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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  July 22, 2010 11:05pm-12:05am PST

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your finger. you can find what you want to know. wanted to remind you, using our very cool app, of the people's plate list. there's only 24 more hours for you to submit your favorite local chef. the person you think deserves to be featured in our plate list series. get your submissions in. we've already received over 900 of them. that's our report for tonight. from all of us at abc news, good night, america. this thing's cool. >> jimmy: hi, i'm jimmy kimmel. joining us tonight, from the new movie "the dry land," wilmer valderrama. also, the man who captured lebron james, dwyane wade. we'll hear music from keane. and youtube sensation "the double rainbow guy" is here. >> oh, my god, it's full-on, double rainbow all the way across the sky!
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oh, my god. what does this mean? >> jimmy: that's right. his name is bear vazquez. here's here from yosemite and it's probably a good idea to hide your picnic baskets. "jimmy kimmel live", back in 2 minutes. [ male announcer ] what would you do for a klondike neapolitan bar? that's right, we sid neapolitan?
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and strong. there to ensure the most powerful transmitter is you. rule the air. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- wilmer valderrama. from the miami heat, dwyane wade. the double rainbow guy. and music from keane. with cleto and the cletones. ♪ it's "jimmy kimmel live" >> dicky: and now, once again, here's jimmy kimmel!
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you, cleto. hi there, i'm jimmy, thank you for watching. welcome to our show. [ cheers and applause ] very nice of you. i appreciate that. before you order, would you like to hear our specials? do you -- have you heard about tropical storm bonnie? i know a lot of you are on vacation. tropical storm bonnie is headed to the gulf coast right now, where unfortunately they're trying to stop the oil spill. at what point do we admit that maybe god is mad at us for something? he's sending us a message. he doesn't want lindsay lohan in jail, and we've -- [ laughter ] this is a bad thing, because if
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tropical storm bonnie strengthens and becomes a hurricane between the water of the hurricane and the oil, all of a sudden, the gulf of mexico turns into a giant salad spritzer, and we are the salad. a huge oil spill, a sneaky oil company, now possibly a hurricane. i don't like it. too many villains. it's like "spider man three" out here right now. speaking of spider man, comic book fans are gathering in san diego where comic con got started today. this is a huge day for comic book fans. thousands of people come to it dressed like you have vulcans and everything. it's sort of like the super bowl for guys who have never watched the super bowl. you could be proud to be a nerd at comic con, which i don't like. when i was a young nerd, reading comic books and talking about them with my friends, we knew our place. our place with in our parent's basement eating bugles and
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playing risk while other kids were on dates and stuff. there was actually a security breach at comic con today. somehow a jock managed to get into the convention center, made off with more than $175,000 in lunch money. [ applause ] hey -- i know that sounds true, but i made that up. speaking of guys who will beat you up for your lunch money, governor schwarzenegger spoke yesterday in front of the national association of regulatory utility commissioners, which sounds like a fun group, and the governor kept things light with a topical and hilarious joke. >> good news is that bp has contained the oil leak, that is good news, finally. finally. the bad news is that no one has figured out how to contain mel gibson. mel gibson, no one knows how to contain, so -- >> jimmy: we heard that the first time. he's still got it, i'll tell you
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that. and the comedy didn't stop there. the governor cracked wise on one of his favorite subjects, which is the importance of a daily workout. >> very happy that i work out every day, one hour, make sure a lot of people are working out also so you can relate to when you can brag a little bit that i still last week, i lifted 375 pounds. yeah. 375 pounds. i lifted rush limbaugh all of the chair. >> jimmy: right, because he's fat and you lifted him out of the chair. facebook has reached an impressive milestone. facebook announced yesterday that it now has 500 million users. which breaks the record previously held by heroin. only facebook is more addictive. they say the average facebook user spends more than five hours
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a week on it, which is -- kind of like having a part time job that pains you in pictures of your neighbor's sisters babies. five hours a week is a lot. i'm surprised by that, because every time i ask anyone that works here about it, they tell me they're barely ever on it. just check in, right? five hours a week works out to almost two years of your life, but it's well worth it to find out a girl you vaguely remember from chemistry class in the tenth grade is now divorced and selling real estate. uncle frank, do you know about facebook? >> no. i don't know anything about it. >> jimmy: do you know where you can get a facebook? >> no. in the library. >> jimmy: yeah, but no -- yeah, can you get it in the library. have you ever touched a facebook? >> never. >> jimmy: never. do you have any guess as to what it might be? >> you get information from it. that i know. that i know. >> jimmy: but where does it come from? >> it comes from the other people who have a facebook and
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you interact with each other. >> jimmy: that's right. that's right. [ applause ] he's right. you know what? we may call off the lobotomy. and what does it look like, facebook? >> it's a book and your face is on yours, and if he has one, it's on his. >> jimmy: that's the uncle frank i know. all right. the big winner at the box office last weekend but the new movie "inception." made $90 million already. written and directed by christopher nolan. much of the movie takes place inside dreams and then in dreams that, inside dreams. it sounds complicated. but uncle frank has seen it, fortuna fortunately, and here to help you decide what you might want to see this weekend, uncle frank. >> uncle frank here at the
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movies. i just saw a [ bleep ] crazy movie called "conception." it's not about the immaculate conception. crazy movie. but interesting in its own way. >> jimmy: all right, well -- we'll recommend it. [ applause ] there's a -- a video on youtube which i will not bother to explain you, it's called yosemite mountain giant rainbow. somebody sent this to me. i posted a link to it on twitter. i know how to do that now, and two weeks -- less than two weeks later, it has almost 7 million views. if you haven't seen it yet, here it is. >> double rainbow. oh, my god. it's a double rainbow all the way. whoa! oh, my god. oh, my god! oh -- my god! woo!
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oh, wow! woo! oh, my god. look at that. it's starting to oolook like a triple rainbow. oh, my god, it's full-on double rainbow all the way across the sky! oh, my god. what does this mean? oh! it's so bright! oh, my god, it's so bright and vivid. oh! oh! oh! oh, my god. oh, my god. what does it mean? tell me. too much.
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what it means? oh, my god. it's so intense. >> jimmy: it is pretty intense, isn't it? [ applause ] and -- well, here we go. this is -- the man who made that video is here with us tonight. he's come down from the yosemite forest to see us to explain now what this all means, the double rainbow guy, bear vasquez, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: oh, my god. what does it all mean? what does it all mean? >> wow. that's what i'm trying to figure it out. >> jimmy: you haven't yet? >> well, spirit's talking to me. >> jimmy: what spirit is talking to you? >> the spirit of the universe. >> jimmy: and what is it saying? >> it's saying that people don't need sex and drugs to connect to nature and to connect to the
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spirit. that they can enjoy themselves without that stuff. >> jimmy: i see. interesting. [ applause ] >> there's nothing wrong with it. >> jimmy: so you are unable to get sex or drugs in yosemite. >> no, there's another video. >> jimmy: oh, no. oh, boy. well -- put my computer in the pool. >> there's plenty of videos on there. >> jimmy: were you or were you not ingesting an illegal substance when you made that? >> in that video, completely sober. >> jimmy: in others, maybe different case? >> there's another one called giant intense rainbow where i admitted i smoked some pot. but it's medicine. so -- it's legal here in california. >> jimmy: what is your ailment? >> i have -- >> jimmy: pain from beard rubber bands? >> i was a cage fighter. i have pain from that. >> jimmy: you're wearing a shirt that says jimmy's boyfriend. and this is a really weird
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kwin coinciden coincidence. i didn't know anything about you when someone sent this video and they didn't know there was any connection, but you were actually on this show, like, two years ago. and we have the tape. >> that's right. >> jimmy: my boyfriend's here tonight so i'm excited. giant man in a shirt that says jimmy's boyfriend on it. i just pray we don't wind up incarcerated to. now, what do you do for a living up there in yosemite? >> i'm a photographer and a f m farmer and a pretty poor guy. >> jimmy: what sorts of things are you farming? >> i breed dogs. i raise chickens for eggs. i have vegetable guardens. >> jimmy: so you have a self-sustaining area there? >> that's right. >> jimmy: have the skittles people contacted you yet? have you ever seen a unicorn? >> no unicorns. >> jimmy: is this the most beautiful thing you've seen? >> no, i think women is the most
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beautiful thing, yes. plenty of them. >> jimmy: all right. >> yeah, there's a lot there. >> jimmy: and one of you lucky ladies is going up to yosemite to live in the mountains. and how do you get women to come up there? >> a lot of them come through wolf, worldwide organization of organic farms. and today, there's seven european girls -- >> jimmy: in your trunk? >> staying at my house right now. >> jimmy: there are? >> this was planned a long time ago and i kind of stood them up to come and see you. >> jimmy: wow, that is -- well, that's a little bit scary. >> this is my life. >> jimmy: yeah, well, this is our life now. >> i love you, jimmy. >> jimmy: will you keep making videos? you can't really recreate that, because it was natural and -- >> i've had 20 rainbows come to my front door this year alone. they're all on my page. >> jimmy: are they trying to sell you things? >> they're knocking. like some of the religious
12:22 am
people. >> jimmy: a lot of people thought the video was funny and people thought, wow, it's kind of touching that this guy had this reaction to these videos. not me. i thought you were a lunatic. but other people did. >> what i think is, it's a mirror. >> jimmy: a mirror? >> yeah, there you go. >> jimmy: you think you were looking at yourself? >> other people are looking at themselves. you don't see me. >> jimmy: that's funny you mentioned a mirror, because i have a present for you. in case it's like overcast or something, i got you a mirror, okay, and then a couple of rainbow wigs. next time you put these on, and there you go. bear vasquez, everybody. the double rainbow man. it's thursday night, time for your tribute to the fcc where we bleep and blur things whether they need it or not. it's "this week in unnecessary censorship." enjoy. >> i did a shoutout to him, my
12:23 am
tri trig teacher. and then a teacher that [ bleep ] me in stats. >> she's gone into custody. she asks for your prayers and support and she's [ bleep ] up. she's accepted responsibility. >> first, the pros. she's only going to [ bleep ] most likely 13 to 15 [ bleep ] of the 90. >> sheriff's investigators say a thief tangles with a 7-year-old boy before [ bleep ] his mother's [ bleep ]. >> what happens when the desire to [ bleep ] animals becomes more of a come pulse than a good deed? how many [ bleep ] would be too many? five, ten? how about 260? >> we're so committed that chris won 50 grand. we high fived so hard that his [ bleep ] came off. >> johnny depp said in an interview that his dream role would be to [ bleep ] you on the big screen. >> isn't that something? >> you really have to be bah unanimous has to do this. jam live monkeys up your [ bleep ]. >> i believe he's passionate. i believe his loves his daughter
12:24 am
but god he loves [ bleep ], too. >> for the last year, charm barney frank and chris dodd have [ bleep ] day and night. >> jimmy: we got a good show for you tonight. from the miami heat, dwyane wade is here. we have music from keane. and we'll be right back with wilmer valderrama, so stick around. my "me time" is when i thought i parked on level 2.
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>> jimmy: hello, again, friends. with us tonight, the organizer of the lebron james/chris bosh heist. from the miami heat, dwyane wade is here. then later, a terrific band. this is their new album, it's
12:29 am
called "night train." they're from england. keane is on the show, from the bud light stage. next week on the show is a good one. matthew fox, christina applegate, zac efron, johnny knoxville, hugh hefner, lisa ling, amanda crew, stand-up from shane mauss and music from grace potter & the nocturnals and rhymefest. so mark all of next week on your calendar. america fell in love with our first guest tonight when, for eight seasons of "that '70's show," he played a man named after a hat. he has a new movie called "the dry land" opening in select cities july 30th. please say hello to wilmer valderrama. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: handsome as ever. where the hell have you been? i have not seen you in a long time. >> yeah, i took -- hi, how are you? [ cheers and applause ]
12:30 am
yeah, i took a little break in front of the camera. i founded my production company. i got awesome deals and doing a lot of great stuff with disney. i've been producing. >> jimmy: you've been producing. and you're not going out to clubs, all that sort of stuff anymore. >> yeah, definitely something like that. i want to focus on the next chapter. and my friends are a little upset about it because we're not playing ass grab anymore, so -- >> jimmy: you're not. and you were really good at it, too. >> yeah. >> jimmy: you were one of the greats. you were kind of the michael jordan of ass grab. >> i got the gold stars, you know. >> jimmy: yeah. so, what do you do now? do you sit around at home and watch television or what? >> no, i've been super busy, man. really excited. >> jimmy: you're still having sex, right? i mean -- i hope that hasn't slowed down. >> stop it. you guys. >> jimmy: you just -- you just shot a movie with tom hanks, i heard.
12:31 am
>> yeah, yeah. i just finished. >> jimmy: he's very good. >> yeah, he's very good. yeah, he does pretty well. no, i did this awesome movie with tom hanks and julia roberts and very excited. i kind of went back to comedy with that and it was a really good time. and it was fun. >> jimmy: did you have to have a meeting with tom and be, like, kind of selected by him? >> yeah, well -- it was really funny, because i got a phone call says, congratulations, you're in, and i said, amazing, to work with an icon like that is incredible. then they called me, wants to have a meeting with you. the whole time you're meeting with him you're like, tom hanks, tom hanks, that's tom hanks, tom hanks! but then i went over to the, you know, i did the table read and that was interesting. >> jimmy: that's where you sit with the other actors and just read through the script. >> that's when it got, okay, this is serious. i walk in and it's julia roberts an brian cranston and tom hanks and rita wilson and everyone is
12:32 am
there and everyone either has three emmys or four oscars. i didn't feel that intimidated, because i have three teen choice awards. so it wasn't that big of a -- [ applause ] >> jimmy: you brought them with you? >> brought them with me just so they know. >> jimmy: yeah. you might want to have them mounted on the hood of your various cars. not a bad idea. >> i do. >> jimmy: this movie, this new movie, this is not a comedy, right? >> no, it's not a comedy. it's a really serious movie called "the dry land," and about at american soldier that comes back from iraq and suffers from posttraumatic stress. i'm very involved with the issue, and we -- >> jimmy: you go to a lot of these uso events all around the world. >> yeah, i do. i've been to over seven or eight countries and done over 18 shows, and i've been to greenland, africa, iraq, afghanistan. >> jimmy: is there a war in greenland right now? >> you know what's crazy?
12:33 am
there's nothing green about greenland. it's all ice. >> jimmy: it's a lot. >> and it's nighttime for a long time. little depressing over there. >> jimmy: what do you do when you go over there? you meet the guys? >> i meet the guys. i get to meet with them. and it's really cool. i -- i bring -- a stage version of my mtv show. in you haven't seen that, it's like the your momma's so fat jokes. i bring the winners, we have an east-coa coast west coast battl. >> jimmy: is that a good idea with guys that have ak-47s to be doing your momma jokes? >> they check them at the door. >> jimmy: do the soldiers get involved in that? >> no, they can't. it's like a -- >> jimmy: it's like, your momma is so fat, sir! >> there were some crazy jokes, actually, over there. >> jimmy: and they love it, right? >> it plays off great and it's a
12:34 am
nice, fun hour of just straight up comedy for them. that's all they do over there is talk smack to each other. >> jimmy: right. mostly guys and some women, as well, kind of sitting around. >> and the women are tough. they -- they hold their own over there. >> jimmy: well, yeah, sure. yeah. they're in the military. >> naturally. naturally. more pushups. >> jimmy: so, this movie is kind of inspired by these people that you know and that you met. >> yeah, i met, you though, thousands of soldiers and heard hundreds of stories and just wanted to find a film that for once didn't have a political agenda, you know? i think the new chapter for us, with this, we're in iraq already, we're in afghanistan already. the next chapter is to welcome our men and women home and to find those vehicles -- [ applause ] that really, you know, just talk about what we need to do as a national community to understand their sacrifice, you know, and posttraumatic stress is something that's really serious. >> jimmy: you hear about that. after the war, okay, we're done,
12:35 am
and people are done with it, when it's done. >> exactly. and the next chapter is really just focusing on how to understand what they go through so we can have the patience and help, you know, when they come home. >> jimmy: and we have a clip here from the film. do you need to set that up? >> we do. it's -- my buddy james comes back from iraq, we're army buddies and he comes in to ask me to go on a road trip to him to tind out what happened to us in our convoy, when we got hit and i ask permission from my wife to go on this trip and then we go. >> jimmy: here we go. the new movie "the dry land," opening july 30th. >> james. james. >> what's up? >> i'm coming with you. >> what? >> is that cool? >> yeah, man. what about adriana? >> she's totally cool. >> raymond? >> we should go. >> okay.
12:36 am
>> ray? >> go, go. >> i love you, baby. i'll see you in a few days. >> just going to be a few days, right? >> i don't know. we'll see. >> oh, boy. >> jimmy: there you go. "the dry land." i wish you well with that. great to see you. >> you, too, man, thank you very much. great to be here, man. really fun. >> jimmy: wilmer valderrama, everybody. we'll be right back with dwyane wade. finally, what you love is what your skin needs.
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>> jimmy: hi there. welcome back. still to come, music from keane. our next guest might very well be the greatest general manager in the history of the nba, and he's not even a general manager. he managed to land both chris bosh and lebron james to play for his team. from the newly-minted miami heat, please welcome six-time all-star dwyane wade. [ cheers and applause ]
12:41 am
>> jimmy: very good to see you. are you the most popular person in miami right now? i mean -- you have to have beaten glorias after the fan by now, i would imagine. >> um -- i'm getting there. >> jimmy: you're getting there, yeah. this is really incredible. what you managed to do is, like, i mean, really, like what executives do. you get everybody together. who came up with this idea initially? >> pat riley. i had nothing to do with it. >> jimmy: i'm sure. so you're saying pat riley was contract tampering. [ laughter ] >> nope. >> jimmy: different pat riley, probably. so, you and lebron and chris are friends and you thought, wouldn't it be great if we could play together. but did you think that it would -- it could actually happen? i mean, it's -- seemed like such a long shot when you first heard the rumors of it. >> when i first heard rumors of it -- >> jimmy: you started the rumors. you didn't first hear them.
12:42 am
you were a party in the rumor, so -- i heard the rumors. you were the rumors. >> i was apart of the rumor. >> jimmy: you were, yeah. >> and at first i was just like -- i mean, no way that can happen. you never think that three players -- let alone two. we tried to get two. you never think that three players, especially in this day and age, never happened before. especially with the money that those guys are making. never think they we all could play together. so it was just like, yeah, okay, whatever. >> jimmy: and you actually took less money than you would have made elsewhere. you are getting less than either of those guys. which is not that smart. >> yes, yes. [ laughter ] let's just say the house i wanted to buy in miami, i have to get another one now. >> jimmy: really. lebron is going -- he owes you. he should kick something on the side, you know? at the very least he should be buying dinners like crazy. >> yeah, i'll get a couple dinners out of him.
12:43 am
>> jimmy: will you guys be living in the same house together? >> only if he buys the house. i -- >> jimmy: i don't know how it works. you're all going to play together and expectations are very high and you know how those things go because people are like, well, if you lose a couple of games, people start going, this is a disaster. but i mean, how quickly do you think you're going to win? i mean, do you think you will win this season? >> that's the goal. >> jimmy: yeah. [ laughter ] you know, the thing is, no one knows they're going to win a championship until they've won it. so you don't know -- >> jimmy: ron artest still doesn't know what happened. you know? he's still running around in his underpants. >> so -- i mean, our goal is to win a championship. but the biggest thing was to put a team together that could compete for a championship for many years to come and i think we've done a good job. >> jimmy: very, very good job. have you heard from other players saying, hey, get me on the team, too.
12:44 am
>> yes, yes. i get texts from players. they want to be apart of the team. they don't leave their name. so the text might say, you know, i'll willing to take less money. who is this? >> jimmy: those were from me, because i -- [ laughter ] i think you have -- now here's a challenge. obviously you got the great players on the team and the pressure is going to be intenti intentiintense. you are already in vegas the favorites to win though the lakers won two in a row. but the real challenge would be if i was on the team with you. okay? so, you got these three fantastic players and then you got me -- >> can you shoot? >> jimmy: no. >> can you set screens? >> jimmy: barely. barely. barely. i would be terrible -- i would easily be the worst player in the history of professional basketball. >> but you'd be able to crack
12:45 am
jokes -- >> jimmy: keep things light. >> yeah. we can use you. >> jimmy: i'm ready to go. if you get a text, it's probably from me. that's all i'm saying what about your kids? did they want you to stay in miami? did they want you -- what did they want you to do? >> well, my -- i got two boys, 8 and 3. my 3-year-old, he really don't really care. >> jimmy: he doesn't? >> no, he doesn't. my 8-year-old is a fan of the game. i'm not his favorite player at all. it happens that way. >> jimmy: you're not? >> lebron is. how ironic. so i asked him, i said, you know, how do you feel about if daddy came and played in chicago, and i was being serious. and he was like, okay, but who is going to play in miami? and i said, well, i don't know. he said, but dad, if lebron and chris go to miami, dad, i'm going to be mad. so i said, okay, how about if i join them, and he said okay. he liked that better. >> jimmy: what teams were wooing you? the knicks who -- >> the knicks.
12:46 am
>> jimmy: did you laugh when the knicks called? because the knicks have this thing, it's so great to play in new york and be torn apart by the animals in the media. but it's not great and they're not going to be good no matter who comes there, right? >> i'm not touching that. no, no. i had the knicks, i had new jersey, miami and chicago. every one of the teams presented me with pretty much -- they tell you that you can make the most money in their city. that you'll be apart of a championship team. and the biggest thing is, just feel good to be wanted. >> jimmy: did you laugh when the knicks said you'll be part of a championship team? >> no, no. no, no, because i understood that if myself and another quote unquote star player went there, we'd be able to compete for a championship, so i didn't laugh. >> jimmy: i got you. and did they say, and by the way, call your friends, we'll take them, too. we'd be more than happy.
12:47 am
>> my friends lebron and chris? >> jimmy: yes. if lebron decided to stay in cleveland and chris went to cleveland, and, of course, if it was possible, would you have gone to cleveland with them? >> no. >> jimmy: you would not have? >> no. i wouldn't. no, i -- i wasn't going to cleveland. >> jimmy: no cleveland? [ applause ] >> no, i -- >> jimmy: it's nice and miami. >> real nice. >> jimmy: easy sell when those guys get there and they realize, oh this is florida. we can go on the beach and -- the city must be buzzing like crazy. and more than the usual just drug buzz that goes on there. >> the city -- it is. it's a crazy amounts it's more buzz now than it was when we won a championship in miami. everywhere you go now, everybody is excited about the opportunity. i haven't, you nope -- i haven't paid for anything. it's just great. >> jimmy: really? wow. so, in a way, you are evening out that loss that you took. >> the loss is -- the city is going to help me get it back.
12:48 am
>> jimmy: they should build a sculpture or something of you, because this is an incredible achievement. this is more impressive than any accomplish you could have on the basketball court. getting this together is unbelievable. >> well, it's going to be fun. >> jimmy: will you take on the oil spill? [ laughter ] something to think about, all right?gratulations to you. i hope you have fun there. >> we'll have a lot of fun. >> jimmy: there you go. that's dwyane wade. i want to mention, you have a charity event starting august 19th and it's -- >> in chicago. coming back home. >> jimmy: the city you spurned. he will be hosting wade's world weekend, and you can learn more on his website. dwyane wade, everybody. we'll be right back with keane. o!
12:49 am
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>> jimmy: this is their new cd, it's called "night train." here with the song "my shadow," keane. ♪ ♪ in every speck of dust in every universe when you feel most alone you will not be alone ♪ ♪ just shine a light on me shine a light ♪
12:58 am
♪ i'll shine a light on you shine a light ♪ ♪ and you will see my shadow on every wall and you will see my footprint on every floor ♪ ♪ ♪ it only takes a spark to tear the world apart these tiny little things
12:59 am
that make it all begin ♪ ♪ just shine a light on me shine a light ♪ ♪ i'll shine a light on you shine a light ♪ ♪ and you will see my shadow on every wall and you'll see my reflection in your free fall ♪ ♪ ooh oh, ooh ooh
1:00 am
oh, ooh ♪ ♪ just shine a light on me shine a light ♪ ♪ i'll shine a light on you shine a light ♪ ♪ 'cause when your back's against the wall that's when you show no fear at all ♪ ♪ and when you're running out of time that's when your hitch your star to mine ♪ ♪ we won't be leaving by the same road that we came by ♪ ♪ we won't be leaving by the same road that we came by ♪ ♪ we won't be leaving by the same road that we came by ♪ ♪ we won't be leaving by the same road that we came by ♪
1:01 am
♪ we won't be leaving by the same road that we came by ♪ ♪ ooh
1:02 am
1:03 am
"meg whitman says she'll run california like her company..." seen this attack on meg whitman? who are these people? they're the unions and special interests behind jerry brown. they want jerry brown because, he won't "rock the boat," in sacramento. he'll be the same as he ever was. high taxes. lost jobs. big pensions for state employees. the special interests have chosen their governor. how about you?
1:04 am
>> jimmy: thanks to wilmer valderrama, thanks to dwyane wade. thanks to bear vasquez. apologize to matt damon, we ran out of time. "tight tra "night train" is out now. playing us off the air with "stop for a minute," you can see the full performance at jimmy kimmel, once again, keane! ♪ oh,oh oh, oh, oh, oh oh, oh oh, oh ♪ ♪ some days feels my soul has left my body feel i'm floating high ♪ ♪ above me like i'm looking down upon me ♪ ♪ oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh ♪ start sinking


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