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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  August 3, 2010 4:00am-5:00am PST

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today and that's because a judge ruled in favor of the drivers. we'll explain what that means for negotiations up ahead. >> i'm terry mcsweeney. california on the verge of setting an all-time record for money spent or a governor's race, one candidate jut spending the other by a massive marge but not leading in the polls by a massive margin, in fact not leading at all. >> check out this picture from downtown san francisco. barely see the bay bay bridge. mist and clouds await you. so do cooler conditions. we'll be well below average and how long it will last this weekend. >> here's a live shot of a foggy golden gate bay bridge for drivers. you might need your wipers in san francisco. an update on an accident at hercules. >> the city council votes to put a mission the november ballot that would take away their own power, lay off members of the fire department. >> it's tuesday, 5:00. good morning. i'm kristen sze.
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>> i'm eric thomas. topping our news, a. c. transit could return to a nor normal because schedule starting today because a judge yesterday threw out a contract imposed on its drivers two weeks ago. during that two-week period drivers were calling out sick at two to three times the normal rate. theresa garcia is live in fremont with the next step. theresa? >> well, you know, eric, those a. c. transit drivers were insisting it wasn't a sick-out but daily the last couple weeks he had 250 drivers out. this as you were saying could change quite the big picture different for the bus passengers and that's because that imposed contract got thrown out. but here's what happened. an alameda county judge forced a. c. transit to return to the union contract that expired june 30th instead of the new one that caused so many transit workers to protest. the ruling means the newly i am polled scheduling, pension changes and increased health
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insurance costs are now null and void. the transit board of directors went into a closed door session to discuss whether to appeal the judge's ruling but didn't decide yet. the reason it imposed that contract in the first place was to help bridge a $56 million deficit. these changes would have saved nearly $16 million. union leaders believe negotiations will be smoother. >> the workers can now come back and be relaxed at working service that they're used to working. >> what's concerning to us is the drivers are only looking out for themselves. they're not looking out for the taxpayers. they're not looking out for the riders. and this district can't be out of the balance. >> a. c. transit says it must look at making cuts elsewhere to save money. it's eliminated more than 70 staff positions, raised fares 25 cents per trip, cut the service by 8% and spending on salaries and travel expenses. it may go as far as to cut
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weekend service entirely so still looking at their options. the contract negotiations will resume soon. the first meeting before an arbitrator scheduled for august 20th. theresa garcia. >> the race for california governor may be the most expensive gubernatorial contest in american history. just how expensive it's been to this point, terry mcsweeney is here to break it down. >> by a ratio of 200-1. as far as the amount the candidates are spending we haven't seen anything as we steam towards that november election. meg whitman is bringing in more and spending more, way more than attorney general jerry brown. whitman is reporting she spent about $20 million in the five-week period ending june 30th. that's more than half a million bucks per day. attorney general hasn't spent half a million yet this year. the time period does include a
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couple weeks leading up to the prime ris and whitman had a strong opponent. brown did not. whitman spend $100 million. brown has spent $377,000. again, better than a 200-1 ratio. a poll released last week by the public policy institute of california shows the two are very close. in fact brown leading whitman by 3%. 25% undecided. some observers of whitman have diminishing returns. whitman's campaign looks at undecided voters and believes it can use its considerable resources to overcome the democrats' registration advantage here in california. brown has more in the bank. $23 million. she says she has just $10 million left. how is it she plans to spends another $150 million on this campaign and where is her money
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and jerry brown's money coming from. if he's not spending money, who's paying for those meg whitman pieces. eric? >> terry, thank you very much. the san jose city council is set to decide today whether or not to place four possible measures on the november ballot to balance the huge budget deficit. it would raise san jose's sales tax rate to 9.5%. a 10% tax for gross receipts on the approximately 50 medicinal marijuana businessless in the city. a change in the city charter to allow pension reform by negotiating a second tier pension for new city employees and revising city charter provisions for binding arbitration that would affect police officers and firefighters. >> san jose's new fire chief william mcdonald will hold his first news conference today and many hope he'll reveal new ideas to put dozens of firefighters back to work. the union will be back to the
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bargaining table with city leaders wednesday. the two sides are hoping to work out a deal that could reinstate 49 laid off firefighters and reopen a closed fire station. the union unveils its latest proposal sunday but the city says it falls way short, at least $4 million short of the $10 million needed to bring back those workers. >> palo alto will decide whether the city council has the power to lay off firefighters. they voted to put the initiative on the november ballot that would lock in the current staffing levels. they gathered enough signatures to qualify for the ballot. council members are not happy with the idea. >> i strongly oppose this initiative by the firefighters. i think it's amazingly selfish. >> i think it's a misguided power play by attempt by the fire department and i am confident that the people of palo alto are going to make their voices loud and clear on where they stand on this issue. >> firefighters argue that
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preventing future layoffs is in the best interest of public safety. >> tonight marks one of the safest nights to headout side and meet your neighbors. it's the 27th annual national night out. the block parties encourage neighborhood cooperation and crime fighting. oakland has one of the largest celebrations. more than 440 parties are planned for the city. most start around 5:00 tonight. richmond, san francisco, san jose and other bay area cities are also planning night out events. for a list of times and where the events are, go to our website, look under "see it on tv." >> folks who want to drag out the lawn chairs and sit down and talk to neighbors, what's the weather like for them? >> hopefully takes place before the fog rolls in. >> like on the east bay shore, fog, san francisco fog, we went get rid of it today. have a coat no matter where you are. once the sun sets, it will get cool everywhere. cloudy conditions, mist this morning. that's 8:00, all of us feeling
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temperatures in the 50s. won't move much between now and 8:00. by noon sunshine around most of the bay. still have that push of fog through the golden gate over to oakland where we're at 62. upper 50s san francisco and half moon bay where it will be cloudy. upper 60s to low 70s arounds the bay. mid-70s south bay valleys. check out the east by valleys from concord to 74, antioch and livermore around 80. by 4:00 that same area in the low to mid-80s. upper 70s to low 80s arounds the south bay with low 70s around most of the bay. still low to mid-60s arounds san francisco and oakland. mid 70s in the north bay valley. let's take a look at your accu-weather seven-day forecast. today may be the warmest day in our forecast. check out tomorrow, thursday, friday and saturday. temperatures drop nearly 8 to 10 degrees everywhere away from the coast. we'll be in the mid-50s in the coast, upper 60s around the bay and low 80s inland. maybe misty this morning but too
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much water, frances. what's going on? >> pretty wet. had to shut down the street. a major boulevard in petaluma. petaluma boulevard north right now is closed due to a water main break between washington street and western avenue. so if you need to head to the stores in the area, you won't be able to do so at this time. keep that in mind. but on the freeway looking good through petaluma as you make your way towards novato. an accident we've been following on eastbound 80 at willow, currently blocking the left lane. this is kinds of the reverse commute. so far traffic flowing well. westbound traffic no delays either as you make your way towards berkeley. we'll go outside and check out a live camera shot. this time at the san mateo bridge. not looking too foggy but you saw thick fog across the golden gate bridge so look out for that as well this morning. >> thanks, frances. it's 5:09. >> a mortgage lender blamed for playing a big role in the housing crisis sentenced by the government. the huge fine countrywide
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financial will pay. >> also ahead, 7 on your side's michael finney leads the charge on a nationwide recycling challenge. >> have you ever taken a blurry picture? up next the new technology that will could soon make all your images crystal clear. ñ@@@
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nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today. announcer: when your eyes are smiling, you're smiling. be kind to your eyes with transitions lenses. transitions adapt to changing light so you see your whole day comfortably and conveniently while protecting your eyes from the sun. ask your eyecare professional which transitions lenses are right for you. transitions lenses are available at a site for sore eyes location near you. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. countrywide financial has agreed to the largest payout so far in mortgage meltdowns. it will pay $600 million to settle shareholder lawsuits. it will end several class action
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suits that claimed countrywide loosened its standards for loans during the housing boom. countrywide would admit no wrong-doing and expected named in the suit would be cleared pending final approval. >> introduced two new kendall models. they're sold out. they can download books over 3-g networks and wi-fi. amazon started taking orders july 28th for an august 27th delivery. those models are gone already. the company is now taking orders for september delivery. just in case you wondered, the $379 deluxe kendall is still in stock. >> a leader when it comes to recycle just about anything. a nationwide push underway following the city's lead when it comes to batteries. michael finney reports. >> san franciscans are encouraged to to leave their
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batteries in zip lock bags on top of their garbage cans on pickup day. >> batteries can have metals in them. you want to keep all that out of the landfill as much as possible. >> workers with the batteries before they're transported and made into different metal products. but more effective is using rechargeable batteries. >> everybody's sort of moving in the direction of rechargeables so that's one step towards being eco friendly. >> even rechargeable batteries can lose their charge. those why stores are joining forces to recycle rechargeable batteries as well. >> it is free. and we take pretty much all types of rechargeable batteries, nickel, cadmium. the alarm system batteries under 11 pounds. >> the recycle program is challenging americans to drop off 1 million pounds of
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rechargeable batteries before october 1st. the last 15 years the program has collected 55 million b batteries. >> i think more people are conscious what's going on around them. they're trying not to do anything that's going to damage our environment any further. >> we need to get away from single-use products in this country. to get closer to reusable products. rechargeable batteries is one example. a canvas tote bag another example, something you can reuse again and again. >> that was michael finney reporting. we have links to the recycle program. go to and looking for "7 on your side." >> there is nothing worse when taking pictures then realizing your favorite shots are blurry. some researchers at microsoft are working on technology sew solve that problem. it compensates for the small
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movements that happen when you snap a photo. it fixes your pictures making them sharp and clear. engineers are working on perfecting it and there's no word when this technology might be in cameras. >> all right. it's not because we're shaking as we're taking the picture. it's the subjects, the little kids running around not standing still when you're trying to take the pictures. >> that's an age-old problem technology has not managed to fix in a couple hundred years. i agree! >> all right. not exactly blue out there but thick and sticky. >> if microsoft could, you know, fix that. >> fix the fog? >> yeah. make it clear, make sunshine for those who want some summer. >> want to go to the pool. >> wouldn't that be nice. just once in a while. >> let's take a look outside and show you what is going on. looking at sfo. notice how low the clouds are. let us know just how long the flight arrival delays are.
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with our flight tracker at you can check out to see which flights are specifically affected. let's take a look at temperatures. los gatos and the hills, 66 degrees. elsewhere low to mid-50s from the north bay valleys into the east bay valleys. mid to upper 50s around the bay and low 50s along the coast. around the monterey bay and inland cloudy conditions and low to mid-50s. we will see sunshine, especially away from the coast and san francisco this afternoon. looks like it will be the warmest afternoon in this week's forecast. cloudy, cool, mist possible again tonight. and a cooler afternoon starts tomorrow and lingers through the first part of the weekend. here's a look at the water vapor imagery. kind of get an idea what's going on. a jet stream diving from canada, going to build backwards or retrograde as we like to say to the west-southwest. that's going to bring cooler air from canada, will cool that air more as it brings it over that ocean water. that's why we're looking at a
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midweek cooling trend. today mid-70s milpitas. low 80s most neighborhoods in the south bay. may hit 85 los gatos and san jose 79. 68 millbrae the cool spot on the peninsula. low to mid-70s else where. the coast upper 50s for you with fog all day. downtown south san francisco, sausalito low to mid-60s. 72 san rafael and mid to upper 70s through the north bay valley. clear like and ukiah mid-90s. 68 oakland all the way to 75 fremont with sunshine today. we'll have mid to upper 80s in the east bay valleys. pretty close to average. same thing around morgan hill, gilroy, hollister. low 60s monterey and caramel. tonight cloud cover once again. mist, even drizzle along the coast. coolest conditions the north bay, low 50s there. clovereldale 40. mid-50s through the bay and into
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the east bay valley. let's take a look at that forecast and look how much cooler tomorrow, especially around the bay and inland. lose about 2 to 4 degrees. another 2 to 4 degrees on thursday. thursday, friday and saturday will be the coolest days with mid-50s along the coast. upper 60s around the bay and low 80s inland. here's frances. >> we'll start with the golden gate bridge. you can bridge crews changing the lanes. a stalled big rig towards 19th avenue. they had to stop traffic for a while in both directions to get the big rig turned around. all clear so all lanes open. farther north san rafael, traffic fine. southbound out of petaluma. now, in met petaluma on pet boulevard north, a water main break. still closed between washington and western. toll plaza free at this point.
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looking good in the south bay. no problems on 101 at the 880 interchange. you can get the latest traffic information anytime by going to and it's under the bay area traffic link. eric, kristen? >> okay, frances. thank you. it's 5:20. >> scientists think they've solved the mystery of the songs produced by blue whales. the morning's must-reads are next. >> something great. >> it's not just something great, it's something grand. coming up, the amazing piece of bay history about to reopen. with orbitz, i know what to expect from my vacation.
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bad dog, balloon pop. [ dog whimpers ] because orbitz has price assurance. leaf in face, marie, man with computer. [ man ] marie! if another orbitz customer books the same hotel or flight for less, they'll send me a check for the difference automatically. so i know i'll get their lowest price. and i like knowing what to expect. bike, unrealistic splash, embarrassingly transparent. [ bell chimes ] [ male announcer ] when you orbitz, you know. welcome back. it's 5:23. after a decade-long shutdown, a popular east bay landmark it
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ready to reopen in a few days. the 84-year-old richmond plunge public pool was forced to close in 2001 because it was in danger of collapsing. but the community pulled together and with a combination of city funding and grants they paid for an $8 million let tro fit. >> i was afraid it would get torn down and put up burger king or something. >> richmond's name on it. something great for the city of richmond. >> the plunge has a rich history in richmond. when it opened in 1926, it was the largest indoor swimming pool in the state. the grand reopening is set for one week from this saturday on august 14th. >> 5:24. time for the must-reads. the mercury news takes a close look at the congress woman taking center stage in the house ethics trial. as chairwoman, she will proside over the trial of charles
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rangel. actions will be under the microscope and could have a huge impact on the democrat's chances in the november election. >> "u.s.a. today" reports on the latest fear among illegal immigrants being arrested while leaving the u.s. more and more are crossing the boarder the other way due to dwindling job opportunities and stepped upgrades. but the departing immigrants can be processed and formally removed. >> the contra costa times has a fascinating study on blue whales. they have perfect pitch but why? the san francisco state university professor published his study off the half moon bay bay insure. his recordings show some whales have a pitch and the others synchronize themselves to the call in a social activity. the theory, the males produce it and the females tune in to try too find a mate. the complete articles on our website, look under the must-reads tab.
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>> i like those due whop groups of the 60s. they start, the others join in and try too find me. 5:46 now. a judge gives a. c. transit drivers a major win. still ahead at 5:30, the decision over a contract dispute and what it could mean for bus service this morning. >> the crackdown on crime on muni. san francisco supervisors are expected to approve today. >> the safety changes some san jose parents want to see as a school destroyed by fire is rebuilt. >> here's a look at the high temperatures across the lower 48. right the middle of your screen. 100 st. louis, 106 dallas. the mist west 110, 115 degrees. going to be brutal heading that way. we have severe weather possible in dallas. also minneapolis, milwaukee, chicago and indianapolis. delays getting to chicago.
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let's see if your flight is affected. go to and check out our flight tracker.
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good morning. i'm theresa garcia live at fremont's transit hub. the rides could get smoother for bus passengers now that an imposed contract was thrown out. still other wrenches in the works. >> a stretch of one of petaluma's busiest streets closed as crews try to fix a broken water main. the repair could take several more hours. >> mist hanging in the air. you can barely see the top of the bay bridge. from downtown san francisco. we'll talk about how much cooler temperatures are going to get. we could drop anywhere from 10 degrees in some areas. >> drivers heading to the bay bridge face no delays.
5:30 am
hercules, the earlier accident has been cleared. >> san jose's new fire chief is expected today to lay out his vision for dealing with severe budget cuts while keeping the public safe. 5:30 this tuesday morning. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. thanks for joining us. our top story, a. c. transit riders can expect normal bus service this morning after a judge ruled the agency must stop imposing a new contract on its drivers and mechanics. the passengers now face a possibility even worse than delays. abc 7's theresa garcia is live in fremont with the latest. theresa? >> well, really, kristen, what could be worse than delays is absolutely no service at all. some a. c. transit officials say it could lead to that now that they have to find other areas to cut. the reason is their imposed contract with the workers was just thrown out. what this led to, a celebration for some of the a. c. transit drivers and mechanics when they heard that the alameda county judge yesterday issued a preliminary injunction. that forced the transits agency
5:31 am
to return to the union contract that expired june 30th instead of this new one i am imposed. the newly imposed scheduling, the overtime rules, pension plan changes and increased health insurance costs are now null and void. the reason they i am polled this new contract was help bridge a $56 million budget deficit. these changes would have saved nearly $16 million. and it's possible though that they don't go into binding arbitration if they can work it out. >> we've given the final offer. move towards arbitration. any given point the union can come back with another offer and i'd be happy to bring my people to the table if they do that. >> i am here, ready to negotiate. let's get back to the table and let's negotiate a contract. >> a. c. transit says it must now look at making cuts elsewhere to save that money. it's already eliminated 70 staff
5:32 am
positions, raised fares 25 cents per trip, cut the service by 8% and reduced spending on salaries and travel expenses. it could have to go a step further. they say they need to fill that budget shortfall. the binding arbitration if that happens, the first meeting with an arbitrator is set for august 20th. live in fremont, theresa garcia, abc 7 news. >> thank you. it's 5:32. san francisco's municipal transportation agency meets today to review a pay increase for muni drivers. it's pretty much a done deal. drivers are all but guaranteed a 6% pay raise to almost $30 an hour even as virtually every other city worker gets a pay cut. the city charter says muni drivers must be the second-highest paid transit workers in the countries. there's a measure to change that on the november ballot. san francisco police say crime on muni has dropped after seeing more than 100 criminal incidents reported in each of the first four months of the year. the san francisco examiner reports that crimes went down to
5:33 am
62 incidents in may and june due to more targeted deployment of safety officials. meantime the board of supervisors is expected to approve legislation today that would increase penalties for harassment or carry concealed weapons aboard a muni vehicle. >> pittsburgh police are revealing a twist in the city's latest murder. they say the 25-year-old victim was shot to death on sunday because he refused gang orders to beat someone up. that's according to our media partner, the contra costa times. the shooting took place at home where the victim was renting a room. police identified the gunman as 25-year-old isaac mcqwan. he's still on the loose. investigators say he's a transient with a long history of violent gang-related crimes. >> san jose's new fire chief william mcdonald will hold his first news conference today and many hope he'll reveal new ideas to put dozens of firefighters back to work. the union will be back at the
5:34 am
bargaining table with city leaders wednesday. the two sides are hoping to work out a deal that would reinstate 49 laid off firefighters and reopen a closed fire station. the union unveiled its latest proposal on sunday but the city says it falls at least $4 million short of the $10 million needed to bring back those workers. >> parents in san jose are pushing for better safety measures and a new state law after seeing their school gutted in an arson fire last month. trace elementary lost much of its campus in the july 5th fire. a loophole in the state law allowed an addition to be built without room sprinklers and automatic fire alarms. they want the state to demand those safety measures in all school construction. the parents plan to meet wednesday at 6:00 in the lidge high school gym. >> it is 5:34 now. time for a look at the weather forecast. let's get mike up here and finds out what's going on with the fog out there and the low clouds. so, mr. mike, what's going on out there with the fog and the
5:35 am
clouds? (laughter) >> mist this morning. did you have to use the windshield wipers? >> not at all this morning. there was a little period of mist. i saw more fog near the caldecott sunshine. >> visibility almost dangerous as you fly up towards those tunnels. i didn't use mine either but i ran into more mist in oakland and also across the bay bridge. watch for that this morning. good morning to you. good sleeping weather if you like it cool. start low 50s up in the north bay valleys. mid to upper 50s throughout the bay and the east bay valleys and low 50s along the coast and the hills like los gatos it's 66 degrees. this afternoon we're looking at temperatures in san francisco, 62. oakland 67. richmond about 63. mid 70s, low to mid-70s around the rest of the bay with mid to upper 70s south bay, north bay valley and the warmest weather in the east bay valleys mid to upper 80s. along the coast cloudy and 58. it will take till noon for most of the fog to return to the
5:36 am
coast. san francisco cloudy like yesterday and that fog reaching across the bay over towards berkeley and richmond in the afternoon also. that's why you're stuck in the 60s. seven-day forecast, a stronger sea breeze and cooler air mass from canada arrives tomorrow. cooler from the coast. looks like thursday, friday and saturday will be our coolest days with temperatures well below average. good morning, frances. >> good morning, mike. an accident just cleared in the south bay north 101 on the off-ramp. here's a live shot of 101 at the 880 interchange. north bounds traffic flowing well. southbound traffic looking good. if you have an hd-tv, you'll notice the crews to the right-hand side shoulder. look for a new crash reported west bounds approaching the caldecott. it's in the center divide, not blocking lanes. but the oakland maze, how much
5:37 am
thicker the fog than the caldecott. check out 680 in walnut creek here. traffic is light and it's much clearer as well. as you make your way south bounds on the right-hand side. eric, kristen. >> frances, thanks a lot. it's 5:37. >> are car thieves giving your ride the eye. up next, the most stolen cars on the road and the one vehicle thieves don't wanna touch. >> toyota gets hit with another lawsuit over the sudden acceleration problem. this one claims the company paper trail goes back seven years. >> starting today oakland air travelers become the latest to be body scanned at security checkpoints. force force fact: everyday surfaces can harbor allergens
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. it's now 5:40. we are getting some breaking news. the u.s. geological survey says a magnitude 6.5 earthquake has rocked indonesia. the agency says it was centered in eastern indonesia after the island. it was about 54 miles beneath the ocean floor. that was the epicenter. no immediate reports of injuries or damage or if a tsunami alert has been issued but we'll keep our eye on that. we have a 6.5 moderate earthquake reported in indonesia. >> a water main break in petaluma has shut down one of the main streets. it shorted before 9:00 last night when water was seeping out of the ground on petaluma boulevard and western avenue.
5:41 am
there was little flooding but the street has buckled. authorities closed off traffic in both directions so water crews could dig up the streets to repair the break. >> we have the assistance of petaluma police to block off the area. we don't want vehicles and or people through the area due to the potential of any sink holes and what not. >> there is no word how long it's going to take before that section of petaluma boulevard reopens. >> today oakland international becomes the latest bay area airport to offer state of the art security screening. start using advanced images technology units like this body scanning system in san jose. the new units screen passengers for metal including explosives. the transportation security administration plans to install 450 of them nationwide this year. >> two new lawsuits filed against toyota claim the auto maker knew of sudden acceleration problems as early as 2003. at least six sudden acceleration
5:42 am
incidents dating back seven years were reported by vehicle owners. some incidents were verified by toyota's own technicians and dealers. the data contained in the lawsuits was gathered from thousands of pages of internal toyota documents. toyota says it's looking forward to defending itself against the allegations. >> the list of cars that thieves like best is out. the cadillac escalade is the most likely vehicle to be stolen. the highway institute says theft claims have filed for one out of 100 escalades. thieves are after horsepower and hemis. the thief magnets include the f-250 crew cab pickup, infinity two-door, the dodge charger with heavy engine and corvette z-06. less likely are stolen are family cars like the volvo s-80. the complete list at under "see it on tv."
5:43 am
>> 5:42 now. congress wants to know if the liner in the cereal boxes poses a health hazard. the bloomberg business report straight ahead. >> i'm terry mcsweeney. the governor's race the most expensive. who's paying for it. we'll give you the names of the people trying to get their candidate to sacramento. >> you can't read what's written there. >> and home sweet home. a belmont woman fights to live on a street corner. >> and it's the 3rd of august so it must mean christmas? where the holiday shopping season is well underway. hey, resolve stainbusters.
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>> welcome back. 5:45. almost 5:46. a look at california. eureka, big sur, sunshine around l.a. and 83. san diego 73. the heat moving through the central valley. fresno and chico triple digits. 95 in yosemite and 100 at palm springs. eric, kristen? >> mike, thank you very much. >> the stories we're following. a. c. transit service is expected to be back to normal this morning after a judge ruled that the agency must stop imposing a new contract on its drivers. the system has been plagued by an unofficial sick-out the past few weeks. the two sides agreed to meet with an arbitrator later this morning. >> fire chief william mcdonald
5:47 am
will hold his first news conference. the san jose firefighters' union will be back to the bargaining table wednesday. >> a water main break in petaluma is keeping marge downtown streets closed while crews make repairs. water has been seeping out of the ground at petaluma boulevard at western avenue since last night. there was little flooding but the street buckled. the latest on these stories at 6:00. >> 5:47 now. a much better idea who's funding the governor's race. the contest expected to be the most expensive gubernatorial race the u.s. has ever seen. reports show us who's funding whom. terry mcsweeney joins us now. terry, meg whitman has been the big spender. >> she has. outspending jerry brown by a 200-1 margin. that doesn't tell the entire story. some outside groups are spending millions on behalf of jerry brown. no matter how you cut it, former
5:48 am
e-bay executive meg whitman is draffing the money. she spent $20 million in the five-week period ending june 30th. she spent more on the average day than mr. brown spent this year. again, a 200-1 margin. whitman reports 10 million in the bank. where's the money coming from? let's follow that money. whitman's biggest supporter is meg whitman. she's given her campaign $91 million and more where that came from. other governor schwarzenegger's benefactors. charles amonger jr., television magnate berancio and his wife margaret. chairman of the hotel empires. jerry brown has received big money from jeffrey catsenberg and his wife marilyn. walter rod also a big supporter.
5:49 am
brown's not paying for anti-whitman ads but groups have spent $5 million going after whitman and the california nurses' associations have staged rallies call her queen meg generating anti-whitman publicity at no cost to the brown campaign. whitman plans to spend $150 million more on this campaign. >> thank you, terry. it is 5:49. belmont says trying to find a nonconfrontational way to ends its standoff with a high profile homeless woman. she's been camping at the corner for about a month. the city says she faces a misdemeanor charge for blocking the sidewalk. but she says she has a first amendment right to be there. >> do you have a message to the police department when they come? >> i will be praying god.
5:50 am
i am believing in god. i will ask god to protect my body. >> but you're not going to move. >> i'm not going to move. >> the county mental health program is offering benevides housing and medical assistance. belmont says it's consulting its city attorney before making its next move. >> b.p. engineers want to start sealing up the blown out oil well today but first they're running a test. they plan to test it with a thick liquid to determine whether it can handling the sealing up process called a static kill. if it can, engineers plan to spend the next several days pumping heavy mud down the well and sealing it with concrete. >> more stormy weather today around sidney, australia. winds of 60 mph or faster are causing a lot of damage on sidney's south and central coast. a lot of fallen trees are blocking roads and making it difficult for drivers. high winds are also causing problems for air travelers.
5:51 am
auto crews are working to restore power to 18,000 homes. >> our weather, 5:51. mike, what's in store for us? >> calm compared to what they're dealing with. cloudy conditions and a little mist for your morning commute. a lot of clouds. most of that should be away by the time this deck of clouds breaks which will be probably around noon. maybe not even at all around parts of san francisco. definitely not the coast. temperatures are warmest in our hills. 66 in los gatos. low 50s in the north bay and along the coast. mid to upper 50s arounds the bay and the east bay valley. monterey and inland, cloud cover here and low to mid-50s also. the sunshine away from the coast and probably the warmest afternoon this week. it will be cloudy, it will be cool. it will be misty again tonight. but the cooler weather in the afternoon starts tomorrow hangs through at least the first half of the weekend. 5:00 this morning to 8:00 we'll
5:52 am
see the cloud deck continue to establish a presence in all of our neighborhoods. by 8:00 starts to move. east by valleys first. then the south bay. and then the peninsula and eventually the north bay and the east bay shore. san francisco again i think you'll see a lot of cloud cover this afternoon and that finger fog pushing through to oakland, alameda to a lesser extent up towards berkeley and even richmond. highs today the east bay. that's where it will be the warmest. upper 80s, close to average. the breeze will keep richmond, berkeley and oakland in the mid to upper 60s. low to mid-70s the rest of the east bay shore. south bay mid to upper 70s. campbell, saratoga, los gatos low to mid-80s for you. millbrae about 68 the exception. upper 50s along the coast. sausalito low to mid-60s. north bay valleys, mid to upper 70s. 90s clear lake and ukiah.
5:53 am
60 degree temperatures the monterey bay and temperatures in the mid-80s inland. seven-die forecast. look how we drop in the low 80s. upper 60s around the bay and mid-50s at the coast. frances? >> hi, mike. we'll head to the east bay, a live shot of the maze. looks a little better in terms of the foggy conditions as you make your way towards the bay bridge toll plaza. from the right-hand side westbound 80. coming through the caldecott tunnel, look for fog as well. an accident in the center divide. no delays at the bay bridge toll plaza. might need wipers in san francisco. the san mateo bridge next. 14 minutes the drive time from 880 to 101. westbound traffic on the right of the san mateo bridge shot. the south bay, the 280 and 17 interchange. looking good through the south bay. headlights northbound 280 and that's highway 17 coming off the santa cruz mountains.
5:54 am
you can find the latest as it changes by going to our website it's under the bay area traffic link. eric, kristen. >> frances, thank you very much. it's 5:54. kristen. >> there's health concerns this morning surrounding a recall made by kellogg. >> jane king with the "moneyscope" report. >> kellogg facing new questions about that big cereal recall. a committee asking kellogg's to provide documents on the recall involving fruit loops and three other cereals. they recalled millions of boxes in june because of a wax-like taste and smell that the packaging may be tainted. meantime hewlett-packard agreed to a settlement with the government. the department accused them of improper billing practices involving kickbacks in exchange for government work. cash for clunkers last august, big close-out deals.
5:55 am
investors looking for home sales. parents, when it comes to college tuition, are you getting what you pay for? prince son review says students at mit study the most. harvard has the best library and reid college halls the best teaches and the university of georgia is the top party school. the best college list goes on sale today. at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king. >> time now 5:55. even though august has just begun, a department store in england has already opened its christmas department. always starts the season early but this is a first even for them. the store says it's responding to consumer demand as well as businesses or decorations for seasonal events. they're not the only outlet in the christmas spirit. e-bay has already made more than
5:56 am
100,000 christmas items for sale. >> following somebody on twitter turning somebody into a celebrity. steven holmes is the lone person kanye follows because he liked one of his comments. does this remind you when conan followed a student and turned her into an internet star. holmes said i feel pressured to say i'm using tweets because so many are following him because of kanye. he says i won't be speaking to anymore journalists. >> do you know what he tweeted to conway? >> it was something to do with something looks like a window. and kanye says is that polish or cogate? >> the tooth that he halls the diamond and the guy asked him what kind of toothpaste he used on it. it intrigued it so much that he followed him. >> now an instant celebrity.
5:57 am
>> just ahead on abc 7 news at 6:00, a kayaker comes face-to-face with a great white shark. >> describes his terrifying experience. >> and the bus ride could get a whole lot smoother but thousands of east bay passengers. i'm theresa garcia live at the transit hub. that's because an imposed contract was thrown out but negotiations are still continuing and it could get
5:58 am
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