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tv   CBS 2 News 10  CBS  November 29, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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right now on cbs 2 news 10 it and. >> do you keep a checkbook inside your car or in plain sight inside your house? tonight's crime that is on the rise and how it's hurting its victim long after. plus evaluating i was latest outbreak of tornadoes. >> we investigate white november is becoming time for twisters. >> our temperatures are set to take a tumble. we will tell you more about in your weather first forecast expect only on cbs 2 news are citizens that have a voice. the i won't woman sending a message to president-elect trump expect now the corridor top stories and tomorrow's weather first forecast in the first 10 minutes. this is cbs 2 news 10 it and. >> during this holiday season shoppers are expected to be outspending more than $6
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police in the corridor say they are seeing a huge spike in's 135-more than last tonight - cbs 2 news anchor matt hammill--who spent the day looking into this--has what you need to know. it used to be if someone broke into your car or house they were most often looking for cash. that's changed - - and now - - they don't even apparently that is changing. they don't even have to break in apparently now. >> three out of every 10 cars were not locked. cedar rapids we say near half of home burglaries clerks just walked in. >> we seen a doubling in counterfeit cases. >> it's all connected in addition to jewelry and electronic. these are now looking for checkbooks. >> they are taking the checks
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names and amounts and get cash. it's almost like a double whammy. >> police warned not to put checks and outgoing mail. those red flags tell thieves they can grab and copy them. >> we encourage our customers to use quality checks that are made with a special safety paper. >> alayna says the paper and special ink make it tougher for clerks to erase or wash checks to be used or copied. she says it's also good protection to have a bank that knows you. >> we are looking for anything that may be out of character or out of norm. for example if there's a big gap in check sequence or a larger amount that is written on an account that a customer would not normally do. >> we all need to treat our checkbooks the same as cash. do
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please are frustrated. they say someone is kicking in doors or breaking car windows. they are just opening the doors and grabbing what they want. covering the corridor in cedar rapids matt hammill, cbs 2 news 10 it and. >> we enjoyed another mild day in eastern iowa. temperatures reach 49 in cedar rapids. clouds are now coming southeast across the area and brings in colder air. mister to see a few snow showers iowa between mason city and fort dodge. that's something that may be a factor in our weather tomorrow. there's this disturbance i will move southeast and keep the clouds during the day. especially in the afternoon a rain or snow shower could be a possibility. early in the day i would expect clouds, breezy and cool conditions. later on in the afternoon rain or snow showers are expected to develop on a scattered basis
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temperatures will be 10 degrees cooler than today. >> we are following the latest information coming from gatlinburg, tennessee. this is some of the aftermath that we woke up to this morning. this is video from cnn walking through some of the areas where buildings are burnt to the ground. all that remains is the charred walls. we know three people have been injured. those numbers are tentative as there is a door-to-door search going on overnight to find new areas where they have not been able to search yet. the gatlinburg mayor says at one point people were running for their lives as they were trying to get away from the fire. this is a picture of the dollywood hotel. you can see some of the hotels
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to there. there were some resorts that were not touched and some resorts that were totally brought down. there is a curfew from 6 pm to 6 am. firefighters from iowa are on their way to help out. >> cbs 2 news 10 it and continues with the latest in the investigation of the attack at ohio state university. investigators say befo t angry facebook messages. investigators say the 18-year- old drove his car into a crowd of students yesterday morning. he then got out of the car and started stabbing students with a butcher knife. police officers shot and killed him. 11 people are recovering from injuries tonight. right now investigators are trying to confirm whether the attack was inspired by isis.>>
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selections. he picked steve mainichi to be secretary president. tom price will be the one to lead health and human service department. elaine chao will be transportation secretary. mister trump also stirred up controversy by tweeting that people should be punished if they burn an american flag. he suggested a loss of citizenship or a year in jail. in 1989 the supreme court ruled that flagburning constitutes free speech. brings to our question of the day. do you think it should be a crime to burn the american flag . to weigh in click the question link on the homepage
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number of women start to organize online for a women's march on washington. that event is set for the day after trump is sworn into office. steffi lee is at the capital. >> what is happened has happened with the election. >> while she cannot change the outcome of the election she feels more motivated than ever to speak up. >> we want to get women of all races, creeds and together. >> organizers are planning a women's march on -- and washington on facebook. >> this has motivated people to see they have a place in the united states and our citizens that have a voice. >> with an 100,000 people say they will attend the event in dc.
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>> it's important that women are united at a landmark. >> they also take into facebook. both hope the response on social media will parallel to turn out on the day of the event. >> expected. when it comes around and expecting an enormous crowd.>> organizers say they have applied for a permit to have their march and their request is among 10 others for the national park service to review. >> when it comes to the future cedar rapids the public is invited to take part in the effort to look at the bigger picture. tonight at the cedar rapids public library city leaders heard the first public
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iowa scholars of a host of challenges and finding a path i would.>> people walked away with a new sense of community. hopefully a new sense on how we can think about more things at the same time. >> a second sustainable city talk will be held at the city rapid library on january that will focus on how local organizations are integrating sustainability in their daily operations. >> friends and family of jerime mitchell are coming together this week hoping to raise money as he recovers from a serious injury. mitchell was pulled over by police officer lucas jones on november 1. police say there was an altercation between officer jones and mitchell that
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tomorrow night from five tonight a benefit for mitchell will be taking place. a benefit concert is also scheduled on sunday night at seven. officer jones remains on paid administrative leave. a grand jury will recommend whether he should be charged. >> law enforcement professionals from across the country are coming to iowa city to take a look at the operations of the police department. it's part of an accreditation process to help the department provide better service. the officers will write a long and go through practices to give evaluations and make sure everything is up to standards. if you are interested in sharing her thoughts we posted information on cedar rapids and marion are getting grants as part of the street challenge of iowa economic authority. we received two -- we are going to receive $75,000. mary it will get the $75,000 as well. a total of $965,000 in state
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projects across the state. >> right now offers are moving forward to memorialize the religions of the cedar rapids neighborhood. the memorial in northwest cedar rapids will be part of a large plaza. if you would like to donate we present the information to our website >> that is the corridor top first forecast in the first 10 minutes. >> still to come why alternator operates are becoming more common in iowa. >> as december approaches we are looking at some rain and snow showers. that will be part
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tomorrow on cbs 2 this morning - the apple legacy gives a corridor school a major donation. how it's meant to revolutionize education for the 21st century. that's right >> chief meteorologist terry swails . >> can you believe it's almost december. >> it looks to meet the pattern is turning more wintry around the midwest. the next seven days you will start to notice that. so part november has been good to us. we're calling it eight november to remember. our average temperature so far has been .5 .3 degrees.
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degrees. the weather we have been expansions -- experiencing is more typical in albuquerque, new mexico. there are some changes coming in tonight cause have moved in. this is a sign that colder air is rotating behind the big low pressure. already if you snow showers in central iowa. we will go to thra light and widely scattered. this activity will pick up later during the day tomorrow and in the afternoon hours some scattered show -- snow showers should be around eastern iowa. for the commute tomorrow morning we will have some clouds. we will have winds 10 to 20. the musical start to the day. with the clouds around in the afternoon we will be expecting this note showers -- snow
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behind the traffic is where the cold air is. that will continue to move southeast and get better established over the next several days as the high pressure builds self towards us. we have snow showers and clouds on the radar. it's this piece of energy that will spin southeast and bring the snow showers into east iowa. you can see the clouds pushing through midnight tonight tomorrow morning we will have cloudy skies. later on in the afternoon around noon you can see snow showers starting to form west of waterloo to charles city. in the afternoon the snow showers become more numerous around eastern iowa. were not expecting anything in the way of a chameleon -- mutilations -- accumulations. >> in the north temperatures
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in the southern counties temperatures warmer about 32 in cedar rapids. 33 with mostly cloudy skies in tipton. in the north cloudy conditions and snow showers especially in the afternoon. her high temperatures in the mid-30s in the north and in the southern counties around 37 to 40 degrees as you get towards washington. 37 in tama and 30 in cedar rapids. the extended forecast has a dry day on thursday. friday it will be 35 and saturday as well. on sunday we could have some light snow and move out on monday. beyond that much colder weather expected by the end of next week and a potential storm system that could bring snow to eastern iowa or somewhere close by. >> we continue with meteorologist rebecca kopelman she joins us with new information from yesterday's
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and the national weather service could see the damage. there have been four confirmed tornadoes in the state of iowa. two of them in our area. both a rating of ef 0. they did produce wins of up to 75 miles an hour. in november we do have -- we have a peek of tornado activity. it's almost the second system in -- season. we could have more tornadoes. in the last 34 years from 1980 in the last 34 years from 1982 2014 there were 22
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years we've had 23 tornadoes in the month of november. we are above that number since the last 34 years. >> next on cbs 2 news why holiday shopping is taking a backseat for a day to give back. >> listen throughout the day for your weather first forecast
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all day - >> all day people across the globe have been taking time to give back. here in the corridor people are looking for help after the flood 2016. the national and check library are hoping donations for this giving tuesday will offset weeks a better time. "if you're in the nonprofit world, it's a great day to connect with your donors, especially coming off of black friday and small business saturday where you have all this commerce and people spending money and to come back around and say, 'now it's time to give back after we've bought so much. it's time to give back to those organizations and those people that are doing good in our communities or helping people in need."many area nonprofits rely on "giving tuesday" and holiday contributions.some estimate that donations around
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according to wallet hub- more than 116-million dollars was donated last year on "giving tuesday".the financial website says utah and minnesota are the most charitable states. many of you got some holiday shopping done without ever leaving home.cyber monday sales skyrocketed this year. online retailers racked in more than three-point- four-?billion dollars.that's 12-percent more than last shopping also surged this year.consumers spent more than dollars shopping on tablets and smartphones.and for the first time ever - the day edged out black friday by roughly 110-million dollars. a group of 20 co-workers from tennessee are now millionaires.the metal manufacturers will split a powerball jackpot of 421- million dollars.they've played the lottery for nearly eight years and thought this latest ticket was yet another bust.
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morning, it ain't gonna be no winner, ya know? my son saw lafayette tennessee on tv. he started texting, 'i know momma's bought that ticket. they were shaking me and shaking me and i run, went in there grabbed my ticket, it's the third ticket, there it was."each person in the group will take home 12-point-seven- million's the ninth largest powerball jackpot in the game's history.a record setting prize of more than a billion dollars was won in the record-setting price of more than >> coming up in sports i will why are you checking your credit score? >> coming up in sports i will on the road i wanna see if it changed. credit scores don't change that much, do they?
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the and now cbs 2 sports with zach hanley. >> the big ten acc challenge got tougher for the hawks. tyler had surgery on his finger. cook is expected to miss three weeks. never good news when it's your second leader scorer and rebounder. jordan was up for the challenge to fill the void. the freshman from linn-mar dropped in seven. he was on. peter jock was not. that one sense i went to the half down just two. the former golden evil banks
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dame was too much. hawks fall 92-78 or expect when it comes to iowa state basketball one thing is for sure the cyclist can pile up the points. they're averaging under 89 points per game. he's no focus on the rebounding. so far it's been good. cyclones have been outrebounded once it season period the art of getting the board does not matter abo h >> we have to use our athleticism. we have to use our activity to make it tough on people. we have to try to win the and do what we need to do, we will get the job done." huge m-v-c opener in girls basketball -- so big -- iowa state head coach bill fen-lee on hand to see -- linn mar host city high and he'd like this -- courtney jones -- who
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dials long distance an high. linn-mar can work it also. check out the ball movement. the three and the lions led by as much as 12. aubrey jones takes it for too. city high gets the win 55-47. an all-conference honors were handed out by the big 10. defensive tackle julia johnson leads the conference in tackle. that's it for sports. that's it for sports.
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an avid cubs >>, then eat it up. the cake weighs more than 400 pounds and it's all edible. the seats are made out of crackers. the windows are made of gelatin. it took more than 70 hours to build this replica. it wil illinois. >> if you are a fan that's worth going to see. >> you may get a bite.>> don't do that.
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