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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  August 4, 2010 10:00pm-10:35pm PST

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finally, finally we have the right to marry again. >> a celebration in san francisco tonight where hundreds of people gathered after the landmark ruling on same-sex marriage. but those wedding bells will have to wait. >> we are confident that on appeal judge walker's decision will be reversed. >> is there anything else? >> good evening, everyone. a federal judge rules proposition 8 unconstitutional. >> it is a decision being celebrated by some, mourned by others. either way the battle over gay marriage is not over. but this is a crucial step. >> today we eliminate the last
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official area of discrimination. >> this decision was met with joy and relief from the plaintiffs in the case which include a lesbian couple from berkeley. >> today we can go to sleep knowing that our hopes and our dreams to build our family and have legal marriage can be realized and are closer to becoming true. >> in his opinion, judge vaughn walker shows proposition 8 does nothing more than enshrine in the california constitution the notion that opposite sex couples are superior to same sex couples. and the attorney who argued to keep the ban in place wrote, "itis disturbing that the trial court has literally accused the majority of california voters of having ill and discriminatory intent when casting their vote for prop 8". other opponents of same-sex marriage claimed jewish activism. >> this is the second time they have spoken on marriage, and this is another example of
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the judgeses taking over and corrupting our democracy. >> judge walker did issue a temporary stay after his ruling. if it is made permanent, same -sex marriage might remain illegal across california until the appeals process is complete. >> that could be two or three years assuming this goes through the 9th circuit and to the supreme court. it appears to be on it way to doing that. >> even though this case drags on, it is a victory for the gay community in what it describes as a struggle for equal rights. >> well, this decision today brings paul and i and so many otherses like us closer to that equality too. >> the temporary say that judge walker issued with his ruling extends until friday. at that time he will consider whether to issue a permanent stay until the appeals process is complete. >> even with the stay, the mood among gay marriage supporters is jubilant. a crowd gathered in san
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francisco's castro district to celebrate the historic ruling. that's where amy hollyfield is live. amy, pretty quiet out there now. >> the party is over, but it did feel like a nightclub out here on the streets, carolyn. supporters of gay marriage had a lot of fun tonight. they have waited almost two years for this party. when they heard that prop 8 was overturned today, gay right activists decided to close down castro street, bring the house music outside and dance in the streets. >> for all those years and after all the struggle, after all the rioting, finally, finally we have the right to marry again. >> reporter: and the celebration wasn't limited to the castro. in front of san francisco's city hall, an impressively coordinated dance rew -- routine broke out in the middle of polk street.
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>> it was great to see the initial march. a nice solidarity. >> reporter: gay right activists made themselves visible in the city after the ruling. they rallied on the steps of city hall and walked there from the castro. they were celebrating, but also demonstrating. >> we still have right to do, right? >> right! >> this is not the end. it is the beginning. >> they frequently included the point that the fight is not over. one couple found that out minutes after the ruling. >> the march to city hall and we asked for the marriage license and filled out the form. but then we were nine minutes late because there was a hold. >> the judge put a hold on issuing licenses and may leave it in place while the case is appealed. but they are not letting it eliminate their joy jie. it eliminates discrimination in so many ways. >> gay rights activists are well aware it could be appealed and they say they are ready to fight, but tonight they are say voaring this --
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savoring this victory. >> thanks, amy. >> some september pictures -- sent pictures and video. one shows crowds gathered at the civic center plaza, and here it is. if you have still pictureses or video you would like to share. up load it to you report at or e-mail it to you report at kgo-tv .com. and as you heard, no sooner had the ruling come down than couples were hoping to get a marriage license or even get married started showing up at the city hall. because the ruling was immediately stayed, no weddingses per rm toed or -- performed or licenses issued. it did not diminish the mayor's news. > everyone says it is a first step, well we have had a hundred first steps and this is the first in a very long process, but the most important and historic. >> in san jose, the clerk
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recorder says her office was prepared to the point it was even ready to issue gender neutral marriage licenses today. >> we are ready. our staff are ready. we hillary deploy the staff in case we have a lot of people coming to get licenses. >> the clerk's office had managers and supervisors on call today. >> now, if you would like to read judge walker's ruling for yourself, we have posted the document on our website at under see it on tv. it is interesting reading all the pages on our website. more political news. two dayses before the filing deadline, oakland mayor rondell lums -- ron del lums says he will not run for a second term. the decision was made out of the spotlight. alan wang reports. >> i'm happy to see he is not running. i don't think he has been much of a mayor to begin with. >> that was the cold response we got from the majority of people we spoke to about mayor ron dellum's decision not to
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seek a second term in office. >> we haven't seen anything he has done in the community to make me really want to re-elect him or to encourage him to stay or wishing him the best as a brother. >> prior to becoming mayor of oakland, dellum served in congress for 27 years. but in 2006 when there was no clear favorite in the mayoral election, he reluctantly threw his hat in the race and won. even after declaring he would not be a 24-7 mayor. since then dellums has been criticized for being an absent and inaccessible mayor. we only have file video to show you. when we asked to speak to him, his own assistant said he didn't know where he was. >> but dellumses obtained millions in federal stimulus money for the city and helped settle the sanitation strike in 2007. in a statement the mayor says "even though he decides not to seek re-election, it is not
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about ron dellums. it is time to pass the baton to the next generation of leadership. >> he is a great big picture guy. he is good at mobilizing the troops on big issues. but a mayor has to be something who is available day-to-day, hand on. >> the mayor's decision puts jean quan in front of the mayor. but it also gives tanned ket -- candidates a chance to say oakland does president need -- doesn't need another insider. >> there are some people, very good people, who are really looking to the mayor's office for more leadership and guidance. >> in oaknd la, alan wang, abc7 news. >> dellums has been a fixture in politics for 35 years. he was elected in 1967 and 1970 voters sent him to washington where he served 27 years in congress and later became a lobbyist. dellums says he is leaving for personal reasons, but plans to stay involved with the
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community. san jose leaders are asking the firefighters' union to take the city's latest offer to firefighters for a vote. the two sides spent the afternoon behind closed doors hoping to work out a deal that could reinstate 49 firefighters laid off over the weekend. the city leaders stay that will happen only if firefighters agree to take a 9% cut in pay and benefits. the union offered three and a half percent in cuts offering 4 million in savings. it is accusing the city of not taking the of oner of concessions seriously. president obama says the battle to contain the bp oil spill is finally coming to an end. that's because the "static kill" appears to be working. the heavy mud has been pumped into the oil well, pushing the oil back to its source. engineers plan to start pumping in cement tomorrow. but the spill won't be declared officially dead until two relief wells are completed later this month. there will be more on the static kill effort tonight on
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"nightline" after this newscast. coming up here next, the mother of one of three hikers being detained in iran is making an appeal. the serious medical condition discovered in solitary confine -- confinement. >> and the world famous soccer team that made its american debut at candlestick park tonight. >> and the president ducks out of washington for his birthday. how he celebrated his 49th.
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to one of three uc berkeley graduates locked in an iranian prison discovered a lump in her breast. that's according to sara's mother who received a rare phone call from her daughter. she is now appealing to the united nations rights panel to intervene with authorities and move her out of solitary confinement. sara and two of her friends were arrested a year ago after crossing the border into iran while on a hiking trip. they are accused of spying, but they have yet to be charged with any crime. mexicana airlines stopped selling ticket. they cancelled many flights, including those between san
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francisco and pew wear toe viarta. they are nearly $800 million in debt. they said the last straw came when pilot uh tenants and pilots accepted a cost-cutting plan. they will refund money for flights cancelled. candlestick park was packed for a are jo soccer show -- for a rare soccer showdown. top teams from spain and mexico in a pre-season match. lisa amin is live where the game finished a short time ago. lisa? >> it did, carolyn. you can see a lot of people trying to leave the stadium behind me. but there were a lot of people here to watch the other futball. soccer was the exhibition that attracted fanses from all over. there is no mistaking how the majority of soccer fans here felt about the friendly
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faceoff. the power house team is making its debut playing against a team most bay area mexicans consider their second favorite behind chivas. >> they are big rivals. >> that's why they brought them together. rio madrid has the name recognition and club america has most of the region behind it. >> the best teams in mexico. >> america. >> america has nothing on ma -- on madrid. we will see about today. once the goal goes in, the shirt has to come off. >> these guys are coming right off the world cup. it is an amazing opportunity. >> for some soccer fans, it is more about -- more than about survival. it is about what playing at candlestick park means. >> it means soccer is important. you see the size of the crowd
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out here and it is amazing. >> in the end, both sides seem to be happy with how the game was played. the final score 3-2 madrid. lisa amin, abc7 news. >> thanks, lisa. and we have a new piece of video that we would like to share and fun to watch. it is up loaded to the u report. it shows a dizzying drive from richmond to merced and back in 30 seconds. it was sent in hd. if you have a video you would like to share, particularly of a news event of some kind, up load it to you report . or e-mail it to you report at kgo-tv .com. we saw cooler temperatures today and we are expecting cooler temperatures tomorrow. >> sandhya patel is here with the forecast. hi, sandhya. >> not the kind of summer that we typically expect in august,
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but we are dealing with it. let's show you what is bringing about the changes. the marine layer deepened from our camera. the marine layer was 1400 feet deep. this evening it deepened to close to 2,000 feet standing at 1800 feet. it will continue to deepen so the changes will continue. the temperatures dropped anywhere from 5 to 10 degrees. numbers are running cooler than yesterday. we are in the 50s and the 60s. look are to the widespread low clouds. the areas of coastal drizzle and further cooling is expected inland tomorrow as if it wasn't cool enough today. look at the high temperatures compared to average. napa's average temperature should be 83. tomorrow only hitting 70 which is 13 degrees booy low normal. redwood city, 16 below the average. only 67 tomorrow afternoon. livermore should be in the 90s. you will only be in the
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mid70s. san jose, 11 below and coming in at 72 degrees. here is what's causing all of it. a deepening trough and the jet stream will continue to sag south. as it sags south, we are expecting the marine layer to deepen to 2500 feet as we head toward tomorrow. we are in a cool, cloudy pattern. the coastal areas are not expected to see the sun again tomorrow. inland areas, later clearing which means we are in this chilly pattern for the time being or cool pattern for the time being. and it does president -- it doesn't end tomorrow. look at the forecast. they issued their sikh to -- their six to ten day outlook. cool to below normal in the bay area. above normal temperatures are expected as you look across the rockies, the plainses and out toward the east coast. definitely a difference between coast to coast. and that's just a six to
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10-day outlook so we are heading in for a cool time period drizzle along the coast. we are seeing the low clouds infiltrating the areas. well inland it is still clear, but not for long. tomorrow afternoon, 70 in sunnyvale and 72 for san jose. sunshine on the peninsula once the gray clears away. but you will not see complete clearing. upper 60s, redwood city and palo alto. chilly in pacifica. 55 degrees. if you are going to be near the coast, carry the sweater with you. 58 in downtown san francisco. you will get the breeze in the east bay. 60 flea in oakland and 68 for castro valley. you are nowhere near the 90-degree mark. mid70s at best. mild and sunny. 76 degrees. and for the monterey bay, 63 in santa cruz. here is your accu-weather seven-day forecast -- drizzly night and mornings.
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definitely damp pave meant. -- pavement. continued cooler than normal. all the way through monday you will see the low 80s. it doesn't come up until wednesday, and that's not really a warm up either. so the next 10 days at this point looking cooler than average. >> thanks, sandhya. coming up next, why some of california's top chefs are boiling. >> they are going after some of the biggest names in olive oil. the story when we come back.
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"meg whitman says she'll run california like her company..." seen this attack on meg whitman? who are these people? they're the unions and special interests behind jerry brown. they want jerry brown because, he won't "rock the boat," in sacramento. he'll be the same as he ever was. high taxes. lost jobs. big pensions for state employees. the special interests have chosen their governor. how about you?
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on hot looks for school. plus save even more with instant money. it's all saving, no waiting. instant money gives you 10 bucks back on the spot when you spend 50. stores open early at 8am saturday. go to to see everything on sale. jcpenney. chefs is suing ten major olive oil distributors and the chain stores that sell their products. according to the suit, they miss label ordinary olive oils as extra virgin so they can charge more. the accusation is based on a uc davis study that found that only 31% of domestic and imported oils made international standards for the extra virgin label. we reported this sometime ago.
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the brands include bertoli, calavita, rachel ray and safe way select. >> president obama turned 49 today. the president flew from washington, d.c. to chicago where he celebrated with friends tonight. mr. owe -- mr. obama's wife and daughter say shaw are in maine. malea is at summer camp. first dog happily making the trip though to chicago with the president. >> the president says he is getting a bit grayer on this job. probably he doesn't get as much sleep with the stress. and a bad night's sleep can carry over longer than you realize. in a study,159 people were restricted to four hours of sleep in five -- for five nights in a row. a control group spent 10 hours in bed. they found at least 10 hours of recovery sleep was needed for the sleep restricted participant to match the
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♪ stinky, stinky, stinky ♪ hefty, hefty, hefty rockies last night 10-0. but tonight it was a different story. the rockies' best pitcher is a bad man. we love the lincecum-like hair on this kid. that's good. the giants fell behind early and often. second inning and he drives to the gap and a two out double scores a pair. 2-0 rocks.
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former a carlos gonzalez, two homers in the game and 23 for the year. that's two more than all of the outfielders on the a's current roster combined. 4-0 rocks. giants couldn't do much against jimenez. buster posey named the nl rookie and player of the month. doubles in huff. it was a 4-1 game. he is 17 and 2. 6-1 rocks and giants stay back of the padres who lost in l.a. brett anderson with seven strong innings. the bunt and sean owe sullivan and oh my and throws it away. pennington scores and the a's are down 2-1. and then the royals offer up a bit more charity. suzuki and maui boy. he can't make the play at third. that was scored an error. the a's did all of their scoring in the 6th. kouzmanoff with a blast to center off the wall. barton scores and he scores easily. suzuki scores, but not so
11:31 pm
easily as he slides in safely. the a's win it 4-dlee and take two of three from kc. some of the biggest names in sock rear in the bay area. they are playing club america, mexico's most popular team. the vuvuzel as everywhere. renaldo is denied by francisco guillermo ocho. he didn't get a goal, but he got a marriage proposal. his legs are insured for 85 million, by the way. second half club america and he shoots and scores and we are tied at one. more from club america. sanchez to the far post, and watch the flip, nicely done. madrid would rally. renaldo buries it. less than a week in raider training camp and everybody is optimistic. there will not be another 10-loss team. they have to play better
11:32 pm
because they were siv like at times. let's not hear from him. we are just out of time and it is -- he is going to be --ly -- he is hopeful. that's it. >> that's a great way to sum it up. >> good night, everyone. >> "nightline" is next. have a good evening. you can see
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