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tv   CBS 2 News 10  CBS  November 30, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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the outpouring of support for a man shot by cedar rapids police. plus..."the first phase of the highway 100 extension is ab it's about people being good people. >> the support for man shot by cedar rapids police. the first phase of the highway 100 expansion is almost ready. what it will mean for your daily commute. our snow showers come to an end but december comes in on a cold note. the massive corridor education program. right now a huge sign of progress in cedar rapids that will help ease the daily commute. the first phase of the highway 100 extension is about to open.>> we are live with the timetable and how you can celebrate.
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this has been the end of the road. this is where edgewood road and we meet with highway 100 right here in this is as far as you could go up until now. that first four miles is now ready to roll in that changes everything. >> there are times of day when drivers on edgewood road and parts of interstate and parts of interstate 380 are desperate for an >> that first phase is fairy near completion. >> they have been waiting to say those words since 1999. this saturday everyone is invited. >> they won't be allowed to drive on it but if they want to bring a bike or take a short walk along it that would be fine. the decades ahead - city
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100 - near city utilities will be incredible.scott olson - cr city council member (( 5:55:05 )) " it is by far the largest single potential development in the history of cedar rapids. " in addition to a new - flood proof bridge across the cedar - he's proud the city and county are planning with purpose - >> in addition to a new flood proof bridge he's proud the city and county are planning with purpose expanding parks and setting aside land for new school. >> there's important things in various advance and know what their land is bst suited for and see the master plan in advance and know what their land is best suited for. that's very exciting.>> this first four miles of highway should open in just a few more weeks to you can come and check it out on saturday starting at 1 pm.
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highway 100 going to highway 30 should be open by early 2019. most of the area experienced its first snowflakes of the year. on the radar you can see they were numerous three hours ago now they are starting to fade away. clouds will's take around -- will stick a round -- around temperatures should be around the freezing mark and then the rest of the day tomorrow things will stay in the mid-30s.
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of the information out of gatlinburg tennessee where the latest information we have is that seven people have passed away because of the fires covering more than 15,000 acres. while the fire still only about 10% contained there is still utility crews repairing some of the electrical lines that were damaged as the fire passed through in these are some of the new images. much the fire completely ravaged buildings of all kinds. this is a desk from inside a local building. all you can see that's left is the foundations everything else has burned in the latest numbers like we said our at seven people dead because of the wildfire that number could go up in the coming days.
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some areas so they could find more people. like we said covering 15,000 acres all around different parts of eastern tennessee. cbs -- cbs 2 now continues. the new supervisor is calling for special prosecutor to present evidence for the case of a black man being shot answers the injured. >> it makes sense to bring in a third party a special prosecutor to bring the facts and evidence for the investigation. >> tonight at a benefit raising money walker says he is making the plea as a private citizen and not as a county supervisor. he says since the district attorney has to maintain a
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transparent move would have to be someone else to handle the case. >> -- we are leaving -- learning what happened at a violent rampage. the suspect purchased a knife before the attack. the fbi has also worked to see if the 18-year-old was inspired by similar isis attacks. car into a group of students and then stabbed several. he was shot and killed by officers. 11 people are recovering from injuries. i was senator chuck rasul is seeking more information. investigators and try to figure out if the student had any links to overseas terror groups. the senator was to know more about the suspects immigration and criminal record. the fbi is now investigating a threatening message against iowa state
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bring osu to isu. the post was made on the campus social media.. please tell us they do not believe the threat is credible. we are now learning a report on the death of an iowa veteran is still months away. sergeant brandon was reportedly judge sergeant brandon reportedly committed suicide. his family al are demanding answers. today the inspector general told us we recognize the importance of this work but i expect it will be published in the spring of 2017. the senator tells us she will continue to monitor the investigation and hold the va accountable. president-elect trump continues to fill positions. sarah palin is now lobbying to
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governor has been in contact with trump about the job. a look at tonight's other stories. right now in marion a neighborhood is quiet after some tense moments today. lease were called to a home for person -- police were called to a home for person with weapons refusing to come out. police tell us the public was never precaution police requested lockdowns at nearby schools. right now investigators in central city are still trying to figure out what sparked this massive fire. we learned an electrical expert will sift through the ruins to try to find the source. more than one dozen fire agencies responded to the fire. in iowa city the move-in
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you knew -- of the new hospital is being pushed back. nations were originally scheduled to move-in on december 10 now the hospital few weeks. an innovative, project-based education program in cedar rapids hosted a celebration this evening after earning a one million dollar grant from the x-q super 2 news reporter matt lange was at tonight's event. iowa big that they were going to be awarded a one million dollar grant to be distributed over the next five years. right now, a representative from xq is in cedar rapids to help iowa big decide the best way to use their new resources."tomorrow we're going to observe, see their students in action, talk to community members, and students and understand what works here, and discover what doesn't, and together we can butt our heads and think about how can we move forward." but as those who attended tonight's celebration learned, that wasn't the only
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that wasn't the only announcement to be made. part of the grant money will go towards the expansion of iowa day. >> we have been working with the single district to school district in tonight they will make public their agreement to be part of the program. >> reporter: -- >> that was matt reporting. still organization is working to keep people out of the cold. some snowflakes were around today. they will be winding down to the rest of the evening. there is definitely some cold
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y24zwy y12fy cbs 2 this morning - we all know being active is good for your health and well-being,but now a new study claims certain exercises can help you live longer.find out what they are - tomorrow on we got a chance to see our first in six of the season. >> we have a couple of employees from florida who were very excited. -- first snowflakes of the
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employees from florida who were very excited. >> were getting into a more which tree pattern and i think we will be seeing more snowflakes and our forecast. as first and acres you can see on the radar jurors as far as the forecast goes you can see the radar showing a few snowflakes so for the rest of tonight no concerns with any snow but this was is running late. we have records going back 124 years and an 84 of those years we have seen our first measurable snow by this time. typically our first one inch of snow occurs around december 1 and that is not going to happen tomorrow. we are going to be running later than usual. sometimes the patterns can change quickly.
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at cloudy skies and temperatures right around the freezing mark with westerly winds 15 miles per hour. here's the disturbance that brought the snow showers today up there near lake superior. you can already see on predictor it is not impressed with any snow showers for the rest of tonight. still looking at a lot of clouds tomorrow. temperatures are not going to go up too much tomorrow most of the highs being in the middle 30s. here's another one over the western united states and when i comes through late saturday night it has a chance of producing some light snow up to
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that piece of energy is one to be reckoned with and that will form a major storm system in the midwest around wednesday of next week. we have two key models that we look at one of those takes the storm of through western iowa. it dumps a whole lot of snow from western iowa back into the dakotas. these eastern -- in these eastern iowa high and dry. th o storm farther to the south and dumps some snow in parts of eastern iowa. we have a big storm system next week that has the potential of producing heavy snow but we are uncertain about the track. in the meantime we have scattered snow showers ending temperatures in the mid-30s down snouts -- south low
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for the north tomorrow lots of clouds cool conditions temperatures in the mid-30s. southern counties overcast and temperatures in the upper 30s. our extended forecast has the cold weather rounds of the weekend in the next system brings light snow on sunday than the next storm comes in tues i'm playing the warm side. rebecca has a look at what the rest of the we could look like. >> their couple of factors we can look at to get an idea of what winter could look like across the united states. these are things that happen across the globe.
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nina which occurs when their colder waters in the pacific ocean. this is the opposite of an el ni?o which there are warmer waters. with this system is the blue line cuts across the united states and divisive in half. we end up on the colder side and down in the southern part you have drier and warmer conditions. in eastern iowa we are the middle but it means slightly colder weather and near not all la nina us are created equal but this can give us a good idea of what could happen. coming up, the iowa connection the hind a fire at the white house in a you can see a piece of the christmas
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you can help people in the you can help people in the corridor stay warm this winter. the shelter house is currently holding its out in the cold campaign. shelter house works to find long-term housing for homeless people. they are hoping to raise $45,000. if you are wanting to donate we posted all of the information you need to know on
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the holiday season for many stress comes with this special time of year. the holidays can be agonizing experts tell us when the time comes to get family impressed together the best advice is to have options. >> some people can sit and talk in the living room and others can go in the kitchen.>> your differences aside and realize at the end of the day family is all you have.>> keep in mind alcohol can make difficult conversations a bit more rugged so experts suggest if you expect a potential - the white house caught fire during a christmas eve party.
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flames.the following year hoover's wife gave children fire truck christmas ornaments. the exhibit is open in until january the way - this saturday, the museum will host a free event featuring santa claus. are you getting into the holiday spirit?be sure to send are you getting into the holiday spirit, send us your photos. the information is on your screen. why are you checking your credit score? back on track i wanna see if it changed. credit scores don't change that much, do they?
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it's been nearly 3 weeks since they have been in the confines. now they are back and that's go n of november at home the panthers are 26-1. after two straight losses kevin lehman doing his thing. he struggled early down by 10 points but battled back. spencer hawley men knocked down for triples that will cut the lead to four. later in the half jordan ashton gets into the action.
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attack better they think the floater george mason get the win 54-50. stock if there's about marsh more -- if there's a mount rushmore a basketball notre dame's on them. the irish undefeated in the number one team in the country and have never lost to the hawks. but that didn't stop them from alley finish the game by 18 and then with time running down kathleen dishes it and she beats the buzzer another double double from her but the hawks never let the game. i will falls 73-58. last season the xavier boys finish their season like every other team dreamed up. winning the last game. now the golden season to get
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the saints are ready.>> xavier made history last season but today that state title is just a memory. >> it was incredible and a feeling i will never forget.>> we won't think about our success last year because we want to get back there. >> for the saints success starts back at square one. >> it's a new year and a new team and it's also a new process. >> there will be valleys because when you are the champs everyone is gunning for you. >> we kind of our excited to have those expectations to know our program is on the map and they look at our game as a big game. >> the best way to deal with expectations is experience in
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have plenty of it. >> we have all been in pretty big games and we just have to bring it. >> we have a mature group in terms of experience. >> the saints have the smarts the scale the savvy it's a true team. >> everybody is getting along and we love to play together.>> its competition tuesday.
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y24zzy y12fy captioning sponsored by cbs >> hi, stephen. >> oh, hi lauren cohan from "the walking dead." thanks for being on the show tonight. >> my pleasure. you look it's just-- look, can i ask you a question? >> of course,. >> stephen: i've been fighting this one zombie pretty seriously for months and he has never once tried to eat my brain or rip out my guts. i guess what i'm asking is how do you know when a zombie is into you? >> stephen, what zombie wouldn't want to eat your flesh? >> stephen: i am well marbled-- >> besides, if this zombie doesn't want to tear off your face, you know what? there are plenty of zombies in the sea.


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