bank. they are not getting into the bank. with their preventing anyone else from getting into the bank. it is a question of data being exposed or customers being at risk, it is at the service is being shut down. >> paypal says no customer information was stolen. coming up on the cbs 2 news at noon,how you can win super
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economy grew at a faster pace than what was initially predicted last quarter- --the g-d-p rose 3 point 2 percent from july to september... the u.s. economy grew at a faster pace than what was predicted last quarter. the judy. rose 3-point to%, up from them .9%. the federal reserve meets
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store.the high-end jeweler's new york location is near trump didn't mention donald trump by name... but the nearby chaos they said, had "some adverse effect on traffic" at its 5-th avenue store.and, the company warned sales could be hit again in the fourth quarter. tiffany's new york store accounts for nearly 10-percent of the company's total sales. thousands of workers across the country are striking today... demanding better pay and benefits.employees at food restaurants, airports, some hospitals-- even some uber drivers are walking off the job. organizers are calling it a nationwide day of disruption. today is also giving tuesday... the annual kickoff for the charity season. are walking off the drop -- off the job. today is also giving tuesday. last year, 700,000 people in 71 countries across the globe donated $116 million to their favorite charities.
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and minnesota are the most charitable states. bud light is offering one lucky fan super bowl tickets for life. here is what you have to do. find one of the 37,000 golden bud light cans being distributed across the country. then take a picture with the can and posted on social media with the hashtag #tix vessels forlife. the big winner will be picked during the big week of january 16th. super bowl 51 will be on fox 28 on february 5th. we have a look at the forecast next. first, here is a look at the
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. storms were reported yesterday throughout the
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some video from butler county yesterday. the national weather service survey teams have been out this afternoon. we expect more results coming up later this afternoon. we can go to the weather graphics and talk about what we found out. this is from parkersburg. wind@70-75 miles per hour. the length was about a mile and a half. a small tornado. enough to warrant a warning. luckily, no warnings. we have seen the trees and outbuildings. but it lacks the heat this time of year. so they don't have the energy. we are watching the latest. we should get more results back in from the other tornadoes that were reported throughout the viewing area. 40s now. on the way to the upper 40s in the north. low 50s to the south. isolated showers to the north. light rain or snow possible tomorrow. 41 degrees. this weekend five, 38 on
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