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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100AM  ABC  August 3, 2010 10:00am-10:30am PST

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♪ the next time you fly out of terminal one at oakland airport, you'll see a new hi-tech security device to screen passengers. >> joining us from oakland, the first of two of these advanced imaging technology machines headed for that airport. >> yeah. they just put the first one in. the public will start walking through it today and by the ends of september, a second machine will actually be going in place in terminal two. here in the bay area there is already one of these hi-tech screening machines and it's in place at san jose. they are expected to go nationwide.
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now, today basically what happens is if the tsa officer spots something out of the ordinary on the passenger's body, that officer will notify others. >> female. right upper leg, left arm. >> that officer is sitting in a separate isolated room from the public screening area. that person will tell other tsa officers they've noticed something. the separation of screening versus the viewing of images is in place for passenger privacy reasons. the machines use advanced imaging technology to screen passengers for metallic and non-metallic threats. that includes weapons and explosives that could be concealed under a passenger's clothes. the backscatter imaging technology projects beems over the body creating a reflection. within a few seconds you get an image that pops up on the screen. the tsa has 137 units nationwide and are proving themselves
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useful. >> advance imaging technology has led to over 70 prohibited illegal or dangerous items at checkpoints nationwide since january of this year. >> now, the tsa officers never make physical contact with passengers unless they find something suspicion on them and they need to do a patdown. the amount of radiation is equivalent to two minutes of flight on an airplane at altitude. the whole point is stay on top and strengthen security because they've got so many evolving threats to aviation security. with more money from the federal government, about 450 units will be in place at airports nationwide. live at oakland, theresa garcia, abc 7 news. >> all right, theresa. thanks. san francisco may be on the verge of making history again over banning plastic bags. today a proposal will go to city supervisors to expand the ban to all retailers, not just supermarkets and chain stores. terry mcsweeney joins us from
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city hall and, terry, this could be the toughest law in the nation. >> it would be. right now large supermarkets and the big drugstore chains cannot be giving out standard plastic bags to its customers. san francisco the first to get that law on the books. now another law is going to be proposed and this would take the plastic bags away from the mom and pop stores, the book shops and department stores. now, one place where plastic bags seem to be everywhere, if you've been out to san francisco's chinatown, impossible to miss the bags handed out at small grocery and specialty shops. under the proposal, replying bags can only be used for few certain purposes. bulk items, wrapping meter poultry, dry cleaning, wrapping newspapers. we talked to one resident who says there's going to be a big problem in chinatown. here it is. >> the problem is chinatown, the cost factor is very more, you know, using plastic bags has
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cost them less, you know, who operate than the paper bags. unlike whole food market, upscale markets that make a lot of profit. not like in chinatown. so, you know, a double-edged sword. >> joining me now is supervisor ross mcreasonny. they're talking about cost problems in chinatown. why do you feel it needs to be expanded to ban plastic bags in san francisco. >> we've been getting a free ride since the invention of plastic bags. it's a convenience run amok and gone wrong. no one's counting for the impact to our environment, the land phil. it takes a common plastic back over 500 years to degrade in the environment. right now we're literally in a hot debate about exporting our landfill business from south san francisco to other parts of california because we can't keep up with the landfill capacity demand. it degrades our city streets.
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it's time we all pitch in. we should not wait for the federal government or state government to answer the call on our energy crisis or climate change crisis and overabundance and reliance on foss till fuel. it's time we do something about our overusage of these materials and the plastic bag is a perfect thing to make that happen. >> all right, thanks very much. another angle on this comes from the california grocer's association. the ceo says the grocery industry believes adopting a statewide uniform standard is the best solution in providing predictability for consumers, competitive fairness for retailers and the greatest environmental gail for california. president of the california grocers association. his position regardless of that in front of the board of supervisors, a proposal to knock out more plastic bags from san francisco. just for san francisco but this is the city that led the nation
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in the previous battle and possibly leading it again as it expands anti-plastic bag ban. live in san francisco city hall, terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> terry, thanks a lot. muni's efforts to crack down on crime appear to be paying off. the examiner reports crime has dropped after spiking in the first four months of the year. the reports say in may and june there were 124 incidents reported compared to 569 incidents january through april. muni attributes the decrease to more aggressive deployment of public safety resources. this comes as san francisco supervisors are expected today to approve legislation increasing penalties for crimes committed on muni and around muni stops. >> san francisco mayor says muni was forceded to reduce service by 10% in may because of a severe budget deficits. today the mayor said thanks to
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cost saving measures 61% of those cuts will be restored. that includes fully restoring light rail service and late night owl service. metropolitan transportation agency is meeting this afternoon to look at increasing pay for muni drivers. drivers are virtually guaranteed a 6% pay raise to almost $30 san hour. that's because the city charter says muni drivers have to be the second highest-paid transit worker in the country. >> a. c. transit officials say 150 drivers called in sick this morning, a day after a judge ruled in their favor in the contract dispute. the system has been plagued with stakeouts forcing cancellations. yesterday a judge ruled the agency must stop imposing the new contract on drivers. they made that move after negotiations broke down with the worker' union over a new contract. an a. c. transit drivers said yesterday's ruling is only the first step in solving the
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ongoing labor issues. >> still gotta go through the arbitration part of it, the situation. see how it pan out. therefore, i mean it's good for right now. so we just cross our fingers and wait, you know. >> the two sides have agreed to meet with an arbitrator later this month to try to come up with a new contract. >> the san jose fire chief will meet with reporters for the first time today since he started the job. william mcdonald started yesterday. people hope he has ideas to put dozens of laid off firefighters back to work. they will be back to the bargaining table with city leaders wednesday. the two sides hope to work out a deal that could reinstate 49 laid off firefighters. the union unveiled its latest proposal sunday. the city says it falls at least $4 million short of the $10 million needed to bring back those workers. >> san franciscans will be voting this november on a pension and healthcare reform measure aimed at saving the city $170 million a year. the department of elections
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announceds the public defendser controversial measure called s. f. smart reform qualifies after getting 49,000 ballot signatures. the measure would increase the amount city employees pay into their pension. the savings can help preserve city services and jobs, unions and mayor promised to fight to preserve the measure. >> the 27th annual national night out. the block parties encourage neighborhood cooperation and crime fighting. many bay area cities are planning night out events. oakland has one of the largest. most of the events start at 5 p.m.. for a list where you can participate in national night out, go to our website look under "see it on tv." >> and still ahead coming up a list of the most stolen cars and the vehicle they're not likely to touch. >> first the vote today that clears the way for a
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controversial community center near new york's ground zero. >> why scientist say california population dropped for the second year in a row. so my mercury moment happened during our family camping trip. i grabbed my son a juice box...and left the cooler lid open. twenty minutes later, all our hot dogs were gone.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. a new york city panel has cleared the way for a controversial near the tight of the world trade center. sarah palin is among the plan's on opponents who see it as aa
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slap in the fast from the families of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. >> all in favor? aye. >> opposed in count that vote 9-0. >> that vote allows developers to move forward. two blocks from ground zero, a location that hits too close to the hearts of new yorkers. >> it's a betrayal. it's a betrayal! >> proponents pledged to include a memorial to the victims of the september 11 terror attacks along with an intraface chapel. mayor mike bloomberg approves the project. >> this project has been rubber stamped since day one without proper thought, review, certainly no consultation to those people so harmed and hurt by it. >> several conservatives have come out against it sarah palin tweeting it establishes the heart. the defamation league issues a
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statement saying the center is count productive to the healing process. not at all state proponentses. >> the symbolism of being close to a site that had so much tragedy emanate from it is the very site we believe will bring about much healing. >> nine years after the attack. >> shame on you! >> shame on you! >> shame on you! >> one thing is clear. for some healing has yet to begin. >> for all the controversy, ground breaking is a long way off. developers say they have not yet started raising funds to build the project. abc news, new york. >> the massive gulf oil spill could cost b.p. more than $21 billion in fines. the announcement from a crew that might conduct a procedure that could snuff out the well. tests are being conducted to determine if they can go ahead with what's called a static kill. it involves pumping mud and cement into the well.
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while it may plug the leak, the only way to make sure it's permanently plugged is fill the well from below. the massive procedure called the bottom kill. the process cannot begin until the two relief wells are finished though, possibly next week. >> the southern sea otter population off the california coast has declined the second straight year. the population dropped 3.6% in 2009 and 11% in the pup population. researchers blame the decrease among breeding age females. they cite a number of factors including infectious disease, toxin exposure, heart failure and malnutrition. it's already a threatened species but had been doing better until the past two years. >> meteorologist mike nicco ahead with the forecast. >> some areas seeing sunshine a little quicker than yesterday which means good news for warmer weather today. flight arrival delays into sfo of about 45 minutes.
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check out our flight tracker. how much cooler we're going to be over the next couple days. >> thanks, mike. also what's behind the freshman 15? which new college students are packing on the pounds? "know the species, know the stain." lanolin-free coat, i know it's an alpaca. walks in here, looks says "hey look, it's a llama!" cleaning the stain like he would a llama stain. time he's wasting. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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♪ before we get to the what we want to tell you about a traffic problem on southbound i-880 near davis street. >> two right lanes are blocked. a little oil spilled, not too much. but they're getting a tow truck on the scene and expecting delays. >> we'll update you on that but meantime let's take a listen to mike nicco. taking its time here. >> some areas really is. other areas retreating a little quicker today. let's show you what's going on outside and how that will affect your plans. we can see the bay bridge and parts of the east bay hills where yesterday we couldn't as we looked from south beach back to the east.
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another perspective? there we go. you can see, yeah, a little break in the cloud cover there. let's go upstairs and show you what's going on. the north bay clearing up much quicker than yesterday. so is the east bay shore. so look for temperatures a couple degrees warmer. you see that little counterclockwise curl. that's where we see the clearing quicker. santa rosa about 5 to 7 degrees warmer than 24 hours ago at 64. still have mid to upper 50s half moon bay, san francisco, san rafael and napa. already 75 antioch. arounds the monterey bay, santa cruz and monterey still in the 50s. low 60s dominate watsonville and mid to upper 60s salinas and gilroy. our highlights. sunny away from the coast with. the warmest day this week. cloudy, cool, a little misty tonight. the afternoon starting tomorrow through the weekend will be even cooler than what we've been dealing with lately and well
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below average. we'll lose about 7 degrees in santa rosa down to 71. the biggest drop concord will drop from 85 today to about 75 by thursday. average high this time of year about 87. this area of low pressure sliding down the jet stream is actually going to make the jet stream build backwards. called retrograding to the west as normally our weather moves from west to east. deepens the marine layer in the onshore flow and that's why we have our coolest days tomorrow and thursday, to a lesser extent friday and saturday. everybody else the mid to upper 70s. san jose close to 80. millbrae low to mid-70s for the rest of us. look at the cool colors along the coast. upper 50s for you. downtown south san francisco, sausalito in the low to mid-60s. 72 san rafael. mid to upper 70ss north bay valleys. mid-90s ukiah and clear lake.
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east bay, richmond, berkeley, oakland slower. sunshine, a little breeze. low mid-70s elsewhere and the warmest weather the east bay valleys where we hit the mid to upper 80s. 90 antioch and brendwood. morgan hill, gilroy mid-60s most of the monterey bay. you can see the triple digits chico, palm springs. nice 80 in tahoe. one last stop bring it home for the a's. playing the royals at the coliseum, 7:05. becoming cloudy during the game and dropping to 60. seven-day forecast, drop 2 to 4 degrees just about everywhere tomorrow and inland around the bay another 2 to 4 degrees on thursday. lows will struggle into the upper 70s to low 80s inland through saturday. near 70 around the bay and mid-50s with a cloudiness over the coast. >> thanks, mike. our normal summer weather pattern. want you to take a look at the list of cars that thieves like the best. the cadillac escalade is the
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most likely vehicle to be stolen. the institute says a claim is filed for one out of every 100 escalades. officials say thieves are after chrome and horsepower. the other top five, magnets include the f-250 pickup and the corvette, z-06. the left to be stolen, family cars such as the volvo s-80. look at, "see it on tv." >> an electronic cigarette reached a settlement in california. jerry brown announced it won't sell or advertise its battery-operated nicotine cartridges to minors. they often come in flavors like cookies, cream or strawberries that appeal to youngsters. they agree to pay $85,000 in penalties and fees and stop claiming its products are safer
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than real cigarettes. the food and drug administration these cigarettes contain dangerous chemicals. a new which diet is better saga. compared to low carb and low fat diets. it found after two years people who followed either diet lost about the same amount of weight, about 15 pounds. the key difference was in cholesterol levels. low carb dieters improved good cholesterol by 23% compared to just 12% for a low fat dieter. and speaking of weight. new research might shed light on the so-called freshman 15. that's the extra 15 pounds new college students are said to pack on during their first year. a study in the online journal found female students living in dorms with cafeterias tended to weigh more. those who lived further from the dining halls weighed less. male students might not be affected because they don't tend to eat as much socially. they recommend all students try
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and keep exercising. >> we'll be right back. ñññ our real national pastime?
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