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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  July 23, 2010 10:00pm-10:35pm PST

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good evening. oakland police are on the scene of a shooting right now where a child has been injure erred. it happened about half an hour ago in east oakland at 83rd avenue and olive street. few details are available, but we know the injured child has been sent to the hospital. we do not know that person's condition at the moment. we have a crew on the scene, and we'll keep you updated as soon as there are new developments we can pass along. in the meantime, new information in the bart shooting trial. pages and pages of details. they looking -- late today,
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the judge released an extensive questionnaire by jurors in the case during the selection process. lilian kim has been pouring over the documents. lilian? >> dan, usually the papers are not public so close after a trial like this. it is a rare opportunity to learn more about a jury that found him guilty of involuntary manslaughter. the 12 men and women who determined the fate of the bart officer came from all walks of life, spanned all age groups and gave a wide range of answers, especially when it came to law enforcement. in this questionnaire, perspective jurors were asked 121 questions including, doo police officers lie? -- do police officers lie? of the eight jurors, eight said yes. when asked, if you ever seen a police officer act inappropriately? three said yes. >> it was a good questionnaire in that it covered all of the
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important areas, attitudes about crime, attitudes about police, attitudes about the case, experiences with the police. >> from what they can tell from reading the jury's answer, there were no strong biases one way or the other, which is what prosecutors and defense attorneys look for. >> you have a couple people who have relatives who are police officers, but even taking one who does, even that juror expressed mixed opinions about police officers. >> the trial over the shooting death of oscar grant lasted weeks. deliberations last ed six and a half hours. of the jurors 12 served on seven separate occasions. dean johnson says that experience is why the jury reached a verdict as quickly as it did. >> they were going to make a decision. they were going to be lead, if you will, through the process by the more experienced
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jurors. and they were going to get to a decision and get there quickly. that's what happened. >> of the 12 jurors, only two heard of it before the trial. every juror's questionnaire is posted at click on see it on tv. dan? >> lilian, thank you. oscar grant's mom will sit down for her one on one interview with the media. the station is encouraging listeners to call in with questions and comments. is -- as the investigation into a deadly pittbull attack continues, city leaders are looking at restrictions on dogs and their owners. meanwhile, the man whose pittbulls killed his two-year-old step-grandson is devastated and talking from jail. amy hollyfield is in concord live. amy, he knew the dogs were dangerous. >> the owner says there were signs, dan, and he should have gotten rid of them.
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he is in jail tonight. some of his neighbors are coming to his defense. they told us they think he made a mistake, but he shouldn't be charged for the crime. >> it was an accident, a terrible accident. i will take the blame for those dogs, and not getting rid of them when i am supposed to. >> he says he never thought his five pittbulls could hurt anyone. but looks back, he admits there were warnings. like the time one of the pittbulls killed the family chiuaua. >> at that point i should have gotten rid of the dog. >> police say in another incident, one of the dogs killed a pet parrot. >> it is just i love those dogs too much to thought about euthanizing them. >> he used to believe pittbulls were safe if raised
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in the right environment. now he has nothing nice to say about the breed. >> i used to be a dog lover. probably deep inside i am, but i will never own one again. >> in california you can't ban by breed. >> concord's animal services director says anti-pittbull sentiments are at a high right now. the supervisor's office called to discuss what kind of legislation can be passed to try and prevent another attack. he says breeds can't be banned, but they will look at the examples set in san francisco. >> i think san francisco's ordinance is a good one. >> in san francisco, pittbulls must be sterilized. city leaders passed the law in response to the death of 12-year-old nicholas fabish who was malled to death by his family pittbulls. >> it seems to be effective for san francisco in terms of being able to cut down on some of the excess number of pittbulls that are being bred. >> steven didn't object when authorities decided to euthanize hi dogs. he hopes other dog owners can
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learn from his mistakes. >> i love children. i never want anything to happen to children, especially my grandkids. >> he was only three years old. >> he wasn't at home at the time of the attack, but he has been booked on child endangerment and possession of a mischievous animal. both are felonies. amy hollyfield,abc7 news. >> thank you. the body of a north bay soldier killed in afghanistan are back home tonight. his family invited us to take these pictures. chase stanley died when his vehicle hit an ied, an improvised explosive device. he had spent 15 months in iraq before being deployed late last year. stanley grew up in lake bariessa. knee graduated from napa high
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school in 2006. funeral sfs will be held on -- services will be held on sunday at the napa christensen ter. a pop are la east bay park is open after being closed by a bomb scare. for the second time this week police responded to reports of a suspicious device at new hall park in concord. the bomb squad was called in to examine and detonate it. they searched the park, but did not find anything else suspicious. the first pipe bomb was found and detonated on wednesday. a kids' soccer tournament is still scheduled to begin at the park tomorrow. authorities have checked it outcome pleatly now. >> they are off limit because of an algae bloom. blue-green algae can be toxic to especially small children. it usually occurs in late summer and will likely dissipate when weather and water conditions change. it will stay until the bloom has disappeared. another embarassment for san francisco's embattled crime lab.
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the police say they have owned two dna testing machines, each worth $140,000 and neither has ever been used for years. what is more, the lab is paying to have dna tested at other labs. the commander says the department just never had the personnel to operate them. >> what happened at specific times over the last five years, but over the course of time, those worlds did not lineup for us in a time we could get these moving forward. >> what would it have cost? >> i can't give you that answer. i don't know. >> the police chief george gascone has ordered the machines to be put into service. that is expected to happen in eight months. a lot more to bring you. teachers are being laid off and classes cut as one official receives a six-figure salary, a fat raise and more. next, outrage over california school board director's pay package. and the video behind this amazing photo.
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see what happened in the moments before this picture was snapped. that's coming up. and then later on "nightline." >> i'm terry moran. dan, coming up next on "nightline," did lance armstrong cheat his way to an astonishing seven tour de france titles? for the first time on television, his former friends and teammate say he did. @ú@ú@únsnsnsatpo
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to the embattled executive director of the california school board's association is out. his resignation follows an all-day emergency meeting to deal with a controversy over his huge salary and the questionable use of a company credit card. the pay scandal comes as schools are being asked to slash millions from their budgets. abc7's capital correspondent nannette miranda reports from sacramento. >> i am the executive director of the california school board association. >> he told me earlier by phone he thought this would be the end of his career. his compensation and company credit card use recently became public forcing officials of the california school board association to meet behind closed door literally all day at their
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west sacramento headquarters. according to tax filings, he made $290,000 back in the 2005 school year. the next year he earned $353,000. and then cva gave him a $175,000 bonus in 2008. it brought his total compensation to more than $540,000 that year. he told sacramento television station that he didn't push for the raises. >> the board wanted to make it worth my while to stay. so they decided to recognize me with some one-time performance bonuses. they made an increase in my salary. >> they say he can use the company car if he paid it back. it shows he withdrew $11,000 cash from area casinos in 2008. >> the board is aware of that and i'm not sure what to tell you. >> they say the raises, the bonuses and cash advances are inappropriate at a time when schools are hurting. school districts across
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california pay more than $5,000 a year in dues to represent their interest in sacramento. money that is not going to cash-star ofed -- cash-starved classrooms. >> you hear it and you are upset. wow, we are getting our schools shut down, but you guys are able to live the life styles of the rich and famous. >> earlier this year they filed a lawsuit against the state because of the way it funds public schools. state senator gloria romero's office is calling for an investigation. >> they launched a lawsuit against the state of california for inadd inadequately funding schools. and yet they continue to suck their dues from school district is like it is cool aide. and that is a troashs. -- a trow shoes. >> they allow employees to use the company credit cards for personal use. nannette miranda, abc7 news. >> tonight, he said he will leave in september and said, quote, the executive committee did not authorize my use of a
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corporate credit card to obtain cash advances at casinos, and i'm sorry to have created that impression, end quote. the top three officials of a small los angeles suburb of bell have stepped down following intense public outrage over their high salaries. the police chief, city manager and the assistant city manager earned a combined $1.5 million. the city manager was taking in nearly $800,000, almost twice what president obama makes. citizens are going after their part-time city council people as well who make $100,000 a year. again, they are part-time. we want to update you on a story we first brought you earlier this week. you may remember this picture of a whale's encounter with a boat off south africa. the whale snapped the mast of the boat in two. well, now there is video of this, and there is an investigation into whether it was the people's fault for sailing too close to the whale. they veal meant ledee.
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harassing the whale. the whale left pieces of skin and bluper on the -- blubber on the deck. the weekend has finally arrived. sandhya patel is here with the forecast. >> hi, dan. i want to show you a lovely view of the sun going down at 8:26. the sun is setting a little earlier. notice the marine layer there. it is a pretty shallow layer. but the marine layer is going to continue to affect our weekend weather forecast. so the temperatures right now with gray skies near the coast in the 50s. 50s and 60s for most of the bay area. we do have a mild reading in antioch. the night and morning low clouds, cool at the coast and warm inland for the coming weekend. and it is going to turn cooler in all areas next week. let's show you the water vapor imagery. it is spinning off the coastline here. a small upper level low. it has had a good impact on the bay area weather here. all week long we have seen
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temperatures running cooler than average for this time of year. this area of low pressure has continued to deepen our marine layer over the course of the last few days. now it is becoming shallower. we expect it to come up a few degrees. coastal and inland communities for saturday. the low pressure will start to draw up moisture into the sierra nevada. when that happens, we are expecting some thunderstorms to fire off, particularly from yosemite, tahoe, up toward the mountains and this is tomorrow afternoon as you can see repeating again and possibly on sunday. because of this a fire weather watch was issued for these particular areas. saturday afternoon through sunday, dry lightning strikes and gusty winds expected near the storms. keep in mind when you have very little rain with these thunderstorms that are developing and the dry thunderstorms, it has potential to set off wildfires which is why the fire weather watch was issued. overnight, the upside to all of the fog and the low
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cloudiness, fire danger remains low. so the fire danger will move locally over the bay. temperatures in the 50s in the morning and tomorrow afternoon it is a pleasant afternoon in the south bay. 82 for campbell. 80 in san jose. really a mild day on the peninsula. 74 for men low park, redwood city. coastal areas, you were in the 60s and you will come up a few degrees. low 60s there. downtown san francisco, 64 degrees. south san francisco up to 66. as you look at the north bay, it is the summer microclimate. 58 at bodega bay. 48 warmer at 90 ai. 76 in san rafael. in the east bay, berkeley, oakland, upper 60s. inland, the sunnying warm weather will continue. for the money -- money money tau ray bay, 66 degrees. here is what it will look like for the garlic festival. the only thing cooking is the food. the mid80s this weekend.
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we have seen many garlic festival weekends where it has been hot there. not this year. comfortable weather for the gilroy garlic festival. just about anything you are doing will keep it cool at the coast and warm inland and then really cools off, down back to below normal on tuesday thanks to the upper level low off our coastline. >> the weekend is perfect for outdoor activities. >> exactly. >> thank you very much. coming up next, the clothing challenge. six items for an entire month. could you do it? stay with us. advantage topical solution treats dogs... ( barking ) but destroys fleas. so ask your veterinarian for advantage, the flea specialist for gentle, but effective, flea control.
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for fun, the oakland municipal band is celebrating the 99th season and the final performance of the year is this sunday at the bandstand at lakeside park. that's by lake merritt. the show is from 1:00 to 3:00 in the afternoon. it features jazz to pop to show tunes. so pack a lunch and go enjoy.
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there is a new diet trend that is not about what you eat, but what you wear. it is called six items or less. the rules are simple. one month, no more than six items of clothing. underwear, shoes and ties and belts do not count. one participants says the extras saved her. >> lots of broaches and belts and things like that came into play. i wouldn't normally make the effort. the funny thing was getting dressed in the morning actually felt quicker. >> what am i gonna wear? you take it off the plate and you make it simple and less stressful. >> the new york times wrote about the trend. it started with the website "six items or less .com. and we have a link at i think we should take that challenge. six items or less. >> i already do that. >> yeah, we can tell. >> it is a tank top and short. >> that's pretty much how you roll, isn't it? you're there. >> long, strange night in the desert for the giants, complete with one player
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shooting in east oakland. here is the scene. oakland police are searching the area to find the person who shot a child an hour ago. we do not know the extent of the victim's injuries, but that child has been taken to the hospital. again a manhunt in east oakland for someone who shot a child, sadly. let's go to sport and larry beil is here. >> giants in the desert. it is often well over a hundred in the summer in arizona. but it is a modest 91 in phoenix which is cool and crisp this time of year. aubrey huff supplying his own heat. nothing better than a dad taking his girl to the game. top six and welcome to the aubrey huff show. this is way, way out. his second homer of the game. 3-0g-men. that would disappear in the bottom of the frame.
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kelly -- he hit for the cycle. johnson with a triple and ties it at three. giants down 4-3 and vaw liz with the bunt and edwin jackson's throw to first and it is just a bit outside. he scores on the error, 4-4. the next batter and how hot is torres? the d-backs pay triple to deep center and two runs score and giants win 7-4. the a's lock up their catcher of the future. they gave suzuki a 4-year extension. more on suzuki in a moment. the a's hosting the white sox. on dog day at the park. this is princess abbie. claims to be the ugliest dog in the world, but i think the first was uglier. a club, save and a beauty. defense, not helping in the 6th. rios with a grounder to pennington and it is 2-0. oakland down 3-0 and they finally get to mark burly in
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this game. kouzmanoff come on down and a 3-1 game. but the a's couldn't do much else with b ru ley on the one-year an anniversary of his perfect game, a four-hitter. before the game, suzuki talked about his new deal. >> they gave me that four-year deal and gave me that security and showed me the confidence of we want you here, we want you here, and we want to win with you here. it shows me a lot of kv. -- confidence. >> only two races left in the tour de france. saturday's time trial will determine the winner, just eight seconds apart. stage 18 and 123 miles. tom cruise and cameron diaz waiting at the finish. it is his fourth stage win this year and 14th overall. he is leading eight seconds. and floyd landis will be on "night lynn" which is just a couple minutes away claiming lance armstrong was doping and landis witnessed it.
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>> rather than going into detail of every time i have seen it, yes, i have seen lance armstrong using drugs. >> you say it in such a matter of fact way. and yet this is a man who has denied up and down for a decade that he is on anything but his bike, anything but just hard work. >> i denied it as well. >> you are saying lance armstrong is a liar? >> yes, i suppose if that's the question, yes. >> you can see more of the landis interview coming up next on "nightline" here on abc7. the problem with landis is his credibility. this is a man who lied for two years claiming he was clean, and then after -- he said, i'm clean, i'm clepe, i'm clean. but then he said, no i am dirty, but lance armstrong is -- he may be telling the truth now, but he is not a great witness. >> it is fascinating to see what happens. sad for the sport again, but ultimately perhaps cleaning it up a bit. >> hopefully.
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well, that is the news. "nightline" is up next. i'm dan ashley and thank you for watching. we appreciate your time. stay connected 24-7 anytime you wish at have a great weekend. enjoy. good night. x x x x x x x x x xñ
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