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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  July 17, 2010 6:00am-7:00am PST

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this morning, final countdown. bp enters the last hours of testing on the newly-capped well. the results so far have been mixed. but the cap is still holding. we're live in the gulf with the latest. heat wave, usa. record highs across the east, the west and the midwest. is there any end in sight to the brutal heat? proof of abuse? a new photo of mel gibson's former girlfriend shows her with broken teeth. she claims it was taken after he hit her. but some experts say her story just doesn't add up. and way under the sea. underwater photographers capture never-before-seen creatures thousands of feet below the surface. we have the stunning photos.
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good morning, america. i'm bianna golodryga. bill's off. so, we welcome dan harris. and, wow, how time flies. has it really been two months? >> two months since i was here. >> always happy to have you. >> thank you very much. >> good morning. it's saturday, july 17th. we're starting to hear unusual noises out of the gulf this morning. optimism. even from the scientists who've been very pessimistic about that oil spill. we're now in the final hours of testing the new cap. and the underwater video shows no oil. so, the question this morning, could the worst be over? we're going to break it down for you in a moment. plus, a bit of an i-pology, from apple chief, steve jobs. he holds a press conference and gives a tepid sorry for the antenna problems on the must-have iphones. how did jobs do on silencing critics? our tech guru, becky worley, takes a look. >> it was a bit of a tepid sorry. you know him as a big-time
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movie star. james franco is also a painter, a ph.d. student, and now, a soap opera actor. why this strange turn in his career? bianna sat down with the young star to get to the bottom on it. >> on the show, he also plays a character named franco. in this, he's a serial killer/performance artist. >> makes sense. >> it is a soap opera. we begin in the gulf and what is likely the final testing of that well cap. if engineers like the test results today, the well could remain permanently capped. our matt gutman is in buras, louisiana, with the latest. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. this 48-hour test may no longer be a test. overnight, increasing confidence from bp that the well is withstanding all of that pressure. and that maybe, just maybe, that seal can hold on for a couple more weeks, until the relief wells are drilled. effectively meaning, the spill is over. murky water, debris floating, but no oil.
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two days later, the well is still sealed. the oil, shut in for now. all eyes remain on those crucial pressure readings. scientists had hoped for 7,500 pounds per square inch. the gauge remains at 6,700 psi and rising, but barely. >> the pressure buildup we're seeing is consistent with reservoir depletion and soil integrity. >> reporter: government scientists believe the well has spent itself. disgorging its contents into the gulf over the past three months. and that so far, it's holding up. earlier, there had been some concern that low pressure meant a leak somewhere along the pipeline. so, the test proceeds, as deep-sea robots prowl the ocean floor for seismic activity and potential leaks. even bp's staunchest critics now tell us the well is effectively contained. >> the worst is over. the well is 100% closed in now. >> reporter: but if the seal does fail, bp would hook up hoses to the new stacking cap and siphon all of the oil to waiting ships. but meeting with local fishermen yesterday, louisiana governor,
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bobby jindal, says the oil may be stopped. but this is hardly over. >> this is only done for us when they restore our wetlands and coastline back to its prespill status. >> reporter: and residents here doubt that will happen for a long time. >> that's a wonderful thing if it's really sealed. >> reporter: you're skill skeptical? >> we're still skeptical. >> reporter: you don't believe bp? >> ask me in six months. we'll see what louisiana looks like then. >> reporter: and this morning, thousands of bp officials and government scientists are eyeing all those pressure gauges. if they continue to hold steady, it means the well is sealed and everything is okay. if they drop, bp's going to have to go to plan "b," which entails siphoning all of that oil back up to the surface. but again this morning, almost everybody is optimistic. dan? >> matt gutman reporting from louisiana this morning. to help us break this down, we're going to turn to donald van nieuwenhuise, who is the
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director of science programs at the university of houston. good morning, doctor. >> how do you do? >> i do well. thank you very much. so, let me ask you, do you share the optimism that our matt gutman is hearing from the scientists who say the worst is effectively over? no more oil leaking into the gulf? >> i certainly share his optimism. there are a couple of instances where we will have to release or they -- bp will have to release a little bit of oil. when they do the kill operation itself, they will have to open the vents and allow the oil that's in the well right now to be evacuated. but that's a very small volume compared to what we've been seeing. and of course, after they do that, they have to evacuate the mud. and once they see cement coming to the surface, they'll be able to shut the well, finally and forever. >> so, when you refer to the kill operation, you're referring to the relief wells that they're still drilling right now, right? >> right. the relief well is drilled down
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to the wellbore. and they kill the flow. that's why we call it a kill operation. they actually kill the flow in the well. and they completely seal up most of the leaks, if there are any leaks at all. the cement should sort of search and hunt down those leaks and fill those spaces, too, because the cement and the mud will try to follow the path of least resistance, which will be wherever there might be a leak. that's why we see less pressure in some cases. we worry about low pressure because that could be a leak. in this case, it does look like they have, actually, a depletion of the reservoir. if you think of a balloon, for example, a little bit of the air's been left out of the balloon. and it will never get back to that restored pressure. >> so, we're hearing this optimism from you and others this morning. but let me press you. what is the worst-case scenario now? could something still go wrong? >> if, for example, they saw a major drop in the pressure in the next couple of hours or even
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the next day, that would strongly suggest that the -- some point in the well had broken through. and that oil was leaking out. and that's why the pressure would drop. given the catastrophic scenarios, would normally happen much more quickly. my gut feeling would be, that if we see a drop like that, it will be a deep leak in the well. and it's not a good thing to have. but it's something that can be managed. and it shouldn't show itself at the surface and cause another spill. or even cause us to lose control of the well. >> all right. >> bp has control of this well. >> bp has control of this well. so, the worst may, in fact, be over. dr. van nieuwenhuise, thank you very much for your time this morning. >> thank you. even if the well is finally sealed, we have to remember that so much damage has been done. and it will linger for a long time. the oil flowed for 85 days, 16 hours and 25 minutes. sending as much as 184 million gallons into the gulf. 572 miles of shoreline have been
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impacted. and 83,927 square miles of water have been closed off to fishing. bp has spent $3.5 billion so far cleaning it all up. so, this crisis is not over. >> it's encouraging to see that video after so many months without gushing oil. >> it's great to see. we're going to turn to politics now. and president obama, who began his vacation in maine, after a very good week for him. congress passed his massive financial reform bill. and finally, good news from the gulf. but despite it all, his poll numbers continue to sink. david kerley is traveling with the president and joins us from bar harbor, maine. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning. the obamas will wake up a little bit of fog here in maine. but the spectacular scenery may have allowed the president to take his mind off the problems that he and the democrats face in the upcoming election. the president escaped the washington humidity for the cooler climes and scenes of bar harbor, maine. even some ice cream. >> excellent. strongly recommend it.
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>> reporter: but he can't escape his poll numbers. >> nothing frustrated this president more than the fact he feels he has done all of the things he promised to do and the people don't like what he's done. >> reporter: starting his term with a 68% approval rating, mr. obama has watched those numbers drop, as he passed an $800 billion stimulus bill. a major overhaul of health care. and this week, financial reform. now, his approval rating sits at just 50%. and even now, some of his own party are complaining, after press secretary robert gibbs, said there is a chance democrats could lose control of the house of representatives. >> and that made democrats feel like, you know what? we're going to go public. we're going to vent our complaints about the white house. and so, we've had a week of political intrigue and drama. >> reporter: the biggest problem is that the president's biggest victories have not put a dent in the unemployment rate of nearly 10%, the number one issue for most americans. mr. obama says he hears the
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anger out there. but he hasn't changed course. >> if someone's out of work right now, the only answer that i'm going to have for them is when they get a job. up until that point, from their perspective, the economic policy's not working. >> reporter: experts believe it's going to be very difficult for the president to move the unemployment numbers between now and election day, which means his poll numbers are probably going to stay right where they are, righ 50% >> many economists think the unemployment rate could go up in the next coming months. >> political problems for the democrats right there. the rest of the morning's news. >> good morning, everyone. we begin with the largest medicaid fraud bust ever. with at least 94 people arrested in 5 states. the suspects include doctors and nurses, who allegedly billed t government for medical procedures that never took place at clinics that didn't exist. abc's pierre thomas reports. >> reporter: the suspects are doctors, nurses and other health care providers, arrested in a
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series of raids across the country. 94 people charged with committing $251 million in medicare fraud. grand theft of your tax dollars. >> it's the most heinous kind of crime. offering services that have no medical benefit. lying. >> reporter: the suspects are accused of billing the federal government for equipment never sold and medical treatment never provided. we saw the epidemic of fraud firsthand as part of our investigation in miami last year. this is nothing. >> this company was supposed to have provided, to medicare patients, over $400,000 worth of medical equipment last month. >> reporter: no evidence of anybody having been in here in a while, it looks like. authorities provided abc news surveillance footage to show how blatant the scams have become. this miami receptionist negotiates with a patient for a kickback, so they can charge medicare for treatment he never got. >> nothing for monday? >> no. >> why? >> you didn't show up. >> when i don't show up at the
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other place -- when i don't show up at the other place, they pay me. >> reporter: since 2007, the government has charged more than 800 people in what the attorney general, today, described as fraud of epic proportions. >> by improperly billing medicare for more than $1.85 billion, these criminals have siphoned resources from the most vulnerable among us. >> that was abc's pierre thomas reporting from washington. and at least 12 people were killed in battles between drug cartel gunmen and soldiers in northern mexico, near the border with texas. for the first time ever, a car bomb was used by a drug gang in an attack on federal security forces there. three people died in that explosion. and running gun battles prompted the u.s. consulate in juarez, to warn americans to stay inside. and former alaska governor sarah palin was offered $75,000 to speak at a california university last month. her speech at cal state university stanislas on june
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25th sparked some criticism of palin and the cash-strapped school. but it raised over $200,000, which will go to student scholarships. and the new york yankees honored their long-time owner, george steinbrenner. many players and fans were in tears, as the yankees remembered the boss before last night's game against tampa bay. steinbrenner died tuesday at the age of 80. and they also paid homage to their long-time public address announcer, bob sheppard, who died sunday. he was 95 years old. the 16-year-old pop star's video "baby" is the most-watched video ever. on youtube, bieber has 246 million hits, surpassing lady gaga's "bad romance" video, which just had 245.6 million hits. that's a first look at the headlines. back to dan and bianna. by the way, did you know that marysol castro discovered justin bieber? >> she has an eye for talent.
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>> i didn't discover him. although, i do need some cash, j.b. >> ron was jamming. >> i love it. >> justin bieber. >> pop music. >> a big fan. >> he does, in fact. >> cold train, bieber, all the greats. cold train and bieber are hot, like the weather. do you like that segue? from the west coast to the east coast and everything between is very, very steamy today. in fact, every state in the lower 48 will be above 90 degrees. 11 of those states will be above 100. the scorching sun and rising temperatures have cities across the u.s. roasting. >> water. sunscreen. take breaks when you get tired. think. that's how we're dealing with it. >> reporter: in the west, the baking heat stretches from the pacific coast all the way to the rockies. in los angeles, they're at 95 degrees. where dry temperatures and lightning strikes have sparked small wildfires in the city's outskirts. in denver, they're expected to reach a record high of 104
7:15 am
degrees. in the midwest, no relief there. near-record highs in kansas city, at 96. and chicago is expected to reach 93. residents there are doing whatever they can to cool off. >> the way i'm dealing with it is going fast. you get a breeze from the wind. >> reporter: up and down the east coast, temperatures are nearing records, as well. raleigh, north carolina, expected to reach 96. boston, 93. and it won't dip below 90 for days. what's causing the whole country to heat up? an unusual weather pattern that has the jet stream further north this summer. preventing that cooler air from moving south. and so, what's left behind, 19 states with excessive heat warnings or heat advisories. so, the three areas we're looking at is in the southwest. a dry heat there. and then, the middle of the country, kansas city, st. louis, this whole area. and the northeast. phoenix and memphis, under the gun today and tomorrow. philadelphia, it gets worse tomorrow, if you can believe it.
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here are some of the high temperatures. 92 in minneapolis. you know it's bad when one of the hottest cities in the country, phoenix, 111. that city is under an excessive heat warning for today. m thanks so much. more on your saturday outlook a little bit later on in the show. bianna? >> mary, thank you. yesterday, we saw something remarkable. steve jobs admitting he was wrong, sort of. after growing complaints about
7:17 am
the new iphone dropping calls when held a certain way, the apple ceo held a press conference to calm critics. take a listen. >> you know, we're not perfect. we know that. you know that. and phones aren't perfect, either. >> and "gma's" technology contributor, becky worley, joins us via skype from her home in oakland, california. good morning, becky. >> good morning, bianna. >> you know, you and i have followed steve jobs for many years. he's not a man who likes to admit failure and defeat. how would you rate this mea culpa of sorts? >> yeah, he had to do it. he did not want to. once "consumer reports" came out and said they could not endorse the phone, steve jobs had to do something. there was even talk of a recall. but when he did make an appeasement for consumers, he did it through gritted teeth. take a look. >> a lot of people told us the
7:18 am
bumper solves the signal-strength problem. "consumer reports" is the latest one this week. we heard it from a lot of people. why don't you just give everybody a case? okay. great. let's give everybody a case. >> he did not like giving that sort of acceptance of there being a problem, bianna. but he did offer cases, free cases, for anyone who buys the iphone. you just put one of these bumpers on. and it does alleviate the problem. but you know what? this is also something that he defended. he loves this baby. he says that the return rates have been very low on the 3 million phones sold so far. 1.7% returned. he said the complaints about the antenna, less than 1% of the calls to apple support. and the iphone 4 drops slightly more calls than its predecessor, but only 1%. all of that did not change "consumer reports'" opinion of the phone. they released a statement after
7:19 am
steve jobs spoke. and said, consumers deserve answers and fairness. providing free bumpers and cases is a good first step toward apple identifying and finding a solution to this problem. so, he did make some concessions. but people are still wondering about the phone. >> here's the bumper here. apple will be offering them for free for the next few months, until september. what does a consumer do at home? i actually signed up to get a new iphone. i have the older model. when i found out about this press conference, i decided to wait it out. is that what consumers should do? or should they buy it and get the new bumper? >> there's many on the fence. the bumper fixes the problem. and you get a 30-day money-back guarantee for the iphone. if you reup for the two-year contract, you're going to keep that contract, even if you return the phone. the other option, think about the android smartphones. this one from verizon, the droid x, just out.
7:20 am
there's new ones from sprint, and t-mobile. there's a lot of competition coming up for the iphone. and this may push consumers over the edge. >> a humbling moment, indeed, for apple and steve jobs. thanks, becky. see you live tomorrow. >> you got it. now, something more rare than a steve jobs apology. check out these pictures. these are our "pictures of the morning." amazing, never-before-seen deep-sea creatures. the bizarre species leave 4,500 feet below the surface around australia's great barrier reef. they are believed to have been around since prehistoric times. scientists are using custom-designed remote-controlled cameras that sit on the floor of the ocean to capture those images. >> gorgeous images, indeed. coming up on "good morning america," the latest on the mel gibson saga. a new photo of his ex-girlfriend, that she says was taken after he hit her. but does her story add up? and he is one of hollywood's biggest stars. so, why is he taking a small
7:21 am
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coming up, the latest bizarre twist in the already bizarre mel gibson case. the latest question, is the new photos from his ex-girlfriend doctored? >> we're going to stay in california. i got to sit down with actor james franco.
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well, what makes art, art? because i say it is? if it were that easy, i wouldn't have gone through all this trouble. >> that's james franco in a clip from "general hospital." yes, the movie star the now appearing on a soap opera. that's not all he's doing. he's an artist with a show here in new york, a student, and soon, a teacher. i got a chance to talk to him on how he fits it all in. good morning, america. i'm bianna golodryga. this is dan harris. >> i'm in for bill weir. it's saturday, july 17th. also this morning, we have another edition of "your week in three words." that's our chance to take a peek into your lives. we're also impressed with the energy that's in the videos. we're going to begin with
7:31 am
the latest round of the nasty and public battle between mel gibson and his ex-girlfriend, oksana grigorieva. there's now a photo online of grigorieva with broken teeth, which she says was taken just hours after gibson punched her in the face. it comes after the release of that steady stream of audio recordings of gibson allegedly threatening her. our clarissa ward has the latest. >> reporter: radaronline, has released a photo of ex-girlfriend, oksana grigorieva, allegedly taken just hours after she claims she was punched in the face by gibson, at his malibu mansion on january 6th. the russian-born singer says the blow left her with a concussion. the image appears to show damage to grigorieva's front teeth. but some experts are questioning the authenticity of the injuries. >> i don't see any lacerations to the lips or to the gums. at least in the photograph. and i would imagine that, for this amount of damage, there should be a certain amount of lip damage. >> reporter: according to radar,
7:32 am
gibson has been ordered to surrender his firearms. and grigorieva has been asked to hand over her iphone as evidence. meanwhile, tmz's website is reporting sources close to mel gibson said grigorieva tried to blackmail the oscar-winning actor. asking for more than $10 million to keep the tapes secret. the tapes are part of the domestic abuse investigation against gibson. but so far, there's been no word on when charges might be pressed. >> it could be done next month. it could be sooner. it could be later. it all depends on how it moves forward. i will say this, it is moving forward. >> reporter: for now, no one knows in what direction. for "good morning america," clarissa ward, abc news, los angeles. and former prosecutor, robin sax, is joining us from los angeles to talk more about this. robin, good morning. >> good morning, dan. >> so, let's start with that picture. if it's doctored, as some people suspect, is it still admissible in court? >> usually, a doctored picture
7:33 am
goes to the weight and not the admissibility. which means the court would be able to decide, you have to prove whether or not the picture is actually doctored. however, there will be some foundational elements to that will be required in advance to get the actual picture in. but it could work to the defense's side if the picture is doctored. if they're able to show this is not an authentic picture, they will be able to discredit oksana from the beginning. >> right. raises questions about her credibility. let me ask you about the letter sent in from mel gibson's ex-wife. how does that help the defense? >> one thing the prosecutor is always looking for in corroboration is a stream or a continuation of domestic abuse and battery. prosecutors love that piece of evidence. so, defense attorneys love the absence of a piece of evidence. especially positive evidence. although, robyn, mel's first wife's credibility, is also a little bit at issue in terms of this case. she has an interest in this
7:34 am
case. she has a bias. she wants to make sure mel works. her child support completely is correlated to him working. so, it kind of cuts both ways. >> so, there's reports that the department of child and family services are going to talk to oksana's 12-year-old son from a previous relationship. is that significant? and what do you think they're going to talk to him about? >> well, first of all, every witness who has something to say in this case is relevant, especially someone who has actually observed abuse or may have seen abuse. in this case, the fact that it's the department of children and family services is extremely significant. what they're trying to determine is what kind of corroboration for child endangerment. that's separate from where oksana is the victim. but this is whether their child is actually in danger. and whether or not there's a reason or justification to remove parental rights or custody or whatever from either one of them. >> you brought up criminal charges.
7:35 am
you think that's a done deal? >> i would be very surprised to not see criminal charges in this case. here, you have more evidence than you have in most domestic violence cases, at least here in los angeles county. i mean, whether it's doctored pictures or doctored tapes, whatever you want to say. the fact of the matter remains, mel gibson did not deny and actually said affirmatively that oksana deserved the injuries in which she reported. and she has tapes that actually corroborate that. and she has a picture that corroborates that that's a heck of a lot of evidence for a domestic violence filing. >> those tapes potentially are going to haunt him for a long time. robin sax, thank you very much. we appreciate it. >> thank you. all right. let's check the headlines now with ron claiborne once again. >> good morning again. good morning, everyone. the nen thof t to be working. engineers continue testing the well pressur right now, there's no indic well pressur right now, there's no indic and the stepmot
7:36 am
missing 7-year-old boy, kyron horman, has agreed to move o of the family house in portland, oregon. the boy's father has filed for divorce. and says he believes terri horman was involved in their son's disappearance. and actress lindsay lohan is now in a substance abuse facility. she's also hired celebrity lawyer, robert shapiro, as she prepares to head to jail for latnin s to head to jail for 2007 dui case. and they're still bitter in cleveland, imagine that, about lebron jame depm miami. a cleveland brewery is selling out of quit-ness ale, which is described as leaving a bitter aftertaste. that's a quick look at the headlines. now, to marysol with the weather. >> unbelievable. the big story today, the heat. we look at the high temperatures. seattle is 74. phoenix is 111. atlanta is 86. new orleans is 89. it's cooler there than it is in denver, 104. so, not all these temperatures are in the 90s. but some portions of all of
7:37 am
these states will see 90-degree or better weather, as the day progresses. we're also keeping a look on severe weather. two trouble spots. in the middle of the country, from fargo, to minneapolis, and omaha. you are going to see severe weather io th afab thanks so much. this weather report has been brought to you by avon. dan and bianna? >> mary, thank you. coming up on "good morning america," he's an actor, artist and student. how does he do it all? i sat down with james franco to talk about his complicated career. and it's the time of the week when we see how things are going with our viewers in your life. it's "your week in three words"
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well, there's a long list of movie stars who appeared on soap operas. demi moore, alec baldwin, julianne moore. even brad pitt. they all did it before they
7:41 am
became movie stars. james franco, you may remember from little films, "spider-man," tiny films, he turned the equation on its head. i recently got a chance to sit down and talk with him in l.a. james franco is an artist working on multiple levels. there's the blockbusters that make him millions. >> you knew this was coming, pete. >> reporter: the indy films that win him acclaim. >> i don't date guys over 40. >> reporter: his artwork that challenges him. he just opened a show two weeks ago in manhattan. then, there's this. >> seems your oldest was quite the prize in prison. >> reporter: james franco, movie star. >> woo. >> reporter: heartthrob. and now, soap star. >> i'm very interested in the structure of soap operas. >> reporter: franco is no conventional actor. no conventional artist. and his reasons for doing "general hospital," usually a
7:42 am
starting ground for actors, not a pit stop for a star at the peak of his game, are anything but conventional. >> that's a little excessive, don't you think? >> reporter: you were intrigued by soap operas in general. what was it that intrigued you? >> it was a different form of entertainment than i ever worked in. there are performances with different levels and tensions that can get audiences thinking in a different way than just about a fictional story. >> we're also connected. >> reporter: delve deeper and he'll explain that the whole thing is a piece of art. not just the show, and not just his performance. but the whole idea of him in a show, giving a performance. his character's name? franco. occupation? artist. it's so meta, one can barely process it, or as he calls it, the blurring of lines. >> the blurring of lines between illusion and reality. >> i thought, if i went on a
7:43 am
soap opera, maybe that would add something. maybe that should shake something up. >> reporter: if it seems like franco is a deep thinker, he is. he has a degree from ucla. he studied writing at columbia and film at nyu. and the paparazzi don't bust him out late partying. instead, he's been snapped, taking a nap in the classroom. >> i don't get much sleep. i am very busy. five or six years ago, i hit this point where i was very grateful for, you know, my acting career. but i knew i needed something more. and i knew that i had other interests. and i thought, you know what? you only have one life. >> reporter: do you think you'll ever teach? do you see yourself teaching? >> i'm going to teach at yale. it's in the works. i have a very special class that i will be teaching next january. >> reporter: first, he will be back in hollywood, starring this summer, alongside julia roberts, in the big-budget film, "eat pray love."
7:44 am
>> oh, victory. >> reporter: and a smaller film this fall, playing alan ginsberg in "howl," a role he's receiving critical acclaim for. >> i'm not prince charming. >> reporter: as for the soap career, his character exits this month. but not before franco got to do some acting alongside his mother. >> she saw me acting. my brother started acting. i think she wanted in on it. >> reporter: her character, you guessed it, his mother. this being a soap opera, and this being james franco -- >> i love you, mom. >> oh, i love you, too, bobby. >> reporter: their on-screen relationship will be anything but simple. yes, that was his mother. he plays franco. his name in real life is james franco. he played a serial killer who is actually a performance artist, as well. his move to the soaps, it comes in time. they've been cut in half.
7:45 am
they're hoping that something like this could help revive the industry. >> did he get into that tux because he knew he had an interview with you? >> everyone dresses up for me. no. we talked to him before his last scene. so, you should have seen. there were hundreds of people out there. fans galore. it was his big, intense, i think murder scene. >> can you imagine the list of people who want to get into his class at yale? >> yeah. >> the stude >> and he's sleeping. i video? were you ever into soap operas? >> no. >> i watched a few growing up. they're addictive. >> are they? >> they never end. they keep going. people come back from the dead and fun stuff like that. coming up on "gooning america," we'll takok a how things are going for you this week. breaking14-year study. proves that puppy chow, then dog chow nutrition, fed properly over a lifetime, can help extend his lovable antics...
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7:51 am
found that old slice ♪ ♪ of a smile it's just that ♪ ♪ i don't want to know where you found that old slice ♪ ♪ of a smile something entirely unfair ♪ ♪ it's one thing i'll keep just the same ♪ >> that's so pretty. >> i like how they do that. congratulations to the man who just finished chemo. if you want to submit your own three words go to the website and upload your video. we'll be right back.
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7:56 am
>> thank you very much. >> you'll be here tomorrow? >> i'll be here tomorrow. >> i convinced him. >> i was on the fence. >> it didn't take much. >> also coming up tomorrow, we have becky worley here, talking about the fact you can trade in your cars. you also can trade in your cell phones and computers. >> your tv. and i'm going to be live tomorrow, from fiji. i'm not really. for fast relief of itchy summer skin,
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