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tv   Nightline  ABC  July 30, 2010 10:35pm-11:05pm PST

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. . .ers if. tonight on "nightline," bring kyron home. the parents of the second grader speak out tonight making an emotional public appeal for their son's safe return. they spoke with million until about their ordeal and their latest suspicions. thou shalt bust heads. evangelical christians busting heads prove brutal mixed martial arts fighting. love thy neighbor, it is not. so what is the biblical justification for the vice? and chelsea's list.
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it's the society event of the decade and on the eve of chelsea clinton's wedding. the guest list begins to emerge. it turns out president obama wasn't the only one left out in the code. good evening. 7-year-old kyron horman has been missing for two months. disappearing from a most unlikely place, his elementary school in portland, oregon. since then the investigation has focused on a most unlikely person. kyron's own stepmother who faces allegation she plotted to kill her husband. this afternoon, kyron's parent as dressed those allegations and other details of the case in an exclusive interview with my colleague andrea canning. >> reporter: in a rare interview the parents of 7-year-old kyron horman sat down in afternoon
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once again begging for the public's help to bring their son home. >> there shouldn't be any fear from anyone to get in the middle. we need that information. >> he's a great kid. he's got a great smile. everybody has become familiar with it. just remember that. keep it in your head. >> reporter: it's been two heartbreaking months since the 7-year-old went missing. what do you miss most about seeing him as a mother and father? >> you can't -- >> yeah. >> he's a very affectionate kid. he has been since a baby. just the random hugs and the sounds and -- >> yeah. always had the short hair and would always run my fingers through his hair. >> he helps me shave my head and likes my head for the three or four days it's short. going out and feeding the cat
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together or our morning walks down to the bus. >> reporter: police are releasing few details about the case but the family says it's heading in the right direction. are there any new leads at all? >> many. lots of -- >> reporter: anything you can talk about or share? >> no. >> reporter: however seemingly the most unlikely person is still the focus of this investigation, kyron's own stepmother. pictures she posted on facebook would suggest they had the perfect family, a trip to disneyland dressed alike on halloween, family vacations but kaine says teri is not the woman she married. since his disappearance, teri who has not been named a suspect failed two polygraph tests. if teri did this what could her motivation be? >> i have tried to put my head inside hers and i can't. i'm a completely different person so i really can't answer that. >> you try to put a logical sense or even a thought process behind it and the next event comes up and completely blows it
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away. it's difficult in the situation because you have someone who is so close to you basically betray you in this situation. >> reporter: since kyron's disappearance, lurid allegations have owe merged about the stepmother including an alleged murder for hire. court documents say she alleg allegedly attempted to hire her la landscaper to kill her husband, kyron's father. >> the landscaper in fact assisted police and either wore a body wire but agreed to have a further conversation with teri horman and which was recorded by investigators. >> reporter: then came allegations from divorce filings that she was texting and sending sexual photographs of herself to one of her husband's former high school classmates just days after kyron's disappearance. additional divorce filings allege teri paid her attorney a retainer of $350,000. now, kaine horman is demanding to know the source. she claims the amount is grossly
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overestimated. you believe without a doubt teri has something to do with it? >> yes. >> reporter: do you believe she last help from someone? >> i as a logical person think that. i don't have any evidence to tell me that. i just believe that. >> reporter: in fact, one of teri's closest friends dede s c spicher has been called to tv before the grand jury. kaine and desiree singled out spicher. reports also surfaced that spicher was spotted abruptly leaving her job for 90 minutes on june 4th, the day kyron disappeared. around the same time the boy is believed to have vanished. does your gut tell thaw she may have some information that could help crack this case? >> i think all we want for her to do is cooperate with law enforcement. >> exactly. >> whether the information is related to the case or not.
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just kneads to bring it forward. >> it is very common for the friends of someone who is under suspicion to say, hey, i know that person well. that person would never abduct a 7-year-old boy. so the friends themselves may be under suspicion because they are supportive of a suspect. >> reporter: as the search for kyron now enters its third month. >> even though there's been some passage of time, we continue to ask the community to look for kyron and continue to provide tips. >> reporter: the reward money was doubled by an anonymous donor. thousands of messages of support line the fence around the school where the second grader was last seen. a place kyron's father kaine visits often. wracked with guilty says he feels responsible. wire do you feel responsible? sdmrits the protecting your child instinct and what you do as a parent and to see your child go through something like
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this, every fiber in my being wants to protect him, switch places if possible, anything i could do to prevent this from happening to him. >> reporter: what's the biggest thing that both of you have learned out of this whole ordeal? >> that there are horrible people in the world that could be right next to you and you don't know it. >> i've learned lots of things. i've learned a lot about the human spirit and all their people with outpouring of goodness. >> reporter: both dream of the day they're reunited with their son. what dose through your mind when you play that scenario out? >> not letting him go. just -- >> he's going to get the biggest group hug he's ever had and he's not going to be allowed to go anywhere without the three of us in tow. >> you have to grab every moment you can. that's what life is and that's what you hold on to and choerish every day. >> reporter: i'm andrea canning for "nightline" in portland.
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and there will be further reporting on the disappearance of kyron horman tomorrow on "good morning america." our thanks to andrea canning. and when we come back, it's prayer with a punch. mixed martial arts fighters who say bashing skulls are their way of glorifying the lord and they cite the bible for backup. [ male announcer ] learn about a free trial offer from abilify.
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warriors, literally fighting the
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good fight of faith. never mind that the gospel of matthew quotes jesus as saying, if anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also because tonight you're going to meet a group of christians who say that by striking an opponent, well, they're striking a blow for the lord. ryan owens has an on corps presentation from our series "faith matters." ♪ >> reporter: late friday night at the pure country bar in paducah, kentucky, a fight breaks out. but this isn't your grandfather's bar fight. >> hurt. >> as soon as i tape you -- >> reporter: some of these fighters give bible beaters -- >> father, we just thank you for the opportunity to go out tonight and to train and compete --
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>> reporter: -- a whole new meaning. >> lord, we just pray you protect our fighters as well as the other guys and pray we be a representation to you. i was fighting as a brand-new christian and through bible college and trained the army on how to fight. this is a part of who i am. my dna. >> reporter: the leader of this unorthodox group of warriors is john ranken, an evangelical pastor and founder of xtreme ministries. it is slashed between the good will school and beauty school in a clarksville, tenure, strip small mall. at this church let's just say they don't quite believe in turning the other cheek. if jesus christ walked into a bar and saw you in a cage bloody with another guy also bloody what in the world do you think jesus christ would think. >> he would probably think, wow, that's cool. >> reporter: you think jesus christ would think this is cool. >> you think about it. look what jesus endured for our
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sake. he faced his own cage in life. >> reporter: but make no mistake. this sport known as mixed martial arts can leave you a bloody mess. it's a combination of wrestling, kick boxing and other martial arts that's made the championship a hit. the action is so brutal, it's banned in seven states. >> when i go into the ring i'm going in there to fight. but i'm also going in there for the reasons that we've been talking about which is that i want to reach people with the gospel. good. >> reporter: at 37, john no longer competes. he now preaches and teaches. >> in jesus' name we pray, amen. >> all: amen. >> reporter: and tonight he prays for his students including mike thompson. >> my biggest fear going into this fight is to not let my teammates down, thought to let john down. >> reporter: mike comes into
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tonight's fight with an impressive record. 19 wins, 17 by knockout. you think it's easy to be a good christian and beat the heck out of someone. >> absolutely. >> reporter: also up tonight is john's wife jen. she's competing in the evening's only ladies fight. what in the world is a nice girl like you doing in a place like this? >> good question. >> reporter: do christians belong in a place like in a bar on a friday night. >> our goal so to reach lost people. you won't find them in a church usually. >> reporter: when mike showed up at xtreme ministries finding god was the last thing on his mind. >> i first came in and said, hey, i'm a bad dude. i said, i'm tough. i said, i'll fight anybody. i don't care, any weight, any time, anywhere. >> reporter: to say mike a
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background is rough is an understatement. his parents separated when he was 5. his mother became involved with marvin wayne eddie, a man now serving time for murder. >> it was 1984 and me and my brother, of course, were dirt poor. he decided that it would be a good idea to go to one of his buddy's trailers and rob it of all the alcohol and drugs that were in there. >> reporter: there was snow on the ground as they headed out in the middle of the night. 5-year-old jesse would not stop crying. marvin wayne eddie decided to shut him up. >> so he started hitting him and, of course, that made him cry more and he kept beating him and eventually he picked him up by his legs and swung him up against the tree until he stopped crying. >> reporter: he never woke up from the coma and died three days later. when that's your start in life what kind of kid were you? >> i renounced god. i could not wrap my mind around
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how he could let that happen to my brother and let that happen to me. i fought a lot and won some, lost some but really didn't matter to me. it was the rush, you know. >> reporter: after training with john for years, but refusing to set foot in sunday service, something changed. john's other message finally got through. >> he said god loves you. and he said and i'm going to show you. and he asked me to come to church and at least hear him out. >> reporter: now mike has been going to church for three years. he's harried with an 8-month-old baby girl. is this a way to channel their aggression. >> yes. >> reporter: in a positive way? >> absolutely. they're knot going down to the bar on the weekends and i'm getting into brawls. they're not abusing their wives. >> reporter: back at pure country bar where people have paid 20 bucks a head to watch the brawls, mike's teammate jen lasts just 19 seconds. please welcome mike thompson.
11:53 pm
>> reporter: mike is hoping to give the crowd their money's worth. >> fight. >> reporter: he starts out on the attack hoping for his trademark knockout. >> all right. spin him out the cage. spin him out the cage. >> reporter: but he's quickly slammed to the ground. by the second round, his opponent brings him to his knees. mike loses. >> it feels like my heart is ripped up. i feel that i failed my family. i failed god. i failed everybody. >> reporter: how do you think you failed god? >> because he's given me gifts and he's given me tools and i didn't use them to my ability. i'm very upset with myself right n now.♪ >> reporter: but mike a faith is
11:54 pm
not toppled. by sunday morning he is back in church battle wounds and all and still reliving the fight. >> when i hit him i saw his eyes flutter and i was just too excited. i wanted to end it quick. >> reporter: a warrior for christ who believes you can both love thy neighbor and put them in a headlock. >> yeah, yeah, come on. >> reporter: i'm ryan owens for "nightline" in paducah, kentucky. >> warriors of the faith. our thanks to ryan for that report. when we come back, it's the wedding everyone is talking about, former first daughter chelsea clinton set to tie the knot and we'll have a look at those who will reportedly be there and those who won't. does any mother ever feel like their kids are adults?
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and the excitement is building tonight in rhinebeck, new york, as chelsea clinton's wed something now just a matter of hours away. but plenty of erstwhile clinton intimates are having to make and the excitement is
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other plans because that golden invitation, well, it just didn't arrive. and for sharyn alfonsi who is in and out is a sign of the times. >> hey, chelsea, this is the wedding of the century. ♪ >> reporter: it's being called the closest thing to a royal wedding and her guest list was reportedly including a talk show queen and today it was her father holding court. bill clinton walking through and stirring up the village of rhinebeck. >> president clinton, how are you feeling? >> reporter: shaking hands, taking pictures. even taking questions about his future son-in-law. >> i feel very blessed. hillary and i -- hillary feels the same way.
12:00 am
we think he's fabulous. >> reporter: but clinton was close-lipped when it came to exactly who is coming to the wedding. hillary clinton told nbc news the guests would be chosen very carefully. >> it is hers and it's a family wedding and the people coming are her friends and people that have been meaningful in her life. >> reporter: tonight some of the guests have been spotted and parts of the invite list have leaked. >> it seems to be maybe a little less high profile names and more actual god for bid friends of marc and chelsea but still some a-listers here. >> reporter: who exactly? well, mignon moore is reportedly in. moore was the director of white house political affairs under bill and a senior political consultant to hillary clinton for the white house. the guy who beat hillary for that job, president obama told the ladies of "the view" he didn't get an incite and he didn't mind. >> it would tough enough to have one president at a wedding.
12:01 am
you are don't want two presidents at the wedding. the secret service and everybody is getting magged. >> in, huma abedin. hillary's right-hand woman. intemped at the white house and with her through her 2008 campaign. bill even presided over her wedding. out, kathleen kennedy townsend. she broke with the majority of the kennedy family when she threw her support to hillary instead of obama. in, capricia marshall. she makes sure events run smoothly. probably a great person to have at a wedding. ted turner was property reportedly not invited. out, robert rubin, secretary of the treasury during clinton's both sterps. steven spielberg, tom hanks and barbra streisand of the she sang at bill's inauguration and rumors are swarming that she'll sheer nad them tomorrow. steven bing may be in too.
12:02 am
the movie producer and financier is a big supporter of the clinton, one of the largest donors to the clinton foundation, he loaned bill his 737 to rescue those in prisoned american journalists from north korea. it could be the perfect way for the newlyweds to make a quick escape. for "nightline," i'm sharyn alfonsi in rhinebeck. >> indeed, of course, we extend our warmest good wishes to the bride and the groom and our thanks to sharyn alfonsi. we'll be right back. first here's jimmy kimmel with what's coming up next on abc. >> tonight, adam carolla is here, music from raheem antigua. [ kid 1 ] waa ow so of our favorite things? we love summertime fun! ...wearing our farite colors... ...and jamming to our favorite bands!
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