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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  August 2, 2010 10:00pm-10:35pm PST

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workers and what it means for bus service. >> and bay area woman taking a standby squatting on public standby squatting on public property. 7 news begins
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>> bus drivers celebrated when a judge ruled in their favor this evening but that does not mean everything will be back to normal tomorrow for ac transit riders. >> lillian is in oakland tonight with more on the judge's ruling for us. lillian? >>reporter: carolyn, looks like bus riders could end up being the big lose interall this. ac transit says be prepared for more cuts in service. judge's ruling means the new over time rules imposed on ac transit workers two weeks ago are null and void. so too is the co-pay for health care and pension plan for future employees. whether this will stop the high number of drivers calling in sick remains to be seen but union leaders say work
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conditions will certainly be much more palatable. >> workers can now come back and be relaxed at working service that they are used to working. >>reporter: ac transit board of directors went into a closed door session to discuss whether to appeal the judge's ruling. the reason why imposed the contract in the fears place was to help brim 56 million dollar budget deficit. >> very concerning to us is the drivers are only looking out for themselves. they are not looking out for the taxpayers. they are fought looking out for the riders. this district can't be out of balance. >>reporter: ac transit says it must now look at making cuts elsewhere to save money. they say already eliminated more than 70 staff position. raise fare 25 cents trip and reduce spending on salary and travel expenses. >> the reality is it could be weekends and it could be longer time between buses. could be up to an hour or
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more. >>reporter: union leaders are refusing to take the blame for any of it. they say they made concession in the past. will continue to do so in future meetings. >> i am here ready to negotiate. let's get back to the table and let's negotiate a contract. >>reporter: board of director left tonight closed door session without making a decision. they plan to make a decision on whether to appeal the judge's ruling in the coming weeks. live in oakland, abc 7 news. very different story in san francisco where muni drivers are all but guaranteed 6 percent pay increase to almost 30 dollars an hour. even virtually every other city worker gets pay cut. transit agency board of director will met tomorrow to review the increase. but pretty much a done deal. city charter says muni drivers must be the second highest transit worker in the country and there's a measure to change that on the november balance let. >> palo alto city council voted to put a measure on the november ballot that take away
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their own power to lay off members of the fire department. this initiative supported by the firefighters union would lock in current staffing levels of the department. council basically had to put this measure on the ballot because it received the inquired number of signatures but they were certainly not happy about it. >> i strongly oppose this initiative by the firefighters. i think it's amadeingly selfish. >> misguided power play by attempt by the fire department and i am confident that the people of palo alto are going to make the voices loud and clear on where they stand on the issue. >>reporter: firefighters argue that preventing future layoffs is in the best interest of public safety. voters get the final say in november. mean time san jose firefighters union will be back at the bargaining table with city leaders on wednesday. 2 side are hoping to work out a deal that could reinstate nearly 50 laid off firefighters. the union unveiled the latest proposal yesterday but the city says it
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falls at least 4 million dollars short of the 10 million dollars needed to bring back those workers. >> demonstrators say it is time to stand up for messerly. couple dozen pro pesttor rally outside san jose city hall in support of the former bart police officer. messerly convicted last month of involuntary manslaughter in the shooting death of unarmed passenger oscar grant. one demonstrator today was messerly's father. >> tragic this whole thing has been and time for people to get a sense of who he is. >>reporter: protestors say they plan to rally every week or two around the bay until messerly is freed. sentencing is set for november. he faces 5 to 14 years in prison. also today in oakland man agreed to plea deal for his role in the violent protest that followed the messerly verdict. tyrone moore was accused of having a molotov cocktail in his car. 35-year-old will serve up to a
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year in county jail. he's the first of 14 protestors charged with a fell l any to settle his case. police in pittsburgh say man was killed because he refused gang orders to participate in an assault. 25-year-old victim was shot to death early yesterday after disobeying orders to beat someone up. that's according the our media party contra costa county times. shooting took place shortly before 1:00 a.m. at home on san remo way where the victim was rent ago room. now police say the suspect is 29-year-old man named isaac mack kuhan transientjf with long history of violent gang related crime. >> 2 new lawsuits filed against toyota today claimed the auto maker knew of sudden acceleration problems as early as 2003. according to the suit at least 6 sudden acceleration incidents dating back seven years were reported some which were verified by toyota own technician and dealers. data gathered from thousands of pages of internal toyota documents. toyota says
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it's looking forward to defending itself against these allegations. >> now to the oil spill. bp says that tomorrow it will begin testing whether pumping mud into blown out well in the gulf will mriingt up for good. this static kill test involves probing the prevent ter with oil like liquid to see if it will leak under stress. as of late today it was so far so good. >> we are here to survey this area. 24 hours a day. to see if there has been any change. >> you are not detect. >> not detecting any yet. chance of this working prosecute pretty much up around 95 to 99 percent. >>reporter: test will take 30 to 60 hours. if it is successful bp will begin slowly pumping heavy mud down the well mm. immediately. >> is your kara magnet for thieves. most likely target coming up. peninsula protestors street corner fixture is fighting to keep dancing. also ahead.
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>> something great for the city of richmond. >> not just something great. it is something grand. piece of east bay history about to reopen. >> then later on "nightline". >> i'm martin. come up next on night line. not just passengers and baggage that are loaded on to aircraft. tonight we find rat, magazine got even scorpion bug eye view of the airline plus miranda goes behind the scenes of hit
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>> closed captioning brought to >> people in berkeley remembering a student killed when jet liner crashed in pakistan last week. the girl had just completed her freshman year at uc berkeley. allen met up with some of her friends. >> at just 5 feet tall 19-year-old girlfriends say she had the presence of a giant. >> she always had this huge smile on her face. >> she really brought it to life. >> she was anything but introverted. >>reporter: she graduated from one of pakistan top high schools and was focused only on academics at uc berkeley but she had been one of pakistan top female soccer
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players. >> she was like national super stavrment very modest girl. she did a lot and she was very smart and capable and she didn't really brag about herself ever. i have heard how hard it is to come from pakistan to a school at berkeley and it's truly impressive how she is balanced athletic lifestyle and academic lifestyle. >>reporter: with her studies behind her for the summer she left berkeley and flying to islamabad on tuesday to play in the national women soccer championship. but her flight crashed into a mountain killing all 152 people aboard. >> i didn't even get a chance to say goodbye. >> i kept thinking about you know little michigan a alone on the flight like i couldn't even imagine how she was dealing witness. >>reporter: some friends gather on campus and reflected on her desire to return to pakistan and advocate for equality and justice. >> what she wanted to do was
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take what she learned from the school such as berkeley, apply it really, understand the social welfare principal and understand the justice system, system, go back over there and advocate for more change. >>reporter: as tragic as the death is friends smile when they remembered her. young freshman who somehow attracted a legion of friends with her setting for life and contagious positive attitude n n.berkeley, abc 7 news. peninsula woman dancing protest on busy street corner may be coming to an in. police in belmont told her she had until the end of the weeshtion the day rather to move. she didn't. now officials are trying to decide how far to good to make her leave. here's vick lee. >>reporter: sometimes she dances to the beat of -- beat of her own drummer. other times she sits silently writing her thoughts on volume 24 of herman fest. more pronounced are her messages
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scribbled mostly incoherently on signs and blankets stretched 40 feet along the sidewalk at belmont busiest intersection. i asked her what is her main message? >> fight for your right to freedom and believe in god. >>reporter: years ago she used her 2 homes in san mateo and belmont and even more car as her canvas. they were the same references to god witch craft and government conspiracy. neighbors complained. she was in and out of court. her homes were eventually for closed. last year she began displaying her signs at this intersection. she soon became a town fixtur fixture. >> most towns have got characters in them. you know. that they put up with. >>reporter: month ago the 50-year-old became homeless and began sleeping in her ever growing sidewalk encampment. that's when the troubles began. >> city told me to move. i am refusing. >>reporter: belmont police
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told her last week she would have to move her 40 foot display by the end of today. >> she is violating our city code regarding encroachment in public right-of-way. >> you have a sleeping bag. >> i have a sleeping bag. >>reporter: she showed me her sleeping quarters. supply of food and other necessities. nearby gas station allows her to clean up every morning in the rest room. she says her street display is part of her first amendment rights. >> i am believing in god. i am believing in the people of the united states that they will have the right. >>reporter: police say they and the county mental health program have offered her housing and medical assistance but that she has refuse. places tell us they want to resolve the whole thing amicably but could also prosecute her for a misdemeanor. now mean time police are consulting the city attorney's office so it looks at this moment that there is a stand off. this is vick lee, abc 7 news. after decade long shut
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down popular east bay landmark ready to reopen in just a matter of days. 84-year-old richmond plunge public pool forced to close 2001 because in danger of collapsing. but the community pulled together and combination of private donation city funding and grachbt they paid for the 8 million dollar retrofit. i was afraid if it didn't get fixed it would get torn down and they would put up a burger king or something up. >> have richmond name on it. thank god. something great for the city of of richmond. >>reporter: plunge has rich history in richmond when it opened in 19 26 it was the largest indoor swimming pal in the state. grand reopening set for one week from this saturday august 14th. want to share share this video to us. these people are adding to mission district mural painted by graffiti artist. the painting was part of art festival sponsored by roof division. group mission is to help more people
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appreciate art by getting involved. if you have video you would like to share with us up load it to you report abc 7 or e-mail it to us at e report at kg cars that thieves like best is out. cadillac escalade is the most likely vehicle to be stolen. highway institute says 1 out of every 100 keys laid and institute official says thieves are after chrome horsepower and those him i engines. make sense when you look at the other top 5 thief magnet. the crew cab pick up, infinity 2 door dodge charger with the high powered him i and the corvette the 6. least likely stole wren family cars like the volvo s 80 that he was don't want those apparently. complete list is posted at abc 7 under see it on tv. >> now we know. >> we are experiencing some cooler than normal
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temperatures still for august. >> i was out shooting something today and it was 57 degrees in parts of the city. pretty cold. >> it has been unusually cool. not only in july but also getting into august as well. today's temperatures fell below where they should be for this time of year so we are running cooler than normal. there's an explanation. show you this from the east bay hills camera. regular feature every day has been the marine layer. see the beautiful sunset at 8:17. marine layer quite prominently displayed in the foreground. stands at 1400 feet deep tonight. that has already made its way into santa rosa. temperatures right now in the 50's and the 60's. let's take a lack at the highlights. coast cool and gray. mild to warm conditions inland for your tuesday. and it is turning cooler in all areas on wednesday. few spots we have been cool lately. it is only going to get cooler. show you the set up. so this summer this is what it looked like in the month of july. area of
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low pressure over the pacific typical summertime alignment. not so typical the fact we haven't got than much heat in the bay area for the summer. the heat has been over the desert south west. las vegas july has been the warmest ever since record keeping began back in the 1937 time period. they have had some warm nights and of course warm day. hot day. it has been a dry month with just a trace of rain. haven't seen much in the way of monsoon moisture or thunderstorm activity in las vegas. by contrast the same alignment lower pressure inland high pressure over the pacific has kept a persistent sea breeze across the bay area. strong sea breasts has really brought san francisco at the coolest level ever since 1971. so it cool as july since 1971. talking almost 40 years. only one day where they actually reached 70 degrees and this is the fourth consecutive month of below
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normal temperature. august already heading to another with week of cooler than normal conditions coming up here and if we continue that the pace that will make it the fifth consecutive month of below normal conditions. not just san francisco though. it has been other parts of the bay area and southern california. here's what is going to reinforce the coolin cooling. trough deepen around midweek. drive the jet stream further south that will bring the cool area into the bay area in the form of deepening marine layer. that makes its way further and further inland. temperatures won't warm much. overnight tonight some cool pocket in the north bay valley with upper 40's to low 50's. rest of the bay area low to mid 50's. first thing in the morning waking up to gray skies. tomorrow afternoon 81 in the south bay and campbell. 79 in san jose. sunshine on the peninsula by afternoon. low 70's palo alto and menlo park. 50's at the beaches 62 degrees downtown san francisco. north bay
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upper 40's for santa rosa, sonoma not where you should be in the east bay 67 in oakland. 73 for union city. you head inland p.67 in santa cruz. unseasonably cool as we head towards the work week go from the upper 80's to low to mid 80's inland for the rest of the work week and only mid 50's at our coast. that's not where we should be for august. so definitely below normal levels continuing for awhile and la nina developing so if we continue at this pace could be going into the rest of august cooler than normal. >> we'll see. thank you very much. >> they will both help you lose weight but one popular diet is better for heart health. >> low cash or low fat? >> low cash or low fat? that's
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[ fele announcer ] this is a strawberry pop tart. but this is warm, fresh-baked strawberry toaster strudel [ music ] see the difference? pillsbury toaster strudel, the one kids want to eat. swimming is♪ y favorite thing. and only two things can get me out of the water. prunedoes... ♪ and totino's. ♪ we're the kids in america >> actor charlie sheen pleaded guilty to assaulting his wife. prosecutors in colorado drop 2 other charges against him in exchange for the plea. sheen
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was arrested in aspen on christmas day after violent argument with his wife. his steps includes 30 days in a cavalry had a bill taition center. 30 days probation. and 36 hours of anger management classes. >> lindsey out of jail but not a free woman yet. lohan released around 1:30 this morning. served 14 day of 90 day jail sentence for violating probation in a two,000 7 drug case. she went straight from jail to inpatient rehab program. well there is another chapter in the which diet is better saga internal medicine compared low carb and low fat diet. they found after two years people who followed either diet lost same amount of weight roughly 15 pounds. key difference was in cholesterol levels. low carb diet im pravd good cholesterol by 23 percent compared to 12 percent for the low fat dieters. always comes down to eat moderately and exercise as
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you want to keep your loved ones safe and secure give them the gift of financial security from new york life. we've been protecting families for over 165ears. new york life. the company you keep. >> good evening everybody. dallas threw per game. ben had tons of experience but the man with the best chance to win for the a ever time he takes the mound is trevor. hosting royals tonight. this is definite initial of agony. first he loses the foul ball and then he loses the beer. double dose of heart break. bottom one. kevin with the a on the board. single scoring kurt. 3 nothing in the fifth. here it comes there it goes. 2 run homer. 5 nothing a's fifth of the year for davis.
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kay hill first complete game. 8's third straight complete gan game hadn't happened in eight years. look at him stretch. by derek barton. a's win 6 nothing. scary moment tonight in chicago. the brewers carlos gomez drilled in the head by cubs pitcher brian. gomez down for few minutes. reportedly taken to the hospital for observation. milwaukee won the game final 18-1 and giants had the night off. on to football 49 ers began the serious hitting training camp with coach bringing back the infamous nut cracker drill. throw back to old school football. some coaches don't like it because the risk of injury and willis got hurt last year. you have to stop toughness and not how you do it. >> when you say they are just
11:31 pm
going to beat each other to death. we are trying to be a sound team because that team is the team that will win those tight games. >>reporter: last decade for stanford football filled with lean time. followed by the harris rejaime now expectation sky high with jim harbaugh. players and coaches gathered along with counter part from cal san jose state. look ahead to the new season stanford huge cleat to build and stewart not as good as toby but called on to carry the load and with harbaugh in charge ex pebling taition are steadily increasing. >> i think we have embraced women. learn how to win more and what it takes to win. so i think we are definitely taking steps ford. going undefeated. first you have to win the pack 7. >>reporter: faintally this might be the highest shot in basketball history. legendary shot came up with that beauty. shooter was on top of the
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vulcan monument in alabama measured at 56 feet tall. largest cast iron somewhat you in the world. >> 30 pointer right there. >> yes. full service. found love on the bachelorette. >> are you about larry. >> "nightline"next i'm dan. >> i'm carolyn for larry. thanks for joining news have a great evening. see
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