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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  August 2, 2010 4:00am-5:00am PST

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san francisco giant nate cheryls. good morning. just about 5 a.m. on this back to work monday. back to fog monday, too. thanks for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. topping our news, san jose city officials will hear details of a new proposal by firefighters to cut their pay and benefits to bring back dozens laid off last week but will it be enough. terry mcsweeney is live in san jose can details. terry? >> i'm down here at station 33 in south san jose. as you can see behind me the sign says danger, your four company is closing. last week 49 firefighters were given pink slips. they are gone. firefighters came up with a new plan to save $5 million plus. the city takes a look and says first of all it's not new and second of all that's not enough. the firefighters made the announcement yesterday at a news conference. that is something else the city didn't especially like. playing it out in the public instead of the negotiating tables. union members say the new proposal would cut pay by more
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than 5%. and increase healthcare co-pays. that's not really new but what is new is that firefighters are now willing to adopt a two-tier retirement system for new hires. firefighters point out while the union and city argue about money, lives are on the line. >> if there was a fire in that community across the street today where they would have yesterday enjoyed a response time of 2 to 3 minutes you'll see 7 to 8 minutes in my estimation. >> the city is throwing cold water on the new proposal saying number one many of it is not new. number two, saying it provides $4 million in savings, not $5 million as the firefighters say. he any case it needs $10 million in savings. too little, too late and wondering why firefighters took this discussion to a news conference yesterday morning instead of taking it to the negotiating table. it's a further irritation between the two sides. it's going to be discussed today but at first blush city
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officials are not impressed with this new offer. live in san jose, terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> terry, thank you very much. caregivers at two nursing homes with a strike this morning. involves healthcare workers at piedmont gardens and grand lake gardens assistanteded living centers. they've been bargaining since february. they say one of the issues is sick leave. workers are planning to get underway with their strike at this hour and hold a rally at 10:00 this morning. a 19-year-old girl is due in court to face murder charges in a double shooting. the teen is being charged as an adult with two counts of murder and one count of armed robbery. the girl and the 21-year-old accomplice also in jail ordered these two 18-year-old hayward men to lie down in the street during the robbery on mother's day and then pulled the trigger and shot the unarmed victims. they haven't released the girl's
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name. >> three teenagers are recovers from wounds they suffered in a shooting in north richmond. it happened yesterday on marked avenue near third street. they fired shots. the boys are 14 and 16 years of age that were hit. none of the injuries are life-threatening and p no word on a motive on suspects. we are learning more this morning about a driver blamed for five separate crashes in danville yesterday morning. the suspect, 23-year-old cherhold is the younger bother of giants outfielder. his red truck struck a bicyclist, pedestrian, light pole and two vehicles before witnesses stopped the truck in a residential neighborhood. one neighbor described what she saw. >> he stopped. and the man ran up and said, you know, get out of the car. what's the matter with you? you're hurting people. and the kid just totally, you
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know, out of it. >> booked on multiple dui and hit and run charges. he was also driving without a license. everyone involved have been treated and expect to be okay. >> deficits led to surface cuts. average 6% to nearly $30 an hour. it will cost the agency $8 million. the city charter effectively says muni operators must bed second highest paid transit workers in the country. their union was the only one to not agree to any concessions this year as the city tried to close a near half billion dollar deficit. city transit officials will review the pay increase tomorrow. once approved it will be retroactive to july 1st. >> we should know by the ends of the week if oakland mayor rondell license will run for re-election. he knows that he will inform them by friday if he will seek a second term.
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the san francisco chronicle reports critics see that long silence as a possible election campaign aassigned to his most ardent supporters they should move on. six other candidates declared their intention to run but even if he meets the deadline, some say he would be considered a long shot item the practice commission is releasing a report that says politicians' tweets should be held to the same standards of advertising that voters see on tv, hear on the radio or see in mailboxes. the city is considering how to regulate activity that's been increasing among politicians, including their appeals or campaign policies appearing on, a page or tweeted text messages the state's 36-year-old format needs updating in order to keep up with the times. >> 5:05. let's take a look at the weathered. keeping up with the times of fog and low clouds and cooler
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temperatures. >> how long have we been saying that? >> about two years now? >> close. it's been four months actually. we've been below average as far as our afternoon temperatures all the way back to april. so april, may, june, july and august starting the same way. good morning. we have low clouds pushing to the east and mist and drizzle especially along the coast, the bay bridge, the golden gate bridge and some of the higher elevations around the east bay hills. temperatures today, the clock stuck in the 50s. look for sunshine around noon in most neighborhoods. still fog around san francisco and oakland. upper 50s to low 60s there. upper 60s to low 70s through the rest of the bay. mid-70s in the south bay with low 70s up in the north bay valleys. and mid to upper 70s in the east bay valleys. by 4:00, sunshine everywhere except the coast. 50 at half moon bay. 62 san francisco. mid to upper 60s oakland and san rafael with low to mid-70s throughout the bay. mid to upper 70s in south by
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valleys, also north bay valleys and low to mid-80s the east bay valleys. temperatures below average. will drop even more so wednesday. look to be the coolest day as we loose about 6 degrees away from the coast. we will gain that back and maybe a little more. temperatures closer to average over the weekend. near 80 around the bay. low 60s at the coast. hi, megan. >> good morning. following a crash in hayward right now. it's eastbound 92. a car slammed into the sand barrel in the center divide. spilled sand all over the roadway. cal tran is working to clear the scene of that. it's early enough we're seeing speeds moving at the limit through the area. not going to slow down your hayward commute at this time. outside a look at the south bay and san jose. a live look at 280 at the 17 overcrossing. very light traffic. no problems for the downtown san jose area right now. also san jose a live look at 101 at the 880 overcrossing.
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a nice ride heading all the way up to the peninsula. >> 5:07. >> why you may be grabbing your smart phone instead of your credit card. >> the blackberry faces a blackout in two middle east nations. >> and consider this. is google over? coming up? challenges the major financial publication the giant is facing. the kincaids live here. across the street, the padillas. ben and his family live here, too. ben's a re/max agent, and he's a big part of this community. there are lots of reasons why re/max agents average more sales than other agents. experience, certainly. but maybe it's also because they care about the markets they serve and the neighbors who rely on them.
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nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today.
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>> good morning, everyone. 5:11 on the morning news bright and early on a monday. light traffic moving through the bay bridge toll plaza. low clouds and fog out there in spots. mike's going to tell us more about the forecast which i guess he could rerack from last week if he wanted to. i'm sure there are a few changes. >> stop. because i've heard it before! the united air rack emirates banning the blackberry because leaders say the device poses a security threat. the government says it will prohibit blackberry e-mail messages and web browsing. they say the devices use encrypt the channels that cannot be monitored for illegal activity. the crackdown could jeopardize the nation's efforts to establish itself as an international business hub. saudi arabia announced similar plans. >> analyst are predicting stocks kick off a new month with a big
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gain after earnings reports overseas are adding to hope that a global recovery is picking up pace. investors will watch a key reading on manufacturing due out this morning for another sign of growth in the u.s. economy. with more money news. >> we begin your report with a big week on wall street. investors lesson analyzing the last wave of second quarter earnings reports and the latest manufacturers and all the sales numbers. but most important will be the july jobs report which is due out friday. the economy probably lost jobs last month because many census jobs came to an end. private companies are hiring and probably added 100,000 jobs last month. the foreclosure crisis is threatening to sends homeownership to its lowest level in 50 years. according to "u.s.a. today," 8 million could lose their homes the next two years. that could sends the rate plummeting 62% as early as 2012
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only slightly above where it was in 1960. sax fifth avenue will start offering high fashion for plus size women. beginning this fall, some stores will sell clothing from top designers in sizes 16 and 18. many designs will come straight from the runway from designers. that's your "moneyscope" report. >> is google over? these the question fortune magazine is asking in its cover story. the author wonders if the search giant will come up with another big idea. the company is still the undisputed king of search but the article says it's slowing and google's most successful new product, android software, doesn't generate much revenue. the new issue of fortune hits news stands today. >> your cellphone bill and credit card bill may soon be one in the same. at&t and verizon wireless are said to be running a join
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venture to replace credit cards with smart phones. it would work like visa's contractless technology which laws customers to pay by waving their phone. they will test the technology in stores in atlanta and three other cities. >> you always want to not lose your cellphone. happens to me all the time. now you really want to be extra careful. >> excuse me while i buy this thing. click! >> yeah. boy, walking outside this morning, grab a little winds breaker or something waterproof maybe. >> pretty misty, especially higher elevations and arounds the coast. take a look outside. thankfully not too windy so the hair won't get too frizzy this monday morning. hope you had a great weekend. it is 5:15 almost. looking live from downtown san francisco where the fog has lifted a little. can almost see the top of the
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bay bridge. temperatures running low to mid-50s in most neighborhoods. upper 50s redwood city and mountain view. even a 64 hills arounds los gatos. for the monterey bay and inland, temperatures low to mid-50s with mostly cloudy conditions. we'll have sunshine arounds the bay this afternoon but still cloudy at the coast and cooler than average everywhere. clouds tonight with drizzle less likely. mainly at the coast. coolest afternoons will be wednesday and thursday. see a warming trends for the weekend. we're watching an area of low pressure here. that is starting to slide down to us and that is keeping that strong onshore wind in our neighborhoods and that's why we're going to be cooler than average today like we were the last four months. here's a look at temperatures in the south bay. mid to upper 70s. 77 san jose. low to mid-70s most of the peninsula. millbrae 68. upper 50s along the coast. 62 downtown san francisco. sausalito 69. upper 70s the north by valleys.
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richmond, berkeley, oakland cool. mid to upper 60s there. low to mid-70s elsewhere. 80s in the east bay valleys. also morgan hill and gilroy. 60s monterey bay. for tonight cloud cover once again. having a hard time with this this morning making it into the south bay and east bay valleys. temperatures will range in the low to mid-50s even out to the coast. that would be the most likely area to be fairly moist tomorrow. your accu-weather seven-day forecast. we dare step backwards. a couple degrees cooler tomorrow afternoon. about 4 more on wednesday. lose about 6 to 8 degrees when the coolest air hits wednesday. we'll turn it right around. thursday we should warm a few degrees but one of the cooler afternoons. and near 90 inland for friday, saturday and sunday but normally near 60 at the coast. arounds the bay upper 70s to near 80 degrees. let's find out if it's still clear in walnut creek. >> it is clear. here's a live look at 680 near the north main exit.
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taillights moving south bound. no problems into the san ramon valley. about if you're commuting 24 westbound between 680 and the calendar cut tunnel, it's foggy. areas of low visibility orinda and oakland. drive careful through that area. going through the san mateo bridge, headlights east bounds on 92 hayward. we have a problem spot to be on the lookout for as you approach. a car has slammed into the sand barrels and sand all over the roadway. cal tran on the scene for the cleanup. a live look through the berkeley area heading westbound, no delays towards the maze. for the latest traffic updates and drive times go to our website at click on the traffic link. eric, kristen? >> megan, thank you very much. it's 5:17. >> still ahead on the morning news, free at last! sort of. lindsay lohan leaves jail in the dead of night. where she went. next. >> kristen, did you too misplace your invitation to chelsea
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clinton's wedding. >> i did! >> no worries. we'll show you the latest photos of the wedding of the decade.
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good morning, everyone. it is 5:21 on the abc 7 morning news mondays morning. a live look at san francisco international airport. we do have low clouds and probably a low ceiling near the airport. that could contribute to delays later in the morning. don't know of any right now but mike is keeping an eye on things and he'll let us know if there are delays at the airport coming up real soon. >> watching hollywood this morning, actress lindsay lohan is no longer a jailbird but not exactly a free woman either.
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she walked out of the suburban long jail early this morning after serving two weeks of a 90-day sentence for violating a drug probation. no one managed to snap a shot of her. she went straight to a rehab facility for three months of treatment. lohan has had to put several movies on hold including a movie about linda lovely. >> chelsea clinton and her new husband are honeymooning in a secret location. their top secret wedding held saturday night are just appearing in the media. a story book wedding. former president obama bill clinton walked his only child down the aisle close to tears. mom was in an oscar day la rent at that gown. the bride wore wang. the jewish and christian traditions.
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>> wang was there in person along with the dress. >> i wish i could have made it. i lost my invitation. >> you were too busy. >> that's true. >> time for must-reads. >> the mercury news breaks down how we spends or time online. the americans spend a third of their time on social net working sites like and farmville. while those picked up in traffic other traditional sites like yahoo, your e-mail provider, they're losing customers. the information is the neilson online study called what americans do online. >> the mercury news, a big technological leaping in silicon valley valley nothing new when it comes to computing. but medical technology. a surgeon has invented a device that removes large clots in blood vessels using balloons injected only in the clot area.
5:24 am
conventional treatments inject the drugs throughout the body. >> nine out of ten teenager drivers admit they have taken part in distracted driving behaveovers like texting or talking on a cellphone behind the wheel. u.s.a. day reporting results of a survey by 17 magazine and the aaa. 84% of the kids surveys say they knew the distracted driving increased their crash risk but that didn't mean they stopped doing it or wanted to stop doing it. we posted a link to complete articles on look under the must-reads tab. >> there is good news to be gleaned from that. their honest. >> oh, yes, honesty. i'll give them kudos for that as i make them stay in their room about a week. >> inception at the box office. >> i know how to search your mind and find your secrets. >> leo knows how to search your mind. the action thriller about a
5:25 am
theme that sneaks into people's dreams earning $27 million. rounding out the top five, dinner for schmucks. following closely behind, angelina jolee's salt is third followed by the hit despicable me and cats and dogs, the revenge of kitty galore. >> a major break through within days. that's next at 5:30. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live on communications hill in san jose where fire station 33 is closed. 49 firefighters laid off but now firefighters have plain to make tall better. the city saying not so fast. both sides in a live report. >> and relieved families in southern california head back to the homes they were forced to evacuate by a wildfire. the big thank you they're saying to firefighters. >> turn on the heat wave arounds dallas and new orleans heading up to kansas city.
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110 the next couple days. check out new york and boston. in the low 70s with no humidity. we'll have severe weather possible around minute, omaha and iowa city. no delays but if we have them our flight tracker will track them for you at see you in a if you minutes.
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♪ i'm terry mcsweeney live in san jose where 49 firefighters were laid off last week. now firefighters have a plan to bring them back. we'll hear the city's response in a live report. >> this morning the brother of san francisco giants player is in custody after barreling into people, cars and a light pole in danville. >> and a judge is set to decide today if a. c. transit drivers can be forced to work under a contract. the agency imposed on them. >> a live look from mount tam
5:29 am
this morning. the clouds there thick with moisture. kind of misty outside. we'll talk about how this will keep our temperatures below average. august is here. >> we're following a crash in hayward involving a car that slammed into sand barrels and sends sand all over the roadway. >> 5:29 this mondays. thank you for joining us. i'm kristen sze. >> start a whole new week. looks like last week weatherwise. mike will tell you more coming up. i'm eric thomas. the firefighters' union in san jose has a new plan to bring back dozens of members who lost their jobs to budget cuts last week. the union will introduce a imagine of pay benefits to city officials today. abc 7's terry mcsweeney is live in san jose. and, terry, you can't help but wonder if the package will be too little too late? >> well, city officials who have seen it so far are not impressed. they say, number one, it's not really all that new. and, number two, it doesn't hit
5:30 am
that magic number of $10 million in reductions and that's the number they want from firefighters. the announcement was made yesterday by firefighters down here in san jose announcing the plan. this after 49 firefighters were laid off last week. this plan they're calling new would allow for a two-tier retirement system for new hires thereby reducing benefits by 10%, increasing employee contribution and hiking the retirement age. this on top of the offered 5.4% pay cut. the city negotiator says it doesn't do enough. >> to me at this point given the enormity of our budget situation and the $118 million shortfall, it comes down to the numbers. >> there's one more thing here that might light a fire under city officials. that say new fire chief starts today. his name is william mcdonald. union leaders are saying that chief mcdonald has ideas about staffing that could save millions of dollars more. city leaders say they're gonna listen to it but pensions are
5:31 am
the problem and the new plan savings maybe $4 million. the city says maybe a little more than $5 million and the firefighters say the city what they need from firefighters is $10 million in savings. live in san jose, terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> terry, thank you. the palo alto city council meets tonight to consider a measure that will would allow voters to decide on staffing levels for the city's fire department. palo alto firefighters have gathered more than the required 6,000 signatures to qualify their initiative on the november ballot. it would lock in the current member of fire department staff and require voter approval for future layoffs. opponents say it would require the whole city to vote to reduce one firefighter. it would cost nearly $200,000 to put the mission the ballot. learning more about a driver blamed for five separate crashes in danville yesterday morning. the suspect is the junker brother of outfielder nate cherholder. lillian kim has more.
5:32 am
>> this mangled bicycle brought to the danville police department was the result of a driver blazing through town with apparently no regard for people or property. >> all of a sudden i see stuff flying everywhere, some dust and tire screeching. about 30 seconds later i hear the tires screech again. >> police say not only did the driver hit a cyclist but a pedestrian standing in a bicycle lane. officers say the suspect identified as 23-year-old cane nonsharehold of san ramon never stopped to check on victims. instead he continued to driving erratically colliding with two vehicles and a light pole. jane joyce saw the struck speeding through here neighborhood. his horrifying drive ended right in front of her house. that's where two witnesses used their trucks to block him from leaving a dead ends street. >> he stopped. the man ran up and said, you know, get out of the car. you know, what's the matter with you? you're hurting people. and the kid just totally, you know, out of it.
5:33 am
>> police say when they arrived, he wreaked of alcohol. blood tests are being conducted to determine if he was under the influence of anything else. while the cyclist was taken to the hospital, everyone is expected to be okay. the people in danville are breathing a sigh of relief. >> it could have been really bad. we're grateful that not more people weren't hurt. >> sharehults was booked on hit and run charges. police say he was also driving without a license. in danville, lillian kim, abc 7 news. >> it is now 5:33. new developments in the case of three u.c. berkeley graduates who have been in prison in iran for the past year. in an exclusive interview, their attorney said we'll get news this week they'll be released or put on trial. the americans have been in limbo in tehran's notorious prison as they are accused of espionage but never formally charged. they say the three should be charged with illegally entering
5:34 am
iran which is a relatively minor offense. this marked one year since the hikers were detained at the iran border. the families pleaded for their release and protested outside iran's mission to the united nations. >> very difficult for us all along to talk to anyone in the iran government. >> in 12 months the mothers have only been allowed one phone call and one reunion in tran. >> a judge is expected to issue a ruling between a. c. transit and drivers. their union wants to invalidate a contract a. c. transit imposed on drivers two weeks ago. 15 to 20% of drivers have failed to show up for work forcing bus cancellations. the schedule changes have caused on fusion and personal hardship for the drivers. if the judge overturns the contract, they'll have to lay off drivers and maybe eliminate
5:35 am
weekend service. >> in southern california crews have gotten the upper hand on a fire in los angeles and hope to have it fully contained by tonight. it helped firefighters knock down the blaze in the an lope valley. the fire now 87% contained destroyed four homes and five outbuildings since it broke out last thursday. firefighters believe the blaze was sparked by somebody working on a car wheel. it has burned up to 22 square miles of brush in the high desert. >> so cool around here but on the other hand we also haven't seen high fire danger so much. >> that is one of the positives. >> absolutely. that will continue to be a positive throughout this week. good monday morning to you. our 8:00 temperatures, you see plenty of cloud cover and even mist hanging around the higher elevations and along the coast. temperatures in the 50s. by noon, sunshine just about everywhere except for along the
5:36 am
coast. san francisco over to oakland. you find the coolest whether there upper 50s to low 60s. sunshine san rafael at 64. upper 60s, low 70s arounds the bay. low 70s the north bay valleys. mid-70s in the south bay. look in the east bay, upper. we'll have mid-60s santa rosa, napa. mid to upper 60s oakland and san rafael. low it mid-70s arounds the bay. mid to upper 70s in the south bay. 24 hour temperature change. minimal. probably won't even notice. oakland and concord 1 degree warmer. san francisco 2 degrees cooler. san jose and santa rosa close to yesterday if not one degree cooler. seven-day forecast. could it get any cooler? yes. it will stay arounds even longer through at least thursday. the temperatures should warm back to average by the weekend. good morning, megan. you have good news? >> yeah. things looking up in hayward.
5:37 am
earlier crash spilled sand all over the roadway. has finally been cleared. cal tran confirmed they cleared all the sand from the roadway. be on the lookout in livermore. a couple lanes blocked between airway, build and north livermore avenue. that should be cleared by 6:00 this morning. taking mass transits, no delays. everything running on schedule for your mondays morning commute. >> megan, thank you. it's 5:37. >> a deadly airline crash has a ripple effect on the u.c. berkeley campus. cal students mourn the death of a popular student. >> the latest on the investigation into a north bay cockfighting ring. >> and why passenger say one @
5:38 am
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5:40 am
>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. it's 5:40. we're learning that a top u.c. berkeley athlete is among the passengers killed in the crash of the airliner in pakistan last week. 19-year-old misha dalwood had completed her first year at cal. she was attending the national women's soccer championship. she was on the flight to join the team she played for during the summer. crews yesterday recovered the flight data recorder from the mountainous region where the plane went down on wednesday killing all 152 people on board. investigators were trying to
5:41 am
determine why the air flight veered off course as it approached islamabad. >> napa county authorities are investigating an illegal cockfight that resulted in the arrest of 34 member. a neighbor tipped off authorities about the cockfight behind the hill near american canyon road. when authorities got there, the spectators started running. a plane helped locate and capture then. they found 50 live roosters with two dead ones inside the makeshift arena. police released everybody on misdemeanor charges except the property owner. he went to jail. >> low cost carrier spirit airlines is defending a move to charge passengers for carry-on bags. the carrier began charging the fee yesterday. the action is intended to discourage passengers stuffing overhead bins with carry-on badge because it often delays the boarding process. the airlines is charges $30 for any bag too big to fit under the
5:42 am
seat and $45 for passengers who wait until they get to the boarding gate to pay. the fee seems to be doing the job. well, if you didn't have the check-in fees, maybe they wouldn't do that. >> they have the highest fees in the industry. former fed chairman allen greenspan has cautious words about the economy. the bloomberg business report straight ahead. >> critical backup as soon as tonight. see what's ahead coming up. >> and university of san francisco saying good-bye to single-use water bottles. up next what the school is doing to encourage students to go reusable. >> astronauts are being asked to perform an eme
5:43 am
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welcome back. here's a look at your california forecast. look at the clouds. they keep the coast cool. eureka and big sur in the 60s. sunshine arounds l.a., 82. san diego 72. upper valley 90s. sacramento 91. not bad tahoe, 78. yosemite, the lower levels, 107 for the hot spot around the state and palm springs 102. kristen, eric. >> thank you. it's 5:45 alet's take a look at the stories we're following. city officials san jose could decide whether they'll accept a
5:46 am
last-minute appeal from firefighters. 49 firefighters were laid off last week. they're hoping further concessions could get them all rehired. one city official says it's not likely. >> a driver being blamed for five separate crashes at din val yesterday morning is the younger brother of giants outfielder nate cherhults. parking lot 25-year-old has been booked on hit and run charges. >> an alameda county judge is expected to rule on whether a. c. transit can continue to impose a contract on its drivers. the driver's union wants the contract invalidated. about 15 to 20% of drivers have failed to show up each day for work since a. c. transit two weeks ago. >> president obama is expected to set a course for the changing mission in iraq as the military prepares to end combat operations there. the president plans to address the progress being made to meet his deadline of drawing down all
5:47 am
combat troops in iraq by the ends of this month. he'll be speaking in atlanta at the national convention of disabled american veterans. a transition force of 50,000 troops will remain to conduct counterterrorism operations and provide security for ongoing u.s. civilian efforts. >> b.p. is hoping this is the beginning for the ends of the blown out oil well spilling into the gulf of mexico. engineers hoping to begin the latest effort for making a permanent seal as early as today. emily has the details. >> 105 days into the oil spill, the next 48 hours may be critical with the static kill of the blown out well beginning as early as tonight or tomorrow. >> the current forecast we'll do that activity on tuesday. >> this cube 4,000 rig will be the one to watch. it will slowly pump mud into the well pushing down the oil so cement fills its place. if it works, the hardened cement
5:48 am
plugs the well from the top setting up the next phase of a bottom kill. it would be a welcome step forward in a disaster that still poses problems on the surface. >> they say there's no oil. over here not a couple miles from where they are, they leave this oil just sittin' here. >> even as large commercial fishing areas reopen, fishermen worry about public perception. >> nobody's talking about the dispersants. you can see the oil but you can't see dispersants. >> congressman said in a letter the chemical dispersants used early in the spill were like carpet bombing the gulf with chemical, oil and gas with impacts not well understood. b.p. says the dispersants were epa-approved. >> these are all tradeoffs. one thing we didn't want to see happen reaching the shoreline. >> the commander says they reduced dispersant usage in late may but sometimes there is no other way to attack the oil.
5:49 am
abc news, washington. >> it's almost 5:49. the obama administration says the u.s. is spending $10 million in humanitarian aid to help people affected by the massive flooding in pakistan. 27,000 people are still believed to be trapped by raging floodwaters following days of monsoon rains. blamed for a thousand deaths. rescue crews are having a difficult time because roads and bridges are still covered in water. >> nasa officials say the astronauts may have to conduct an emergency space walk this week. part of the cooling system at the station shut down over the weekend. nasa says the astronauts are not in any danger but the repairs need to be made soon. one of the station's cooling loops shut down saturday night. the loops insure electronic gear doesn't overheat. the concern is a failure of a second system would endanger critical kiment. >> it is 5:49. time for a look at the forecast.
5:50 am
sounds like we've been through this one before. >> yes. we should just playground hog day. >> oh! >> over and over. do i hear sonny and cher? kind of that way. temperatures cooler this week. let's take a look outside. 5:50 this morning. good monday morning. here's a look. where are we, ballmer peak. you can see how rag tag the clouds are over the east bay hills. some of them are enough moisture in them to create mist this morning so watch out for that. as far as temperatures, while very cool once again with low to mid-50s in most neighborhoods, redwood city, mountain view in the upper 50s and los gatos 64. even towards gilroy and also salinas there. what we're doing for highlights, we're talking about sunshine in the afternoon. but still cooler than average.
5:51 am
the coldest afternoons will be wednesday and thursday. for august, look at this, how there's a little reverse and san francisco actually gets warmer throughout the month. 2 degrees warmer. average high in oakland climbs one. away from the water. san rafael, livermore will drop 1 and 2 degrees. so the transition because we lose about an hour and 3 minutes of sunshine during the entire month. for today here we are august 2nd. once the clouds trying to push into the east bay valleys and the south bay. having a hard time from that shot on ballmer peak. quick retreat those areas back to the coast by noon. maybe a little finger fog hanging around oakland and completely back to the coast by 3:00 keeping you in the 50s. about 60s and 70s arounds the bay and 80s east bay valleys. widespread 80s. like yesterday, pretty comfortable. probably won't need the air conditioner today. richmond, berkeley, upper 60s. low to mid-70s south of that on the east bay shore.
5:52 am
keep the mid-70s in most of the south bay. upper 70s around san jose, campbell and 82 los gatos. 68 millbrae, the cool spot on the peninsula. low to mid-70s san mateo to mountain view. looking into the south bay. upper 50s along the coast today. 52 downtown san francisco. slightly warmer south bay. 67. sausalito 69. mid to upper 70s through the north bay valleys. mid to upper 60s monterey bay and mid-80s morgan hill and gilroy. around the state we just looked at 107 yosemite. wow, is it going to be hot there! let's talk about baseball. a's in town taking on the royals. clear skies, clouds roll in. drop from 66 down to 60. accu-weather seven-day forecast. lose a couple degrees off our highs tomorrow. about 4 on wednesday. that will be the coolest afternoon. see temperatures rebound to near 90 over the weekend. inland near 80 around the bay and low 60s at the coast.
5:53 am
see if that fog's making it to walnut creek. >> we have a live look at walnut creek. making your way too caldecott tunnel, you see the fog. taillights move southbound. problem-free heading into the san ramon valley. westbound areas of low visibility in between orinda to oakland. drive careful through that area. a live look at interstate 80 heading through the berkeley area. headlights moving westbound. the drive time from the carquinez bridge to the maze just about 20 minutes and once you do reach the bridge toll plaza, metering lights not on yet. a slight backup to that cal tran parking lot. that's a ten-minute wait heading into san francisco. you can always check traffic by going to our website. it's and click on the traffic link under abc 7 extras. eric, kristen. >> megan, thanks a lot. it's 5:53. >> a move to ban research in motion's blackberry devices.
5:54 am
>> here's courtny with the "moneyscope" report. >> good morning. blackberry's are being seen as a national security threat in national emirates. planning to shut down blackberry e-mail and web browsing start in october. the services allow users to act without legal accountability causing social and national security concerns. meantime a new threat to visa and mastercard. sources telling bloomberg at&t and verizon hoping to displace credit and debit cards with smart phones. the new system allows shoppers to wave the smart phones instead of using credit cards. may begin testing at stores in atlanta and three other other disclosed u.s. cities. the u.s. is the in danger of slipping back into recession and that's the word from former fed chairman alan greenspan. the trigger would be another drop in home prices.
5:55 am
the close friday, not much move in either direction. a growing number of people are getting more face time on and other social net working sites. the amount of time u.s. internet users spend playing online games like farmville has jumped in the past year. that pushes e-mail use from the number two spot to number three. >> it's 5:55 now. the phrase bring your own bottle is taking on a whole new meaning at the university of san francisco. the school is upgrades its water fountains to make it easier to refill water bottles. officials hope that will encourage students and staff to bring their own reusable containers and fill them as needed rather than by single-use bottles. it's the result of an effort by student groups to make the campus more green. >> environmental activists are backpacking across yosemite national park to restore the valley. the great, great grandson of
5:56 am
nagsist john muir is part of the effort. they want to return it to the way it was before dammed in 1923 to provide water to san francisco. >> the restoration would not only mean a lot to me and my family but you only have a handful of opportunities like this to do for the future. >> the marchers will follow a separate 45-mile route. they'll converge at the dam next saturday for a rally. >> thousands of dead heads are probably still buzzing from the music. the celebration of rock legend jerry garcia. ♪ >> gathered in san francisco's park yesterday for jerry day. the long-time leader of the grateful dead would have been 68. crowds dressed in their best tie dye. they danced at the music at the free festival and tribute concert. his childhood neighbor organized
5:57 am
the event. a lot of jerry look-alikes, too. >> oh, yeah. just ahead we'll show you the pictures of former first daughter chelsea clinton big wedding day. >> the critical ruling that could ends the stakeout by a. c. transit drivers. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live in san jose where firefighters have come up with a plan that they say could save 49 firefighters' jobs. but the city is already extinguishing any flicker of hope.
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