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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  July 31, 2010 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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an average finance savings around $5,800. >> they offer all they have and we have to give them all we got. >> protests around the world and here in the bay area to mark one year since three uc berkeley graduates were locked in an iranian prison cell. thanks for joining us. the cal grads were arrested one year ago today while hiking on the iran-iraq border. they are now accused of
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espionage but all have yet to be charged. his his -- lisa amin gulezian joins. >> organizers as well that's hikers' families need iran to listen. one year later, they're trying a new strategy, away from politics and government. they're making a case this is a humanitarian emergency. >> freedom for our friends. one year in iran. >> lisa: it's a message they want to world to hear, but the graduates are still being held in an iranian prison. the three were captured while hiking near the iran-iraq board. >> call for an investigation, and then charges shall be filed and a trial given. it has been 12 months. there are no charges filed.
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>> reporter: the government claims the investigation into espionage charges continues. >> we're here to demand their freedom. >> reporter: now this very public outcry. friends and strangers gather to remember and support the three activists. >> about a thousand of these cranes in symbol of the peaceful request for the return of our friends. >> reporter: similar events are taking place all over the world. yesterday, the mother's of the three hikers attended a protest in new york, outside the iran mission to the u.n. >> we think it's going to take an outcry from billions of people. >> we need the world talking about this. >> it's a worst nightmare. >> reporter: but iran continues to ignore the public please, and -- pleas. so they're taking a firm stance. >> iran, we stand against you today but we do not wish to. we ask you once more, release our friends now.
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>> reporter: according to the man who helped coordinate legal efforts for the hikes in iran and advised their mothers, the three are caught in the middle. he says iran is still angry u.s. troops arrested lawnan diplomats in iraq in 2007. >> the iranian government wants to show teeth to the united states and say, listen, you cannot come to the region and arrest our citizens without no cause and this is a cause for that kind of behavior. >> reporter: the u.n. needs to get involved and protestors should put direct pressure on iran's pressure, especially during his visit to new york in december. >> the firefighters union is planning to make a major announcement tomorrow regarding the recently laid off firefighters. atthe city started cutting its budget this week. the layoffs became necessary
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after the firefighters' unon rejected a 10's doubt pay and benefits. the union says it has a new proposal for pay and benefit concessions. more details are expected to be announced at a news conference starting tomorrow at 11:00. >> a small brush fire disrupted east bay traffic for the afternoon today. the fire broke out shortly after noon along interstate 5 # -- interstate-580. firefighters got it contained in ten minutes. >> we quickly started going up the left and right flanks of the fire, pinching the fire off. we have a very wide space between the next slope, and which we were able to get the fire out at the end. >> emergency vehicles forced one westbound lane of 580 to close while crews mopped up the scene.
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it created quite a backup but the situation returned to normal after a couple hours. in southern california, cooler temperatures and calmer winds are helping crews get the upper hand on a major wildfire that has burned for the last several days there. this is what it looked like this afternoon over palmdale, just north of los angeles. right now the 14,000-acre crown fire is more than 60% contained. still, more than 1,000 firefighters are on location just in case conditions take a turn for the worse. >> that is the real challenge for us right now, is the wind continuing to move the fire. >> 10 helicopters and two giant air tankers spent the day dropping fire retardant and water, hoping to keep the flames away from homes. crews are also concerned about protecting high voltage power lines that provide electricity to millions. >> these powerlines provide the south africa for power through the state of california.
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>> evacuation orders have been lifted, but hundreds of residents remain on alert just in case the flames spread. some homeowners joined with firefighters in trying to put out the flames. >> we just want to make sure everything is okay. firefighters did a good job. took off -- we have firefighters picking it up. >> you can tell. it's a layer of ash on top, and then you hit it with a hose and it's smoldering and steaming. >> the fire destroyed one house and three mobile homes. fire officials point out that things could have been much worse. fortunately, most of the homes around the fire are newer, complete with fire resistant roofs and stucco walls. >> the russian army has been called in to help bat al series of wildfires in the western part of that country. at least 28 people have been killed, and 1200 homes have been destroyed. high temperatures are fueling
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the flames. much of russia is suffering through it hottest summer since record-keeping began 130 years ago. >> in pakistan, more than 800 people have now been killed in massive flooding. the death toll is expected to rise even higher as the flood waters begin to recede. rescue efforted have not been easy because damaged roads and bridges are making it difficult to reach survivors. phone lines have been knocked out and workers are worried about the possibility of disease breaking out among the survivors. a fundraiser was held today for the 80 oakland police officers who recently lost their jobs. volunteers at this church in berkeley and the treasure box are donating special frozen dinner boxes to each of the laid-off officers. this food is intended to feed the officers' families for an entire week. the officers were laid off this
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month as a way to help the city balance its $30 million budget deficit. and budget cuts are also taking a toll on police k9 units around the bay area. vallejo police department pulled three of its four k9 units off the streets. a nonprofit group has helped in to step out so other police departments won't have to take such grass stick -- drastic action. >> we have self-service pet washes in just about every store, and this weekend all the purchases of the tokens -- the money will be donated to the police k9 funds. >> where does that money go? it goes to purchase bulletproof vests and oxygen masks. they hope to race $100,000.
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more than 100 bay area police departments have applied nor funds. the biggest wedding of the summer is happening tonight. the stars expect editor chelsea clinton's big day. later, why snooki was sent to jail. >> leigh: you're looking live from the high definition sutro cam over the bay. a lot of clearing inland and fog at the coast. we look at the seven-day
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>> the ideas have taken place, bill and hillary clinton issued a statement saying their
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daughter, chelsea clinton, has married her long-time boyfriend. security was certainly tight for the ceremony. cameras were able to catch some of the guests arriving today in tiny rhinebeck new york. we take a closer look at the preparations for this a-list event. >> state troopers everywhere. country roads closed. roadblocks at every turn. tiny rhinebeck, new york, is on lockdown in preparation for a presidential wedding. >> the mystery and intrigue in the absence of real information, a feeding frenzy has evolved. >> just up the hud son, chelsea clinton will be exchanging wing vows with marc mevinsky. >> i feel very blessed. we think he is fabulous. >> the estimated cost, several
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million dollars and no expense has been spared. >> there's a giant fireworks display, which will be great for people who aren't invited to the wedding. >> the guest list is a mix of dc power players and stars. director steven spielberg and tom hanks may be on hand as well as barbara size -- streisand. she just might sir made chelsea and marc tonight. >> again, just within the hour, the vows have been exchanged. a southern california lawmaker could be the second house democrat to face an ethics trial this fall. representative maxine waters has been underinvestigation -- under investigation for a possible conflict of interest after a meeting. her husband owns a quarter million stocks in the bank.
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the los angeles lawmaker joins charles rangle would is facing a separate ethics trial in the fall. the two cases could spell trouble for the democrats as they try to hold on to their majority. >> change is coming to the flu shot this year. plus, low-income bay area families receive some new solar panels. and leigh glaser has the accuweather forecast.
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>> you could say government officials are taking their best shot against the flu. the food and drug administration approved a vaccine that will used for this upcoming flu season. this year you need to get just one shot to protect yourself against the flu, and the swine flu. you may remember last year people needed two doses to find the separate strains.
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about 200 volunteers helped to install solar electric systems for nine low-income families in west oakland. this this fifth annual solar thon event. the nonprofit says the solar election -- electric systems will eliminate 700 tons of greenhouse gas emissions. great alternatives announced a 13 to -- $130,000 grant from pg&e for 30 more installations and job-training opportunities. there certainly was some sun out there today. >> leigh: nice to see you here. we actually saw a little more sunshine. of course, if you're at the coast, quite a bit of low cloudiness, and you can see from the high definition mount tamalpais cam, we're seeing the fog sitting near the coast.
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are we ever going to see any summer there? looks like we may see a little more sunshine tomorrow. but inland locations saw plenty of sunshine. warmed up a few degrees from yesterday. antioch 87. 82 in fairfield. 59 in san francisco. san rafael right now, 68 degrees. san jose, you're at 75. and los gatos, 78 degrees with some sunshine there. so here's a look at highlights for you for the next couple of days. we continue with the coastal clouds overnight. a mild day tomorrow, especially inland, and we look for the low clouds and fog near the coast to thin out. so maybe a little sunshine there with a little bit of patchy coastal clouds. and the end of next week, temperatures will warm slightly. you can see we had north wind component that actually benefited us, really started to push the low clouds and fog well off the coast. it kind of sat there near ocean beach. all of this mill might great --
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my -- migrate. high pressure, this is the story off the coast, slowly starting to nudge in. that's what's bringing the northerly winds, helping to clear us out a little bit, more so than the past week or so. so we look for temperatures to warm inland, maybe another two or three degrees. we will keep the patchy fog near the coast, and this weather pattern will stay with us for the next several days. by thursday, friday, saturday, temperatures will jump up a few more degrees. so we start tomorrow with inland low clouds and fog. it should burn back to just near the coast by tomorrow afternoon. our typical summertime weather pattern, upper 50s coastside, 60s in san francisco, and warm temperatures in the mid-to-upper 80s, close to 90 degrees, towards oakley and brentwood and
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livermore valley area. here's and selected cities. half moon bay, ben -- pacifica, temperatures in the upper 50s, and the low clouds and fog will sit. maybe few breaks tomorrow afternoon. 74 for redwood city. san francisco, 62 degrees and north bay, temperatures getting close to the 80-degree mark. 79 for sonoma. on the east bay, oakland, 68. 74 for union city. sunshine inland. a few degrees warmer with brentwood 90. antioch, 88 degrees. 84 for con cover. livermore, 87. and we look for 68 degrees, santa cruz, inland, 86. my accuweather seven-day forecast, monday and tuesday, temperatures, little change in the upper 80s to near 90 degrees. and then we start to warm up a little bit as we head into
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thursday, friday, and saturday. the high is going to move in and could bring us some slight offshore winds, and also warmer temperatures. >> thanks, leigh. giants and dodgers, and even more for giants fans. >> break out the hater-ade. the rest of tied's highlightssss what this droid does will change how you do movies. with blockbuster on demand, this does hit films on a 4.3-inch screen so big, the way you see them will never be the same. introducing the new droid x. pre-loaded with blockbuster. the next generation of does.
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>> mike: the trade deadline in baseball has come and gone, and the giants added bull pen relief. they picked up lopez from pittsburgh in exchange for bowker and martinez. today, giants looking to take their second straight no the dodgers, this was a pitchers' duel, billingsley freeze sanchez. seat tow matches zero for zero. furcal, sit down. and barry made just one mistake
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in the seventh. casey blake, liftoff. dodgers 1-0. it would stay that way until the last of the 8th with two outs and a 3-2 count. pat burrell, gone. the hero. a two-run shot, and it's the game-winner. giants come back for the 2-1 victory. before the game, san francisco honored former greats with plaques on the wall of fame. it represents giants who played at least three seasons or five years and one all-star appearance. and for estes, having his two young sons there was special. >> so for them to be able to share in this, to be able to come back, see my plaque, and know their father actually did something other than golf, watch horse racing or take them to school. that may be the highlight of this day for me. i'd just like to say thank you for your support throughout the years. i will be rooting like you guys are for these guys to beat the
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dodgers. >> mike: in tennis, one finalist in stanford. victoria upset the top seed in the first semifinal. never lost a set to her. first set, the near court with the breakpoint opportunity. converts with the backhand winner down the line. takes the first set. more the same in the second. azarenka, the -- victoria moves on with a straight, set victory. he faces the winner of tonight's sharapova match. >> least tee it up at the third straight british open. we went from the pga version, the seniors and now the lpga. their-round play, and leading the way is yani tseng, long birdie putt. on line. right speed. 4-under for sting. third round of the u.s. senior
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open at sahalee country club. bernhard langer entered the day as the leader. finishes the day 5-under. tied atop the leaderboard with fred couples. fred on 16. the slippery birdie putt. couples carded a 5-under 65. he and langer lead by five strokes going into the final round on sunday. >> can't forget the x games. ryan scheckler of mtv fame, the kick flip. then the backside 360. oh, yeah. then the lipside for good measure. barely sticks the landing. takes the x game gold. sharks resigned set goop which i -- a player. >> we'll be right back.
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>> coming up in a half hour at 6:00, beach fires enjoy a long tradition in the bay area, but trouble on the sand has forced the park service to take action. and twitter is celebrating a big milestone today set by a user in japan. and finally tonight, for us, snooki is under arrest. the "jersey shores" star was taken into custody after disorderly conduct. she was


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