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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  August 4, 2010 4:00am-5:00am PST

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and then i'll do it for a little bit longer. hahaha. [ male announcer ] it's simple, love your heart so you can do what you love. what do you love? see how cheerios can help you do it. ♪ i'm terry mcsweeney live in san francisco where today we're going to get a decision on the constitutionality on proposition 8, the state's ban on same sex marriage. most experts say they know what the judge is going to say but what will it mean? story in a live report. >> and could taxing medical marijuana be the solution for cash-strapped cities? i'm theresa garcia live in san jose.
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here that's one of three ballot measures to deal with money. coming up all the details. >> and the fog and drizzle is here. that means a cooling trends for all of us. looks like inland areas will see the biggest drop and could last through the weekend. i'll have your updated forecast. >> all right. and $6 to make your way across the bay bridge. traffic still light. the congestion pricing really made a difference. so far no trouble, no big delays. >> 5:01 this wednesday morning. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. supporters and opponents of gay marriage across the nation are eagerly waiting for the release of a ruling on whether voter approved ban on same sex unions is constitutional. terry mcsweeney is live at the federal courthouse. terry? >> this decision has been months in the works. whatever the decision is going
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to be appealed to an appeals court and then eventually to be decided by the united states supreme court. a federal judge vaughan walker here in san francisco's going to be posting his decision between 1:00 and 3:00 this afternoon. this follows a january trial challenging proposition 8, finding marriage between a man and a woman. it was approved by california voters. closing arguments were a couple months ago. two same-sex couples challenged the decision of proposition 8 with renowned attorneys representing them. they say proposition 8 violates gays and lesbians' rights to equality under the u.s. constitution. prop 8 supporters say marriage has always been between a man and a woman. most expect a defeat for prop 8 but may not have an immediate impact. >> even if judge walker overturns prop 8, that does not mean that same sex couples can
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go down to city hall and start getting married tomorrow. it may in fact be several years before that happens, if it happens at all. >> same sex marriage supporters plan a march from the castro district to san francisco city hall at 5:00 today. a rally there at city hall between 6:45 and 8:00. again the decision coming down online sometime between 1:00 and 3:00 today. when it does come down, abc 7 breaking into programming to give you the decision and reaction to it. live in san francisco, terry mcsweeney abc 7 news. >> terry, thanks so much. the ruling is expected between 1:00 and 3:00 this afternoon. we will carry is live here both on abc 7 and at >> it's 5:03 now. san jose voters will go to the polls in november to decide if the city should tax medical marijuana sales. the city council voted last night to put that and overly
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other controversial measures on the ballot. theresa garcia is live in san jose city hall with more. theresa? >> the overall issue here is money to either save it or earn it or the city of san jose. in the case of the medical marijuana business tax, city council voted 7-4 last night to put this measure on the ballot. it would allow a tax up to 10% on medical marijuana sales. proponents see it as a revenue source. san jose has 73 marijuana collectives of which 40 have applied for a sales permit with the state. possible tax revenue could be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars but you've got opponents who argue the tax is too high and could finally burden low income patients who use marijuana and use it medicinally. >> advise you to vote no on this
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measure. >> i will pay $50 to the city, $50 to the state, $1200 a month in taxes just to have my medicine. >> one problem with such a tax is that marijuana reporting regulations are still very unclear. more tax revenue could be generated if california's prop 19 passes in november and legalizes marijuana for adult recreational use. council did approve other ballot measures for the november vote and that one is to decide whether to reform binding arbitration with public safety employees. the other is to revamp the pension system and basically lower the retirement system and the payments there for city employees. i'll have much more background on these two sorry measures coming up at 5:30. it's 5:05. california democrats have unveiled a tax plan to jump start budget talks. it would lower the state sales tax. democrats say it will result in
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a net savings for taxpayers. the plan has drawn strong opposition from republicans. governor schwarzenegger says he will not agree to any budget deal that includes a tax increase. california faces a $19 billion deficit. >> some state workers are earning more money during furlough weeks designed to save the state money (chanting) >> the report comes as union workers face the prospect of three furlough days a month until a state budget is passed. the report says hundreds of managers are getting paid overtime as they cover for furloughed workers. >> that's ridiculous. when you're cutting the lower workers and you're giving the managers more money during furlough time, it seems like you're counterbalancing everything that's going on.
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>> officials say the amount of money being spent in overtime is a tiny portion of the nearly $3 billion that the furloughs are saving. >> normal amtrak service is expected to resume this morning after crews cleared a derailment in the east bay. several cars from a union pacific freight train went off the tracks yesterday afternoon. it crossed the tracks between emeryville and the square. the tracks were cleared and inspecteded overnight and trains can run through the area again. >> a. c. transit is warning riders to be ready for even more delays even though bus drivers are supposed to be returning to work. the a. c. -- 150 a. c. transit drivers called in sick yesterday even though a judge ruled in their favor in a contract dispute son mondays. the transit -- the judge of the transit district cannot impose a new contract on drivers. a. c. transit claims the system has been plagued by an unofficial sick-out for the past two weeks. the two sides agreed to meet
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with an arbitrator to reach a contract agreement. >> another drizzly damp stop. many ready to write off summer all together. >> that was a "p" on the ends of that word damp. but you could use either word, right, mike? >> right. 8:00 this morning. paula, promotions. >> doesn't like moist? >> doesn't like moist. >> throw it in there for you. looking at cloudy conditions on this wednesday. hump day. halfway through the traditional work week. temperatures in the 50s by 8:00 and the moistness of the air will start to dry a little bit. looking at our noontime temperatures, you see where the clouds are lingering, oakland, upper 50s to near 60. mid-60s around bait into san rafael. low 70s in the south bay, north bay valleys and low to mid-70s in the east bay valleys. should have sunshine everywhere
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except the coast, san francisco, and a few lingering clouds around oakland. san francisco 60, 57 half moon bay. you see upper 60s arounds the bay. mid-70s north bay valleys and upper 70s to low 80s in the east bay valleys. temperatures from 2 to 7 degrees cooler today than yesterday. the cooling trend deepens tomorrow. about another 4 degree launch in afternoon highs which puts the inland neighborhoods in the low 80s. the bay in the upper 60s and the coast in the mid-60s. frances, any problems? >> no big problems but we have that continuing road work going on in san jose. in fact, we have a live shot of it here if i can get out of the way. you can see a little behind me. the connection ramp from southbound 101 to southbound 880 will be closed until about 5:30. just another 20 minutes. but the south 101 connector to north 880 will be closed until 7:00 this morning. you see lanes are blocked as well. only a few lanes there getting
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by on the left-hand side. traffic still pretty light as you make your way through san jose. you may want to consider the guadeloupe parkway as an alternate. the early road work in hayward has been cleared. one-way traffic control on highway 92 until 6:00 this morning. that goes on overnight for another four evenings. eric, kristen? >> frances, thank you very much. it's 5:10. >> grab your coffee and drink up now. because you know what? >> what? >> that cup of coffee in the morning, the cost could be going up. >> oh, darn! >> the "moneyscope" report next. >> also the san francisco school lunch trends that has school leaders taking notice. >> and the price of rubbing elbows, that's going up, too. >> and you won't believe the new fee a low-cost airline is thinking about charging passengers.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepwor welcome back. it's 5:13 now. more students are taking advantage of san francisco's school lunch program which offers students daily meals for free or at a reduced price. according to the san francisco examiner, district officials say 32,000 students were eligible for the program during the past school year and 90% of them signed up for it. that's 1500 more students than the previous year. a family of four making less than $29,000 per year qualifies their children for the free lunch. families making less than $41,000 a year can get reduced price lunches. >> a new report says americans are still reluctant to spend.
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the report by mastercard says people are still worried the economy may fall back into recession. pricier items like jewelry are taking the biggest hit but people are letting go of some money for travel. for more financial news now. >> the ftc will announce the details of a settlement with intel this morning. the commission filed an anti-trust lawsuit against the company accusing it of using its influence to block customers from buying products. those tactics are blamed for driving up computer prices. any new rules announced today could potentially make them cheaper. technology appears to be reshaping the book selling business. barnes & noble is putting itself up for sale. competition from amazon and the shift from traditional books to e-books is eating away its profits. barnes & noble sells 300 million books a year. the cost of your morning cup of joe could be going up. the company that puts the folgers, dunkin' donuts and
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millstone brands on shelves are hiking prices an average of 9%. harsh weather led to two seasons of poor harvest driving up the cost of coffee beans. >> your next trip to disney is going to cost a little more, too. starting tomorrow the prials of a one-day ticket to the magic king will increase. parking also goes up a buck from $14 to $15. by the way, disney owns abc 7. >> a screen and keyboard come together on a blackberry for the very first time. research in motion is touting its new blackberry tort. the keyboard slides out from underneath the screen giving you two ways to tap out e-mails. the torch runs on new software that gives it many of the same features as competing smart phones. it will be available exclusively
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through at&t for $199 beginning next thursday. >> the airline that just started charging for carry-on bags considering another fee. spirit airline says it may one day charge to talk with a human at the airport. spirit says passengers need to think of it as the same as talking to an agent at one of its call centers. spirit like most airlines charges a fee for making a reservation over the phone. the company ceo says spirit needs to improve its airport kiosks before passengers have to pay to talk to a human. >> oh, my god. how close is my guess. the question on flight details. >> yeah. that's a $5 question. >> oh, okay. >> where is a $10 question. >> yeah. >> mark my word, it could happen. (laughter) >> reminds me of a monty python sketch. >> remember the banks were going to do that. if you were going to talk to a teller they were going to charge you for that.
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did that happen? >> it did for a while. how about the weather, do we have to pay for that? >> who's going to pay for it? >> that's a good question. the joke is the vendors are enjoying it because everybody's buying sweatshirts. but other people that depends on the heat. let's take a look at 5:17. we're looking from our roof here at the vallejo and front street down to the ferry building and just underneath that tree is where the rocket is being put together right now. you can see hardly any of the bridge because of the thicker clouds we talked about yesterday and the cooling trend as they are going to bring into the forecast. kind of jumps ahead to the east by valleys. let me restart the computer. i want to do it in kind of chronological order and let you know what's going on temperaturewise. low to mid-50s through the north bay. mid to upper 50s around bay and east by valleys. monterey bay cloudy conditions. let's talk about highlights of three things i want you to get
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out of this forecast. the cooling. it will be greatest in our inland neighborhoods today. thicker, low clouds they'll redevelop and bring drizzle to our overnight forecast into tomorrow morning and below average temperatures. change the forecast for the weekend. looks like all seven days are going to be cool. the jet stream backs its way down to us unloading some cooler air and some thicker clouds. in fact, this marine layer that will deepen the next couple days is the reason why we're seeing such a cooling trend, a cooling trend that will reach to the central valley. that's how strong the sea breeze is going to be. the south bay we have low to mid-70s in most neighborhoods. saratoga and los gatos could be right around 80. a lot of 60s on the peninsula today. millbrae, san mateo and menlo park. mid-50s along the coast and pacifica, daly city. not much warmer south san francisco. 62 and 63. sausalito 67. san rafael 70 and mid to upper
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70s the north bay valleys. along the east bay shore a lot more 50s. we'll talk about 70s union city and fremont as you head to castro valley and hercules, we could be around 70 also. temperatures look warm in east by valleys but these are 7, 8 degrees cooler than yesterday. no more 90s. we'll have the same low 80s to mid-80s gilroy, morgan hill. low 60s monterey. low 50s the north bay valleys. mid to upper 50s the rest of us and another misty morning with drizzle. possibly heaviest at the coast. here's your seven-day forecast. how about we lose 4 who are degrees tomorrow and hold that forecast through sunday. so expect mid to upper 50s along the coast. upper 60s to low 70s around bait and low 80s inland. good morning, frances. >> hasn't felt like summer at all. a live shot -- actually does feel like summer if you're
5:20 am
heading out the door because traffic pretty light. no trouble southbound 680 heading through the caldecott tunnel. a ten minute ride to the caldecott. we'll check out the north bay ride for you. 101 san rafael, delay-free out of petaluma from novato to san rafael and to the golden gate bridge. if you're thinking about driving on the peninsula anytime soon, here's a live shot of 101 in millbrae. the traffic on 101 and 280. live shot at 280 all the way to the south bay where it's fine at the 17 interchange. you can always get the latest drive times by going to and you'll find the bay area traffic link under abc 7 extras. >> frances, thank you so much. it's 5:20. >> up next brett favre. will he play or pass on the coming season. the text messages that have vikings fans buzzing. >> people buzzing about this one. bristol palin and levi johnson.
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welcome back. it's 5:24 now. today is president obama's 49th birthday. the commandser and chief has been admitting this week that old age is catching up to him. he says his metabolism is slowing down and he's getting a few more gray hairs from the job. join the club. but that won't stop him and many of his supporters from celebrating. the president will be back in chicago having dinner with old friends. his fund-raising organization will hold celebrations nationwide. >> it's official. the on again off again
5:25 am
engagement between sarah palin's daughter bristol and levi johnson is off again. just three weeks ago they appeared on the cover of "people magazine" with their one and a half-year-old son announcing they were engaged for the seconds time but now bristol says she called off the wedding plans after johnson told her he may have fathered a baby with another woman. she also says levi was just using her and her family for their fame and that she got played. levi appeared in playgirl magazine earlier this year. >> he's called it quits before. now brett favre says he's done playing quarterback in the football league. his surgically repaired ankle hurts too much. fans know the 40-year-old quarterback for his prolific passing over the last two decades along with turning the last few off-seasons into his
5:26 am
own personal soap opera. >> sun's gonna rise tomorrow and we're going to have football whether brett's here or not. we won't put him back but 20 years he reserved the right to do what he wants to do it. >> favre and his agent have not responded to his request to elaborate on his status. >> 5:26. still ahead at 5:30 on the abc 7 morning news, the feds start asking questions about oakland's warehouse marijuana plans. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live in san francisco. today we get a decision on california's ban on same sex marriage. most experts think they know what the judge is going to rule but exactly what he says has legal experts paying close attention. we'll tell you about it in a live report. >> and the temporary terminal gets ready to open to the public but there's one thing missing. >> and mid south to midwest. dallas 104, st. louis 101. nice in denver today, 84 but
5:27 am
getting warmer around boston where d.c. and new york. temperatures in the 90s there. as far as any flight delays, we have flight arrival delays at chicago, madeway and o'hare. kansas city, chicago, louisville and indianapolis. any delays we'll have them at our flight tracker at ♪ [ female announcer ] wake up to black silk
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i'm terry mcsweeney live in san francisco where today a federal judge will rule on the constitutionality of california's ban on same sex marriage. it is a big decision but by no means the last. the story coming up in a live report. >> also this morning rail crews work into the night to clear the rail freight cars that stopped amtrak service in oakland. amtrak says its schedule should be back to normal this morning. >> check out these clouds. another misty morning. the clouds bringing us a cooling
5:30 am
trend. i'll show you who it affects the most and how it will last through most of the weekend. >> and here's a live picture of the road work going on in san jose right now. south 101, the connection ramps to 880. some of them are closed. they should be reopened. i'll let you know the details and the timing. that's coming up. >> the names look legit but the products are fakes. federal agencies seize $100 million worth of counterfeit goods intended for tourists at fisherman's wharf. >> thanks for joining us. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. in the news, early this afternoon, california will reach another milestone in the battle of same sex marriage. the federal judge will uphold or strike down the voter-approved initiative that bans gay marriage in the golden state. terry mcsweeney is live in san francisco with a preview. terry? >> the question is, is it constitutional for california voters to define marriage between one man and one woman. this afternoon we get judge
5:31 am
vaughan walker's opinion. it's posted online between 1:00 and 3:00 this afternoon. people have been waiting months for this decision to come down. judge walker heard evidence on this non-jury trial back in january. closing arguments took place in june. here we are a couple months later to get his decision. this federal trial has two same-sex couples battling sponsors of proposition 8. the couples say the voter-approved ban violates their right to equal treatment. supporters say it is a reasonable way to preserve traditional marriage. it's always been that way and it is better for children. it appears most legal experts expect the judge to rule against prop 8. >> like the california supreme court who comes out and says there is a fundamental right under the federal constitution to same-sex marriage period. that has implications for all of the other prop 8's that are out there and all of the other states. i would expect similar parallel
5:32 am
lawsuits to be filed in all of those states. >> expecting defeat, the pro-proposition 8 side is already asking judge walker to leave the same sex marriage ban in place while an appeal is heard no matter which way he decides. the losing side is appealing this to the circuit court of appeals and it goes on to the u.s. supreme court. david voy says he expects this to be at the supreme court in the fall of next year. also today at 5:00 there's going to be a march from the castro district over to san francisco city hall where there's going to be a rally between 6:45 and 8:00 tonight. coming up in half an hour here on abc 7 morning news, abc 7 legal analyst dean johnson is going to be talking about the trial should be very interesting. live in san francisco terry mcsweeney abc 7 news. >> terry, thank you very much. the ruling is expected between 1:00 and 3:00 this afternoon. we'll carry is live both here on
5:33 am
abc 7 and at >> 5:32. a finally strapped bay is taking a controversial step towards controlling the cost of employee salaries and pensions. council members voted to put two two measures before voters in november. theresa garcia is live at city hall. the union leaders are upset other. frankly surprise the because they wanted more time to explore this reform of the pension system as well as binding arbitration if and when negotiations go bad. now, they were quite surprised the city acted very quickly within a few weeks' time putting these measures before city council and now approving them to go on the ballot for the voters to decide come november. on the binding arbitration issue, this is basically to limit how much money the city can pay out. it was spirited by mayor chuck reid and would stop on outside arbitrator to increase paying benefits to police and fire unions if the city simply doesn't have the money.
5:34 am
there are opponents who believe it would also prevent forcing san jose to pay retroactive increases but the way the mayor sees it is that an arbitration cap is a way to save the city money if the negotiations turn ugly. sorry about that. part of the sound was basically the mayor talking about you can't just go to limits beyond what the city can pay so they basically need to save money. and also the police just not -- upset here about the fact they could lose a lot of money. one of the other measures is to talk about reforming the pension system. the voters will decide will to lower retirement benefits because right now when a public safety employee retires, they can get 90% of their pay from the highest year of their salary. a lot of money going out. and one-third measure ballot.
5:35 am
theresa garcia, abc 7 news. >> it's about 5:35 now. the federal government wants to know more about oakland's new law that permits large-scale marijuana growing operations. the drug enforcement agency has asked if the ordinance that appears on oakland's city website is a draft of the version of the law. marijuana is still illegal under federal law. the oakland tribune told our media partner that the dea hasn't provided feedback. federal agents capped a two-year undercover operation with a seizure of nearly $100 million worth of fake high-ends watches, wallets, purses, clothing and other knockoffless mostly made in china. you saw brands like coach and prada. the investigation began after
5:36 am
agents found thousands of knockoffs inside a cargo container in the port of oakland. it could land them in prison for 35 years. >> trains can expect normal service this morning after crews cleared a derailment. several cars of a union pacific freight train went off the tracks near the bridge toll plaza yesterday and blocked the tracks between emeryville and jack london square. the tracks were cleared and inspected overnight and trains can run through the area once again. >> the commuting routine will soon change for thousands of people who ride buses in and out of downtown san francisco. the existing trans bay terminal will close friday so demolition can clear the way for a multibillion dollar transit hub and commercial development. that means a. c. transit, golden gate transit, west cap link, greyhound and several other services will move to this open air terminal. they checked out the facility
5:37 am
during an open house last night. >> i get the feeling it's going to be a little crowded but it will work itself out. >> the designer is to help facilitate this is temporary but here for seven years. we want to make sure passengers are comfortable and that they can facilitate easy transit economics connections. >> it doesn't have restrooms available for local commuters. they designed it without restrooms to avoid becoming a magnet for the homeless. >> time for a look at the forecast. more low clouds and fog out there this morning. >> right. actually a cooling trend, mike. >> yeah. magnet for more clouds, moist conditions this morning. mist and drizzle dominating most of our areas, especially the higher elevations along the coast. low 50s half moon bay, san francisco up to santa rosa. mid to upper 50s for the rest of us. i don't see the temperatures changing at all by 8:00, nor the cloud cover.
5:38 am
just the drizzle and mist may start to dry a little bit. by the lunch hour, we're looking at temperatures warming rather nicely in the east bay valleys. if you think low to mid-70s, comfortable, that's what you'll have. same thing around the south bay. we have exceptions, san rafael at 64. mid-60s arounds the bay. cloudy oakland, san francisco and half moon bay. upper 60s. sunshine along the coast, 57. san francisco 60 and a few lingering clouds around oakland at 65. mid-70s the south bay, north bay valleys and upper 70s to near 80 in the east bay valleys. check out the seven-day forecast. we are dealing with, yes, cooler conditions. even more so tomorrow as we drop another 4 degrees and we hold these temperatures all the way through the ends of the weekend. let's turn it over to frances. if there's any road work you need to know about. >> some road work scheduled in san jose. you can see some of the cal tran crews here at the scene south
5:39 am
bounds 101. the connector ramp should be reopened right now. the south 101 connector to northbound 880 won't be reopened until 7:00 this morning. but that south 880 connector i think is reopened because earlier i saw ramp closure signs there in the lower right-hand corner and they seem to be gone. the san mateo bridge you'll find a bit of fog but no delays. eric, kristen. >> that's a bit of fog? >> yeah. >> did you see it? >> she's an optimist. >> good information, good data. >> 5:39. still ahead, the health concern that closed a popular lake in the south bay. >> a design flaw in san francisco causes a major problem for neighbors. >> putting vacant property to use.
5:40 am
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. it is 5:42 on this wednesday morning. an algy outbreak will keep almadan lake off limits until the middle of the month. the blue-green algae has the potential to cause rashes when it comes in contact with skin. if swallowed, it can cause a sore throat or even death. health officials will keep the lake closed until the algae clears. the water will then be tested.
5:43 am
the san jose parks department thinks the earliest it could be open to swimmers is august 18th. >> repair crews will start work to remove mold from parts of the san francisco's mettreeon's complex. the owner has agreed to pay for cleanup in three buildings linked by tunnels in the complex. they include a marriott and mossconey convention center. they have it in the waterproofing that allows the buildings to move safely during a earthquake. most of the mold damage is underground and can't be seen by the public. >> an innovative plan to bring more life to a lively neighborhood. several pop-up stores are expected to be housed in recycled shipping containers like this one on a city-owned lot in hayes valley neighborhood. architect shows what the spruced up boxes could look like. 25 would be hooked up to water and electricity transforming a
5:44 am
parking lot into restaurants, art galleries, a beer garden and shops. it is in what is what was the earthquake central freeway. when that was demolished, the plan was for housing to be built but the recession put that on hold. >> 5:44. the future of barns and nobles becomes a page turner. >> why being an online socialite is a good thing if you're looking for work. why keeping an updated resume on the right social net working site is the key. >> plugging the broken gulf coast oil well for good. fact: if you're using bleach to clean your toilet
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5:47. time for your california forecast. clouds along the coast. i think we'll make it to 70. 381 degrees. the cooling trends reached in 87. 94 yosemite with sunshine. and sun will touch tahoe today and 81 degrees. eric. >> thank you very much. 5:47 is our time. in a weak job market, keeping your resume up-to-date is more important than ever but that doesn't mean a fresh paper in your printer and sending by snail mail. now it's an online social life. >> a whole new ball game out
5:48 am
there. >> new ball game, new rules, new equipment why resident karen is on the peninsula today learning how to better compete in a tight job market. >> you gotta think of this as almost the first impression you're gonna make before they see your resume, application. >> today karen's at the burlingame headquarters of an online firm that helps companies recruit new hires through the web. ceo dan finnigan is explaining how hiring managers are turning from the old paper resume in favor of social and business net working sites like linked in,, and twitter. >> if you're not in, linked in or twitter you won't be found. >> career says the web is the primary way 70% of businesses look for new employees. that doesn't mean you stop snail mailing out resumes but it does mean your online realize may should be constantly updated. if you have a blog or website, your resume should be easy to
5:49 am
view there. and your linked in or twitter profiles should drive people to your website. that was an important lesson to learn. >> in order to be an effective job seeker, you have to be an online socialite and utilize and twitter to maximize the number you see in your profile. >> be careful with your profile. finnigan reminds those embarrassing pictures posted in good fun after the last office party can come back to haunt you. don't even think about listing jobs you never had or degrees you've never earned on your resume. >> if there ever was any resume inflation, now i think the act of putting it public and making it public means that people need to be instead of fudging their resume, they just need to be assertive and proactive about their strengths. >> getting feedback from friends and trustworthy coworkers can be
5:50 am
helpful. the bottom line is now that they're online, there's no excuse not to update them constantly unlike the paper resume you might update every six months to a year. those days are gone. >> and when people are going to give you feedback whether you like it or not. >> you don't even know. >> true. very true. >> which may also help you withstand the cold. >> just stay inside so people -- yeah, don't have to deal with it. (laughter) let's show you what it going on. >> boss, mike nicco told me to stay inside so i'm not coming to work. >> that's exactly what i meant. (laughter) >> here's a look at emeryville this morning. interstate 80. frances working on a new accident. we'll talk to her in one one second. the clouds out there, dreariness. still hanging around. if it's your thing, we've got a whole lot more of it in the forecast. let's talk temperatures under the cloud cover. we're in the low to mid-50s in the north bay valleys through san francisco out to the coast.
5:51 am
mid to upper 50s through the bay, the south bay and into the east bay valleys. monterey bay and inland clouds, drizzle and temperatures low to mid-50s. you'll feel the greatest drop in temperatures today in our inland valleys, especially the east bay. that's where the cooling will be the greatest. we'll have thicker clouds tonight, drizzle. another moist morning. below average temperatures look like they're going to hang around all seven days. that's the change from yesterday. not going to see much of a warming trend through the weekend. san francisco 1 degree cooler, oakland 2, santa rosa the same, fremont 4. concord, east by valleys dropping from 89 to 82. if you didn't need the air conditioner yesterday, won't need it today. cloud cover through 8:00 this morning. the clouds start retreating from the east bay valleys first, the south bay and by noon hanging around the coast, san francisco and oakland. by 3:00 still around the coast, san francisco but to a lesser extent over in oakland. see the 50s hanging around the coast. the 90s from yesterday, gone.
5:52 am
as warm as we can get, brentwood 85 down to about 80 in dublin. low to mid-80s in the east bay valleys. look at the 60s. more 60s than not on the east bay shore. union city, fremont in the low 70s. low to mid-70s around most of the south bay. low 80s los gatos. on the peninsula more 60s here, too. millbrae, san mateo, menlo park. upper 50s along the coast except pacifica and daly city. 56 degrees today. south san francisco, sausalito low to mid-60s. clear lake and you kyio, mid-90s there. 4 degrees cooler at the beaches. low 60s for monterey and carmel. mid to upper 60s for salinas. low to mid-80s gilroy and morgan hill. gotta win the game today to take the series from the royals. 12:45 first pitch at the coliseum. increasing sunshining.
5:53 am
you need the sunscreen. seven-day forecast. 4 degrees more of cooling in tomorrow's forecast. upper 60s to low 70s around the bay and low 80s inlands. temperatures well below average through the weekend. as promised here's frances with that new accident. >> yeah, mike. in fact several in the last five minutes. let's go through them really quickly. oakley, northbound 4 on the bypass at laurel road. apparently an accident blocking the northbound lane. you'll find a lot of the typical slowing west bounds 420, 1 mph towards somerville. a motorcycle crash westbound 580. coming out of tracy you might see that. safe on the shoulder but notice that little red. that's where traffic is moving under 20 mph. a new crash farther down the road, westbound 580 at 680. those several cars are off to the shoulder. i'll check off drive times in my next report. a new accident east palo alto. on university at woodland.
5:54 am
you notice 101 still looking good there on the peninsula. get the latest traffic conditions and stay updated for your drive to work by going to you'll find it under the bay area traffic link. kristen. >> b.p. says it has reached the desired outoutcome in a procedure which it pumped mud down the throat of the blown out well that's leaking oil in the gulf of mexico. the company says the well pressure was being controlled. b.p. began pumping yesterday in an effort called a static kill and said that may be inasmuch by itself to seal the well. the relief well still needs a bottom kill. three-quarters of the oil from b.p.'s massive oil spill has been cleaned, captured or broken down in the gulf of mexico. >> 5:54 now. a new chapter for book seller barnes & noble. >> here's jane king with the morning's "moneyscope" report. >> good morning. barnes & noble putting itself up for sale. a shift to digital books making
5:55 am
it tough to do business. its e-reader nook facing tough competition from amazon's kindsel. evaluating a takeover bid. playboy the target of competing takeover bids. electronic arts, maker of other video games posting an unexpected quarterly profit thanks in part of sales of titles including the world cup south africa. investors this morning keeping an eye on the report from the service industry. telling bloomberg the july report a half hour after the opening bell will likely show a slowdown. services make up 90% of the u.s. economy. stocks dropped on weaker than expected reports on home sales, factory orders and consumer spending it. research and motion running in more trouble overseas. saudi arabia plans to suspends blackberry service friday and reports say indonesia is threatening to cut off service if the company doesn't improve security. facing similar challenges in the
5:56 am
united arab emirates. telling "the new york times" the company will not give into pressure from foreign governments to provide access. rim and at&t selling the blackberry torch next thursday. a touch screen and keyboard. set you back about $200 with a two-year at&t contract. i'm jane king with the bloomberg business report. >> if you're set on getting an even all-over tan this summer, give it up. researchers from the university of edinburgh say it's physically impossible at the university. they say different skin on various parts of the body all respond differently to sunshine. for example, they found that the rear end doesn't tan as darkly -- i really said that -- gesh! so rear end doesn't tan as darkly as the back when exposed to equal doses of sun rays. reason to use lots of sun block and let self--tanners do the
5:57 am
work for you. i'm a professional journalist and did that. >> i get to follow that. public art going up along the san francisco waterfront. this is video of the installation of the 40 foot rocketship along the embarcadero near pier 14. saturdayists worked on the installation all night. plan to have a debut party friday afternoon. first caused a stir at the burning man and will be at the embarcadero the next 14 months. if you have video to share with us, you can upload it or e-mail it. let me get this straight. if i'm tanning my back again, what part tans quicker? (laughter) >> okay. i'll just go head and read this. >> i still can't talk. >> 5:57. just ahead at 6:00, democrats come up with a budget plan they say will work just fine. why is the governor's office
5:58 am
already rejecting it? the answer is coming up. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live in san francisco where today we're going to be getting a decision on the constitutionality of the state's ban on same sex marriage. we'll have the nuts and bolts and legal analyst dean johnson live in the studio off the break.
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