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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  July 18, 2010 6:00am-7:00am PST

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this morning, critical hours. bp engineers extend the final test on that oil cap through today. could this be the permanent fix? we have the latest. the heat is on. relentless heat blasts the entire country, pushing temperatures to record highs from coast to steamy coast. when will it end? wedding secrets. the guessing game is in full swing for chelsea clinton's upcoming wedding. where will it be? who will attend? we're live from the town where everyone thinks it's going down. or is it? ♪ i want to get away and taking flight. humans leaping off cliffs with nothing but a wingsuit and a prayer. we go along for the ride.
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good morning, america. i'm bianna golodryga. bill is enjoying the weekend off. dan harris is kind enough to join us again this morning. it is so hot outside, i had to put my hair up. >> i like the look. well, it looks good. speaking of hot. good morning. it's sunday, july 18th. it's another day of stifling heat all over the country. check out the map. a whole lot of red. 43 states with temperatures of 90 or above today. the forecast calls for 97 in denver, 95 in washington, d.c. 112 in vegas. we have some advice on how to stay safe in the heat. including, don't drink super cold drink. >> you think you want to go for the freezer for some ice cubes. not so fast. did you know that you could trade in your cell phone, your laptop, for money? we knew you could do it with
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your car. some tips on how to do that. already enormous anger at wall street. over the collapse of the economy. but this story coming up this morning may push people over the edge. there's a hedge fund that's been buying up the would's cocoa beans, pushing chocolate prices up. could mean smaller chocolate bars at higher prices? >> do not take chocolate away from us. but first, we're going to the gulf coast. you're looking at live pictures of the oil well. and for the third straight day, no oil is leaking. bp and the government have extended testing on the cap through this afternoon. to see if it can stay permanently sealed. and matt gutman is in buras, louisiana, with the latest. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning. this morning, all eyes on the pressure gauges inside that cap. rising slowly but steadily. bp has indicated that it could keep this going for weeks. but the government stepped in and said, it may ask them to pump all of that oil to the
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ships on the surface. this 80-ton cork called the stacking cap continues to seal in oil. pushing up with the force of 50 fire hoses. and late yesterday in a statement, admiral thad allen said that the u.s. government and bp have agreed to allow the well integrity test to continue another 24 hours. but, bp says they could keep the well seal for weeks. they couched the success in double negatives. >> there's no evidence that we lack integrity in the well. >> reporter: scientists had feared the pressure of shutting that oil in, could rupture the well's cement casing. that's not happening. >> as long as it's holding the pressure that's building inside of it, that's a very, very good sign. >> reporter: yet, the government may still ask bp to open it and begin capturing that oil and siphoning the oil up to the ships on the surface. netting the amount of oil that has been leaking all along. once and for all, they could get a good number on what that flow rate was. >> reporter: bp could be fined up to $4300 per barrel per day.
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the sum total? up to $22 billion. meantime, there is visibly less oil around the well. though millions of gallons of oil still lurk in the gulf, much of it under water. and the only way of ending the spill for good? those two relief wells. this morning, the first relief well, less than five feet away from the target. it could take two more weeks to close the distance. once they intercept the well, they'll force feed it a concoction of mud and cement, killing it for good. dan, while the seals on the cap continue to work, the government may step in and say, hey, it's time to start pumping all of that oil to the surface. the bottom line is, bp and the government are very confident that this spill is effectively over. >> good to hear. let's get some perspective now from henry fountain, "the new york times" science reporter. he's been covering the engineering side of this story
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since it broke. i understand that the government and bp are gun shy, after putting us through so many failures. at what point will they be willing to declare victory on this cap? >> i think with this cap and this test, i think we might hear something today. they extended the test for another day. that's actually a good sign, that means, things are holding. pressure is not quite where they would like to it be. i think they're fairly confident that the well is in good shape. >> assume they declare the cap a success later today. what do they do then? do they keep it in place and just stop up the oil? or do they start collecting the oil at the surface? >> that's been the big question. bp implied they might leave it shut down. but admiral allen said yesterday they would immediately start collecting it again. >> as matt gutman pointed out, one of the advantages of letting it come to the surface, you'll get a sense of the flow rate and then we'll know how many gallons of oil have flowed into the
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gulf. >> right, and that's another big question. exactly what is the flow rate of this well? there's a financial incentive there for the government. once they know how much has spilled, they can bill bp for the cleanup. >> i think there's incentives all around. actually. >> except, perhaps, for bp. so down the road, i've been curious about this. once this is all stopped up. once the well is effectively killed, will bp go back and drill a new well and get that remaining oil out of that reserve? >> you know, i think if public opinion allows them to do it, they will. the way they can do it is by using the relief wells. they can just redirect the relief wells into the reservoirs. >> but it's risky from a pr perspective? >> i would think so. at this point. given what's gone on. >> henry fountain, thanks so much. bianna? like everyone else, the white house is anxiously watching and waiting to see if
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the cap works. let's bring in jake tapper, who is hosting "this week." good morning, jake. goto s >> goo good to see you as we >> while the president has a lot riding on this crisis ending as soon as possible, tell us, what is happening behind the scenes? >> behind the scenes, they feel confident as matt has said, but i will be very surprised if anybody declares this over until that relief well is in motion. they do not want to get ahead of where the story could go. there have been a lot of fits and starts to this story from the very beginning. from the very beginning when they were told by bp that there was not any oil spilling from the well at all. i think until the relief well is in place, you won't hear any mission accomplished declarations. >> we have this big development in the gulf. then, we have the passage of landmark financial regulations. and the oil spill looking to be stopped. this was a good week for the president. you talked to the vice president about regular reform.
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>> that's right. we talked to vice president biden. the interview will air later on "this week." this is what he had to say. >> they financially spent hundreds of millions of dollars, lobbying against this. this is an awful thing. this is government regulated. all it is the rational control. and a turning around of what the republicans did, which is let wall street run wild. >> and the vice president said, back where he comes from, delaware, if you tell them that regulatory reform passed, they'll say, what's that? so he's confident that in a few months, people will have an idea of how this will affect them. right now, it doesn't seem to be having an effect because people don't know what's in it. >> regulatory reform won't bring back the jobs. at least not now. that's the number one issue on americans' minds. the unemployment rate could rise over the next few months. before the end of the year. what is the administration's strategy when it comes to tackling this issue ahead of the key, midterm election? >> every administration has the same strategy for midterms.
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midterms tend to be referendums on the party in power. in this case, democrats and president obama. every white house wants to change that to a choice election. that's what you'll hear in the biden interview. the democrats will talk about how the republicans want to repeal and return. meaning, that they want to repeal the accomplishments of the obama administration -- health care reform, financial regulations -- and return to the days and policies of the bush administration. they're going to try to put george w. bush on the ballot and we'll see how effective that is. >> thanks, jake. >> thanks, guys. >> and be sure to catch all of jake's exclusive interview with vice president biden on "this week." and now to the reason that both bianna and i are wearing our hair up today. it will be over 90 in 43 states today. 14 states are under heat advisories or warnings. the city of chicago has had more days over 90 than the last two summers combined.
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and that's where we find our eric horng this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan. i got to tell you, here in chicago, many of us can't remember the last time we turned off our air conditioners. we're certainly not alone in that respect. from california to connecticut, it's hard to find anywhere that is not baking. the extreme heat is gripping every corner of the country. >> very nice and toasty. probably fry an egg on the sidewalk. >> 90 degrees already, 8:00, we're sweating. >> reporter: in the west, it was yet another triple-digit scorcher in phoenix, las vegas, and denver. even overnight lows in parts of the region stayed above 90. >> 113 in the afternoon, it's oppressive heat. people don't cool down. >> i just hope everybody's careful. i don't think people understand that it might be dangerous. >> reporter: it felt like 100 throughout the middle of the country. from dallas, to kansas city, to des moines. in chicago, where part of downtown was closed for the
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filming on the new "transformers" movie, hundreds of onlookers spent hours in the hot sun. >> i'm just about to go home and take a shower. >> reporter: the heat warning stretched to the northeast. in new york, folks headed to central park. before opting for central air conditioning. in philadelphia, folks tried to cool their heels. at the national zoo, not everyone was as lucky as this panda, which found some shade. >> we were over at the petting zoo, we were all just sweating. the cows smelled great, though. >> i wore a white shirt so i can sweat through it and it won't be too embarrassing. it is extremely hot. >> reporter: very hot. this latest nationwide heat wave adding to an already-sweltering summer. last month, the hottest june on record. for parts of the country, july could be one for the books as well. dan? >> eric, thank you. everybody wants to know how long this will last. we have marysol castro in a little bit early today to answer that question. hey, mary.
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>> hey, dan, december is the conventional wisdom. but, look, 14 states under advisories and warnings. that's down from yesterday. yesterday, 19 states. the hot spots are the southwest. the middle of the country, tulsa, oklahoma, and then, of course, the northeast. the high temperatures for today. you've seen a few dips around the map. los angeles, 88, significantly cooler than yesterday. minneapolis was at 92, today, 82. phoenix still at 112. dallas, 100. that's actually normal for this time of year. how long will it last? well into the workweek. some areas will see a bit of a dip. again, on the west coast. 79 in l.a. by tuesday. chicago, 91. sorry, eric, you'll have to continue to live in the ac. and then, new york city, 90 by tuesday. bianna? >> thank you, mary. this kind of hot weather lands thousands of people in the hospital every year with heat exposure. and heat waves kill more people than any other natural disaster. "gma" medical contributor dr. marie savard joins us.
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with some quick tips on how to stay safe in this heat. good to see you. thanks for coming in. >> hi, bianna. >> obvious tips that we hear every summer when there's a heat wave. it's worth reminding the viewers of the important information. >> heat and humidity is a dangerous combination for all of us. especially seniors. lots of fluids. water. very dilute sports drinks. staying out of the heat. getting into an air conditioned place. get a senior in there. third, don't exercise. use common sense. don't exercise in the early morning hours, if it's very humid. no way to get the heat off your skin. >> you mentioned drinking lots of water. i think most people are inclined to go for something cold. you say that's wrong. >> that's true. a cool drink is fine. but very cold drinks can give you stomach cramps. your blood is too busy. you don't want to distract it. you will get cramps. it makes you very uncomfortable. >> and from water to food, there
7:14 am
are certain foods we should avoid in a heat wave? >> in general, you should eat a small meal, not a heavy meal. and certainly not something that's hard to digest. avoid proteins. especially high, fatty foods. stick to simple carbs. fruits, vegetables. cereals. cooler, easier foods to digest. >> and this stood out to us. i think a lot of people should pay attention to this. especially elderly folks at home that take medications. there are some medications do not work well in heat waves. >> that's right. there are a few that are a big red flag. if you're on water pill or taking a pill, something called a beta blocker for your heart, they can actually further impair your ability to get rid of heat and make you dehydrated. talk your doctor about that. there are two other categories. if you're on an antihistamine. benadryl. or other pills. like antidepressants. they can keep you from being able to get rid of the heat. >> okay, some very important tips. thanks for coming in and telling us this morning.
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stay cool in this heat. dan, you think you want a cold drink? >> right. >> keep the ice out. >> i guess not. i guess not. >> have a warm beer instead. >> ron claiborne. >> alcohol? >> avoid alcohol. that dehydrates you even more. and don't have the caffeine. that also causes you to get dehydrated. >> in other words, she's saying never listen to ron claiborne. >> dr. ron claiborne. >> good morning. secretary of state hillary clint is in pakistan today. she'll talk about increased development aid to pakistan. she'll also hold talks about the afghan war. and the fight against the taliban and al qaeda. on tuesday, she'll attend an international conference. in afghanistan. meanwhile, in afghanistan, a massive drug bust in helmand province. u.s. marines seized nearly two tons of processed heroin and opium. the drugs are worth an estimated $38 million, though the street values would be much, much higher. and at least 43 people were
7:16 am
killed this morning in a suicide bombing in iraq. the bomber targeted security personnel in a mostly sunni district. southwest of baghdad. most of the victims were members of an anti-al qaeda security force. they were lining up to get their paychecks. and actress zsa zsa gabor is in the hospital. she accidentally fell out of bed last night and broke several bones. she's partially paralyzed from a 2002 car accident. and serena williams will be sidelined after cutting her foot on broken glass at a restaurant last week. she'll need surgery on her right foot. but she's expected to be back in action for the u.s. open. at the end of august. and finally, how about this for vintage champagne? divers in the baltic sea found 30 bottles of champagne dating back to the late 18th century. the bubbly was found in a ship wreck. in perfect condition. if sold at auction, it could fetch as much as $69,000 per bottle. >> and dr. claiborne recommends you put that in the microwave
7:17 am
and heat it. >> do not drink it cold in this heat. >> i have a wedding coming up. maybe i can register some of that. >> we'll pool our money. that will be your wedding present. >> i like it. >> i like it. just not in this heat. good morning. let's take a look at some severe weather in the middle of the country yesterday. this is minnesota. osakas. where you can see they got plenty of hail. that's actually richmond. a lot of hail. very, very strong wind gusts. measured in inches almost that hail. unbelievable. they also got strong winds there yesterday. hurricane-force winds. and today, as we look at the storm sight, the storm moves a little bit to the east. the trouble area, we're going to look at des moines. it continues to move east. we're looking at very, very strong wind gusts for today. and 80-mile-per-hour wind gusts. by t m
7:18 am
>> thanks so much. more on your sunday outlook later in the show. bianna, bate bate chocolate? >> well, i heard chocolate. i think that leads us to our next story. trouble in candyland. say it ain't so. chocolate prices are on the rise. and a hedge fund, of all people, may be to blame. there could be some chocolate price fixing going on. lama hasan has the story from london. >> reporter: first, there was the tech bubble. then, the real estate bubble.
7:19 am
now, maybe, the chocolate bubble? that's right. cocoa bean prices are spiking. up 150% over the past 2 1/2 years. and now speculators are helping to drive them up further. i'm here at ground zero for chocolate profiteering. inside this building, a giant hedge fund is buying up cocoa beans. purchasing 240,000 tons of it this week alone. that's 7% of the world's bean output. enough to fill five "titanics." what's going on here? as the hedge fund buys up the beans, less cocoa is available to make chocolate worldwide. as less chocolate is available, prices go up, and their beans are worth more. >> prices for the raw materials increase. the price for the finished product tend to increase. as well. you don't see it all filter down to the consumer level. >> reporter: what does it mean
7:20 am
for you? nothing yet. but, as the prices creep up down the chocolate chain, your candy bars may get smaller and more expensive. as cocoa output keeps decreasing, like it has been for the past four years, you can bet your bottom dollar that this sweet treat won't be so sweet on your purse anymore. for "good morning america," lama hasan, abc news, london. >> so this is what our life might become. these little -- >> we're going to hoard these things. >> one chocolate each. that's all you get. no more chocolate for you. >> sweet. love it. >> you see it with chocolate, gold. >> it's happening across the board. >> commoditieses going up. >> all right. coming up on "good morning america" -- >> chelsea's going to the chapel and she's getting married. we know that. but where is it? the top secret place. it's leaked out. is it a ruse? could save
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coming u coming up, one of the craziest things we have ever seen anybody do. people who jump off of cliffs wearing flying suits. and we'll show you how they land. >> see, this is what happens
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oprah: dr oz is back with an emergency wake-up call. it really is the fastest-growing disease in history. what to eat, what to do to stop america's silent killer -- >> kaboom.ssssssssssq
7:29 am
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♪ i want to get away i want to fly away ♪ ♪ i want to get away i want to fly away ♪ well, imagine soaring like a bird over the utah desert. this is called wingsuit jumping. these guys jumped off a 9,000-foot high cliff wearing specially designed suits that slow them down and allow them to glide through the air. unbelievable. we'll have more on this extreme sport coming up. good morning, america. >> i'm staring at those pictures >> wondering what in the world? >> it's unbelievable. i'm dan harris in for bill weir, who has the day off. we're going take you to the town where chelsea clinton is supposedly getting married. it's a village in upstate new york. it's abuzz with rumors about whether or not the former first daughter's wedding will be held
7:31 am
there, we're going to go underco undercover and investigate. plus, we've got some tips on how to save money the next time you buy a new tech toy. did you know that you could trade in some old electronics? just like you trade in a car? our "gma" tech guru, becky worley, will tell us about it. i don't think you can trade in a co-anchor, but i like you. >> for a cell phone. >> for an iphone. >> i don't know what the right side of that deal is. first, we'll start with ron claiborne over at the news desk. good morning. we're not trading you in. >> no. good morning, everyone. the stepmother of missing oregon boy kyron horman has left the family home and moved to a town where her parents live. kyron's father believes that his estranged wife and someone else were involved in the boy's disappearance last month. more from clayton sandell. >> reporter: after being forced out of her portland home, kyron's stepmother, terri, was
7:32 am
spotted about three hours away. >> can you tell us if you're cooperating with the investigation? >> reporter: in a town where she won't likely escape the glare of tv cameras or detectives. >> from an investigative standpoint, it's about keeping pressure on terri horman. keeping her playing defense. moving her out of her house. making her uncomfortable. >> reporter: it's the latest twist in a heartbreaking soap opera centered around a smiling 7-year-old who vanished 44 days ago. kyron's dad, kaine, has filed for divorced. he said in court papers that he said in court papers that police told him that terri allegedly tried to kill him. >> is your client a suspect? >> i'm not going to be making any comments about the case at all. >> reporter: her attorney says she's the victim of a witch hunt. police refused to call her a suspect. they also won't say that the 6-week-old investigation is stalled.
7:33 am
even with no arrests and no kyron. at least publicly, his parents are still hopeful. they occasionally stop at his school to visit this wall of hope. >> we were just getting some of the stuff off of the wall so that we could put it in kyron's room, get ready for him to come home. >> reporter: keeping them for the day when they hope kyron will be able to read them himself. for "good morning america," clayton sandell, abc news. and in other news, the cap on the bp oil well is holding. as pressure tests continue. as for cleanup efforts, engineers now say that the giant skimmer ship from japan is too large to be effective in the gulf of mexico. and vice president joe biden's former presidential campaign is in debt. a federal election officials has ordered them to pay the government over $200,000 for excessive contributions and bookkeeping errors. and today is the first nelson mandela international day. it celebrates the birthday of south africa's first black president. he turned 92 today.
7:34 am
and the new movie "inception" is a hit at the box office. the thriller starring leonardo dicaprio, with an estimated $58 million this weekend. and that's a quick look at the headlines. over to marysol with the weather. good morning. we want to show you video from ramsey county, minnesota. there were eight reported tornadoes in the area. two inches of rain fell. that severe weather. 'tis the season. as we look at the map for today. that system moves east. looking at 80-mile-per-hour wind gusts. some more large hail. we can't rule out a tornado. and, again, we're keeping an eye on flooding. eastern kentucky has seen a lot of flooding. the big story, of course, is the heat, 112 in phoenix. 92 in kansas city. elsewhere in
7:35 am
>> thanks so much. this weather report has been brought to you by dairy queen. bianna? >> all right, mary, thank you. if you haven't heard yet, chelsea clinton is getting married in two weeks. and while the weddings of presidential kids always get a lot of attention, hers is getting more because so many of the details are being kept under wraps. even the location is still subject to speculation. a small town in upstate new york is supposed to be the place. but some people are not so sure. linsey davis is in rhinebeck, new york, this morning. what do you know? >> reporter: good morning, bianna. for starters, the inn right here is completely booked the weekend of july 31st. is that a clue? perhaps. we have been playing detective. and we're not alone. look at in the headlines here, "chelsea clinton marrying in
7:36 am
rhinebeck." is it a decoy or a done deal? people here are buzzing. first, it was vows on the vineyard. then speculation shifted to rhinebeck, new york. now conspiracy theorists are all abuzz. is it a decoy? hot on the trail on chelsea clinton nuptials. who will be there? and what to expect. >> chelsea clinton is supposedly getting married at one of the local estates. >> reporter: can you confirm or deny? >> personally, i can't. i have no hard confirmation that it is happening. >> reporter: the wedding details are being kept so close to the vest, the only thing they have confirmed, july 31st. and she's, in fact, marrying marc mezvinsky. even the 400 people on the guest list don't know where. though they were given one clue that really narrows it down a bit. they were told to be within driving distance of manhattan. rhinebeck, new york, is within
7:37 am
driving distance. about 100 miles north of new york city. it's rumored it will be here at the astor's former 50-acre estate. you can say without a doubt chelsea clinton is getting married here? >> i can say without a doubt she'll be married in astor court. july 31st, in rhinebeck, new york. >> reporter: he went one step further and told us whose names are on the place settings. her mom's boss, the queen of talk, and a few other faces you might recognize are invited. >> if it's announced early or late, people are going to want to know. they're going to come. they're going to look. >> reporter: this is not the first time the something borrowed and something blue festivities were kept in the dark. the son of the 35th president of the united states, jfk jr., kept people guessing until the end. jennifer lopez and marc anthony had guests thinking they were coming to backyard summer party. and beyonce and jay-z were so afraid of their "i dos" getting leaked, they didn't trust caterers.
7:38 am
they cooked most of the food themselves. still, most rhinebeck residents say they know what's cooking. and it smells like a wedding cake right in their backyard. locals say this would be the biggest thing to happen here ever. the mayor expressed concern he had not been alerted. after all, we're talking about a town with only 14 part-time officers and only three squad cars. don't be surprised if you get tapped to come and direct traffic. >> confidentiality agreements have become very common. in celebrity weddings. any word if that happened here so far? >> reporter: yeah, that is the word. but, allegedly, the people that have signed the agreements have been telling people, i signed a confidentiality agreement. not so discreet. >> and i understand you and your crew had a little run in with the law? >> reporter: yesterday was the first time that i have been detained by police.
7:39 am
there's a barn just a few miles away from here that's believed to be the site of the rehearsal dinner. before we escorted off the property by police, the police officer told us our information would be given to the secret service. he said, listen, folks. we're not talking about mariah carey here. we're talking about the former president. >> that's right. be careful out there. we don't want to have to bail you out, linsey. >> a tough assignment. >> very tough. >> you think they'll put us at the same table at the wedding? >> yeah. >> i signed the agreement. coming up on "good morning america" -- when you buy a new car, you can trade in the old one and get money for it. did you know you can get money when you trade in your cell phone or computer? and later, on a wingsuit and a prayer. we're going to go on an extreme adventure in the utah desert. check that guy out. check that guy out. it's pain relief without the pills.
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time for our american consumer segment. if like me you have zero impulse control and end up buying every new tech gadget that hits the market. you probably, like me, have a lot of old gadgets laying around the house. there's a way to trade that gear in and get paid. our "gma" tech contributor,
7:43 am
becky worley, is joining us via skype from her home in oakland. good morning. >> good morning, dan. you have the old iphone and you want the new one, but can you really justify that purchase? well, a trend amongst electronics retailers is getting trade-in value for your old device as you upgrade to the new one. radio shack has probably the most aggressive campaign in the realm. this is the 3g iphone. if i take it to radio shack, i could get $100 on trade. the last generation of the iphone, i would get 200 bucks for that. a couple of caveats here. you can get higher value for phones, especially iphones on ebay. you'll get $200 at radio shack, or the shack as they like to be called these days, but on ebay,
7:44 am
you can sell it for $250 or $350. if you're willing to go through the ebay ranks, you might get better value for you phone. and secondly, the cracked iphones. they're not taking those in. sorry, dan. >> i love this. i had no idea that you could do this. if you have an older phone, you don't get as much money, right? >> no, the more popular cell phones get you more money. let give you an example. they'll give you 30 bucks, say, for an lg dare. will get you 30 bucks at radio shack. remember the razr? five bucks for a razr. the sidekick, 15 bucks at radio shack. but, you could sell it on ebay for about 45 bucks. >> i can't get over the pace of technology. how the razr was the hot thing not too long ago and now it's 5 bucks. this also applies to other tech
7:45 am
stuff, like printers, laptops and digital cameras. all of that can be traded in? >> that's right. digital cameras for example $60 for a kodak easy share on trade. printers. if you're going to buy a new printer, be sure to search online. there are a lot of recycling programs that insent vise you to send your old printer back. to hp if you're going to buy a printer from them, send in your older version. laptops. i have this laptop here that i bought three or four years ago. let me give you examples. if i walk this in to a best buy and traded it in for a gift card? 162 bucks. i used the online estimator for the value of this at the website. 162 bucks. gazelle is a popular online site for trading in electronics. they offered me $176 in cash. and they also work with costco. which is a pretty good brand endorsement for them. they'll give you a $176 costco gift certificate. now cash for laptops offered me
7:46 am
the most, $246. this is website, and when i signed up, they sent me a monster box to put my laptop in and a prepaid label. >> thank you, becky. coming up, flying like an eagle over the utah desert. one of the craziest things i have ever seen. we'll show you how they actually land. so i eat activia light every day. activia light, with ifidus regularis, helps regulate your igestive system in two weeks. activia light is not light on taste! and with only 70 calories activia light helps ake it easier to watch my weight. it helps me feel good and look good too! when pain keeps you up, nothing is proven to help you fall asleep faster than advil pm liqui-gels. rushing real liquid relief to ease you to sleep fast. for nighttime pain, make advil pm your #1 choice.
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we've been waiting for t we've been waiting for this all morning. our "weekend adventure window" doesn't get much more extreme. you've probably heard of b.a.s.e. jumping. hurling yourself off a stationary object with a parachute on your back. take that one step further. and you have wingsuit jumping.
7:50 am
check out these guys taking flight over the utah desert. >> we're out here in the middle of nowhere. there's not a soul out here. right behind me is the tallest sandstone cliff in the nation. the top of the elevation is 9300 feet. this magical rock that was built for us. let's go fly. whoo! the idea of jumping with the wingsuit is it allows you to jump a lot of locations that you wouldn't normally be able to b.a.s.e. jump. >> one of the parachutes, boys. >> with the wingsuits on, it slows the descent rate. compared to a normal b.a.s.e. jump. you'll be going close to 100 miles an hour descending. with a wingsuit, you can slow
7:51 am
that down, so you can have a lot more time on your jump. go straight out there way, get energy, start turning left. >> ready, set. >> yeah, oh, i'm scared every time. >> see ya. >> there's about five or six seconds that we have until you have to be flying to get over the cliff below you. we use the smoke because it really shows the speed. >> whoo-hoo! >> you see the smoke, and you see the trail come down, then you really understand the speed and how fast and how far we're moving. you're getting low. you reach back, you pull your pilot chute. and you're really happy to get that strong open. that makes it a good feeling. >> oh, yeah! >> whoo! >> i got whipped off that second one. i never felt that in my life.
7:52 am
>> it definitely feels like you're flying. yeah, you kind of feel like a bird. because you have your arms out and legs out. you got a leg wing and arm wings, just like a bird. yeah! >> i have special lining in my suit that allows me to do that. just jump right out. >> that's all it takes. >> we'll check it out a little later, right? >> you think that's what bill's doing this weekend? it looks like something bill would do. right? talk about an adrenaline rush. >> i don't need to do that. >> we can just watch. [ female announcer ] even a high spf can leave your skin feeling vulnerable.
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did you have fun this weekend? >> i did. it was great. have me back. >> and ice cream, too. >> and ice cream, chocolate, trade in your cell phone. learn it all here.
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