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tv   America This Morning  ABC  August 2, 2010 3:00am-3:30am PST

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making news on this monday, awkward 2nd. is the final act of the gulf oil crisis about to get under way and there's new questions about how that oil just seemed to disappear. flooding of biblical propositions in pakistan. rising tolls. as the u.s. provided much needed support. with election season kicking into high gear, it could be another long week for the party in house. and good morning, everyone. i'm rob nelson. >> and i'm tanya rivero in for vinita nair. we could soon see major progress in permanently sealing the gulf oil leak. engineers are preparing the so-called static kill for as early as tonight. >> however there is a new battle
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brewing over what is on top of the water. emily schmidt is joining us with the latest. >> reporter: right now, bp is finalizing its plans for the next step in trying to end the oil spill once and for all. bp says once the static kill begins, we should know within hours if it actually works. 105 days into the oil spill, the coast guard says the next 48 hours may be critical with the static kill of the blownout well beginning as early as tonight or tomorrow. >> right now, the current forecast is we'll do that activity on tuesday. >> reporter: this q-4000 will be the one to watch. it will slowly pump midinto the well, pushing mud into the well to see if cement can plug it in place. if it works, it plugs it from the top setting up the next phase of the bottom kill. it would be a welcome step forward in a disaster that still poses problems on the surface. >> they say there's no wall. yet over here, not a couple
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miles from where they are, they leave this oil just sitting here. >> reporter: even as large commercial fishing areas reopen, fishermen worry about public perception. >> nobody's talking about the dispersant. you can see the oil but you can't see dispersants. >> reporter: congressman ed markey said the chemical dispersants used in the spill were like carpet bombing the gulf with a toxic spew of gas. >> these are all tradeoffs, one of the things we didn't want to see happen is the oil reach the shoreline and dispersants were effective in that. >> admiral thad allen added that sometimes there is just no other way to attack the oil. rob? >> emily schmidt in washington ank you, emily. and the epa says it's geeing it take months to clean up the oil spill in southern michigan.
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the oil spill was stopped and contained in a 25-mile stretch of the river. epa estimates 1 million gallons spilling oil from indiana to on tar yo. there's been a deadly plane crash. it crashed into a mountain in denali national park and burst into flames. all three passengers on board were killed according to the freight company that owns the plane. last week, four servicemen were killed when their cargo plane crashed here anchorage. and a county sheriff says he can't believe everyone survived when a plane went down after taking off from buffalo. investigators are aren't sure what caused the accident. they'll be interviewing the pilot who received only minor injuries. rockets fired on the israeli red sea tourist city, in the
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palestinian gaza strip, an explosion destroyed the home of a hamas leader known to be a bombmaker. hamas blamed an israeli air strike for the explosion but bomb materials store there had may have detonated accidentally. in pakistan, the flooding death toll has gone will be 1,100. thousands are waiting to be rescued. now there's worry about spread of disease. >> reporter: when these rains came late last week, they were heavier and deadly than any pakistan had ever seen, and they absolutely overwhelmed authorities. they overwhelmed the rivers across the northwest creating flash floods that actually destroyed, swept away entire villages. hundreds of people drowned in just the physical day. the infrastructure, many of the bridges, many of the roads into northwest pakistan have been
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absolutely destroyed and that of course isolates the people who need the most help and that makes it much more difficult for pakistani authorities to get to these people and deliver much needed aid. now there has been some response from the pakistani government as well as the u.n. and others. 30,000 troops have found out across this area, they've rescued almost 20,000 people. they have handed out lots of food. the u.s. itself has delivered food from afghanistan into pakistan. but the fact is the challenge is massive some 30,000 people are still stranded and 1 million people need emergency assistance. the fear is in pakistan things could get worst. this water, part will move downstream overflowing rivers down there. perhaps causing flash floods, combined with more rain
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expected. things could get worse in thurs. as one local official put it this area has been destroyed by terrorism, but what's left has been destroyed by the flood. as for this morning's weather from around our nation, stormy across the northern plains and upper midwest. gusty winds hail and isolated tornados from omaha to minneapolis. extreme downpours and flash flooding in the southwest, showers in florida, georgia and alabama. scattered thunderstorms from new england to d.c. meanwhile, fatty in boston, 84 in baltimore. 91 in miami. dallas, 107. new orleans, 98. from fargo to detroit, meanwhile in seattle, 85 in billings. when we come back, the dwindling dream of home ownership part of business news. and the democrats for what could be another embarrassing ethics case though
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caprisun 100% juice. i can respect that. jobs are in the spotlight this week on wall street. the most important report of the week comes friday for the july jobs report. it's expected to show the economy shed jobs for the second straight month, mainly because many temporary census jobs ended but private companies added 100,000s jobs next month. the latest on manufacturing and
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all sales this week. tokyo's nikkei average climbed 0.3%. hong kong's hang seng is slightly high are. in london the ftse opened higher as well. meanwhile on wall street the dow gained 41 points last week but the nasdaq slipped 14 points. home ownership has been part of the american dream but foreclosure prices may be closing that. home ownership is in danger of falling to the lowest level in 50 years. a flood of foreclosures could send the interest to 62% in 2012, slightly above where it was in 1960. spirit airlines said everything went smoothly on its first day of charging for bags. it's now charging $30 for any bag too big to fit under the seat. spirit says it has actually cut some fares to offset the new
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fee. it also says the move there cut down on fliegdelight delays. "thriller finished in the top spot for the third straight week taking in $27.5 million. the comedy "dinner for schmucks" opened in second. angelina jolie's "assault" slipped to third. and coming up next, hikers. >> are they m m m m m m anyisiss
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a wild fire burning north of
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los angeles since thursday is now nearly 90% contained. it scorched 22 square miles before high humidity and lower temps moved in. and now, for a look at morning road conditions. wet and flooded on i-35 from minneapolis to des moines. and on i-29 from fargo to omaha. heavy rain on i-10, 40 and 70 in the four corners of the southwest. wet roads across florida, georgia and alabama. >> and if you're flying today, expect delays in new york, bostonen, philadelphia, washington minneapolis and phoenix. and there's more bad news for democrats, a house committee is expected to charge maxine watters with ethics violations. just days after bringing charges against charlie rangel. both could go on trial late in
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the fall. >> with two of her senior members possibly facing a rare full house trial, house speaker nancy pelosi offered no defenses are keeping her distance from the epics committee action when she spoke on abc's "this week." >> i'm totally out of the loop. it's independent. confidential, secret, whatever w don't know what it is. >> reporter: we do know that new york's charlie rangel faces charges that he avoided taxes and we have learned that maxine watters faces charges for alleged helping a bank to seek a bailout. >> historically one of the best ways to win congress is to say the other guys are corrupt. >> this is simply benefiting republicans and talking about the democrat trial, seeing the democrats in trouble only add to the problems.
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>> the fear for democrats rather than the trials being wrapped up in a couple of weeks, they could drag on for months into the fall elections. republicans only need 39 seats to regain control of the house of representatives. david kerley, abc news, the capital. a safe convict is back behind bars while the search continues for two other inmates who broke out of an arizona prison. officials say the three escaped through a fence and hijacking a trailer. the woman who helped thementd is believed to be traveling with the two, still armed. they are armed and dangerous. meanwhile, three american hikers are still behind bars in iran one year after crossing over the border in iraq. >> an iranian official is now calling for them to be ryed and their own lawyer couldn't agree more. sonia gallego joins you. one year, and the fate of three americans entering iran
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and in the country is still hanging on the balance. while the iranian government repeatedly ignored the request, sarah showered, shane bauer, and josh fattah continue their inprisonment in the jail. an accusation that has been denied by the bk administration. the attorneys says the iranian government has broken the law by holding them for over a year. he says if they are put on trial for crossing the border illegally, the sentence is one year in jail which they have already served. over the weekend, in several u.s. cities, families and supporters of the three hikers continue to plea for their release. >> for the iranian government, it's impossible. this is the closest we can get. >> they have no place in iran. their place is in the united
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states, back in their homes. >> reporter: the mothers have had very little access to their church and recently were allowed to visit them in the tehran. but they have had nothing from them in the past two months. they say the next time they go to tehran, it will be for their children's release. irrain claims a number of their citizens are in secret detention in the united states and that iranian press have also linked the fate of the americans to the release of these detainees. >> sonia gallego, thank you. president obama managed to squeeze in some family time and enjoy this favorite sport at the same time. the president took daughter sasha to check out a wnba game in d.c. sasha and a friend were cotside as the mystic beat the shock. nfl training camp kicking into high gear today. meanwhile, there are tight races in five of baseball's six divisions.
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with high lies, this adnan virk at espn news. good morning, two teams in one division with teams squaring off. alex rodriguez not in the lineup. coach girardi said he wanted to give the third baseman a rest. and a jump, aybar scores. 1-0, rays. and top of the seventh, a-rod in full count. big game james. a-rod displeased with the call. 7 1/3, no runs. top of the eighth, birkman, less than stellar. rays win 3-0. it's a one-game lead in the east. cardinals hosting the pirates. cards up 4-1. albert pujols, he says, hey, hey, hey.
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pujols 26 homer of the season. cardinals blast them 9-1. historic, pga greenbriar classic. stuart appleby. appleby's second shot. he spins it back towards the hole. it stops inches from the cup. he will tap it for birdie. par 3 18th. he shoots a 59. fifth player to shoot a 59. he was leading at 22 under. needs a 38 to tie. appleby had the distance. overton to tap in for par. appleby wins it. he's the fifth player in pga history to pull off that feat. back to you in new york. it was the catch of a lifetime in waters off of rhode island. >> a rare yellow lobster was found. the fisherman who trapped it had
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never seen anything before. it's one in 30 million. >> he'll be spared and put on display. up next, stories we're following today, including the latest from the gulf. >> plus, on the lookout for sharks. they've got some popular beaches closed again today. pipipipipipio
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and now a look ahead to the stories we'll be watching on this monday. engineers are preparing to launch a so-called static kill which could plug the leaking gulf oil well for good. work could get under way by this evening. the death toll is expected to rise from the worst flooding in pakistan's history. at least 1,100 are confirmed dead and thousands of others waiting to get rescued. officials in the middle east are investigating a surge in violence. a massive blast in the gaza strip destroyed the home of a hamas leader this morning. and the jordanian city. president obama traveled to atlanta today where he'll address the annual convention of the disabled veterans. mr. obama will also talk about support for the troops in afghanistan and iraq. and they're keeping a close eye on the waters and a great
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and finally, the former first daughter's stop secret ceremony. >> two days after chelsea clinton's picture-perfect
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wedding, that's all we had, cameras were banned and guests asked not to talk. so far they're keeping their promise. >> reporter: no more speculation. the fairy tale wedding is easily told with pictures. the former president turned father of the bride linked arms with the young girl we watched grow up in the white house and walked her down the aisle. she beamed as she tied the knot with marc mezvinsky. chelsea wore a gown declined by vera wang. while the mother of the bride traded her pantsuit for a full-length oscar de la renta gown. we watched with great pride and overwhelming emotion as chelsea and marc wed in a beautiful ceremony. roger clinton couldn't help but gush about his niece and husband. >> they deserve each other,
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they're both beautiful people. >> reporter: guests packed up their belongings, tucked away their memories and largely kept their mouth zipped. >> these people look like they're going to take it to the grave. >> reporter: guests received these gift bags, filled with clinton vineyard wines and a note from the bride and room. there was a 20-piece orchestra and chelsea danced with her dad frank sinatra's "the way you look tonight." the music reportedly didn't stop until after 4:00 in the morning. the weekend festivities wrapped up with a brunch on sunday and now this little town is headed to bed. >> that's what's making news in america this morning. >> have a great monday, everybody.


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