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tv   CBS2- This Morning  CBS  November 30, 2016 6:00am-7:01am CST

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no arrests and how instruction in the hawkeye state is moving right along. are taking a long at u.s. 30, kirkwood boulevard. they would just freeze? no i thought we froze but we did not. there's going to be some changes in the weather coming up. welcome to cbs2 this morning i'm dora miller i'm filling in for jenee ryan the weather first forecast weather center and we have some bad news apparently. >> i do. >> you of thursday, friday left. >> know you enjoy because you're done with the day of work by 1:30.>> it is nice to get off earlier.>> will done with a full day of work by the price of right. >> yes yet to be wake an
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morning. >> it taste just like starbucks. >> you're going to watt -- want starbucks or some coffee peerk we or 30 right now in cedar rapids the doppler radar is quiet and clear. not much going on yet we do look for moisture as we head through the later afternoon and evening. it is pretty quiet and a little breezy, 34 with cloudy skies. 35 waterloo depute -- dubuque, we will be windy today. cloudy skies on the satellite and a little moisture west of i 35. here is your planet. as you see it we have a cloudy start to the day. a little rain and snow on into the evening. good news is there is not much in the way for acumen kate does
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6:a one is the type. let's look at the drive in the morning commute. let's look at the roadways. i 380 at 42nd street for the most part congestions are starting. with the usual hustle and bustle. it begins on an early wednesday morning. not much on the way of payment right now. the map looks pretty good. as you can see all the way from laporte city to korbel and iowa city we have a green traffic flow which means no we really don't see much of anything out there. as we do find it it looks like there is a little construction on the 80th street southwest in cedar rapids. otherwise u.s. 30 at 218 also a little bit of construction there. you can see that this morning. that continues with a few lane delays and possibly their but for the most part things are looking clear there this
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us know. you can let us know what you see on your drive this morning as well. 6:02 traffic and weather together. in cedar rapids police say they are noticing a trend in burglaries this year police have responded to more than 300 reports of counterfeiting. cbs to anchor explains how you can take steps to prevent being the next victim. all home burglaries - crooks every 10 cars were not locked. police say nearly half of all home burglaries crooks just walked in. >> we've seen almost a doubling in the counterfeit and forgery cases. the police department says it's beulow - crpd spokesman (( 5:23:39 )) " then taking those checks, forging them, writing names, writing amounts
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cash so really it's almost like a double whammy. " police also warn not to put checks in outgoing mail - those red flags tell thieves they can grab and copy them.elaina (( 5:42:09 )) " we encourage our customers to use quality checks that are made with special safety paper. " at fairfax state savings bank - elaina kempin - says the paper - - and even special ink make it tougher for crooks to erase or wash checks to be used or copied.she says it's also good protection to a bank that knows you.elaina protection to have a bank that knows you.>> we are always looking for anything that seems out of character from the norm for our customers. maybe a gap in checks he wins or a large amount that's written on account that a customer would not do. it is a red flag for us. them safe. police say the most frustrating part is -
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to get check books - people just need to lock their doors. police in oelwein - have made two arrests in a counterfeit money operation. over the weekend - police searched two homes - and seized more than 4-thousand dollars in counterfeit cash -- a printer -- and other items used to manipulate currency. forrest spitzer and michael miller of oelwein have both been arrested.they face multiple felonies. strong storms - ripped through the southern parts of the u-s overnight - damaging several buildings and injuring several people in the 2 news reporter stephanie johnson is at the breaking news desk with the latest.. stephanie?dora--at this time three people are dead and just tweeted out that there is a tornado watch from mississippi to new orleans. and alabama three people are dead and local officials are assessing the damages. take a look at this video you can see buildings destroyed by the reported tornado. it hit close to midnight on the
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he damaged many buildings as well as putting four children in critical condition and a local hospital. they were at a 24 hour day care center there. they are still under watch, local officials are trying to assess the damage. is a tornado watch from mississippi to new orleans. that is the latest from the raking nude desk back to you. president-elect donald trump has four more selections to make. last night he met with mitt romney. the to have had a checkered past. romney tried to undermine trump's pick for the white house during the campaign. was trumpet romney second meeting in the past few weeks.>> i've had a wonderful evening with president-elect trump. we have another discussion about affairs brought the world , these discussions that i've had with him have been enlightening and interesting
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>> trump has picked steve nguyen for treasury secretary. wilbur ross was his pick for commerce secretary, he also selected tom price to leave the department of health and human services, elaine chao is his pick for transportation secretary. mr. trump also stirred up controversy saying that people should be punished if they burn the american flag. he discussed a loss of citizenship or a year in jail. in 1989 ruled that flag burning constitutes free-speech. d think it is a crime to burn the american flag? that is our question of the day. not long after trump won the election many women started organizing marches on
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>> what is happened has happened with the election.>> reporter: heather says while she cannot change the outcome for this year's election she feels more motivated than ever to become. >> we want to get women of all races, creeds, economic standards and get women together. >> reporter: organizers are planning on a woman's march on washington through facebook. generating 2000 hits and 5000 shares >>it that they have a place in the united date that they are citizens and have a voice. >> reporter: more than 100,000 people say they will attend the event in dc and plan on walking from the lincoln memorial to the white house. morning after president-elect donald trump's inauguration. >> reporter: for iowans who cannot make it to the nation's capital they are planning a local event here. they are starting here at the iowa women of achievement bridge and they planted and here on the steps of the white
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>> it's nice to have women combined together at ellie and mark that his name after us.>> reporter: they hope the results on social media will paramount on the day of the actual event.>> by the time it comes around i'm expecting and enormous crowd. >> national organizers say they applied for a permit to have the march. asked -- access pipeline protester to chain himself to construction equipment are now in custody. the rest were made yesterday. a group of protesters entered the construction site were two of them chain the wrist inside of a pbs pipe wrapped in chicken wire and tar. after firefighters cut the pipe they were forced to search for take...and we are willing to take those risks and put our lives on the line because we deeply believe water is life
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everything in our human capacity to protect itin north dakota, the governor is ordering a mandatory evacuation of protesters at the standing rock camp.nearly 600 protesters have been arrested there since august. the controversial bakken oil pipeline that cuts through iowa is now complete.the line is now buried along its entire 343-mile route through the hawkeye state.workers are also nearly complete with clean up and ground restoration.but there were setbacks.some protestors equipment in jasper county this summer. it's and right now in it's degrees.coming up - one person is giving a little extra this
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we think church is more than a place to go at christmastime. we think church can happen anywhere and anytime.
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when opening hearts, inspires joy. and when we remember where it all began. that's finding the true meaning of christmas. that's what it means to rethink church. the people of the united methodist church invite you
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6:13 weather time. headlines are cloudy skies, a little rain, a snow chance with gusty winds. let's talk about the rain and snow. once you get south of highway 20 a little rain mixes an the news is what we see does not to around. temperatures are still warm. 36 at 10:00 this morning we have a high of 39 this afternoon. we see the moisture start to move in after lunch time. here is a live look as we head out the door. 34 was was at 13, it feels like 25 degrees out there this morning, take a look at the temperature met.
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34 in decorah. the wind chill feels like 27 there in decorah, feel like 27 in dubuque, feels like 30 and washington. let's look at what's going on temperature wise. 36 in des moines, 35 in davenport, highs today 30s and 40s around the state. 40 down in clarinda. part to a cold front that has moves through, bringing clouds for the area, a little light snow as well. here is the western map as the boundary moves through there is some moisture in that swings through iowa in the form of light rain and or snow. we will keep the clouds is evening and through the day. here's a local view predictor and we see little bits of moisture by the late morning into the afternoon. you see some rain and snow mixing and as that continues
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that doesn't mean you will be contending with a rain and snow mixed for your drive home. tomorrow we will be dry but cloudy. we will be breezy, maybe a few peaks of sunshine on thursday but very few and far between. here is your forecast for today, cloudy and cold winds gusting at 25, 38 around central safety 39 in central point, 40 in solomon and iowa city. in the north 36 around decorah and postville. 38 around dubuque. cloudy, we will keep the same winds, north iowa has a better chance of light snow, southern iowa has a rain and snow mix. 40 around the a man is 41 and washington wins north and west from five to 15. cloudy and breezy tomorrow with upper 30s.
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little bit better chance of sunshine saturday, 37 and low 40s on sunday with clouds and light snow in the morning. dryer in the afternoon. 40s monday with partly to sunny skies. low 40s for tuesday with light snow possible, it will keep does we will keep a watch for what's heading our way the middle of next week. they all have to move through iowa so we see what happens as we look through next tuesday, with a and we have a quick pick up traffic. let's look at what is happening on the roadways. i 80 near the mall the usual hustle and bustle this morning as we look out and about, no big delays. take you down to 380 and the map as well, nothing up to note on the map. let's go north to cedar rapids and as you see it all across the viewing area is looking fine and dandy. there is the s-curve and everything seems to be flowing
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together always on fox in cbs to as well. 6:16 right now. if you are in monticello you will need to it is 37 degrees. up next how one artist is putting his talents to good use this holiday season. listen through the day for
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welcome back -- it's now we're taking a look at your??????? welcome back it is 6:20 and we are taking a look now at your morning forecast. 34 degrees, cloudy, windy and chilly for your bus stop forecast. have your coat ready and
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one california artist is harold wallin is a santa rosa designer who began comparing his notion of the "starving artist" to the growing population of homeless people. harold wallin/santa rosa artist "i just saw everyone out on the street, in tents, and being pushed arounda&and i said, what would be a step up from a tent that would give someone dignity?"so harold turned his creative efforts to developing a design for a tiny tent that would give someone di >> reporter: he developed an idea for a tiny storage slash living space for those living on the streets. advocacy groups in the areaa&they raised funding and, with the help of an army of volunteersa&v oila!..."harold's utilitarian transitional shelter" or "huts" was born. heidi transitional shelter or hut was born. heidi help raise money for the
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it's been raining a lot, that's not pretty when you are sleeping on the sidewalk. >> reporter: the tiny houses have storage, windows and perhaps most important i lock on the door. they don't know where yet but the city will be willing to bend its zoning rules a bit. (heidi) "we won't be surprised to have problemsa& it sounds like you haven't thought everything out yeta&is that intentional? well, you everything you want to and then the reality is a whole 'nother story!"most artists don't deal in "reality"a&but this one says just because homelessness isn't painting a very pretty picture doesn't mean it should be ignored."i think you'd have to have your eyes closed not to see it." right now - the first ten huts that will be built are about 90-percent done. it's right now it's degrees in
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mean a difference in your retirement fundin your cbs 2 weather first forecast we have... cbs-2 news connects with the us with your story tips at 1-800-222-kganor email us at news at
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six at 25. cedar rapids is cloudy with a little breezy.
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right now are out of the west. it doesn't feel like 25. 37 and iowa city. we have 34 degrees. here is your planner throughout the rest of the day. 35 at 9:00, 37 at noon, 37 this afternoon. temperatures are not moving too much. there is all the cloud cover a little bit of moisture crossing over i 30 five here is the predictor, we see a rain and snow chance and it is more widespread throughout the afternoon. relations is on the light side. 38 as the moves does the rain moves out. 30 for saturday with a partly sunny sky. low 40s with morning snow for sunday. 40s in the forecast still monday and tuesday dry monday tuesday is the day we will watch dora with the possibility of measurable snow. too early to tell yet but at
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something to watch for as we head into tuesday in the midweek of next week. here is a look at some of the other things going on on this wednesday morning. cedar rapids in marion are getting grants as part of the economic development authority. they are set to receive $75,000 to spruce up the elephant building. marion will get $75,000 to improve the buildings there. the state grants will help fund 14 projects across the state. the governor is sparking debate on the future of the iowa public employees retirement system. some conservative groups suggest replacing the system with a contribution program like a 401(k). many weather -- many wonder whether the change will meet workers needs. i want to assure that we are not looking at eliminating
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concerned about any potential plans to change the system.the program currently covers 350- thousand workers. the nurses' union at u-i-h-c are asking for an increase in pay in order to keep nurses working there.a six percent increase is being requested due to the understaffed hospital.with republicans having complete control over iowa legislation next year -- union officials are concerned about the possible changes towards the collective bargaining law.the main goal of this negotiation is to keep the nurses and professionals who are working to stay. it's right now it's degrees in coming up next , how flood memorial project is one step closer to completion here in
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right now on cbs 2 this morning...the event tonight in the corridor - trying to raise money for someone recovering from an officer-involved right now the event trying to raise money for someone recovering from an officer- inolved shooting. new information on a tragic plane crash that killed dozens of people on their way to a soccer match. plus investigators are now trying to find out about the welcome to cbs two this morning...i'm dora miller, let's get a check of our cbs 2 weather first forecast. weather so far. what do we have to look forward
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>> it is december tomorrow actually. >> tomorrow is the last day of november in first day of december. we are due for some moisture. whatever we have today will not around. take a look at the numbers. a bigger, change in the forecast is the future with 30s this morning, yesterday we were in the upper 40s to low 30s today. today upper 30s to lower 40s with gusty winds. doppler radar is nice and quiet. we will watch expecting a little rain and snow to move into the forecast this afternoon. right now, is 34 with the clouds at there. a little bit of a breeze. 35 waterloo 37 in iowa city, 35 interview, winds out at five to 15. they will gusts to 20 this morning, they will gusts to even some spots, plenty of cloud cover on the satellite and radar.
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featuring a little bit of snow west of i 35. here is your planner this morning, as we speak 37 at lunchtime, 39 this afternoon cloudy with some rain. 6:32 is the time. let's take a look at the drive this morning and show you what is happening on the roadways work i3 80 at diagonal downtown you can see the latest snapshot there shows a lot of traffic moving southdown. let's go north to cedar rid there are some hindrances on 380 as you take a look at that you can see a couple vehicles on the soldier does shoulder. be mindful there. as you travel, it might be a little gawking or bottlenecking their otherwise s-curve is looking good, as we see no alerts there in down around the korbel area it is moving smooth there. we have traffic and weather
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6:32. thank you justin, friends and family of jeremy mitchell hope to raise money as he recovers from serious injuries. was hit and is now in the hospital.tonight from five to nine, a benefit will be held for him at the african- american museum of iowa.a benefit concert is also scheduled at gabe's in iowa city sunday night at seven. officer jones remains on paid administrative. will recommend whether or not he will be charged in the shooting. scheduled at games. it starts at seven. officer jones remains on paid administrative leave. a grand jury will recommend whether or not you will be charged in the shooting. meanwhile, a team of law enforcement professionals from across the country is taking a look at the operations of the police department. official say this process provides better service. the abc representatives right along in through records and practices to give an evaluation and make sure everything is up
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us access to the current policing policies across the nation to keep us up-to-date with the current trends in law enforcement. >> community members who would like to be a part of this can share their thoughts on the telephone or the website. let me in authorities have lowered the death toll from a chartered plane crash thing for fewer people were on board than what was first reported. 71 people do die in that crash. six passengers survived. brazilian soccer team to a championship match that was going to be held today. a candlelight vigil was held last night near the crash site in columbia. new overnight at least three people have been killed by an outbreak of severe storms that stretch from louisiana to tennessee. the three victims all lived in a mobile home in northeast alabama. another person in the home was critically injured. the weather service issued several tornado warnings in northern alabama that there was a risk for twisters and
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homes were destroyed. right now, a tornado watch is in effect for southern louisiana near new orleans. still developing wildfires continue to spread in tennessee. stephanie johnson has been following this all morning. we have delayed is at the breaking news desk. the stroke wildfires have been raising this raging since monday. was a place badly hit by the wildfires. three people have wildfires. this is a witnesses account, driving through everberg, tennessee, you can see that structures are being burned down from the wildfires. gatlinburg is a popular resort town in dollywood is result does located there. 14,000 other people have been evacuated from their homes. fourteen people are in the hospital right now. on twitter people are happy about the rains coming down,
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friday. that is the latest from the week.federal investigators say it appears the suspect - who was killed - was inspired by radical terrorists - but right now they haven't found any direct link to the terror group.isis has been pushing supporters to carry out lone wolf attacks.eleven people were injured in the attack. isis has been pushing supporters to carry out lone wolf attacks. 11 people were injured in this attack.>> when i initially saw him i thought he was a because he wrecked his car. when i saw him swing with a knife i knew it was not an accident.>> the suspect in post a potential red flag on social media before the attack. he said he was sick and tired of his muslim brothers being killed and tortured everywhere. >> this attack is reuniting the talk of immigration on capitol hill. the suspect killed on campus was a refugee legally living in the u.s. he came to america
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activity. during this year's campaign immigration and terror threats came a hot topic. lawmakers are taking sides on new restrictions from refugees from countries like somalia. >> i'm hopeful and optimistic the new administration will put as a far higher priority keeping this country safe. and protecting us. >> we or country of 320 million people now, and we need to do it right, and we need to pull together to do it right, not accuse each other of everything every time there's >> trump recommended halting immigration from areas where terrorist operate. they say it's unfair to millions of refugees trying to escape the same terrorist targeting america. >> a project to memorials the flood in iowa is one step closer . this $75,000 donation will create a sculpture before the floods ninth anniversary. our reporter has more on the organizers urgency to complete
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>> reporter: west side rising is meant to be a symbol of endurance.>> it's done to recognize all the hard work that the residence on the west side did and they lost their homes moving this community forward. >> reporter: with flood protection plans becoming clear they hope it will be a center priest of renewed development.>> the memorial will be part of a larger plaza, somewhat like green square, with this beautiful piece of art . a place for and reflect >> reporter: this is not the first time the west side has recovered from devastation. >> there was a major flood in 1919. at that time just before the depression they were going to make a memorial then. they put the concrete base in the ground but could not complete it because of the economic conditions.>> reporter: gary says it is more important now than ever to finish the work started so long
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it speaks to the nature of these west side neighborhoods. >> they are hard-working industrious people will. they show that again in the recent flood. >> reporter: no matter how great the recovery is always important to remember when we fall.>> it hit home every day still. giving to the project, contributions can be made to the greater cedar rapids foundation and marked for west side rising. it's and right now in it's degrees.there's still more cbs 2 this morning to come. first let's take a look at what we're working on for fox 28 morning live.we're in the kitchen with hy-vee and it's all about the pomegranate. how you can use this tough to harvest fruit. plus, christmas is just around the corner and that means a corridor tradition is back. christmas is around the corner and that means the corridor tradition is back. it was a mild day yesterday with upper 40s to low 50s. take a look and you will see
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war. we are cooling down not only that, we will throw a little rain and snow in the forecast.
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6:42, we have cooler temperatures out their as we meet you and greet you. 35 at 9:00 38 degrees at lunchtime we have a little light rain and snow this afternoon. 39 degrees, good thing is anything we see does happen to fall does not stick around because the ground is still warm. 34 in cedar rapids it feels like 25, 35 in waterloo, 37 and iowa city, 35 in dubuque, 36 and monticello. here is that when children it
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like 27 in dubuque, feels like 28 and monticello. 39 in davenport for a high. 38 mason city. even colder air to the north and west the bus. around bismarck in rapid city at the low to mid 30s. 38 in minneapolis, 48 in green bay 42 in chicago, 51 in indianapolis. midwestern surface map shows an area of low pressure conjoining to move away. we are far away from that low but we was to get the chance with a little white rain and snow this afternoon and evening. overnight site the moisture will move out and the clouds will stick around. thanks to the cold front you saw move they're here we are cooler with winds out of the west and north today about five to 15 gusting as much to 20 to 25. as the predictor shows a little bit of moisture this afternoon and evening. not much humor living at all.
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would be across northeast iowa. clouds this evening and overnight cool and breezy again for tomorrow. here is your forecast northwest winds five to 15. cloudy a little rain and snow cooler central city, 39 centerpoint 39 cedar rapids, iowa city at 40. the forecast for the rest of the viewing area, 36 decorah, 37 al qaeda 40. the winds north and west gusting to 25. a little rain and snow. moisture lisa forecast late evening in the low 30s. it will be a cloudy night winds north and west 10 to 20. the window for the moisture primarily rain and snow mix by 11:00 this morning. the rest of us around two or 3:00 in the afternoon. stays with us from eight to
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still mainly cloudy for friday with a high of 38. down to 26 for friday night with partly sunny skies for saturday. 37 will be the high, low 40s with some light snow for sunday. 44 monday and low 40s with some snow tuesday. we will keep an eye on that, we could have some measurable snow for tuesday and next wednesday. certainly a ways away we will see what happens. at least putting it on the radar. 6:45 at the morning drive, as you see it i 380 by the north liberty area we see the usual congestion and the hustle and bustle. be mindful a lot of cars on the road, no big construction delays, still construction on the iowa city area. the gateway project is continuing. let's look at the map for the morse part of north liberty area is green which means the
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north, no big delays there on the s-curve, it looks like police are out and about this morning. that is a good thing to keep an eye on the traffic around 380 southbound, we will zoom out a little more we are seeing a few little traffic notes, vehicle stopped on the shoulder around the williamsburg area even one on the tocqueville area, if you do encounter that be mindful merge over aileen lee plenty of space. traf together. six:48 this morning. >> if that does not say police it looks like cops it makes you feel good about it.>> that is funny. it is 6:46 on your wednesday.
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rapids. >> this ahead we are updating
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cedar rapids police say they're we have more traffic that is moving right along. it does not look like there are any backups at this time. it is clear for people getting on the roads to had to work this wednesday morning. cedar rapids police are noticing more burglaries. most of the homes and cars are not locked. some checks are washed or erased and then copied or forged for huge amounts.banks encourage customers to use checks with high quality paper
6:50 am
erase.they say also helps to have a bank that knows you. " we're always looking for anything that might be out of the norm for our customers so say there's a big gap in checking sequence for example or a large amount that's been written on an account that our customer typically wouldn't do .. that's a red flag for us and we want to investigate has been written on account -- on an account that a tip goal -- that a customer would not typically do. >> police are warning that is not a good idea to leave mail and an unlocked mailbox. the red flag telling the carrier to say there is mail to take will also attract theists. police have made arrests in a counterfeit money operation. they search to homes and sees within $4000 in counterfeit cash. they have been -- two men have been arrested and faced
6:51 am
sent a series of tweets detailing a big announcement he possible conflicts of interest.meanwhile trump has again sat down with a candidate who could potentially fill one of the biggest positions in the meanwhile, trump has again sat down with the candidate who could fill one of the biggest positions in the administration. last night he met with former credit mitt romney. good to have had a checkered past, romney actively try to undermine trump's pick for the white house campaign. it was trump and romney second meeting in the past few weeks.>> i had a wonderful evening with the trump, we have another discussion about affairs throughout the world and these discussions with him have been enlightening and interesting and engaging. trump has pinky finger and hollywood film producer steve for treasury secretary, wilbur ross was his pick for commerce
6:52 am
administration and is married to mitch mcconnell -- is his pick for transportation secretary. new this morning - two dakota access pipeline protesters -- who chained themselves to construction equipment -- are now in custody.the arrests were made yesterday in pilot mound, iowa. a group of protestors entered the construction site where two of them chained their wrists inside a p-v-c pipe wrapped in chicken wire and tar.after firefighters cut the pipe, they were forced to search for members of the group. we fully understand of every direct action we take...and we are willing to take those risks and put our lives on the line because we deeply believe water is life therefore we must do risk and put our lives on the line because we deeply believe that water is life. we must do everything in our human capacity to protect. >> the governor is ordering a mandatory evacuation of protesters at the standing rock camp nearly 600 protester have been arrested since august.
6:53 am
cuts through i what is now complete. workers are also complete with cleanup and ground restoration, now it's degrees in when we come back, we'll take a look at the three stories you'll need to know on this morning. cbs-2 news connects with the us with your story tips at 1-800-222-kganor email us at news at morning. cbs2 con the corridor. call us or email us and even
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here are the three stories you need to know to start your wednesday.three people died overnight in alabama - as possible tornadoes ripped through the south.strong storms and tornado warnings were also welcome back, here are the three stories you need to know
6:56 am
other person in that home was critically injured. tonight in cedar rapids - friends and family of jeremie mitchell are hoping to raise money as he recovers from serious injuries.mitchell was pulled over by officer lucas jones earlier this month. police say there was an altercation between the two - that led to shooting.mitchell was hit and is now in the hospital.tonight from five to nine, a benefit will be held for him at the african- american museum of iowa. authorities have arrested this woman - she's the mother of the toddler that was found last week.her 2-year-old daughter was found outside in the rain - in galt last tuesday.the young girl was quickly identified and taken into protective custody.the mother has now been charged with neglect or abandonment of a dependent person. person. character our temperatures in town r
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upper 30s and low 40s and the south. 37 at lunchtime.
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good morning. welcome to "cbs this morning." a possible tornado kills three people as powe alabama and deadly wildfires tear through a tourist town destroying homes and businesses near the great smoky mountains. president-elect trump hits the town with former rival mitt romney as speculation swirls about a secretary of state announcement. plus, we are in indianapolis where air conditioning giant carrier said it reached a deal with mr. trump to keep 1,000 jobs from moving to mexico. we continue our issues that matter series.


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