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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  July 23, 2010 4:30pm-5:00pm PST

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>> from all of us, we appreciate your time. thanks for watching. tonight on "world news," onnie's blast. the storm barrels past florida the storm b gulfnto the gulf as the waters near bp's leaking well are evacuated. uated. zling summer. hot temperatures approach 100 from the midwest to the east thet. s buckle in oe in one city after more than seven inches of rain in just a few hours. tainted titles. >> new accusations against a cycling champ. cycling ca a former teammate says he saw sawe armstrong cheat. >> and golden girl. boys.t keeping up with the boys. this little girl is better than them all. and she's our "person of the week." gulfood evening. all eyes are on the gulf coast tonight.
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bonnie hit florida today as a tropical storm before weakening weakecrossed land. but bonnie is now expected to but bonnie i strengthen as it takes dead aim for bp's leaking oil well. matt gutman is on the gulf coast where th in buras, louisiana, where they asho are bracing for the storm and more oil to come ashore. be good evening to you, matt. >> reporter: good evening, elizabeth. right now, an armada in flight. s at thef ships at the spill site are chugging out of harm's way. now, all across the gulf, there and those hundreskimmers just ther this, lashed together for protection against this storm. bonnie has ricocheted off florida, is barreling through florida, the gulf and taking dead aim at t e spill site. target day? this time tomorrow. ta all day this giant flotilla, part of the largest collection of ships since d-day, began to flee. and the ships from the spill them in a sg log-jammed in the theissippi, waiting for safe
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harbor. can re >> the intention right now is to put them in a safe place so they can return as quickly as l dosble. >> reporter: all this delays the kill, the lethal dose of mud and cement into the well by a week, more. the last to leave will be the st to leave will bl those deep sea robots and their cameras -- leaving engineers blind to the crippled well for up to 48 hours. winds up to 50 miles an hour winds up t forecast to sling offshore oil onto land. the storm's expected to hit louisiana's coast tomorrow ight.. official officials have already closed the flood gates around new orleans. >> in louisiana, you've got some .ery low-lying marshland. so, the storm surge will penetrate inland in those se -lying area. >> reporter: the army of 0,000 response workers y headed north.sband. bags are being packed and they ana.tles already headed north. they're boarding up bp's command center in venice, louisiana. inside, it's a hive, with all eyes on bonnie. it's 7:00 a.m. now. all of those workers of thoseout on the water, but on the wa this storm, verything here is on ere is onl, and these folks ght yet bebe evacuated. vacuated. scoot around clearing
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warehouses of equipment. the only thing staying, these anchors, too heavy to float depressing sight for a depressing sight for those cleaning the spill for the past the pastths. >> be here a lot longer than we should have been. they said six months when we got here, we're already here two and we won doesn't look like we'll be going home any time soon. >> reporter: and complicating matters, the giant underwater .lumes miles long. we're now learning from havetists that they have twice as much oil in them as anybody heaiously thought. g to thmatt, you're actually hearing there might be a silver lining to the storm hitting the ah,st? >> reporter: yeah, elizabeth, ientntists aren't really sure. here's never been a collision rmtween a tropical storm and oil l, but there ise is some reason t thelieve that the ferocity of the rain and wind can help chop up and disperse a lot of fhat oil. > all right, matt gutman, thank much. much. and now to the wild weather creating havoc across the country. temperatures in the 90s from missouri to ohio, record rain, or the nay i doss tornadoes and
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it's about to get even hotter on ast coast.oast. chris bury is trying to stay weltered hicago. >> reporter: chicago sweltered like the tropics under temperatures in the mid 90s. swamp sticky swamp so uncomfortable, the heat index reached a dangerous 105. reached a >> too hot. d plenty of watef water. so we don't fall out out here. >> we're out in the sun. you can see, there's no shade, nowhere really good to hide. >> reporter: in wisconsin, strong sudden storms including tornadoes saturated milwaukee, milwauging the airport. airport., only the biggest ould plow througw through. hundreds of cars stranded. this little girl, rescued from one. ued from t sink hole swallowed me homes, in some homes, basements collapsed. >> water is high. gas leak. they're trying to put people perywhere. it's bad. >> reporter: in michigan, rough weather slowed rescue efforts oner a small plane on a medical mission to the mayo clinic went down in lake michigan. four are missing. the hot, humid system is moving east, making things miserable aom new york to north carolina.
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>> it acts like a giant heat mexico. it takes moisture off the gulf of mexico. warm air from the south and drives it north across the country. >> reporter: back in chicago, where the beaches were packed, not everyone was complaining. complaining.. t.mean, how often do you get this kind of weather here in ere ino? >> reporter: all that humidity expecteded to unleash some cooling rains here over the next in days. xt few dayst coast is facing yet another scorching weekend. izabeth?h? >> all right, don't we know it. heats, chris. now to the heat coming down on the executives of those banks byled out by taxpayers. ken feinberg, president obama's ken today r, announced today that kers werehe bankers were getting $10 million bonuses at the same time the taxpayers were l theyg them afloat. shington have to pay back the big bucks? jake tapper is in washington tonight. goldman sr: aig, goldman sachs, group,roup, bank of america, morgan stanley, jpmorgan chase ving11 other banks receiving s xpayer bailout funds gave their own executives $1.6
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billion in salary and bonuses at t for their their performances at the end of 2008, beginning of 2009. that was the exact same time that was asen the economy was crashing down, because of decisions made by some of these same executives. some of whom were paid more than some of whom wer $10 million apiece. according to treasury department ennethal kenneth feinberg. >> the taxpayer has a right to be outraged. who wouldn't be? >> reporter: all of this was be legal, because executive pay executivens on companies receiving bailout funds did not exist until february 2009. he at the time these payments were made, they were ill the part of t viosed, bad judgment on the part of these companies, but they didn't violate any statute, they didn't violate any regulation at the time. >> reporter: feinberg had few reporter: feinb the white house did not give him hee power to seek the return of ny of these funds. six from the six firms out of payers back.have yet to pay the taxpayers back. the remaining 11 paid back the uns with interest.
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in an interview to air on "this week" sunday, treasury secretary tim geithner chose to emphasize changes to the financial system $1.6 billion. and not this $1.6 billion. is there nothing that can be done about this? > he used the authority he had to change behavior going the aut our responsibility is to make fo ure the firms can never again theirk to paying their executives to take risk that could imperil the civilians and the economy as a whole. >> reporter: and elizabeth, ken feinberg, the pay czar, ends his job this month and he'll go down to the gulf where he will administer the bp compensation fund, $20 billion worth. elizabeth? >> all right, jab, thke, thanks much. and you can see more of jake's interview with the treasury secretary geithner on "this week." "on the money" tonight, wall street finished the day up more than 100 points after news nearly all of europe's largest banks passed stress tests to see if they could withstand another economic downturn.
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and ford motor company continues its hot streak. the automaker today announcing a second quarter profit of $2.6 billion, and ford says so far, this year, sales are up 28%. the company expects to have more cash on hand than debt by the end of next year. now, to the new ethics charges facing one of the longest serving members of congress. today, new york democrat charlie rangel said he will fight the charges and he'll do so publicly, on camera, during a house ethics committee trial set for later this summer. jon karl has more from washington. >> reporter: charlie rangel is defiant, angry about the charges and vowing to clear his name. >> you looking forward to this battle? >> no, hell no. nobody in his right mind would be looking forward to something like this. i want to make certain that before this election, people know who charlie rangel was and who is and proud to be. >> reporter: the allegations are serious, including accepting four luxury rent-controlled apartments from a new york
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developer. he paid about $4,000 a month. they're worth twice that much. allegedly helping a donor nor the charles rangel center in new york save half a billion dollars in taxes. failure to pay his own taxes on rental income from a villa he owns in the caribbean. the ethics committee has been investigating all of this in secret for two years, and tried to avoid a trial by getting rangel to admit wrongdoing. he refused. >> and it's kind of awkward to explain that to your kids and grandkids, what you see in the front page, but hey, i'm in the kitchen and i'm not walking out. >> reporter: now rangel faces a public trial before the ethics committee, something we haven't seen since democrat james traficant faced charges of bribery and tax evasion and became only the fifth member in history to be expelled from the house. >> all of their evidence should be thrown the hell out. and if they lie again, i'm going to go over and kick them in the crotch. >> reporter: it's an embarrassment to nancy pelosi,
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who famously made this pledge when she became speaker of the house. >> we will make this the most honest, ethical and open congress in history. >> reporter: privately, house democrats say they would like rangel to resign, so they can avoid the spectacle of a trial, right in the middle of the fall campaign. but he made clear today, elizabeth, he has no intention of doing that. >> jon, on another topic, i understand you got the chance to chal lang the senate's chief skeptic on global warming this afternoon. >> reporter: that's right. back in february, senator jim inhofe mocked concerns about global warming. his kids built an igloo that he called al gore's house. well, that igloo has long since melted, but inhofe is unfazed by the recent record highs that we're now seeing. 95 degree temperatures we're seeing here -- >> i say the same thing as we said back in january and february when we had the coldest winter that we've had in a long time -- >> reporter: you said we're on a
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cold spell, that we're nine years into it -- >> no, no, no, actually, we are -- >> reporter: is this a cold spell? >> i don't think anyone disagrees with the fact that we are actually in the middle of a cold period, it started about nine years ago. >> reporter: actually, elizabeth, it was recently said that 2010, so far, is the hottest year on record. >> all right. you can see jon karl's entire exchange with senator inhofe on jon, thanks so much. still ahead on "world news," floyd landis versus lance. a dramatic, exclusive interview with the man stripped of his cycling title, who is accusing lance armstrong of doping. the social networking revolution. fighting disease and saving lives online, while avoiding the pitfalls. and later tonight, she's a pitching phenom on the field at age 13. she's our "person of the week." (announcer) no matter what life throws at you,
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3q i'm from the gulf coast. my family spends a lot of time here. i have a personal interest in ensuring that we get this job done right. i'm keith seilhan. i'm in charge of bp's clean up on the gulf coast. bp's taken full responsibility for the clean up, and that includes keeping you informed. over 25,000 people are included in the clean up operation. our crews are cleaning the gulf beaches 24/7. we're going to be here as long as it takes to make this right. ycling giantgiant lance armstrong is right now fighting tour de franceour de france. he says it will be his last time taking part in the race. taking part in t while, floydloyd landis, ed of hisof his tour de france isle for doping, is accusing many top riders of using drugs, including armstrong. armstrong emphatically denies it. neal karlinsky has an exclusive interview with landis. neal karlinsky has an exclusive interview with landis. >> reporter: lance armstrong is >> r icing a federal investigation ns that he useds that he used
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mance enhancingancing drugs. what's led to the investigation cona shocking confession by his what's led to the investigation cona shocking confession by his former teammate and friend, floyd landis. did you see lance armstrong floyd landis. seeiving transfusions? seeiving transfusions? >> yes. >> reporter: more than once? >> yes. >> reporter: flood mes. se reporter: blood transfusions, llowed inrease performance, are not allowed in cycling. other boosting agents such as you sare prohibited, as well. did you see armstrong using other performance enhancing atgs? >> at times, yeah, at different training camps. >> reporter: and you saw him using epo? have,ave, yes. falso received some from him, ratherw, rather than going to entire detail of every single yes, i've seen it, yes, i saw lance armstrong using drugs. ong usinger: i have to say, y, yd, you say it in such a ong usinger: i have to say, y, yd, you say it in such a matter of fact way, and yet this is a is a man, lance armstrong, who has denied is a man, lance armstrong, who has denied has denied up and down for a de decade that he's on anything but his bike. de decade that he's on anything but anything but just hard work. anything but >> i denied it, as well.
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>> reporter: you're saying lance >> i denied it, as well. >> reporter: you're saying lance armstrong is a liar. >> yeah, i suppose if that's the sestion, yes. >> reporter: landis is a former reporter: landilf. >> reporter: landis is a former reporter: landilf. a disgraced one. tripped ofipped of his 2006 itle for doping, a charge he tripped ofipped of his 2006 lied about in press conferences, lied about in pr interviews, even a book about is innocence, for years. you're an admitted liar and cheat. >> what is a person supposed to do when they make a wrong a wrong? i mean, are you committed to that path for good? e, areu -- once you tell a lie, are you committed to tell that ll that lie >> reporter: armstrong's r: armstrong's ance never cheated and no one should believe landis. cheated and no he calls the federal cheated and no he calls the federal investigation unfair. >> this appears to be a witch >> this appears to be a witch unt for lance armstrong. >> reporter: lance armstrong >> reporter: a finishes his final tour de his fi finishes his final tour de his fi france on sunday. he's now hired a criminal efense attorney to work for him he's now hired a criminal in what could be a very challenging retirement. neal karlinsky, abc news, bend,
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oregon. >> and you can see the full ial "nigh with landis tonight on a special "nightline" at 11:30 eastern. earlier in the week, we ea showed you this amazing picture, a whale getting too close to a sailboat. couple off the coast of cape s the couple thata, got the picture. now we have the video of the jump, and there's an investigation into whether it was the couple that sailed too close to the whale, provoking the attack. coming up, treating disease lives,ing lives, online. donating a kidney on facebook? [ male announcer ] this, our newest son, was imagined, drawn, carved, stamped, hewn, and forged here in america.
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got a response from a facebook friend he barely knew. the mayor of the town where he lives. east haven, connecticut. >> i was sitting there and reading it and i was like, okay? you know, and i didn't answer or ay?hing. >> reporter: you didn't answer? >> no, because i was still ?hocked. i was like, "the mayor of east st en offering me a kidney?" haven offe >> i just felt he needed it and felt hehelp him. >> reporter: do you have any uld help hn borrow? y i can borrownately. >> reporter: this is one example of how medicine is being changed by social media. a.tients with diseases like als or diabetes are able to connect and share information and upport. and even organize fund-raising an rives for research and ch and nt. more thandan darcy, raised more t an $180,000 for blood cancer research in just ten weeks on facebook. but there is, of course, a downside. increasingly, doctors like e ward luck are diving in to correct medical misinformation. he tweets, blogs and posts to facebook in between surgeries. hen i first rst adopted twitter, a lot of the information that atients were talking about online and the information that
5:52 pm
online and the they found online was sometimes they found incorrect, sometimes even dangerous. >> reporter: however, most people feel social media has cial media hasor good. patient roser's patient ross abinanti disappeared last year, they used facebook as a they community bulletin board to bulletin boaybody who was out ing for ross. ross. after about ten days, he was family found and reunited with his family. dayoday is the day that ross was found. was found! >> reporter: as for carlos >> repor he'shez, he had his surgery in april and he says he's now amazing.great. >> it's amazing. i virtual ing. and i thank facebook for this. >> reporter: a virtual friendship that is now very real. dan dan harris, abc news, east haven, connecticut. ng> and we have a passing to note tonight of a journalist who days working in the early days thetelevision and kept working right through the internet age. daniel schorr was a print reporter working overseas in
5:53 pm
953 when he was spotted by edward r. murrow. so began a long career at cbs. he covered watergate and even he wound u winding up on president nixon's famous enemies list at one nemies ut recently, most americans knew him for that famous voice, profound ining commentary on np. >> there is profound agreement on both sides that they have to stop iran from having nuclear nuclear again, how you get there is something else. >> daniel schorr was 93 years old. up next, a 13-year-old girl ho has moves on the field that a lot of men wish they had. ♪ [ man ] if it was simply about money, every bank loan would be a guarantee of success. at ge capital, loaning money is the start of the relationship, not the end. i work with polaris every day. at ge capital, we succeed only when they do. whoo! awesome! yes! we've got to get you out of the office more often.
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then, the boats go to work. almost 6,000 vessels. these are thousands of local shrimp and fishing boats organized into task forces and strike teams. plus, specialized skimmers from around the world. we've skimmed over 27 million gallons of oil/water mixture and removed millions more with other methods. we've set out more than 8 million feet of boom to protect the shoreline. i grew up on the gulf coast and i love these waters. we can't keep all the oil from coming ashore, but i'm gonna do everything i can to stop it, and we'll be here as long as it takes to clean up the gulf. does this getyeah. gas mileage?
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it's a pretty big deal. finally tonight, from our look a at espn, a look at a little league pitcher with all the right moves. the right she is our "person of the week." here's sharyn alfonsi. ets eporter: being the only girl on her team isn't what sets chelsea baker apart. >> hey chelsea! just tell him you like him, you ain't got to beat him up. p. reporter: at age 13, chelsea is one of the best little league on is around the country. >> my fastball is around 65 miles per hour. >> s orter: chelseaard to hit. >> reporter: chelsea has
5:57 pm
something very few pitchers, in little league or the major leagues, have. he's got a knuckleball. by definition, the knuckleball ven harddictable. it can corkscrew mid-flight. hard to throw, even harder to hit. >> she got me on the two fastballs and i didn't know she had a knuckle curve and that knuckle came in, and it was so in, and it was so knuckleball frwhat to say. >> reporter: she learned that knuckleball from former major league pitcher j eer joe nienie. striking you o she's now so good at it, she sometimes leaves her opponents in tears. >> you've got to stop crying. >> i'm not crying. >> reporter: what did you do to that last batter, i saw him crying? >> oh, i struck him out. >> reporter: a lot of boys have suffered the same fate. is it any different than a boy striking you out? >> some people might tease me but i'll deal with it. >> reporter: chelsea hasn't lost a single sanctioned little league game in four years. and she's pitched two perfect eants, not chelsea's mother dreamed her daughter would win pageants, not games. to have a littlene day i was
5:58 pm
going to have a little girl, and i was going to dress her up and --x her hair. >> >> reporter: but chelsea didn't want to wear diamonds -- >> let's go chelsea! >> reporter: she wanted to rule g barriers >> i think i'm breaking barriers because i'm doing a new thing that not many people have done. >> reporter: if there is some sort of glass ceiling for a girl, playing a traditionally boys' sport, chelsea has the attitude and the arm to shatter really want to pr >> i really want to prove people wrong because it will probably change the world. >> and so we choose 13-year-old d elsea baker for breaking barriers by doing something she loves. ething she tonight the bomb squad descends on a park. a live report on why authorities are worried about what could happen this weekend. >> and budgets being slashed so how does the director of the california school board association justify making more than half a million dollars? >> this is a costly accident.
5:59 pm
>> his pit bull killed his 2-year-old step grandchild. yes says he never got rid of the five dogs. even after seeing signs of danger. a woman sells off her truck. why is the bank demanding more money? 7 on your side is coming up. >> we're going to begin with breaking news in the east bay. two pipe bombs found in a popular park. >> one this afternoon, another on wednesday. abc 7's vick he is live tonight there. is a bunch of kids supposed to play soccer there, tomorrow. >> that is right. first this is the command center here at newhall community park. it's a big park, about 126 acres. let me tell you what happened today. we look at video from sky 7. around noon, a citizen called


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