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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  July 31, 2010 10:00pm-10:35pm PST

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>> a wine country raid, dozens of people scatter when napa sheriffs find a brutal
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>> a crime of animal cruelty is caught in the act, and the spectators make a run for it. deputies in napa county found the cockfight. authorities used a helicopter and an airplane to track some people down. >> they didn't get everyone. they got the landown, and he is in jail and is not cooperating with the police. at this point he is charged with the same misdemeanor which is all the other men, which is par tis paiting in a cockfight.
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but he will likely face more charges. >> the cockfight was happening on the american canyon road but it was hidden at the end of a driveway. someone called the police. >> we found approximately 65 at the light end, to maybe 80 gentlemen viewing a and are pace -- participating in an active cockfight. >> when the crowd saw the officers, it broke up. dozens of men took off running but police were read. >> we had assistant from the california highway patrol. >> a total 34 men were arrested. some on the run, some inside. they were cited and released. >> would you mind telling us what happened? >> reporter: as they left the property, no one wanted to comment. many of them shielded their faces when they saw our camera.
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the landowner was hauled away in the back of a police car, and he is in jail tonight. inside, police say they found 50 live roosters, and two dead ones. felony charges are still possible, including animal cruelty. >> anytime you're dealing with animal cruelty, it's a pretty sensitive subject with almost any area, and i know that we take that serious. >> there were so many men running from the scene, they actually closed a portion of american canyon road. this happened around 4:00 today. police originally heard there might be guns or drugs on the property. they didn't find any, but the think there will be more charges. abc-7 news. >> thank you, amy. napa county has a history of cockfighting. there was an organized cockfighting brake in 1996. it was a spot just three miles
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away from tonight's bust. the napa county sheriff's department told the iteam they were understaffed. >> it could be that san jose's unprecedented layoff of firefighters is over almost as quickly as it again. the firefighters union said it will make a major announcement tomorrow. the union will detail a new proposal for cuts in wages and benefits, in an effort to get 49 laid-off firefighters reinstatessed. the historic layoffs been yesterday as part of a citywide cut back to close a record $118 million budget shortfall. city leaders said they want concessions that amount to 10% savings from all of the unions. so far the firefighters union has not been able to strike a deal to avoid layoffs. a smoky grass fire burned seven acres and threatened a herd of cattle in contra costa
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county. it took hold near willow avenue and highway 4 just before 6:15. firefighters were concerned that the fire would jump some railroad tracks and burn homes on the other side. that fortunately didn't happen. it took cal fire and contra costa firefighters more than an hour to contain the blaze. there was no property damage, and no reports of injury. firefighters in southern california are gaining on the major wildfire that has been burning for several days. crews are fighting the fire on the ground and from the air in the desert community of palmdale, north of los angeles. right now the 14,000-acre crown fire is 82% contained. it did destroy one house and three mobile homes. the blaze has charred brush over a 22 square mile area. some homeowners joined the firefighters to put out the flames near their property. >> we want to make sure everything is okay. firefighters did a good job.
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we got spot fires kicking off. >> it will smolder and you can tell because there's a lawyer of ash on top, and -- a layer of ash on top. >> evacuation order has been lifted and the firefighters say no structures are threatened but hundreds of residents remain on alert tonight. >> friends of the three american hikers called for their immediate release today. one year ago today, iranian authorities arrested sara short, shane bower, and josh vetal for straying across the iran-iraq border, but they haven't been charged and remain in an iranian prison. here's lisa amin gulezian. >> freedom for our friends. >> reporter: they're marching through the mission district to remind everyone that the three graduates are still in an iranian prison one full year after being captured after
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hiking near the iran-iraq border. >> the detention of these three people is unjust and illegal. >> they have not been charged even though they're ciesd ofes responsible unable, and now this very public outcry. similar events are taking place all over the world. the mothers of the hikers attend ode a protest in front of the u.n. >> it's going to take people putting on pressure on our government and the iranian government. >> we need the world talking about this unjust detention. >> reporter: but iran continues to ignore the public pleas so their friends are taking a firm stance. >> iran, we stand against you today but we do not wish to we ask you once more, release our friends now. >> reporter: according to the man who helped coordinate legal efforts for the hikers in iran
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and advised their mothers, protests like these could help. >> the international community's pressure on the iranian government is very useful because some wise people in the iranian government know how these bad p.r. >> reporter: organizers are gathering signatures and then these petitions will be sent directly throw state -- directly to the state department, asking the government to do more to help. lisa amin gulezian, abc-7 news. >> helicopters and police dogs are searching for three convict murders who escaped from an arizona prison. authorities believe the men are on the run after cutting through a perimeter fence. flagstaff police say they hijacked an 18-wheeler at gun point. they released the drivers at a truck stop this morning and fled in different directions. they were serving time for murder and robbery. this is he first weekend
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more than three months fisherman are actually fishing in large parts of the gull of mexico. the machine to shut down that broken well permanently has suffered a minor setback. we have this report. >> reporter: debris from tropical storm bonnie was found at the bottom of the relief well that will be used to plug the damaged b.p. well in the gulf of mexico. removing debris will take 24 to 36 hours. that means the big push to end the leak for good, the staticil, will probably not begin until tuesday. >> we should not be write anything obit area for the event. >> the 63rd annual blessing of the fishing fleet took place in louisiana, and all along the gulf there are signs of return to norm normalcy. they're getting a clean bill of health from federal and state officials.
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tests on seafood have shown no sign of oil. >> i'm not picking up anything that smells like this. >> there's a lot less work for the armada of vessels asome belled by b.p. a third of the 46,000 workers have been let go, and more beaches are open for swimmers. the crisis is far from over, but signs of improvement are increasing by the day. abc news. night market comes back to life after a three-year high eight tuesday, -- hiatus. and help for police dogs who are a victim ofs of run city's cry, and the daughter of the president says "i do." >> leigh: right now most locations reporting clear sky, although you can see from this vantage point low clouds and fog starting to move inland. we're going to look at our first day of augususususususususususus
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to the traditional night market returned to san san francisco's chinatown for the first time in three years in 2009, san francisco pulled its funding in part because a convicted gang leader was appointed to run the event. raymond chow had served time for racketeeering. >> not just for bringing people to the chine tony but the residents and the families who are making this a liveable place for everyone. so many more years. >> the event is now being funded
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by the chinaton neighborhood association and will be run by the united health care workers union. it will run until october 9th. >> a group of up to a dozen people attacked a 40-year-old man walking through delowers park today. the man was beat ', robbed and stabbed several times. employs were -- police were called to the park and closed off surrounding streets. three people have been arrest. the victim is a 40-year-old san francisco man. who is hospitalized with life-threatening injuries. >> more efforts to help soften the blow of budget cuts, this one showing support for bay area k9 units. the vallejo police department pulled three of its four police dogs off the streets. a nonprofit group is holding a fundraiser using pay area pet food express stores to make its easy to donate to the cause. >> we have self-service pet washes in just about every one
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of our stories and this weekend all the purchases of the tokens -- the money from the purchases will be donated for the police k9 fund. >> the money will go to buy bulletproof vests, oxygen masks and other safety equipment for the police dogs. organizers are hoping to raise $100,000. by the way, more than a dozen bay area police departments have applied for those funds. >> the celebration is still going on at this hour in rhinebeck, new york. the bride was radiant, and her parents, the former president and secretary of state, were beaming. chelsea clinton wed during a multi-million curl extravaganza. we have these first photos from the event. >> it's our first look at former first dow turned nullly wed, chels chelsea clinton.
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she married marc mevinsky in new york. bill clinton and hillary clinton issued a statement. today we watched with agreed pride and overwhelming emotion. we could not have asked for a more perfect day to celebrate the beginning of their life together. the beaming clintons were spotted's night -- friday night into their way to the rehearsal dinner. security kicked into high gear on saturday. the streets were lined with onlookers, but the most they saw were guests boarding buses, heading to the most exclusive wedding. >> you have to know chelsea. you can't by a plate calling fundraiser or an associate, a celebrate friend. you have to have spent time with chelsea and know her. >> so, how much does a wegd of presidential proportions cost? based on bride magazine's
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estimates for security, air conditioned tents, flower, and a celebrity wedding planner, as much as $2.35 million. >> it would be surprising if it wasn't a seven-figure wedding at least. >> it seems chelsea and her new husband got what they truly wanted, privacy. guests were forbidden from beginning cell phones or cameras to the ceremony. abc news, new york. >> the celebrations are going on until 3:00 in the morning, we are told. sun time for us. >> leigh: core going to end the month of july on a cool note. and august will bring the summer that we haven't really had. we have to say, i think by the end of the week, temperatures climb. you can see a veil of low clouds sitting over downtown san francisco, elsewhere, getting reports of clear skies, santa rosa, you're clear at 54.
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55 in san francisco. overcast right now, half moon bay, 55. inland locations, livermore, 59, and still mild with 66, clear sky in antioch. so the coastal clouds will sit right near the coast and possibly in through the bay. look for mild temperatures tomorrow, and the clouds will hang near the close so cooler temperatures there, and we're looking for some warmer readings as he we head towards the latter part of the work week. we got into a northerly wind component today. and it pushed the low clouds and fog to the south. all of this is slowly moving back inland. we'll see it filter in overnight tonight. temperature-wise. 59 for antioch tonight. 53 for san francisco. so, here's pretty much the story, and really it's been the case all through the month of
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july. it has been a trough of low pressure setting up to north, and that's been helping to fill in the low clouds and fog, bringing us a cooler air mass. tomorrow we will continue to see the trough. it will be a little to the north. so you will go with the coastal clouds, and inland locations will arm up, near 90. tomorrow, overcast conditions but should retreat to the coast a little sooner. so look for warmer temperatures. upper 80s to near 90 inland, and cool 50s at the coast where the fog witness -- will set. 79 for san jose tomorrow. sunnyvale, 75. overcast, half moon bay, 59. the peninsula will break out into 70s. san francisco tomorrow, 62 degrees. 80 for santa rosa tomorrow, with plenty of sunshine there, napa climbs to 77. oakland, 68, after a morning
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overcassments look for some afternoon shine there. 75 for fremont, and brentwood and antioch will hover near 90 degrees tomorrow. 82 for walnut creek. santa cruz, sunshine and 68. the seven-day forecast includes a little warming, but we will have to get into that the latter part of the work week. until then, temperatures near 90 inland. 70s around the bay. 50s near the coast. >> up next, twitter celebrates a remarkable milestone today, and the giants come from behind to beat the dodgers in dramatic fashion. shu has all the highlights
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>> a graphic designer in tokyo says it was like winning the lottery. he boasted twister's 20 billionth message today, a significant milestone since the first tweet came out in 2006. today marked a doubling of the activity. twitter says the service ads 300,000 new users every day. probably a lot of tweets from tat tat at&t park today.
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mike shumann. >> mike: did he win anything for that tweet? >> no, the thrill. nick nick i don't get d. >> mike: i don't get it. the g-men picked up lopez from pittsburgh in exchange for two players, and also got ramon ramirez from boston. good old-fashioned pitchers duel. chad billingsley freezes freddie sanchez. barry zito matched him in the sixth. he made one mistake in the seventh. casey blake. 1 or dodgersing in the bottom of the eight until. pat burrell, the hero. the giants come back for the 2-1 victory. before today's game, san
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francisco honored former greats rich awe reel -- aurilia and sean estes. they recognize players who played at least nine seasons in san francisco, or five years with at least one all-star appearance. for estes, having his sons there was special. >> for them to be able to share in this, be able to come back, see my plaque, and know their father did something other than golf, watch horse racing or take them to school. that may be the highlight of this day. i would just like to say thank you for your support throughout the years, i will be rooting just like you are for these guys to beat the dodgers. >> mike: the giants were buyers, the a's. and oakland did not make a move at the trading deadline. dallas braden was on the bump. top two, a's offense comes to live. davis finds a hole.
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two-hit night for davis. kouzmanoff scores. later in the frame, two outs, two more score, a's up 4-0. they weren't done inch the third, kouzmanoff, strokes 2001 center well over the 400-foot mark. his tenth of the year. 5-0, and for the first time since april, braden wins consecutive starts. two expruns striking out five. the a's snap chicago's 12-game home win streak. we will take a brief time-out and serve them up when we come back. fiber one chewy bar. how'd you do that?
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later, sharapova with a big serve. another winner. takes the second set and wins in three seats, advancing to the sunday final. sharapova will face azarenka as she knocked off stosur. she breaks to go up 3-2 victor you movers into the finals, straight sets. soccer, the earthquake hosting the seattle sounders fc. the quakes entered the day tied with seattle for fourth. first half, 26th minute, montero is there to head it home. gives the sounders the lead. second half, same score. john bush keeps it that way. he was busy. great save. the quakes couldn't find the net. they fall 1-0. and x games 16 in l.a., the bmx park finals, daniel dares
11:32 pm
was impressive. drops the 720 and then gates creative. goes on the roof othe spectator tent. he picks up his third x games. look at that. gold medal. and robertber rare row wins in vegas, and improves to 27-1-1, dedicating the fight to his life casey who has been battling lieu team ya. go to see him back. >> thank you for joining us. our next news newscast is t
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